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									    Fall 2010 Engineering Career Fair
       Tuesday, September 28, 2010                                                                              College of Engineering
            1:00 PM — 6:00 PM
           Iowa Memorial Union                                                                                     Career Fair
    Spring 2011 Engineering Career Fair                                                                           Information
         Tuesday, February 8, 2011
             2:00 PM — 6:00 PM                                                                                 Professional Development
            Iowa Memorial Union

                 Registration Fee

Registration fee for each fair is $450. This
includes a 6’ table, food, drinks and parking
for one vehicle, and special hotel discounts.

In addition, registrants will have a listing in
the employer directory and be included in all
fair marketing, publications and advertisements
to students and alumni.
                                                     3307 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts & Sciences

Companies attending our fairs are included
in the College’s preferred partners list and
are eligible for special programming including
Career Connection for Alumni, Guest Seminar
                                                     Engineering Professional Development

Speakers and other programming opportunities.

The engineering fairs are one of the most
effective and cost-efficient ways to recruit
                                                     Iowa City, IA 52242

top engineering students.

                                                   With the increasingly competitive market for engineers,
A focus in                                         regular attendance at the engineering fairs is essential to
                                                   build and maintain your company's name recognition on
wind energy…                                       campus and to recruit top engineering talent.

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial       Each year the College of Engineering holds two
Engineering has launched a MS degree in           career fairs, one in late September and one in
Industrial Engineering with a graduate focus in   early February. This is a great way for
wind power management, designed to educate        organizations to meet up to 700 engineering
professionals for:                                students and alumni to discuss full-time, co-op
                                                  and internship opportunities in the areas of:
     Design, operations and management
      of wind farms                                  Biomedical Engineering
     System and management of wind                  Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
      power facilities                               Civil & Environmental Engineering
     Interactions with other alternative and        Electrical & Computer Engineering
      conventional power generation systems          Industrial Engineering
Other courses offered for all students include       Mechanical Engineering
Wind Power Management, Energy Systems                Computer Science
Design and Fundamentals of Wind Turbines.

Areas of Expertise…                               The fairs serve December and May graduates         Why Recruit @ The University of Iowa…
                                                  and alumni seeking full-time employment,
 Composites, Blades and Nacelle Covers
 Software Control and Sensors;
                                                  as well as students looking for summer                Over 1700 engineering undergraduate
                                                  internships and/or spring and fall co-ops.              and graduate students
   Electronics, Control Devices
                                                  Employers are encouraged to talk with first-
 Mechanical Engineering, Gearbox,                                                                     All 6 undergraduate programs accredited
                                                  year engineering students who may be exploring
   Gears and Drive Train                                                                                College ranks in top 20% of engineering
                                                  possible careers paths and companies. The fairs
 Manufacturing Process, Material
                                                  officially kick off the start of each recruiting        undergraduate and graduate programs
   Handling, and Automation                                                                               nationally by US News & World Report
                                                  season with many companies filling interview
 Meteorology
                                                  schedules at the fair.                                Students entering the college have ACT
                                                                                                          scores that are in the top 10% nationally
                                                        For more information or to be added to
                                                           our mailing list, please contact:            20% of undergraduate students are
                                                                                                          women—above the 17% national average
                                                        Kelli Delfosse, Associate Director
                                                                                                        The College attracts students who want to
                                                      Engineering Professional Development
                                                       The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA              become engineers — and something
                                                              Phone: (319) 335-6280                       more, through studies in such areas as
                                                         Email:                  business, health sciences, foreign
                                                                   languages, music, art, and theater

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