Our plan for Texas Public School Week is to by nsq71178


									Building Leaders: Today They Learn – Tomorrow They Lead !!
Public School Week Plans for Pleasant Grove High School

   1. We plan to invite several nearby colleges to set up their displays during lunches
      for students’ interests throughout the week.
   2. An announcement will be made on PGTV to encourage students to stop by during
      their lunch break to talk to college representatives.
   3. Counselors will be going into classrooms going over course selections and
      discussing graduation plans.
   4. On Monday, March 8, there will be a Prom Fundraiser at Ironwood Grill.
   5. Student Council will send out thank you notes to Board members and
      Administrators thanking them for their service in providing support that
      enhance a strong academic environment for students to succeed in order to
      become future community leaders.
   6. A letter will be mailed to parents and Board Members discussing Public School
      Week, their role in providing support, and inviting them to visit our school, as
      well as with college representatives with their student during lunches. The letter
      also invites parents to the Ironwood Grill fundraiser in support of the Jr.-Sr. class

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