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									NEWSLETTER   ISSUE 10 | APRIL 2010


As many as 111 groups          Job seekers, Qatari nationals in         plan, career planning for students,
from     many       sectors,   particular were able to meet with        and education in Qatar were also
including ministries and       representatives of the participating     part of the fair.
corporations, along with the   organisations to discuss job
five organisers participated    opportunities, future requirements       As always, GDI’s stand attracted
in Qatar Career Fair 2010      of the country’s labour market and       a large number of Qatari and
held at Doha Exhibition        training courses in various fields.       expatriate visitors. We were able
Centre from March 14th to                                               to discuss various opportunities
the 18th, 2010. The event      Apart from the main event,               for Qatari nationals, review their
held under the patronage       competitions in photography, report      qualifications and promote the
of HH the Heir Apparent        writing and identifying a career were    image and operations of GDI.
Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad         also held as part of the activities at   Ultimately, we managed to collect
al-Thani, was organised        the fair. A ‘successful personalities’   more than 1500 resumes of which
by the Emiri Diwan, Qatar      programme featured a presentation        463 are from Qatari nationals.
Foundation, Ministry of        of Qatari leaders from various           This will undoubtedly help us in our
Labour, Qatar University       walks of life. Symposiums on Qatar       Qatarization plan.
and Qatar Petroleum.           National Vision 2030, Qatarisation

                                                                                           APRIL 2010 | 1
                                            CEO’S MESSAGE
                                            a stronger and safer operation                 Ensuring 100% utilization of our rigs in this
                                            with no recordable incidents be-               highly competitive market, identifying and
                                            ing registered. I strongly believe             retaining the best talented workforce and
                                            that with hard work and deter-                 business development and diversification
                                            mination, GDI can continue to                  continues to be the highest priorities
                                            improve on the results obtained                and key to our growth strategy. Our
                                            so far.                                        reputation within the local market has
                                                                                           improved in comparison to recent years
                                            While 2009 proved to be the most               and with hard work and determination,
                                            successful year in GDI’s history, significant   our future is extremely bright.
                                            challenges still remain. The daily rig rates
                                            are still lower than those the industry have   I look forward to an exciting and
                                            enjoyed in previous years, however, we         challenging 2010. As always, GDI will
                                            have managed to secure contracts for           remain committed to being an advocate
The first quarter of 2010 has                four of our offshore rigs and in the process   for excellence, aspiring to be a World
seen a positive start by GDI in             of finalizing a contract for the fifth rig.      Class Drilling Services Provider.
line with the excellent results             We have budgeted our Operating and
and   achievements     obtained             Capital expenditures accordingly. Focus        Sincerely yours,
in 2009. However, our safety                will therefore remain on cost optimization
records have suffered in the                opportunities in line with the market          Ibrahim J. Al-Othman
first two months of 2010. In                 changes and trends.                            Chief Executive Officer
March 2010, we have managed

More than 34 companies from
different sectors participated
at the Texas A&M University’s
third annual event Careers for
Engineers 2010, which was
held on March 10, 2010 at the
university campus.

The purpose of this event was to meet
graduating seniors who are seeking full-
time employment in 2010, as well as
current students who are interested in
summer internship opportunities.      The
university currently has more than 400
students enrolled in four engineering
programs, approximately half of them
Qatari nationals.      Approximately 42
students are expected to graduate in May
2010 and GDI’s participation in the event
ensured that the student community was
offered first hand information about GDI.

We had more than 100 students from          and operations of GDI. The students            The Dean and CEO, Dr. Mark H.
various nationalities and engineering       were pleased to learn about so many            Weichold appreciated GDI’s participation
disciplines visiting our stand and we       employment opportunities available in          with a letter expressing a strong desire to
were able to talk to them, review their     Qatar.                                         build on the present relationship.
qualifications and promote the image

                                                                                                                   APRIL 2010 | 2
• What is your position in GDI,               • What keeps you enthusiastic
and how long have you been                    about your work at GDI?
working at the company?
                                              When I see the appreciation and
I’m the Commercial Manager; directly          satisfaction from: both the in-house
reporting to the CEO, I’ve been working       Users      (GDI   departments),  and
with GDI for the past 3 years. I am fully     the external Users (GDI clients).
responsible for three sections that report    •What do you enjoy the most in
to me – Procurement, Contracts and            your work tasks?
                                              I truly enjoy every minute of my job
• Can you give us an idea                     activities. If you ask me about the work
about your educational and                    tasks, of course, I would say the highest
professional background?                      pleasure is when you deliver a task
                                              exceeding the target results prior to the
I graduated in 1998, after completing my      target date.
degree in Mechanical Engineering with
honours from the United Kingdom. In the       • What are the main things that
same year, I started my career with Qatar     have changed at GDI since you                  compete with the world class companies
Petroleum. In 2006, I was promoted to         joined them?                                   and reserve a seat for GDI.
be the Head of Procurement. In 2007,
QP nominated me to my current position        Lots of things have changed and taken          • What are the most important
at GDI.                                       place since I joined. To name a few,           characteristics/aspects of GDI
                                              the rigs fleet (offshore and onshore) has       that your department team
• What is your normal working                 expanded; crew and personnel are hired         tries to convey through all their
day like?                                     directly not through recruitment agencies      work?
                                              anymore. One of the remarkable changes,
Every day there is a new challenge. My        the loyalty, teamwork and confidence            Transparency and honesty, Adopt world
work day starts at 7 a.m. and continues       between employees and employer (GDI)           class companies activities in Procurement,
until 3.30 to 5 pm normally. Since GDI        that has built up.                             Warehousing & Contracts. In addition
is still a growing organisation, there are                                                   to the enhancements and improvements
challenges and teething troubles.             • What are your hopes on the                   in systems, policies, procedures and
                                              personal & professional level?                 organisations, which is an ongoing
A busy schedule routinely occupies much                                                      process in order to be in line with global
of the day, dealing with diverse issues and   On the personal level, to set an ideal         standards.
solving them. Direction and Control of        example as a Muslim. On the professional
Procurement, Contracts and Warehouse          level, is to partner with the team, to make    • What do you like/dislike about
Activities, reviewing and approval            GDI one of the best drilling contractors in    Doha?
of purchase Orders, contracts, other          the world. To be recognised not merely
correspondence are daily tasks.               as a QP subsidiary, but as a world             Being a Qatari; I like Doha so much.
                                              class company due to its independent           Doha has special features which can’t be
• What are the main challenges                achievements and customer satisfaction.        found in the other capitals and cities; to
that you face with your job?                                                                 be precise, the pollution free environment
                                              • How has GDI’s image developed                & crime free surroundings in Doha is really
The main challenges I face in my current      through the years?                             incomparable with others, a sentiment
responsibilities are mainly meeting the                                                      shared by non-Qataris too.
User’s specifications, project plan and        At first, when our internal policies and
budgeting. Then, tendering in a fair          procedures were revised; we took into          I can’t say dislike, but I am saddened to
manner to ensure adequate competition         consideration the nature of business           see old neighbourhoods and buildings of
throughout.      That leads ultimately to     we work in and the drilling sector’s           history which were the witnesses, have
delivering the required materials and / or    requirements and criteria. All the standards   changed and been replaced with those
services to meet User needs & deadlines       and specifications were set to meet the         long and thin buildings (Towers).
is the ultimate goal.                         world class companies. The image started
                                              to develop from the time we decided to

                                                                                                                   APRIL 2010 | 3
An operations workshop was held                   workshop, like crew recruitment & reten-
at GDI’s head office which includ-                 tion, delivery of consumable items to the
ed personnel from the Operations,                 rig-site, safety incident reporting, life-boat
Maintenance, Administration and                   launching procedure, crew training, and
Engineering Departments.                          several HR issues.

The workshop kicked off at 8:30am with            Such workshops among various depart-
an impressive turn-out with almost 35 rig         ments of the company are vital to keep
crews in attendance. The COO started              up the understanding and communication
the event by unveiling the agenda of the          that makes GDI a great place to work for.
workshop, stressing the importance of im-         This is a quarterly event.
proving communication and knowledge
sharing between the office and rig crews.
Many issues were discussed during the

  On the morning of Feb 20, 2010, a
  number of GDI’s ladies gathered to run
  their own marathon in the ASPIRE runway,
  in Doha. The marathon lasted for almost
  two hours

  This is the second year in a row that the
  ladies took the lead promoting a healthy
  lifestyle. The ladies enjoyed their time as a
  team living a healthy life.

  The ladies that participated in the event
  were: Zoulikha Bengharbi, Tanya Fern-
  andes, Rockline Sanfrancisco, Troy’s wife,
  Rhea Talimbay, and Haziolda Harold.

  Way to go Ladies!

                                                                                                   APRIL 2010 | 4

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