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									San Diego Community College District
     City College

    Mesa College

  Miramar College
                                                                                   with excellence
                                                                                                                          March 2008

                                  Pathways to Health Care Careers
                                     In partnership with local health care employers, the San Diego Community College District is playing
                                  an increasingly significant role in providing a workforce for the rapidly-growing health care industry.
                                     True to its mission, the District’s colleges and Continuing Education continue to develop academic and
                                  occupational training programs that produce a wide variety of professionally-trained health care workers.
                                     Nursing, emergency medical technician, radiologic technology and nursing assistant degree and
                                  certificate programs are among the many health care related offerings districtwide.
                                                                               Radiologic Technology @ Mesa College
                                                                                   Employment of radiologic technologists (RT)
                                                                               is expected to grow faster than the average for all
                                                                               occupations through 2014, increasing the demand for
                                                                               diagnostic imaging.
                                                                                   RT careers offer a promising future, job stability and
                                                                               good salaries. As technology advances and the American
                                                                               population ages, the demand for radiologic exams and
                                                                               procedures is soaring.
                                                                                   Mesa’s programs work in partnership with 13 regional
                                                                               medical facilities, including Children’s, Scripps Mercy,
                                                                               UCSD and Sharp hospitals.
                                  Former Mesa College student
                                  Shawndene Hayes operating X-ray                  All 32 of the RT students who graduated in 2007
                                  equipment at Sharp Memorial Hospital.        have become licensed practitioners and the majority were
                                                                               offered permanent positions with their mentor facilities.
                                                                                   Training includes operation of X-ray, nuclear medicine
Teaching Assistant Joe Zakar                                                   and ultrasound equipment, patient care and ethics.
(standing right) trains Miramar
EMT students.
                                    Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) @ Miramar College
                                        As emergency health care providers, EMTs provide medical care and transportation to the
                                    ill and injured. EMT-B is an entry level training course for careers in paramedicine, physician
                                    assistant, nursing and medicine. Most public safety careers, including firefighter, lifeguard, law
                                    enforcement, and search and rescue require EMT certification.
                                        Miramar College offers certifications for National Registry Emergency Medical Technician-
                                    1 Basic, EMT-Basic Recertification Training, Emergency Medical Technician-Defibrillation/
                                    Esophageal Tracheal Airway Device (EMT-DC).
                                        Courses offered include CPR, re-certifications, internships, and in-service training in advanced
                                    cardiac, pediatric and pre-hospital trauma life support.                                continued on page 4

                                                                                                           We—With excellence | March 2008   1
        Chancellor’s                                                Message

                                             It Takes a Village to Solve a Parking
                                             Problem: A New Parking Structure
                                             for Mesa College
 Constance M. Carroll, Ph.D.
        Chancellor,                             If one were to ask how many CEOs it takes       engaged in this solution as well.
   San Diego Community                       to solve a parking problem, the answer would           Also involved were citizens’ organizations
      College District
                                             be “quite a few.” Added to the list would be       (both pro and con), the San Diego Planning
                                             scores of others, from designers to planning       Commission and the City Council, since their
Mesa presidents and District                 groups to advocates to student groups to           approval was needed to acquire another parcel
chancellors led the effort:
                                             facilities specialists. The list would be long.    of property for this project. It seemed at some
                                                Since 1989, the San Diego Community             times in this arduous process over the years that
                                             College District and San Diego Mesa College        positive decisions were about to be made and at
                                             had been working tirelessly to solve the           other times that all was lost.
                                             horrific parking problem at the District’s             In the end, however, on a sunny day
                                             largest campus. A succession of Mesa College       in December 2007, fully 18 years after
                                                 presidents and District chancellors led this   the first effort was made, we finally held a
                                                        frustrating effort: Presidents Allen    groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate our
             en                                         Brooks, Constance Carroll and Rita      great victory for our students and the beginning
                                                       Cepeda; and Chancellors Bill Wenrich,    of the end of their parking misery. In the
                                                      Augie Gallego and Constance Carroll.      chronicle of triumphs, this will seem minor, if
                                                     Members of the Board of Trustees           it ever makes the cut at all, but it has enormous
                                                    complete this leadership story.             meaning for all of us.
                                                       Because the acquisition of San Diego         This was a wonderful example of democracy
                                                  Unified School District property was key      at work, with all of its frustrating processes and
                                                    to this project, a succession of school     long lists of participants. It was also a textbook
                                                     superintendents was also involved:         lesson in persistence, patience and tenacity.
        Bill                                          Tom Payzant, Bertha Pendleton, Alan       And, best of all, it’s over.
                                                      Bersin and Carl Cohn. Members of              Congratulations to everyone who helped!
                                                       the SDUSD Board of Education were

                                Augie Gall


                                                                                                        Architectural rendering of Mesa College
                                                                                                        parking structure and police substation.

 2   san diego coMMunity college district
                                   &    Center

                                   Major Mesa Gateway Facelift
                                   Moves Closer To Reality
                                      The recent groundbreaking for the College’s      a reception lobby, staff office, conference areas,
“The five-level                    $29.3 million Mesa College Drive parking            locker and exercise rooms and other secure
facility will                      structure, entryway, and police substation was      areas.
                                   hailed as a major step in the history of the 44-       Architect Delawie Wilkes Rodrigues Barker
include parking
                                   year-old college in Kearny Mesa.                    designed the facility and Douglas E. Barnhart,
for an estimated                       “It represents the first seed in what will      Inc., is the general contractor.
1,100 vehicles.”                   become a modernized campus for the 21st                Guidelines set by the SDCCD call for all
                                   Century,” Mesa College President Rita Cepeda        new construction projects to meet the highest
                                   stated at the December groundbreaking.              Leadership in Energy and Environmental
                                      Construction is expected to be completed by      Design (LEED) certification possible. This
                                   January 2009.                                       project has already achieved Silver Certification
                                      The five-level facility will include             from the U.S. Green Building Council.
Below left: From left are SDCCD    much-needed parking for an estimated 1,100             At the groundbreaking, SDCCD Chancellor
Trustees Bill Schwandt and
Marty Block, Chancellor Carroll,   vehicles and a 7,000-square-foot police station.    Constance Carroll, who served as president
Trustee Rich Grosch, Mesa             Only two of the five stories will be visible     of Mesa College from 1993 to 2004, said the
President Rita Cepeda, and         from the street because the structure is being      project enables the college to “make major
Propositions S and N Citizens’
Oversight Committee members
                                   constructed along the edge of Tecolote Canyon       progress toward student access.”
Bobby Glaser and Jeff Marston.     and approximately half of the building will            Brief comments were also made by SDCCD
Below center: Mesa Student         be built into the canyon slope, matching its        Vice Chancellor of Facilities David Umstot,
Trustee Avery Ryder.               contour, officials noted.                           SDCCD Chief of Police Charles Hogquist,
Below right: Douglas E. Barnhart
Construction employees (from          Funding for the project was made possible        Mesa College Academic Senate President Terrie
left) superintendent Ken           through San Diego voter support of the 2002         Teegarden and Mesa Associated Students
Bingham, office manager            Proposition S construction bond.                    President Avery Ryder.
Tracy Kammer, Katy Johnson
(document controls), project
                                      Another key element expedites traffic flow          An engraved chrome shovel was presented to
manager Michelle Reiner,Vice       into the parking structure by allowing for five     President Cepeda, Chancellor Carroll and Board
President Sumeet Gadi and          entrance points at three levels of the structure.   of Trustees President Marty Block by Arthur
President Arthur Barnhart.
                                   The single-story police facility will incorporate   Barnhart, the construction company’s CEO.

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        Front                      &         Center

                                      continued from page 1

                                      Pathways to Health Care Careers
                                                                    Nursing Assistant Training @ Continuing Education
                                                                       Nursing Assistant Training (NAT) is a 250-hour course that prepares
                                                                    students for the California State Certified Nurse Assistant Examination,
                                                                    which tests for knowledge of theory and applied skills.
                                                                       This course is also a prerequisite for most of the area’s Licensed
                                                                    Vocational Nurse programs, which many NAT students have successfully
                                                                       NAT classes include the study of communication and interpersonal
                                                                    skills, promoting patients’ rights and independence, rehabilitative
                                                                    care, emergency procedures, resident care skills and procedures, body
                                                                    mechanics, nutrition, vital signs, weights and measures, observation,
                                                                    charting, long-term care, death and dying, requirements for nurse
                                                                    assistant certification, professionalism and ethics.

Continuing Education
students training to
become Nursing Assistants
are (from left) Alisha M.                                                                   Nursing Education @ City College
Neza, Nadja Gullifer and                                                                       To combat the nursing shortage, City
Liza Cynthia B. Workman.                                                                    College expanded its Nursing Education
                                                                                            Program in 2006 with the inception of licensed
                                                                                            vocational nursing (LVN) studies.
                                                                                               The LVN program is the result of a
                                                                                            collaboration with the San Diego Workforce
                                                                                            Partnership, the Regional Health Care
                                                                                            Occupations Resource Center, the San Diego
                                                                                            Housing Commission and local health care
                                                                                            employers, including Kaiser and Sharp, as well
                                                                                            as long-term health care providers.
                                                                                               In July, 19 students graduated from the 18-
                                                                                            month LVN program. Currently, 17 students
                                                                                            are enrolled, while more than 100 others
                                                                                            have applied. The college’s registered nursing
                                                       Former City College nursing          program currently has 122 students enrolled
                                                       student Miriam Cabellero.            and a wait list of 586.
                                                                                               For more than 30 years, the college has
Did you know?                                                                               been offering nursing education. The Nursing
                                                                                            Education Program is fully accredited by the
§ 7 of the 20 fastest-growing occupations are health care related.
                                                                                            California Board of Registered Nursing and
§ Health care will generate 3 million new wage and salary jobs                              the National League for Nursing Accrediting
  between 2006 and 2016, more than any other industry.                                      Commission.
                           – Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008-09 Occupational Outlook

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      News                  from                City              College

                                 Answering the Call
                                    Responding to local health care labor            respect for the role of community health
                                 shortages, City College is providing more           workers as important links in the health care
                                 career and educational opportunities in health      chain for communities. Health care employers
                                 care through two new training programs: a           see these workers as filling future health care
        Terrence J. Burgess      Community Health Worker Certificate and a           positions that
      San Diego City College     Youth Development Worker Certificate.               are sorely needed “There is a growing
                                    College faculty spent more than two              in nursing and
                                                                                                           respect for the role
                                 years developing curriculum in collaboration        other allied health
                                 with the San Diego Workforce Partnership,           areas.”               of community health
                                 several community youth organizations and               “City College workers as important
                                 Community Health Improvement Partners,              is once again
                                                                                                           links in the health care
                                 which is a collaboration of health-related          pleased to be
                                 organizations.                                      at the forefront      chain for communities.”
                                                               City College          by offering
                                                            Professor and            high-demand programs to fill the community
                                                            Licensed Clinical        need for professional workers,” said City
                                                            Psychologist Veronica    College President Terrence Burgess.
                                                            Ortega Welch is              According to the Workforce Partnership,
                                                            leading the effort       overall health related occupations and education
                                                            with the assistance of   and training occupations are expected to show
                                                            Adjunct Professors       the most job growth in the region.
                                                            Paul Watson, a               Working closely with industry and local
                                                            nationally recognized    organizations is one of the many ways City
                                                            expert in youth          College keeps current on the educational
                                                            development, and         and training needs of the community. By
                                                            Carolina Huerta,         volunteering with non-profit organizations
                                                            R.N., a public health    like the Childcare Coordination Council
Youth Worker Conference speakers included (from left)
                                                          educator and long-         and the San Diego County Commission for
City Professor/conference organizer Paul Watson;
California Endowment President Robert Ross; City          time health services       Children and Youth, Welch keeps a pulse on
Professor/conference organizer Veronica Ortega Welch;     trainer.                   the advancements in youth and community
Larry Fitch, former San Diego Workforce Partnership           Dr. Welch reported     health work. Additionally, Welch serves as the
president/CEO; and Rey Galindo, director of the           that City College was      co-director of the San Diego BEST (Building
San Diego Campus of Springfield College. The second       among the first            Exemplary Systems for Training Youth
annual Youth Worker Conference was held at ECC.
                                                          community colleges on      Workers) Initiative. Through its Washington,
                                 the West Coast to offer the certificate program     D.C.-based National Training Institute in
                                 in youth work. Community Health Worker              Community Youth Development, the BEST
                                 and Youth Development Worker certificates           Initiative’s mission is to promote training,
                                 were added to the curriculum this past year.        education, and professional development for
                                    “Youth development workers fill a critical       youth workers through 26 community training
                                 niche by providing bridges to services and          sites around the country.
                                 programs for high-risk and out-of-school                San Diego City College is believed to be the
                                 youth, and after-school programs,” Welch            only BEST Initiative site west of Kansas City.
                                 noted. “There is a growing awareness of and
                                                                                                    We—With excellence | March 2008   5
     News                     from              Mesa                   College

                                    Dietetic Supervisor Program Changes Lives,
                                    Quality of Nursing Care
                                    In 2006, Rosalind Bishop, a 35-year-old          semesters.
                                 single mom working as a lead cook at a San              Working under the supervision of a
     Rita M. Cepeda, Ed.D.
                                 Diego hospital decided to make a determined         registered dietitian in a long-term care facility,
    San Diego Mesa College       leap to improve her life.                           a DSS schedules and supervises food service
                                    Within a year of enrolling in Mesa College’s     employees, orders food, screens newly-admitted
                                 Dietetic Service Supervisor (DSS) program, she      patients for chewing and swallowing needs,
                                 did just that. Months into her clinical practice    meets with other health care team members
                                 internship and just two before completing           to discuss issues related to the food intake of
                                                                  the program,       the residents, and is familiar with all positions
                                                                  Rosalind was       within that department. The DSS is also
                                                                  offered the        qualified to work in food service for assisted-
                                                                  permanent          living, acute care or adult daycare centers.
                                                                  position of            “We get more calls from employers seeking
                                                                  Director of        to hire graduates than we have students in the
                                                                  Dietary Services   program,” says Professor Elizabeth Chu, chair
                                                                  at Paradise        of Consumer and Nutrition Studies.
                                                                  Valley Manor           The program’s economic significance
                                                                  and Health Care    to the region was underscored in 2006,
                                                                  Center.            when the state required that food service
                                                                     “I’m now        operations in skilled nursing facilities had to be
                                                                  where I was        under the supervision of a registered dietitian or
                                                                  destined to be     a qualified full-time dietetic service supervisor
                                                                  and feel that I    with oversight by a consulting registered
                                                                  am making a        dietitian. Further, the state requires dietetic
                                                                  difference in      service supervisors to have completed formal
                                                                  the quality of     training from a state-approved program offered
                                                                  nursing care       at several California community colleges. Mesa
                                                                  food,” says        is the only community college offering the
                                                                  Rosalind. She      Dietetic Service Supervisor program in San
                 Graduate Rosalind Bishop now works in her        completed the      Diego and Imperial counties.
                 field of study.                                  program in two         With the aging of the baby boomers, a
                                 semesters while working full time and using         shift from inpatient to outpatient care and the
                                 public transportation to commute to work and        expansion of health care centers, the demand
                                 classes.                                            for health care workers is expected to continue
                                    First offered in 2001, the DSS program           to rise, especially in California.
                                 prepares students for certification as a dietetic       Rosalind was able to double her salary. “I’m
                                 service supervisor. Graduates are qualified to      finally self-sufficient!” she said, then smiles and
                                 work as dietetic service supervisors/managers       says, “But best of all, it (the DSS certificate)
                                 in long-term health care facilities. Full-time      has given me a sense of self-esteem and
                                 students can complete the coursework in two         accomplishment.”

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     News                    from                  Miramar                                College

                                  High School Partnership
                                  Soars at Lightspeed
                                       Beginning this spring Lightspeed, a new
                                    partnership between Miramar College and
       Patricia Hsieh, Ed.D.        the San Diego Unified School District, will
   San Diego Miramar College        provide opportunities for top achievers at four
                                    high schools to complete UC/CSU transferable
                                    community college courses online.
                                       Led by Miramar counselor David Navarro,
                                    the program has initially enrolled 13 students
                                    from four area high schools − Mira Mesa,
                                    Scripps Ranch, Serra, and John Muir − in a
                                    variety of online college courses, including
                                    chemistry, economics, math, psychology,
                                    sociology, oceanography, art, personal growth
                                    and anthropology.                                      Counselor Dave Navarro works with
                                       Dual-enrollment programs are often                  Serra High School student Marc Ceres.
                                    cited as incentive for high school seniors to
                                                accelerate their transition to college.    chance that the high school students would
$1 Million Preps Students                       Lightspeed differs from other dual-        water down the curriculum.”
To increase the rate of students                enrollment programs. First off,               In developing Lightspeed, Navarro worked
completing high school and subsequently                                                    closely with Dan Wolfson, manager of the San
                                                the program is fully online. Also,
enrolling in college, the federal
government has awarded a $1 million             higher grade point averages are            Diego Unified School District’s Education
grant to Miramar College to establish a         required to participate, students are      Technology, Curriculum and Instruction
TRIO/Upward Bound program.                      selected for participation by their        program.
The program, funded through 2011,               high school counselors, enrollment            Wolfson says high school students will
provides fundamental support to high            fees are waived and college courses        benefit in unique ways. “The use of a high-
school students in preparation for                                                         quality online learning program addresses the
                                                are restricted to approved UC/CSU
college entrance. The grant will include
students from at least four of Miramar          transferable online offerings.             needs of ‘millennial’ students who have grown
College’s feeder high schools – University         Several students recruited for the      up with technology and use high-tech tools in
City, Serra, Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch.       inaugural class had already been           their daily lives.”
Upward Bound serves high school                 accepted at universities including            “Online courses offer scheduling flexibility,
students from low-income families and           Harvard and Cornell, while some            enable students to take advanced placement and
from families in which neither parent                                                      advanced courses not available in their school,
                                                had already earned college credits.
holds a bachelor’s degree. It also serves
low-income, first-generation military              Navarro says the authentic              and they can enable students to take courses
veterans preparing to enter post-               rigor of the college environment           at a college without leaving the high school
secondary education.                            positively influences later post-          campus.”
Upward Bound projects provide                   secondary success. “In each                   All 13 of the first-time Lightspeed
instruction in mathematics, laboratory          participating college course, college      participants attended an on-campus orientation
sciences, composition, literature and                                                      in mid-November that included online tutorials
                                                professors do not have any way of
foreign languages. Tutoring, counseling,
mentoring, cultural enrichment and              distinguishing between college and         led by Miramar Professors Wahid Hamidy and
work-study programs are also supported.         high school students. There’s no           Mike Charles.

                                                                                                           We—With excellence | March 2008   7
      News                     from                Continuing                                    Education

                                     Prison, Police & War Vet Tackles
                                     Teaching Former Gang Members
                                      Continuing Education                                                       (CE) as a part-time basic skills
                                  Professor John Lindem’s                                                        instructor.
     Anthony E. Beebe, Ed.D.
            President             résumé has prepared him well                                                      About a year later, CE was
 San Diego Continuing Education   for his newest assignment                                                      contacted by a six-agency
                                  – teaching basic math and                                                      South San Diego partnership
                                  English to teens and young                                                     called the Youth Opportunity
                                  adults who are former                                                          and Employment Program,
                                  gang members or had gang                                                       created to reach out to teens
                                  affiliations.                                                                  and young adults, ages 16 to
                                      After serving as a pilot                                                   21, who no longer participate
                                  rescue swimmer for the Navy                                                    in the formal K-12 system.
                                  during the Gulf War, he                                                        This led to the creation of
                                  attended Chico State, earning                                                  Lindem’s class.
                                  a B.S. in Education, intending                                                    All 15 of the students
                                                                      Professor John Lindem
                                  to become a teacher.                                                           enrolled in the charter class
                                      Instead of pursing a teaching career, he became      last fall were either former gang members or had
                                  a corrections officer. As a prison guard, he soon        previous gang affiliations. Many had done jail
                                  realized that inmates needed basic education,            time, were under educated and had difficulties
                                  but also needed to believe that success on some          finding regular employment. After three months
                                  level was possible, and that setting goals and           of basic skills instruction at the Tubman Chavez
                                  measuring achievements should become second              community center, 12 of the 15 students
                                                           nature.                         graduated in November.
                                                               Eventually, Lindem              Because of Lindem’s initial success, a second
                                                           moved on to law                 class began in January and was moved onto a CE
                                                           enforcement, becoming           campus, Educational Cultural Complex, a more
                                                           a SWAT sergeant for the         traditional educational setting.
                                                           California State Police.            Lindem is pleased. “There’s nothing more
                                                           However, he was forced          encouraging than the smile on a successful
                                                           into early retirement after     student’s face. It makes my job so enjoyable and
                                                           suffering gunshot wounds.       tells me I’m on the right path.”
                                                               He returned to college,         Built like a linebacker and speaking from
                                                           completing a Master’s in        experience that commands respect, Lindem
                                                           Educational Leadership.         makes a big impression, “I don’t teach math or
                                                           In 2005, he joined              English or even how to pass the GED. I facilitate
                                                           Continuing Education            bringing out what’s already inside my students.
                                                                                           I give them tools to experience success, which
Continuing Education Culinary Arts students prepare and serve CE faculty and               builds confidence, which allows them more
staff at a combination holiday/thank you luncheon in December in their newly               success and ultimately, competence.”
appointed dining room/kitchen classroom at the Educational Cultural Complex.                   In addition to four mornings per week of basic
In September, the culinary program relocated from a small Mission Bay campus
                                                                                           instruction, the fifth day is devoted to leadership
bungalow to the former ECC cafeteria.
                                                                                           skills training.
 8   san diego coMMunity college district
                            kudos                                 &          Achievements

Mayor Appoints Professor to Citizens’ Review Board                                       It Pays to be Partners
                       Miramar College Professor Darrel Harrison,                           Four Continuing Education Skills
                    paralegal program director and the college’s                         Center Automotive Technology students
                    Academic Senate president, has been appointed by                     each received a $3,333 scholarship
                    Mayor Jerry Sanders to the City of San Diego Citizens’               from Myron Maurseth, the owner of
                    Review Board on Police Practices. The Review Board                   the California Institute of Automotive
                    investigates complaints against San Diego police                     Technology (CIAT).
                    officers and recommends policies which promote                          The scholarships pay for all
                    fair and humane policing of the city.                                coursework necessary for the students
                                                                                         to be qualified to take the State of
                                                                                         California Smog Check Technician
                                                                                         Licensing Exam. Scholarship recipients
Continuing Education has its Day                                                         included Billy Buna, Kevelyn Nieto,
    November 17th was declared San Diego Continuing                                      Chris Panganiban and David Hernandez.
Education Day by the City of San Diego. On November                                         The Skills Center and CIAT have
17, 2007, City Council member Donna Frye presented the                                   been partners in education since 1999.
“education day” proclamation to Continuing Education (CE)                                CIAT has provided the downtown San
President Anthony Beebe at a gala dinner celebrating                                     Diego Skills Center automotive program
community partnerships.                                                                  with the use of more than $100,000 of
    The event was held at the University of                                              test equipment.
San Diego, where community leaders also
honored Continuing Education for
its 30 years of partnership with
Bayside Community Center
in Linda Vista. Bayside
has been an off-campus
location of CE classes,
ranging from English
as a Second Language
to computer skills to
physical fitness.

                                        Miramar Police Academy Steps It Up
                                            The San Diego Regional Public Safety Training Institute’s police academy was recently
                                        featured on a KUSI-TV News live broadcast. Reporter Rod Luck (pictured) interviews
                                        a police officer trainer while cadets perform early morning exercises. The Institute is
                                        based at Miramar College and also includes training to become firefighters, lifeguards
                                        and emergency medical technicians, as well as refresher course training. Law enforcement
                                        training is the largest component of the Institute and has been serving the region for
                                        more than 38 years. Some 8,000 peace officers have graduated from the Institute.

                                                                                                   We—With excellence | March 2008   9
                                    kudos                                  &        Achievements

                                                                                                  Chargers, College Police Play
 Miramar Hosts State Commission
                                                                                                  Santa for Abused Children
   Miramar College hosted
                                                                                                     The San Diego Community College
the quarterly meeting of the
                                                                                                  District Police Department and San
California Commission for
                                                                                                  Diego Chargers teamed up to collect
Economic Development in
                                                                                                  an estimated $10,000 worth of toys for
November. Chaired by Lieutenant
                                                                                                  abused and neglected children.
Governor John Garamendi, the
                                                                                                     Football players and police officers
commission addressed a number
                                                                                                  delivered carloads of toys in December
of policy and strategy issues
                                                                                                  to children being sheltered at the
affecting business, agriculture and
                                                 Participating in the California Commission       Polinsky Children’s Center in time for
other aspects of the California economy.         for Economic Development hearing were            the holidays.
Assemblymember Lori Saldaña is one of            (from left) Miramar President Patricia Hsieh,
                                                 Assemblymember Lori Saldaña, Chancellor
                                                                                                     SDCCD police who delivered the
the commission’s 15 members.
                                                 Constance Carroll and Lt. Gov. John Garamendi.   toys included Chief Charlie Hogquist,
   Biotechnology was one of the key
                                                                                                  Sgt. Nick Johns, Sgt. Diana Medero and
items of the Commission’s review, with
presentations by BIOCOM President                            goofed!                              Officers Glenn Davis, Cornelius Ashton
                                                                                                  and Jeffrey Rabine.
Joseph Panetta and Molly Ingraham, vice             In December, we reported SDCCD
president of the California Healthcare           Information Technology Director Kent
Institute. SDCCD Chancellor Carroll              Keyser was honored by ImageSource
and Professor Sandra Slivka, Miramar             with the “Best Use of Complementary
College biotechnology consortium                 Technologies” award, when in actuality,
director, provided testimony regarding           Kent accepted this award on behalf of the
community college expansion plans to             SDCCD Student Services imaging teams
                             meet the            representing our colleges, Continuing
                             needs of            Education and the SunGard Higher
                             this growing        Education staff. WE sends kudos to all
                             industry.           of the staff for a job well done!

                               Nurse Educator of the Year 2007
                                   City College Professor of Nursing Dinnah L. Didulo-
                                                                                                  SDCCD Officer Glenn Davis with
                               Masangkay, MS, PHN, RN, was awarded Nurse Educator                 San Diego Charger Luis Castillo
                               of the Year 2007 this past fall by the Philippine Nurses
                               Association of San Diego (PNASD).                                     Also helping with delivery were Mesa
                                   She was recognized for excellence in nursing education         College Facilities Director Kim Sturm
                               through significant contributions in the area of patient           and Chargers Luis Castillo, Jeremy Clary
                               and staff education. Involved in several professional              and Steve Gregory.
                               organizations, Dinnah volunteers as a speaker on “Diabetes            The toy drive was conducted
                               in the Filipino Population.” Dinnah also volunteers her            districtwide and at Chargers facilities.
                               time to raise health awareness, promote professionalism            This was the first time the District police
                               and encourage nursing students to continue their                   and the Chargers teamed up to conduct
                               education and participate in PNASD community services              a toy drive, but Chief Hogquist indicated
                               such as blood pressure screening and health teaching. She          that this could become an annual event.
                               is in her second year teaching at City College.

  10   san diego coMMunity college district
                                    kudos                                     &          Achievements

Saluting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
   All three San Diego Community                   were Board
College District colleges – City, Mesa             President
and Miramar colleges – as well as San              Marty
Diego Continuing Education, were a                 Block, Rich
major presence in the 28th annual Dr.              Grosch, Bill
Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade held                Schwandt and
January 19 in downtown San Diego.                  Peter
   Parade judges awarded Mesa                      Zschieshe.
College second place for its float, while             Chancellor
Continuing Education’s entry took third            Carroll stated,
place.                                             “The District
   More than 150 students, faculty                 emulates the
and staff from throughout the District             values of Dr.
participated.                                      King in many              From left are SDCCD Trustees Marty Block, Rich Grosch,
   SDCCD administrators taking part                ways. We have             Bill Schwandt and Peter Zschiesche.
included Chancellor Constance Carroll,             a student body            Mesa College’s award-winning float is in background.
City College President Terrence Burgess,           that represents
Continuing Education President                     a rainbow of                                   concepts. And we are committed
Anthony Beebe, Mesa College President              races and cultures. We have a curriculum       to equal opportunity for all. We are
Rita Cepeda and Miramar College                    at City, Mesa and Miramar colleges, and        honored therefore to be part of this great
President Patricia Hsieh.                          Continuing Education, that introduces          parade every year to highlight what Dr.
   SDCCD Trustees that took part                   students to history and humane                 King meant and means to America.”

SDCCD Student Trustees (from left) Brittany                Chancellor Constance Carroll               Continuing Education students, staff and faculty
Forester, Avery Ryder and Clemente Valdez.                                                            march behind their award-winning float.

City students celebrate the message of Dr. King.   The spirit of freedom runs high on Mesa’s float.   Parading in style atop the Miramar fire truck.

                                                                                                             We—With excellence | March 2008    11
                                               Updates                                           &          Achievements

                                                                Fields o f Dreams
           ses Spoarst
                                                                                                            7 to 1992,

                                                                                         m 198
                                                                              rty - Fro
                                                                      k Daughe for the Montreal Expos t
                   m,                                             Jac
                                     d dre                                    d   playe             firs        tion at
                         ond-studde                                Daugherty                    rs, seeing ac
For athlete s with diam       City and M
                                         esa                        then the   Texas Range signated hitter.
                 baseball at
                                            d.                                     ld and as d
              te                romised lan                         base, outfie                             e didn’t pla
                   ath to the p niversity.                                          ler -      Although h            996, he
 colleges are next step to a u                                       Billy Epp enrolling at Mesa in 1 New
                                                                                      r                               e
            e the                        gues.                       baseball afte r of scouting with th
 Some tak                    e Major Lea in                                  to directo
                raight to th               v                          rose
  Others go st ve the dream,” said Ke                                 York Yanke
               sh a                   coach.                                                            began a
  “All the kid           ge baseball                                                    son - He
                                                                       Grady Fu aseball career as an ar
   Hazlett , Mesa Colle alumni who made                                     fessional b                         day, he’s
                 onor roll of                                                                         land. To
                                                                                       82 for Oak
   Here’s an h        ue Baseball
                                   (MLB):                               scout in 19           f scouting
                                                                                                            and player
         Major Leag                                                     vice pre   sident o                  s.                      Above: Mitre pitches for the Marlins
   it to                                                                                      r the Padre
                                                                         deve  lopment fo                             aso  ns        Below: Waller advises Mike Piazza
                                                                                                      After five se was
                  L  LEGE                                     who         Geoff       Geary -                  pitche  r             Bottom: Muser hitting coordinator for Padres’ minors
    CITY CO                               -born outfi
                                                                                                 , the relief
                    z -    A Canadian                     1975.           with P  hiladelphia                vemb   er.              Background: Geary reliever for the Cardinals
    John Bala California Angels in 197
                                                   4 and                                       ston in No
                                                                                ed to Hou                                   0, he
    played for th
                   e                              h, Cluck                trad                              69 and 197
                                   itching coac                                             ne - In 19                        h Pirates.
        b Cluc    k - As a p the Houston Astros                            Lou Maro games for the Pittsburg
     Bo                          ith                                                      30                                            man,
                  e Majors w                       has served              pitched in                                    a first base
     reached th                      o years, he                                            illigan      - Primarily d Orioles.
                    r the last tw or league pitching                        Randy M h the Mets, Pirates an
     in 1990. Fo                    min
                   ie go Padres                                              he playe   d wit                                   in the
      as a San D                                                                                               hed second
                                                                                              t on - Finis 1981 and 1982, when
                                                                              Greg Min ue in saves in
                  t.                                         the
      consultan                                debut with
                               - Made his                                                                                         seasons, th
            gio Mitre 003 and pitched last se
       Ser                                                                    N  ational Leag e NL All-Stars. In 16                   r posted
                     ubs in 2                                                                 for th                               de
       Chicago C                                                               he pitched                           e right-han
                                   lins.                                                             e Angels, th
        with the   Florida Mar                             e  pitched                four with th n 59 games.
                                               72-1977, h                      last                   wo
                                - From 19                    s and San                0 ERA and                                       a first
        Bre   nt Strom Mets, Cleveland Indian ros and a 3.1                                                             e years as
                                                                                                        - Spent nin e Boston Red
         for the Ne
                       w York
                                  m later co
                                                ached the
                                                                                Tony Mu outfielder with th
                    adres. Stro                                                       eman and                               wers. He
          Diego P                         ers.                                   bas                          les and Bre                     to
                        yR  oyals pitch                     ith the   St.        Sox, Whit     e Sox, Orio y Royals from 1997
          Kansas Cit                       eld er played w                                        e Kan   sas Cit                      a Padres
                          er - Outfi                     e Sox and                managed th                         r seasons as n as
          Tye Wall s, Cubs, Chicago Whit Majors.                                                        served fou
                                                                                        2 and later enters the 2008 seas
                         inal                           the                       200
           Louis Card                   fo ur years in                                             h. He                           ordinator.
                          during his                   nd A’s.                     bench coac                     ue hitting co
           the Astros                    h the Oakla                                                minor leag                        career in
                          a coach wit                                               the Padres’                       launched a
            Currently                                                                                iney - He d finished as a Cub.
                                                                                     Chuck Ra Red Sox an
                                         E                                                          the
            MESA         COLLEG                            Brewe    rs               1979 with                            ning his po
                                             Milwaukee                                                ha   rd - Begin , Richard transferred
                                                                                      Chris Ric at City College
                              re - As a                      a 5-6 reco
             Gary Bea 6 and 1977, he posted                                                             r                      ar. He reac
                            1 97                                                      sc hool caree              homore ye inals. A first
              pitcher in                                                                           for his sop
              and 5.15 E
                            RA.                                riginal                 to Mesa                       h the Card
                                                  ne of the o                                          in 1999 wit nt on to play for the
                                V anon - O the Majors in 1969.                         the Majors                   e we
               Jerry Da on broke into                                                   baseman/o
                                                                                                      utfielder, h
                     res, DaVan
                                                    an infielder, s and the                                       do Rockies.
               Pad                       asons as                                       Orioles     and Colora                            played
                               eight se                      Oriole                                                        tcher who
                He played                        Baltimore                                                n er - A ca e Sox,Yankees and
                                                                                         Joel Skin with the Whit
                                St. Louis, th
                stints with                                                                               s                         now third
                      ifornia A  ngels.                         ue seas   ons            n ine season              where he is
                 Cal                               10 big-leag                                           Indians,
                                  is - Played                   ’s and the L
                                                                                os        Cleveland
                 Mike Dav er with the Oakland A                                           coac   h.
                  as an outfi
                  Angeles D
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