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					                                                                                                              October 15, 2007

           Hot                               Umm . . . Hello. I’m Bob. (Panic: What Next?!):
        Resources                            The Art of Small Talk for Career Networking
                                             By: Robert Michon, Returned Volunteer Services

  Free online career assessment
software program, SIGI3. For more
     information, see page 13

  Free online passwords to job
 bulletins. For more information,
            see page 14

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 National Peace Corps Association

For more information, see page 14                 o there you are. Standing     for a project with noble goals      larger groups can be difficult to
                                                  in a room full of strang-     and right ambition? Not one         ingratiate yourself into.
      Mark your calendars!                        ers. But not just any ordi-   that is as self-serving and un-
    Next RPCV Career Event is               nary room full of strangers. Not    seemly as networking for a job?     Whether directly approach-
      December 3–4, 2007                    the room full of strangers that     The truth, RPCV, is that you are    ing an individual or insinuating
                                            imperceptibly grew around you       a worthy project and that net-      yourself in the periphery of a
Peace Corps Hotline                         as you sought enlightenment         working is not only inoffensive,    group, adopt a pleasant body
                                            at the end of a delicious bowl      when done courteously, but ex-      language that speaks to your
           Robert Michon                    of Pad Thai. No. These strang-      pected. You’ve got post-Peace       equanimity and confidence
                 Editor                     ers you have to meet. After         Corps continuation of service       (even if you have neither of
  Manager, Returned Volunteer Services      all, that is why you are here.      on the brain, so let’s have at it   those!): smile through the eyes
                                            ‘Tis a networking opportunity       and talk about networking. Not      (and the mouth will follow),
          Heather Groome                    and you have to chat-up these       networking in its structure—for     make eye contact, and main-
            Graphic Designer
                                            folks, many of whom could           you get that, you understand        tain an amicable posture.
Admin. Ass’t, Returned Volunteer Services
                                            prove valuable to your network.     that it has to get done—but
      To place job announcements, visit     How to approach (should it be       in action: The activity of ap-      And?        the discreet sideways sashay or     proaching and introducing
                  or contact                the elephantine stomp?) and         yourself to strangers.              Small talk. There it is. The el-
               Peace Corps                  what to say once you get there                                          ephant in the room. We some-
       Returned Volunteer Services          (though … what if they look         As trite as this may sound, the     times worry too much about
        Phone: 202.692.1430 or
                                            right through me?!) are the two     first thing is to remember that     what we must say to strangers.
        800.424.8580, ext. 1430
    E-mail:          questions that run roughshod        these strangers are all people.     That’s not a bad thing. Propri-
           Fax: 202.692.1421                over your waning confidence.        And people generally like talk-     ety and intention dictate such.
                                            How fun is this?!                   ing to other people. Next, take     However, it should not be dis-
               Inside                                                           a look around. Who should you       abling. Two points about this:
                                            The truth is that networking        approach for a brief chat? (This    First, you do not need to come
          Public Sector                     is not as tortuous as all that.     is a networking event, so don’t     up with either the wittiest or
         Private Sector                     After all, you already did it for   latch on to one person for the      most insightful remark. Sim-
                                            two years while serving as a        evening. Most of your chats,        ply be affable and ready to
     International Sector                   PCV. Or did you forget that you     out of courtesy to the other        contribute. Second, there is a
        Intern/Volunteer                    networked through community         who is also networking, will        school of thought that advises
                                            representatives, government         be brief by nature.) Generally,     to ask questions and then lis-
             Education                      officials, and donor organiza-      look either for other individu-     ten to others talk about them-
      AmeriCorps/VISTA                      tions to identify needs and sub-    als or for groups of three to       selves. To a degree this is true,
                                            sequently develop and lever-        four. Try not to intrude upon a     yet there is the danger of com-
           Fellows/USA                      age a resource base to address      twosome as you may be inter-        ing across with a not so hidden
           Crisis Corps                     those needs? What? That was         rupting something private, and                Continued on page on page 12
    Hotline                                  For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

                                                          CLIENT SERVICES DIRECTOR •                           education programs; knowledge and experience
                 Public Sector                            Santa Barbara, CA                                    with project design, grant management, pro-
                                                          Position available with Women’s Economic             posal development, and budgeting; internation-
     AGRICULTURE AGENT •                                  Ventures (WEV). Position begins 12/2007. Du-         al study, work, or living experience; excellent
     WINNEBAGO COUNTY, WI                                 ties: develops, delivers, and evaluates WEV          interpersonal and organizational skills; strong
     Position available with University of Wiscon-        programs; leads program team; designs, imple-        computer skills, including Excel; knowledge of
     sin-Extension. Duties: plans, implements, and        ments, and evaluates programs; oversees revi-        Farsi preferred. E-mail cover letter and résumé
     evaluates culturally competent educational           sions to educational content and delivery meth-      to with “EPD/AM/10-07” in
     programs to meet identified needs and interests      ods; supports fund development and grant man-        the subject line; fax: 202.628.8189. No phone
     of county individuals, organizations, and com-       agement. Qualifications: commitment to WEV’s         calls.
     munities; backed by university research, incor-      mission; knowledge of economic development
     porates pertinent findings from plant science,       and entrepreneurship; experience in training de-     SENIOR PROJECT OFFICER/
     agricultural economics, horticulture, dairy sci-     sign and facilitation; track record of successful    INTERNET STRATEGY • Seattle
     ence, animal sciences, and natural resources in      management and leadership. E-mail cover letter       Position available with Forum One Commu-
     Winnebago County into educational programs           and résumé to                    nications. Duties: works closely with influ-
     that promote understanding and build the capac-                                                           ential organizations in Seattle and the Pacific
     ity of adults, youth, families, organizations, and   CAMPAIGN DIRECTOR •                                  Northwest; provides internet business strategy,
     communities. For more information and to ap-         Various locations                                    online communications, user experience, and
     ply, visit                      Position available with Community Counselling        technology expertise; develops and manages
                                                          Services (CCS) Fund Raising. Qualifications:         project goals, resources, and schedules for mul-
                                                          major gifts, transferable consulting, communi-       tiple simultaneous client engagements; actively
                 Private Sector                           cations, marketing, and strategic planning ex-       works with business development managers to
                                                          perience; ability to travel and relocate required.   expand business with new clients and existing
                                                          E-mail résumé and salary history to careers@         clients as needed. Qualifications: five years’
     ELEMENTARY TEACHER • NM                                                                                   professional experience in a technical consult-
                                                 with “Peace Corps” in the
     Position available with the Alamo Navajo School                                                           ing environment, with three years’ hands-on ex-
                                                          subject line; website:
     Board, Inc. Qualifications: New Mexico certifi-                                                           perience managing large- to mid-scale internet
     cation or ability to obtain reciprocity required.                                                         related project; strong demonstrated experience
                                                          PROGRAM ASSOCIATE • DC
     For more information and to apply, e-mail al-                                                             in managing technical projects, including man-
                                                          Position available with IREX’s Education Pro-; phone: 505.854.2543,                                                                 aging project teams and balancing scope, time,
                                                          grams Division. Qualifications: experience and
     ext. 1304; address: Alamo Navajo School Board                                                             and quality; experience in international devel-
                                                          interest in basic and higher education develop-
     Inc., P.O. Box 907, Magdalena, NM 87825.                                                                  opment, global health, education, or a related
                                                          ment, international exchanges, and continuing
                                                                                                               sector. For more information and to apply, visit
                                                                                                               phone: 703.548.1855; e-mail: bbianco@foru-
                                                                                                     ; website:

         HOT! OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                    OUTDOOR YOUTH COUNSELORS •
                                                                                                               Dillwy, VA or Cumberland, MD
                                                                                                               Residential positions available with New Do-
                                                                                                               minion School. Duties: work in an alternative
         2008 UN NATIONAL COMPETITIVE RECRUITMENT EXAM • New York City                                         school for emotionally challenged boys and girls.
         The United Nations is holding a competitive recruitment examination in 2/2008 for those               Qualifications: valid driver’s license; physically
         who are interested in entry-level professional posts. A maximum of 40 of the most quali-              able to hike and paddle. Salary: $23,700 with
         fied applicants in each field will be invited to take the exam. Qualifications: U.S. citizen;         promotions available after 90 days, full medi-
         under 32 years of age. Travel expenses to and from exam site will not be paid by the UN or            cal benefits, three weeks’ paid vacation, 401k
         U.S. government. Deadline: 10/31/2007. For more information and to apply, visit http://www.           options, and full room and board for five days                                                                    or more. E-mail résumé to amanda.lennox@
                                                                                                     ; website: www.outdoorcoun-
         ONLINE PROGRAM CONSULTANT • DC                                                              
         Position available with the National Peace Corps Association. Duties: designs, develops, and
         prepares an infrastructure for delivering on a national scale a mentor program for return-            FOUNDATIONS OFFICER • Boston
         ing volunteers through a cooperative agreement with Peace Corps. Qualifications: BA; ex-              Position available with Corporate Account-
         tensive experience in new media online; excellent organization and communication skills;              ability International’s Think Outside the Bottle
         Peace Corps experience preferred. Mail cover letter and résumé to Vice President, Nation-             campaign. Duties: works with deputy director
         al Peace Corps Association, 1900 L Street, NW, Suite 404, Washington, D.C. 20036; fax:                and other senior staff to coordinate and support
         202.293.7554; e-mail:; website:                                the grant seeking work of Foundations team;
                                                                                                               conducts research and outreach to foundation
                                                                                                               supporters; develops proposals; participates in
                                                                                                               fundraising drives; increases commitment and

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Hotline                                 For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

participation of funders. Qualifications: excel-     Qualifications: passion; strong work ethic; de-      tions: record of success leading adults; K–12
lent oral and written communication skills;          sire for a career in organizing. Salary: $30K–       teaching experience. Deadline: 10/25/2007. For
commitment to social justice; ability to cultivate   $34K with four- to six-months’ training. E-mail      more information and to apply, visit www.nlns.
foundation donors; proficient in Excel and other     résumé to Robert Owens at clout@bellsouth.           org.
databases; motivated; ability to multitask; atten-   net; phone: 502.583.1267.
tion to detail. E-mail cover letter, résumé, and                                                          INTERVIEWER • Various locations
three references to jobs@stopcorporateabuse.         CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAVEL                              Position available with Westat. This is a one
org.                                                 COUNSELOR • Boston                                   year position. Duties: administers the health
                                                     Position available with Grand Circle Travel.         and personal attributes questionnaire for the
HOSTEL FRONT DESK • Portland, OR                     Qualifications: customer relations experience;       NHANES study; follows strict research data
Position available with Northwest Portland           excellent communication and interpersonal            collection protocol; engages in continuous trav-
International Hostel and Guesthouse. Duties:         skills; enthusiastic about international travel.     el 48 weeks/year. Qualifications: BA in social
registers travelers; takes reservations; provides    Email résumé to; website:          sciences; fluent in English and Spanish; must
travel information; cleans; works 30–35 hours/                                         undergo a federally mandated background secu-
week. Salary: $8.50/hour. For more information                                                            rity and driving record check; general computer
and to apply, e-mail jim@nwportlandhostel.           MEDICAL ASSISTANT •                                  experience; strong interpersonal skills. E-mail
com; phone: 503.827.0405.                            Portland, OR                                         résumé to; phone:
                                                     Position available with Outside In. Qualifica-       800.937.8284.
NURSE PRACTITIONER • Worcester, MA                   tion: medical assistant certification required.
Position available with Great Brook Valley           Salary: $13–$15/hour; with benefits. For more        RURAL DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST •
Health Center. Duties: provides medical care,        information and to apply, visit www.outsidein.       Albuquerque or Santa Fe, NM
health education, urgent care, and early inter-      org/employment.htm.                                  Position available with Rural Community As-
vention medical treatment within a health center                                                          sistance Corporation. Duties: provides training
or within a public school setting; provides direct   TECHNICAL SALES                                      and technical assistance to nonprofit and local,
patient care, medical assessment, and interven-      REPRESENTATIVE • Hudson, MA                          tribal, state, and federal agencies to improve or
tion; provides triage and assessment; provides       Position available with the Alternative Energy       develop affordable housing projects or programs
health education. Qualifications: valid Mas-         Store. Duties: takes incoming phone calls and        in rural communities. Salary: $3,848–$4,548.
sachusetts driver’s license; one to five years’      e-mail inquiries; provides education about and       For more information and to apply, visit www.
related experience; cultural sensitivity. E-mail     makes product recommendations for solar ther-
résumé to Steven Small, at HR@Greatbrook.            mal, electric, and water pumping as well as
org; fax: 508.853.8593.                              wind electric systems. Qualifications: excellent     USER SUPPORT SPECIALIST •
                                                     computer skills; exceptional customer service        Silver Spring, MD
COMMUNITY ORGANIZER •                                abilities. For more information and to apply, e-     Position available with CHF International. Du-
Tallahassee, FL                                      mail                     ties: provides answers to computer users’ prob-
Position available with Tallahassee Equal-                                                                lems; supplies training and feedback to users
ity Action Ministry (TEAM). Position begins          ASSOCIATE PROGRAM OFFICER •                          to lessen the occurrence of future problems;
11/2007. Qualifications: disciplined, workman-       Seattle                                              troubleshoots difficult or unusual situations;
like attitude. Salary: $30K–34K with four- to        Position available with Bill and Melinda Gates       suggests workflow improvements to manage-
six-months’ training. E-mail résumé to Mar-          Foundation. Duties: responsible for assisting in     ment; assists users in troubleshooting and solv-
gie Conley at; phone:            the development and management of strategies,        ing computer software, hardware, phone, fax,
850.224.2100.                                        plans, and a portfolio of high-impact grants         and network questions and problems; contacts
                                                     that will apply information and communication        vendors for assistance in solving IT inquiries.
IMMIGRANT ORGANIZER •                                technologies to key agricultural challenges in       For more information and to apply, visit www.
Lakeland, FL                                         Africa and South Asia. Qualifications: advanced
Position available with Polk Ecumenical Action       degree in a related field; minimum five years’
Council for Empowerment (PEACE). Duties:             experience in roles requiring excellent consul-      CARE AND TREATMENT ADVISOR •
builds and strengthens PEACE’s reach into the        tative and negotiation skills; strong analytical     Baltimore
Latino population in Lakeland. Qualifications:       skills and field experience in agricultural devel-   Position available with JHPIEGO, an affiliate
passion; strong work ethic; language skills          opment preferred; experience in collaboration        of Johns Hopkins University. Duties: provides
in Spanish and English; desire for a career in       and with complex internal and external orga-         leadership in capacity building of local health
organizing. Salary: $30K–$34K with four- to          nizations. For more information and to apply,        systems through the training of health care
six-month months’ training. E-mail résumé to         e-mail; phone:       personnel; strengthens laboratory capacity; im-
Sylus Greene at; phone:            206.709.3362.                                        proves pipeline analysis of basic commodities
863.802.8757.                                                                                             and drugs; leads the revamping of the referral
                                                     URBAN PUBLIC SCHOOL PRINCIPALS •                     systems, particularly from counseling and test-
COMMUNITY ORGANIZER •                                Various locations                                    ing services, PMTCT services, and TB services
Louisville, KY                                       Positions available with New Leaders for New         to care and treatment; provides special attention
Position available with Citizens of Louisville       Schools. Positions located in Baltimore, Califor-    to the strengthening of pediatric treatment in-
Organized and United Together (CLOUT). Du-           nia’s Bay Area, Chicago, Memphis, Milwaukee,         cluding the integration of AIDS guidance with-
ties: builds the power of the organization to ef-    New Orleans, New York City, Prince George’s
fectively deal with critical community issues.       County, MD, and Washington, D.C. Qualifica-
                                                                                                                                          Continued on page 6
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         PEACE CORPS Fellows/USA
   Peace Corps Fellows/USA works with more than 40 universities that offer financial assistance to RPCVs who wish to attend
   graduate school and work in underserved U.S. communities. Below is a list of universities and some of the subject areas they
   offer. For the complete list, visit; call 800.424.8580, ext. 1440; or e-mail

         Carnegie Mellon University                               Duquesne University                                      assistants, tutors, special education teacher train-
         Pittsburgh, PA                                           Pittsburgh, PA                                           ing, community creative writing program. Benefits
         Public policy/management, arts management, or            Center for Environmental Research and Education          include tuition waiver, stipend.
         healthcare policy management.                            Environmental science, environmental management,         Contact: Dr. Roy Moore
         Contact: Renee Hairston                                  environmental policy: water resources and watershed      Phone: 478.445.6848
         Phone: 412.268.1909                                      protection, green building, energy conservation, envi-   E-mail:
         E-mail:                          ronmental education, brownfield redevelopment.
                                                                  Contact: Dr. Stanley J. Kabala                           Humboldt State University
         Columbia University, Teachers College                    Phone: 412.396.4233                                      Arcata, CA
         New York, NY                                             E-mail:                                   Secondary education program with placement at
         Urban education, including bilingual education,                                                                   Academy of the Redwoods—an early college high
         teaching math or science, ESOL, special education,       Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy             school.
         reading specialist.                                      MA: policy analysis and administration, conflict         Contact: Keri Gelenian
         Contact: Shelly Chin                                     resolution and peace studies.                            Phone: 707.476.4577
         Phone: 212.678.4025                                      Contact: Dr. Evan Stoddard                               E-mail:
         E-mail:                                 Phone: 412.396.5179
                                                                  E-mail:                                 Illinois State University
         Cornell University                                                                                                Normal, IL
         Ithaca, NY                                               Graduate School of Business Administration               Applied economics, political science, sociology, with
         In Development: City and regional planning (MS)          MBA/MS/MAcc: sustainable enterprise, information         sequence in applied community/economic devel-
         Contact: Tina M. Nelson                                  systems management, taxation, accountancy.               opment, including community project design and
         Phone: 607.255.6848                                      Contact: Patricia Moore                                  management, topics in administration and planning,
         E-mail:                                 Phone: 412.396.5529                                      and 11-month paid professional internship. Benefits
                                                                  Email:                                    include assistantship with stipend and 2-year full
         DePaul University                                                                                                 tuition waiver.
         Chicago, IL                                              Florida Institute of Technology                          Contact: Beverly Beyer
         Program temporarily suspended.                           Melbourne, FL                                            Phone: 309.438.7090
         Elementary and high school special education             Environmental science, engineering, management,          E-mail:
         certification.                                           teaching, and other areas of education (science, math-
         Contact: Justin Speer                                    ematics, computer).                                      Indiana University
         Phone: 773.325.7170                                      Contact: Dr. Tom Marcinkowski                            Bloomington, IN
         E-mail:                                Phone: 321.674.8946                                      Master of Public Affairs (MPA) with choice of nine
                                                                  E-mail:                                 concentrations, including comparative and inter-
         Duke University                                                                                                   national affairs, environmental policy and natural
         Durham, NC                                               Fordham University                                       resource management, policy analysis; and nonprofit
         Fuqua School of Business                                 Bronx, NY                                                management. Master of Science in environmen-
         Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) with           MA programs in international political economy and       tal science (MSES) programs in applied ecology,
         concentrations in accounting, decision sciences,         development with specializations in international        environmental chemistry, and water resources. Joint
         entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, leader-        development studies, international banking and           master degree (MPA-MSES) and combined master
         ship and ethics, management, marketing, operations       finance, international and development economics,        degree with other programs also available.
         management, social entrepreneurship, and strategic       and international political analysis.                    Contact: Jennifer Forney
         consulting. There are also Certificates of Excellence    Contact: Dr. Henry Schwalbenberg                         Phone: 812.855.2840
         offered in finance and marketing as well as a certifi-   Phone: 718.817.4064                                      E-mail:
         cate program in health sector management. Jointde-       E-mail:
         grees in other professional programs also available.                                                              Johns Hopkins University
         Benefits (financial): up to 25% tuition credit.          George Mason University                                  Baltimore, MD
         Contact: Matthew T.A. Nash                               Fairfax, VA                                              Nursing, public health.
         Phone: 919.660.7791                                      Elementary education and English as a second             Contact: Mary O’Rourke
         Fax: 919.660.1096                                        language master’s programs.                              Phone: 410.955.7548
         E-mail:                                   Contact: Lynn Walker Levy                                E-mail:
                                                                  Phone: 703.993.3602
         Program in International Development Policy (PIDP)       E-mail:                                 Kennesaw State University
         with several concentration options.                                                                               Kennesaw, GA (Metro-Atlanta)
         Contact: Stephanie Alt Lamm                              George Washington University                             Master of Business Administration (MBA) and
         Phone: 919.613.9218                                      Washington, DC                                           Master of Accounting (MACC) degrees. Graduate
         E-mail:                                Transition special education, secondary education.       assistantship assignment to work with International
                                                                  Contact: Dr. Jeanne Embich                               Centre and a local Mayan community. Benefits
         Sanford Institute of Public Policy                       Phone: 202.973.1061                                      include tuition waiver and stipend.
         Master of Public Policy (MPP) with option to earn        E-mail:                                  Contact: Dr. Sheb True
         joint degrees in professional or PhD programs.                                                                    Phone: 770.423.6087
         Contact: Duke MPP Admissions Office                      Georgia College & State University                       E-mail:
         Phone: 919.613.9205                                      Milledgeville, GA
         E-mail:                                Various education degrees, creative writing. Teaching

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Loma Linda University                                     community economic development, business, Na-             E-mail:
Loma Linda, CA                                            tional Weekend Program.
Public health, including global health, humanitarian      Contact: Chuck Hotchkiss                                  University of Maryland–Baltimore
assistance, and reproductive health.                      Phone: 603.644.3103                                       Baltimore, MD
Contact: Ron Mataya, MD                                   E-mail:                              Obtain an MSW while doing exciting field work.
Phone: 909.558.4902                                                                                                 Fellowship involves working at a community based
E-mail:                                 University of Arizona                                     placement with marginalized populations. A variety
                                                          Tucson, AZ                                                of fellowships are available, including assistance for
Marquette University                                      Criminal justice, community development, environ-         students interested in community development/orga-
Milwaukee, WI                                             ment, health, nonprofit finance, public policy, and       nizing and policy development.
Business, engineering, communication, educational         more.                                                     Contact: Lane Victorson
policy and leadership, English, economics, history,       Contact: Georgia Ehlers                                   Phone: 410.706.5316
international affairs, philosophy, political science,     Phone: 520.621.9103                                       E-mail:
public service, theology. Benefits: full tuition schol-   E-mail:
arship and monthly stipend.                                                                                         University of Maryland–Baltimore County
Contact: Carole Ferrara                                   University of Cincinnati                                  Baltimore, MD
Phone: 414.288.5861                                       Cincinnati, OH                                            Shriver Peaceworker Program
E-mail:                      Economic development planning, environmental              All programs of University of Maryland–Baltimore
                                                          planning, international development planning,             County: education, policy, applied sociology, inter-
New Mexico State University                               physical planning, urban design.                          cultural communications, etc. Select consortium pro-
Las Cruces, NM                                            Contact: Christopher Auffrey                              grams: social work (MSW), urban studies, nonprofit
Degrees in public health, social work, and nursing,       Phone: 513.556.0579                                       management, etc.
plus joint public health and social work degree.          E-mail:                              Contact: Dr. Joby Taylor
Contact: Dr. Sue Forster-Cox                                                                                        Phone: 410.455.6398
Phone: 505.646.2183                                       University of Colorado at Denver                          E-mail:
E-mail:                                 Denver, CO
                                                          School of Public Affairs                                  University of Michigan
The New School                                            Master of Public Administration, Master of Criminal       Ann Arbor, MI
New York, NY                                              Justice, PhD in Public Affairs. Benefits include paid     Ford School of Public Policy
Urban policy analysis/management, health services         internships and $3,000 scholarship renewable for two      Master of Public Policy with 14 dual degree pro-
management and policy, human resources manage-            years.                                                    grams. Graduate certificates in science and technol-
ment, organizational change management.                   Contact: Dr. Christine Martell                            ogy policy also available. Benefits include $10,000
Contact: Admissions Office                                Phone: 303.315.2716                                       tuition fellowship for each of two years, application
Phone: 212.229.5400, ext. 1130                            E-mail:                    fee waiver.
E-mail:                                                                              Contact: Beth Soboleski
                                                          University of Denver                                      Phone: 734.765.0453
Northern Arizona University                               Denver, CO                                                E-mail:
Flagstaff, AZ                                             Graduate School of International Studies
Business and accounting. Career tracks in geographic      International administration, international develop-      School of Natural Resources and Environment
information systems (GIS), marketing analysis and         ment, international human rights, international stud-     Master of Science in Natural Resources and
distribution, management, finance, and accounting.        ies, international security, global finance, trade, and   Environment with 8 concentration options; Master
Contact: Jane Thompson                                    economic integration.                                     of Landscape Architecture either through a 2-year
Phone: 928.523.7387                                       Contact: Nicole Vilegi                                    program for those with a BLA or a 3-year program
E-mail:                                       Phone: 303.871.3838                                       for those with other undergraduate degrees. Benefits
                                                          E-mail:                              (financial): tuition stipend.
Rutgers University                                                                                                  Contact: Karen Force
Camden, NJ                                                Graduate School of Social Work                            Phone: 734.764.6453
Master of Public Affairs in educational policy and        Master of Social Work (MSW) degree with con-              E-mail:
leadership with K–12 teaching position at the LEAP        centration in either clinical or community practice;
Academy.                                                  specialized certificates available in social work with    University of Missouri-Columbia
Contact: Sandra Cheesman-Cattefesta                       Latinos/as, trauma response and recovery, couples         Columbia, MO
Phone: 856.225.6860                                       and family therapy, animal-assisted social work           Geography, public affairs, political science, rural
E-mail:                       and Jewish communal service. Benefits include             sociology, social work, agricultural economics. In-
                                                          specialized programming for RPCVs and financial           state tuition, possibility for assistantships, waivers
Seton Hill University                                     assistance. All applicants to the MSW program are         and additional support.
Greensburg, PA                                            considered for merit scholarships, which range from       Contact: Donald Spiers
Art therapy (counseling specialization), business ad-     $6,000 to $12,000 per year for full-time students.        Phone: 573.882.6131
ministration, elementary education, inclusive educa-      Need-based awards are also available. Those selected      E-mail:
tion (online), instructional design (online), marriage    for the Peace Corp Fellows/USA program will
and family therapy, special education, popular-fiction    receive an additional $5,000 scholarship.                 University of Missouri-Kansas City
writing. Benefits: 50% tuition discount.                  Contact: Dr. Julie Laser                                  Kansas City, MO
Contact: Dane Zimmer                                      Phone: 303.871.2841                                       Master of Public Administration (MPA) with special-
Phone: 724.838.4209                                       E-mail:                                ties in urban administration, nonprofit management,
E-mail:                                                                                        and health services administration. Benefits include
                                                          School of Communication                                   wages from intern stipend, $10,000; 6 credit hours
Southern New Hampshire University                         International and intercultural communication.
Manchester, NH                                            Contact: Dr. Margaret Thompson
Community economic development, international             Phone: 303.871.3947

                                                                                                                                                                             Page 5
     PEACE CORPS Fellows/USA
     tuition remission and possibilities for additional     Moore School of Business                                Western Illinois University
     assistance.                                            International business administration, joint degrees.   Macomb, IL
     Contact: Robyn Turner                                  Contact: Reena Lichtenfeld                              Business administration; economics; geography;
     Phone: 816.235.5243                                    Phone: 803.777.6749                                     health sciences; political science; recreation, park,
     E-mail:                             E-mail:                           and tourism administration.
                                                                                                                    Contact: Karen Peitzmeier
     University of New Orleans                              University of Vermont                                   Phone: 800.526.9943
     New Orleans, LA                                        Burlington, VT                                          E-mail:
     Public administration, urban planning and urban        Community and economic development, entrepre-
     studies with concentrations in housing/community       neurship; environment, agriculture, applied econom-     Western New Mexico University
     development, land use/environment, historic preser-    ics, management, strategic planning, marketing,         Gallup, NM
     vation, urban anthropology, and nonprofit manage-      public policy, healthcare, leadership, international    Elementary, secondary, or special education; counsel-
     ment.                                                  public administration, human resources, budgeting/      ing; educational leadership, interdisciplinary.
     Contact: Dr. Marla Nelson                              finance, organizational development, information        Contact: Dr. Patricia Maguire
     Phone: 504.280.3110                                    technology.                                             Phone: 505.722.3389
     E-mail:                                   Contact: Edward R. McMahon                              E-mail:
                                                            Phone: 802.656.4565
     University of Oregon                                   E-mail:                                Wichita State University
     Eugene, OR                                                                                                     Wichita, KS
     Community and regional planning, public adminis-       University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee                       Teacher education: middle and secondary grades, art,
     tration.                                               Milwaukee, WI                                           music, English, French, Spanish, biology, chemistry,
     Contact: Field Coordinator                             Nonprofit management, urban studies, economics,         physics, math, TESOL (if already teacher-certified),
     Phone: 541.346.2879                                    geography, history, sociology, political science,       comprehensive social studies, special education (if
     E-mail:                      English.                                                already teacher-certified).
                                                            Contact: Lisa Heuler-Williams                           Contact: Dr. Judith Hayes
     University of Pennsylvania                             Phone: 414.229.6155                                     Phone: 316.978.6580
     Philadelphia, PA                                       E-mail:                                  E-mail:
     In Development:
     Fels Institute of Government                           University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point                   Xavier University of Louisiana
     Full-time and part-time Master of Governmental Ad-     Stevens Point, WI                                       New Orleans, LA
     ministration (MGA) degree. Certificates in Nonprofit   Fields relating to the environment, including natural   Fast Track to Teaching Program for those interested
     Administration, Economic Development & Growth,         resources, forestry, environmental education, youth     in teaching math, science, or special education.
     Politics, and Public Finance. Benefits include a       programming, land-use planning, wildlife, soil and      Contact: Dr. Renee Akbar
     minimum of $6,000 per year award for Fellows and       water science.                                          Phone: 504.520.5389
     assistance in paid internship placement.               Contact: Dr. Tim Ginnett                                E-mail:
     Contact: Michelle Garcia-Navarro                       Phone: 715.346.4191
     Phone: 215.746.6684                                    E-mail:                            Yale University
     E-mail:                                                                                 New Haven, CT
                                                            University of Wyoming                                   International relations MA with concentrations in
     University of South Carolina                           Laramie, WY                                             history, economics & political science, joint degrees
     Columbia, SC                                           American studies with concentration in education,       available in forestry and environmental studies,
     Center for Child and Family Studies                    geography, history, or literature.                      management, law, or public health.
     Multidisciplinary program (written/oral proficiency    Contact: Dr. Eric Sandeen                               Contact: Alice Kustenbauder
     in Spanish required).                                  Phone: 307.766.3898                                     Phone: 203.432.3418
     Contact: Teresa Butkus                                 E-mail:                               E-mail:
     Phone: 803.777.1365

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     in the IMCI protocols. For more information            RESEARCH/MONITORING AND                                 tive programs in prevention; provides new inno-
     and to apply, e-mail; phone:            EVALUATION ADVISOR • Baltimore                          vations in prevention techniques to reach those
     410.537.1800.                                          Position available with JHPIEGO, an affiliate of        most vulnerable to HIV; provides priority-sup-
                                                            Johns Hopkins University. Duties: coordinates           port in increasing access to prevention methods.
     QUALITY AND ACCREDITATION                              and collaborates with other entities involved in        For more information and to apply, e-mail hr@
     ADVISOR • Baltimore                                    compiling and sharing knowledge on effective  ; phone: 410.537.1800.
     Position available with JHPIEGO, an affiliate          programmatic approaches related to HIV, partic-
     of Johns Hopkins University. Duties: provides          ularly with any task order contractor under proj-       PROJECT DIRECTOR • Baltimore
     leadership to support expansion of ART site            ect search. For more information and to apply,          Position available with JHPIEGO, an affiliate
     accreditation and the use of standards-based           e-mail; phone: 410.537.1800.             of Johns Hopkins University. Duties: provides
     management and recognition within the con-                                                                     technical leadership and managerial oversight
     text of integrated HIV/AIDS service delivery           PREVENTION ADVISOR • Baltimore                          for the task order; ensures timely implementa-
     programs. For more information and to apply,           Position available with JHPIEGO, an affiliate           tion and reporting of activities; serves a leader-
     e-mail; phone: 410.537.1800.            of Johns Hopkins University. Duties: provides           ship role in communicating effective practices
                                                            leadership in the scale up of demonstrated effec-       for addressing HIV/AIDS on a global level. For

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Page 6
 Crisis Corps Recruiting Short-Term Volunteers
El Salvador
Centro de Proteccion de Desastres (CE-                   through risk and resource maps, monitoring,              water systems; advises and supports the MINSA
PRODE) requests one Crisis Corps Volunteer               early alert systems, and more. Duties: support           staff in their managerial roles by helping them to
to work as a Natural Parks and Disaster Pre-             a technical team in gathering data; process geo-         prioritize organize and handle multiple tasks si-
paredness Specialist for a six month assign-             graphic, resources, and risk data–including GPS          multaneously; implements monitoring and eval-
ment. Duties: implement the Operations Plan              points–and input this data into risk and resource        uation systems and developing reporting sys-
for the Natural Protected Area National Park             maps; help the team create four municipal and            tems; writes progress reports and train support
San Diego-La Barra; collaborate in the forma-            one micro-regional risk maps using GIS/GPS;              staff in report writing skills; helps to implement
tion and functioning of the Community Civil              train project personnel on how to develop these          and expand current provincial development plan
Protection Committee for the Prevention and              types of maps. Qualifications: relevant science          to reflect current projects and changes based
Mitigation of Disasters; support the follow-up           degree in geography, computer science, or re-            on the aftermath of last year’s heavy flooding.
to existing local committees for the prevention          lated field; knowledge of risk map preparation;          Qualifications: RPCV from Latin America; ex-
and control of forest fires in the park; help create     experience working with GIS programs; knowl-             perience in rural water system design including
an easy, non-technical Risk and Resource Map             edge of Latin American culture; language skills          rural gravity fed water systems, basic pumps
with communities; help elaborate a Community             in Spanish.                                              and sand and/or chlorine filters, construction,
Civil Protection Plan for disaster prevention and                                                                 maintenance and repair; fluent oral and written
risk mitigation; collaborate in the implementa-          The Salvadoran Foundation for Social Pro-                Spanish; experience in evaluating, planning,
tion of Evacuation Drills for floods. Mandatory          motion and Economic Development (FUN-                    and implementing grassroots training activities
Qualifications: knowledge of natural protected           SALPRODESE) requests one Crisis Corps                    and community-based projects; experience con-
areas; experience with disaster prevention and           Volunteer to work as a Disaster Management               ducting training sessions in Spanish with local
risk mitigation plans; able to work indepen-             Planner for a six month assignment. Duties:              counterparts; strong organizational skills and
dently and with little supervision; knowledge            develop and/or updates risk management plans             ability to work independently or with little su-
of forest fire prevention and control; fluent in         with and for four municipalities and the mi-             pervision; ability to meet physical demands of
Spanish.                                                 cro-region of Southern Ahuachapan; support               hiking in tropical climate; academic training in
                                                         the technical team in processing relevant risk           civil or environmental engineering.
The Salvadoran Foundation for Social Pro-                data–such as risk areas, resources, and previous
motion and Economic Development (FUN-                    disaster preparation trainings received by the
SALPRODESE) requests one Crisis Corps                    communities; develop workshops to dissemi-
                                                                                                                  The Ministry of Local Government and Ru-
Volunteer to work as a First Aid/Rescue In-              nate the risk management plans. Qualifications:
                                                                                                                  ral Development in Malawi requests 12 Crisis
structor for a six month assignment. Duties:             social science degree in anthropology, sociol-
                                                                                                                  Corps Volunteers to work as HIV/AIDS Techni-
support the field coordinator in deciding which          ogy, social work, or related field; experience in
                                                                                                                  cal Assistants at the district level. Duties: pro-
equipment to buy for equipping the municipal             disaster preparedness and risk management; ex-
                                                                                                                  vide HIV/AIDS technical support to the director
and community first aid brigades; with the field         perience with disaster action plans; experience
                                                                                                                  of planning and development, the district AIDS
coordinator, determine the profile of the persons        giving trainings; knowledge of Latin American
                                                                                                                  coordinator and the office of social welfare; as-
to train and prepare for the brigades; prepare the       culture; language skills in Spanish.
                                                                                                                  sist with development of CBOs through capacity
contents of the trainings on first aid and rescue;
                                                                                                                  building, training, communication and resource
provide trainings to the first aid brigade mem-
bers; support rescue activities when necessary.
                                                         Panama                                                   identification; create and modify M&E tools and
                                                         The Ministry of Health in Chepo, Panama                  financial spreadsheets; strengthen relationships
Qualifications: rescuer, firefighter, emergency
                                                         Este (MINSA) requests one Crisis Corps Volun-            among stakeholders. Mandatory qualifications:
worker, first-aid giver, or emergency nurse; ex-
                                                         teer to work as a Rural Water System Special-            BA in public health, social sciences, commu-
perience in rescue in situations of flooding and
                                                         ist for a six month assignment. Duties: assesses         nity development, or related fields; experience
landslides; strong knowledge of first aid and di-
                                                         damage to community water systems; develops              working with HIV/AIDS related programming,
rect medical care; knowledge of Latin-American
                                                         cost-effective design to repair water systems;           training, capacity building; strong management,
culture; speak Spanish. Desired Qualifications:
                                                         develops materials list for water system repairs;        strategic planning and program development
fluent in Spanish; ability to work in a team; have
                                                         assists with cost-estimate for water system re-          skills, M&E, report writing; experience living
served as a volunteer in Central America.
                                                         construction and/or construction using locally           and working in sub-Saharan Africa, preferably
                                                         available materials; designs and installs appro-         Malawi. Desired qualifications: MA in public
The Salvadoran Foundation for Social Pro-
                                                         priate water disinfection methods; supervises            health, organizational development, or related
motion and Economic Development (FUN-
                                                         construction activities; community follow-up             fields; experience conducting training work-
SALPRODESE) requests one Crisis Corps
                                                         and operations assistance; teaches the impor-            shops; knowledge of local languages, including
Volunteer to work in a Risk Mapping posi-
                                                         tance of preserving watersheds and helps to              Chichewa.
tion using GIS skills for a six month assign-
                                                         reforest damaged watersheds; gives support to
ment. FUNSALPRODESE focuses some of
                                                         local Peace Corps volunteers working on rural
its work on disaster prevention and mitigation
How to Apply
For additional assignments and more detailed descriptions of these assignments, including the required qualifications, visit the Crisis Corps website at www.peacecorps.
gov/crisiscorps; or call 202.692.2250 or 1.800.424.8580, ext. 2250. Applications can be completed online at at

Send Crisis Corps application, résumé, and Description of Service (if available) to; fax: 202.692.2251; address: Peace Corps - Crisis
Corps, 1111 20th St. NW, Washington, DC 20526. To be considered for a specific assignment, indicate the position title on the cover letter or application.

                                                                                                                                                                       Page 7
     Hotline                                   For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

     more information and to apply, e-mail hr@jh-           certificate, or degree preferred; website design     more information and to apply, visit; phone: 410.537.1800.                        and maintenance preferred. E-mail cover letter
                                                            and résumé to
     CAMP HOST/WATERFRONT                                                                                        SURVEILLANCE ADVISOR • DC
     DIRECTOR • Lake Texoma, TX                             INTERNATIONAL EVALUATION                             Position available with Public Health Institute,
     Position available with All Saints Camp. Duties:       ASSISTANT • Calverton, MD                            Global Health Fellows Program. Duties: pro-
     schedules programs and activities for groups;          Position available with Macro International          vides broad HIV/AIDS-related expertise and
     acts as main contact upon arrival; hires seasonal      Inc. Duties: supports research and evaluation in     guidance in data collection projects and studies
     staff; manages waterfront activities; maintains        the areas of human trafficking, child labor, and     that encompass a wide range of advanced topics
     aquatic equipment, including canoes, paddle            media surveys; supports the fielding and final-      including statistical methods and research and
     boats, sail boats, and pontoon boats; works four       ization of international evaluation reports for a    study design of HIV/AIDS programs and issues.
     to five days/week. Qualifications: two years’          variety of clients; supports freelance evaluators    Qualifications: MA or doctorate in public health,
     camp experience; lifeguard certification; cheer-       and private sub-contractors in their methodol-       health management, epidemiology, demography,
     ful disposition. Salary: $300/week with medical        ogy design prior to fielding; supports the report    or biostatistics; minimum five years’ experience
     insurance, and room and board. E-mail résumé           drafting and review process, serving as the in-      managing surveillance and/or survey activities
     and three references to Christine Tokarz at cto-       terface between clients and evaluators; some         including their design, data collection, analysis,                              travel required. For more information and to ap-     and reporting in international settings. Deadline:
                                                            ply, visit               10/29/2007. For more information and to apply,
     LATIN AMERICAN PROGRAMS                                                                                     visit
     DIRECTOR • Northampton, MA                             GRANT WRITER/PROGRAM                                 fsp?FUNC=1&PID=110135.
     Position available with Global Routes. Du-             DEVELOPER • Sacramento, CA
     ties: coordinates the implementation of college        Position available with Rural Community Assis-       HEALTH MANAGEMENT
     teaching internships and high school community         tance Corporation. Duties: plans, develops, and      INFORMATION SYSTEMS ADVISOR •
     service programs in Spanish speaking destina-          secures grants, contracts, and investments for the   DC
     tions, including Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican         corporation. Qualifications: strong writing and      Position available with Public Health Institute,
     Republic, Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador; recruits,         communication skills; creativity; knowledge of       Global Health Fellows Program. Duties: pro-
     admits, and prepares students for experiential         community development; five years’ applicable        vides broad HIV/AIDS-related expertise and
     based programs; develops specific program              experience in rural development. Deadline:           guidance in program evaluation and monitoring;
     schedules, projects, and budgets. Qualifications:      10/19/2007. For more information and to apply,       strengthens USAID’s ability to monitor program
     fluent in oral and written Spanish; extensive          visit; phone: 916.447.9832.             implementation; documents results; assesses the
     experience in Latin America; excellent com-                                                                 program impact of USAID’s goal to reduce HIV
     munication and interpersonal skills. Deadline:         OUTDOOR SCIENCE INSTRUCTOR •                         transmission and mitigate the impact of the dis-
     11/01/2007. For more information and to apply,         Fossil, Bend & Oregon Coast                          ease. Qualifications: MA or doctorate in public
     e-mail                         Position available with Oregon Museum of             health, health management, or related field; five
                                                            Science and Industry. Position runs 2/2008 to        years’ experience working in public health or re-
     PROJECT SCIENTIST/ENGINEER •                           11/2008. Qualifications: BA/BS; teaching ex-         lated field; minimum of three years’ specific ex-
     Princeton, NJ                                          perience; first aid/CPR certification; excellent     perience with Health Management Information
     Position available with Geosyntec Consultants.         driving record. Salary: $55–$75/day with hous-       Systems. Deadline: 10/29/2007. For more infor-
     Qualifications: five to ten years’ experience;         ing. Send cover letter and résumé to OMSI HR,        mation and to apply, visit
     BA/BS or MS in engineering, geology, hydro-            1945 SE Water Avenue, Portland, OR 97214;            recruitment/index.fsp?FUNC=1&PID=110131.
     geology, or related field; P.E. or P.G. license        fax: 503.239.7818; e-mail: employment@omsi.
     with experience in New Jersey and Pennsylva-           edu; website:                          SENIOR PROGRAM OFFICER • DC
     nia preferred; good communication and techni-                                                               Position available with World Wildlife Fund
     cal writing skills; ability to travel, perform field   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                               (WWF). Duties: plans, manages, communicates,
     work, and manage projects. E-mail résumé de-           DESKTOP SUPPORT SPECIALIST •                         and implements project as part of the EpiCenter
     tailing experience and qualifications to JoinUs-       Arlington, VA                                        of Climate Conservation; leads the development with “30229” in the            Position available with Management Sciences          of successful terrestrial adaptation field projects;
     subject line.                                          for Health. Duties: provides support to users of     manages other strategic efforts to build WWF’s
                                                            new and existing technology and the local area       profile and knowledge around adaptation and re-
     ESL/EFL CONTENT DEVELOPER •                            network (LAN); works closely with the support        silience-building in order to protect nature from
     Various locations                                      manager and other staff to ensure that MSH’s         the impacts of climate change; works under the
     Position available with GlobaLinguist, Inc. Du-        computer systems are maintained to ensure a          supervision of the chief climate change scien-
     ties: assists in the development of online English     continuous flow of information on all MSH sys-       tist/director of the EpiCenter of Climate Conser-
     as a Foreign Language (EFL) lessons for stu-           tems related issues. Qualifications: BA in com-      vation and is part of the WWF Climate Change
     dents all over the world. Qualifications: able to      puter science; strong ability to train users and     Global Program Unit. For more information and
     work a minimum of 15 hours/week; two years’            create documentation; considerable knowledge         to apply, visit position number “28037” at www.
     EFL/ESOL teaching experience or currently              of hardware and software configuration issues;
     working towards BA in TESOL; EFL/ESOL                  previous experience installing, maintaining, and
     course design and development experience;              troubleshooting Windows XP and Vista, MS
     materials development experience; proficient in        Office, and other MSH standard software. For
     Word and Excel; some EFL/ESOL coursework,

Page 8
Hotline                                  For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

OPERATIONS AND TRAVEL                                a development context; experience with fed-           DIRECTOR •
COORDINATOR • Arlington, VA                          eral and/or development bank proposal writ-           Cambridge, MA or Arlington, VA
Position available with Management Sciences          ing desirable. Deadline: 10/19/2007. Phone:           Position available with Management Sciences
for Health. Duties: coordinates and dissemi-         202.833.7522; e-mail: resumes@americancoun-           for Health (MSH). Duties: plans, directs, and
nates the SMCS Project Program Management  ; website:          oversees strategic design, implementation, and
Office (PMO) operational information and sys-                                                              measurement of a global, strategic, and compet-
tems to the project at large; serves as the PMO      EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT • DC                              itive HR partners function to position MSH as a
international travel coordinator; works closely      Position available with METI for US Forest            leading employer and to support organizational
with contracts, finance, accounting, helpdesk,       Service, International Programs. Duties: offers       mission, goals, and objectives; provides vision,
and facilities staff, in addition to the program     support to the director and office; prepares cor-     strategic leadership, and practical experience to
manager, to ensure all PMO staff are kept up         respondence; coordinates schedules and meet-          design, execute, and measure efforts and activi-
to date on changed procedures, and that manu-        ings; edits reports; makes travel arrangements;       ties including delivering HR capacity and infra-
als and policies are regularly updated and dis-      answers telephones; interacts with agency per-        structure across the organization, workforce
seminated; ensures that the requisite internal       sonnel and external partners; provides project        planning and global talent network develop-
and external travel approvals are in place, both     assistance to the operations, technical assistance,   ment, promoting and sustaining employee pro-
within SCMS and with USAID; maintains re-            policy, and outreach teams. Qualifications:           ductivity and retention, and leading HR contri-
lations with the SCMS travel agents to use           experience with administrative duties; strong         butions to business and resource development.
best-pricing practices to ensure cost efficiency     communication and computer skills required;           For more information and to apply, visit www.
for SCMS, in addition to ensuring compliance         knowledge of U.S. government administrative 
with SCMS and U.S. government regulations.           procedures; experience with international orga-
Qualifications: BA/BS; demonstrated compe-           nizations preferred; must be a U.S. citizen. Ben-     INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL
tence to assess priorities and manage a variety      efits include a 401K plan. E-mail résumé and          SENIOR ANALYST • DC
of activities in a time-sensitive environment and    salary history to with          Position available with the American Red Cross.
meet competing deadlines with attention to de-       “FS-IP-EA” in the subject line.                       Duties: responsible for financial management
tail and quality; demonstrated ability to success-                                                         support for Asia and Eurasia regional programs
fully participate on teams that respond to and       DIRECTOR/ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR •                         in the international services division; potential
meet the challenges of working together in a         New York City                                         travel up to 20 percent of the time. Qualifica-
fast-paced work setting with technical staff; flu-   Position available with the Peace Corps Fellows       tions: BA in finance, accounting, or general
ent in English required; proficient in Spanish or    Program at Teachers College. For more infor-          business; minimum of five years’ experience in
French preferred. For more information and to        mation and to apply, visit           the support of financial management activities
apply, visit                 edu/pcfellows/.                                       within international organizations or nonprofit
                                                                                                           organizations; experience with U.S. govern-
MARKETING AND                                        PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT/RESEARCH                          ment grants, including OMB circulars A-110,
COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST • DC                       STATION MANAGER • Salinas, CA                         A-122, and A-133. For more information and to
Position available with Easter Seals. Duties:        Position available with Rijk Zwaan USA, Inc.          apply, visit position number “5624BR” at www.
assists in designing program strategies and pro-     Duties: organizes and evaluates lettuce breeding
ducing materials to support AgrAbility project       trials; serves as link between U.S. market and
staff in building relationships with businesses      breeding department of RZ Europe; provides
and agencies that generate resources that ulti-      detailed information on variety performance;                      International
mately benefit farmers, ranchers, and farmwork-      determines new breeding goals with staff.
ers with disabilities. Qualifications: experience    Qualifications: BS in agriculture or related field;   TEACHER • Kampala Uganda
writing, proofing, and editing articles, educa-      experience in vegetable seed/industry; strong         One-year position available with Ambrosoli
tional manuals, and training curricula; experi-      communication skills; U.S. citizen required.          International School. Position begins 01/2008.
ence creating and producing marketing, media,        For more information and to apply, e-mail:            Qualifications: graduate teaching degree; prima-
and communication products; personal experi-; website: www.ri-           ry teaching experience. E-mail application letter,
ence or knowledge of U.S. agriculture and farm-                                       CV or résumé, and four references with contact
ing. Salary: low- to mid-$40K. For more infor-                                                             information to headteacher@ambrosolischool.
mation and to apply, e-mail Taylor McLean at         COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR •                          com; website:                             Cambridge, MA or Arlington, VA
                                                     Position available with Management Sciences
DEVELOPMENT OFFICER • DC                             for Health (MSH). Duties: contributes to the          DIRECTOR • Guatemala
Position available with American Councils for        development and implementation of MSH’s               Position available with Community Enterprise
International Education: ACTR/ACCELS. Du-            communications strategy; provides editorial           Solutions (CES). Position begins 01/2008. Du-
ties: assists in writing, editing, and preparation   assistance and administrative support to MSH          ties: oversees all projects in Guatemala; man-
of proposals for U.S. government, foundation,        programs and projects; responsible for the dis-       ages foreign staff and volunteers and works
international development bank, and foreign          tribution of publications; manages orders, sales,     alongside Guatemalan staff and entrepreneurs;
government sponsored projects; assists in the        display, and distribution process for all MSH         manages communication with CES founders
organization and support of foreign delegation       publications; maintains the MSH contacts da-          in the U.S.; minimum two-year commitment.
visits to American Councils. Qualifications: BA      tabase and the web-based electronic bookstore.        Qualifications: minimum 18 months’ experi-
or MA in pertinent field; minimum two years’         For more information and to apply, visit www.         ence in Central America; strong oral and written
professional writing experience, preferably in                                   English and Spanish; strong leadership abilities;

                                                                                                                                                            Page 9
     Hotline                                  For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

     great organization and logistics planning skills;    ment; strengthens the capacity and skills of the     cover letter and résumé to BIPAI, attention: Dr.
     small business or entrepreneurial experience;        team to independently implement, manage, and         Meg Ferris, 6621 Fannin CC 1210, Houston,
     desire to live and work in Guatemala. Deadline:      improve research; implements and trains staff        TX 77030; phone: 832.822.1366; e-mail: mfer-
     01/01/2008. For more information and to apply,       on PSI research methodologies for mapping, 
     e-mail              behavioral tracking, and impact measurement
                                                          of communication campaigns and qualitative re-       RESIDENT DIRECTOR •
     TEAM LEADERS • Guatemala                             search. For more information and to apply, visit     St. Petersburg, Russia
     Temporary positions available with Community No phone calls or e-mails.       Position available with American Councils for
     Enterprise Solutions (CES). This is a four month                                                          International Education: ACTR/ACCELS. Du-
     position beginning 05/2008. Duties: lead groups      COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR •                         ties: serves as academic and personal counselor;
     of young adults through Guatemala; oversee           Moshi, Tanzania                                      manages program finances; arranges travel.
     well-being of participants; manage relation-         Position available with Amani Children’s Home.       Qualifications: MA or higher in Russian lan-
     ship between CES and all partner organizations;      Duties: responsible for all fundraising activities   guage; U.S. citizen required. For more informa-
     confirm and makes travel arrangements; provide       of the home; communicates with donors; writes        tion and to apply, visit www.americancouncils.
     support to director of CES and partner organiza-     thank-you letters; manages volunteers; meets         org; e-mail:;
     tion. Salary: $750/month. For more information       with visitors and tourists; manages monthly          phone: 202.833.7522.
     and to apply, e-mail georgebglickley@cesolu-         sponsorship program; writes quarterly newslet-                                           ters; updates the content of the website. Quali-     RESIDENT DIRECTOR •
                                                          fications: two years’ commitment required; BA;       Alexandria, Egypt
     RELATIONSHIP MANAGER/                                excellent oral and written communication skills;     Position available with American Councils for
     PROJECT MANAGER • Guatemala                          professional experience in fundraising or com-       International Education: ACTR/ACCELS. Du-
     Positions available with Community Enterprise        munications; strong interpersonal skills; ability    ties: helps develop Arabic testing procedures;
     Solutions (CES). Positions begin 01/2008. Du-        to prioritize and manage a demanding workload;       serves as academic and personal counselor for
     ties: support Guatemalan entrepreneurs in the        self-motivated and independent. E-mail cover         program participants. Qualifications: BA or
     field; provide support to various ongoing proj-      letter and résumé to             higher in Arabic language, area studies or re-
     ects run by CE Solutions; travel within Guate-                                                            lated field. For more information and to apply,
     mala based on work plan; minimum eight-month         COUNTRY DIRECTOR •                                   visit
     commitment. Qualifications: strong leadership        Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
     abilities; professional in work and presenta-        Position available with American Councils.           TEACHERS • Indonesia
     tion; strong English/Spanish language abilities;     Duties: manages program recruitment process;         Positions available with EF English First. Qual-
     desire to live and work in Guatemala. Benefits       provides overall supervision of American Coun-       ifications: TEFL certificate and/or EFL teach-
     include free board at CE Solutions volunteer         cils programs; supervises staff; manages general     ing experience. Benefits include working visa,
     house, work and travel expenses, and possible        office administration. Qualifications: fluent in     housing, and vacation package. For more infor-
     living stipend of $250/month. For more infor-        Russian or Kyrgyz; BA and professional-level         mation and to apply, e-mail Haviva.Parnes@
     mation and to apply, visit      program management experience. For more    
                                                          information and to apply, visit www.american-
     REGIONAL CLIENT SUPPORT •                  
     Amman, Jordan                                                                                                     Intern/Volunteer
     Position available with CHF International. Du-       CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH
     ties: acts as the first line of support for a web-   INSTRUCTOR • Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv,                INTERNSHIPS • Seward, AK
     based loan management system; manages the            Kiev, and Odessa, Ukraine                            Internships available with Alaska SeaLife Cen-
     client relationship, user support, and business      Position available with American English Cen-        ter. Benefits include housing and food stipend.
     development in the designated region. Quali-         ter. Salary: $2K/seven-week semester with two        For more information and to apply, visit www.
     fications: dynamic; customer service-oriented;       weeks’ training, Russian language lessons, and; phone: 907.224.630; e-mail:
     ability to work independently with minimum           concierge services. E-mail cover letter and ré-
     direct supervision as well as a part of a team;      sumé to Jon Pernick at jonpernick@usenglish.
     ability to communicate with system users and; skype: jonpernick; website: www.
     potential clients, as well as to provide neces-                                           Education
     sary feedback and escalate issues to the product
     management and development team. For more            PEDIATRIC AIDS CORPS DOCTOR •
     information and to apply, visit www.chfinterna-      Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina                              SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS                                          Position available with Baylor International         TEACHING FELLOWSHIPS •
                                                          Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI). Duties: im-       Various locations
     RESEARCH ADVISOR • Karachi, Pakistan                 plements the scale up of pediatric and family        Knowles Science Teaching Foundation offers
     Position available with Population Services          HIV/AIDS care and treatment services in Bobo-        teaching fellowships to those planning to teach
     International (PSI). Duties: designs and imple-      Dioulasso. Qualifications: medical doctor; com-      science or math in U.S. high schools. Fellows
     ments all research activities conducted by           pleted residency training in pediatrics, family      receive a monthly stipend and tuition assistance
     Greenstar; manages all quantitative research         medicine, internal medicine, or pediatrics pro-      while enrolled in a recognized teacher creden-
     activities used to design, monitor, and evaluate     gram; fluent in French. Salary: $40K with hous-      tial program. Fellows teaching full-time receive
     Greenstar’s social marketing program; recruits       ing and student loan debt reimbursement. Send        mentor support and materials grants. Fellow-
     and builds Greenstar’s in-house research depart-                                                          ships are renewable for five years and include

Page 10
Hotline                                  For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

 summer professional development, travel to          will be automatically considered. For more in-     skills and attention to detail; creative thinking;
 three annual meetings, and membership in a          formation and to apply, visit www.colostate.       ability to take initiative; ability to work inde-
 professional organization. Qualifications: BS/      edu/depts/sociology/cfats/ or www.colostate.       pendently; reliability; ability to develop and ex-
 BA in science, math or engineering; enroll-         edu/Depts/Sociology/graduate/apply.html.           ecute long-term plans with minimal guidance;
 ing in teacher credential program. Deadline:                                                           ability organize layout and copy for advertise-
 01/14/2008. For more information and to apply,      GRADUATE OPPORTUNITIES •                           ments preferred; strong computer skills; ability
 visit; email:       at over 80 colleges and universities               to learn new computer programs quickly; ability
                                                     nationwide                                         to understand the limitations of modest financial
 MIDWEST TEACHER TRAINING                            PhD Traineeship Opportunities with $30K an-        and human resources nonprofit organizations.
 PROGRAM • Madison, WI                               nual stipend plus waiver of tuition and fees.      Salary: $921/month with $200/month housing
 Earn a TEFL certificate in the five-week inten-     Opportunities available for students pursuing      assistance. Deadline: 11/01/2007. For more in-
 sive on-site teacher training program preparing     graduate degrees in science, mathematics, en-      formation and to apply, phone 617.399.4666;
 trainees to teach English in classrooms overseas.   gineering, and technology. Integrative Graduate    e-mail:; website:
 There is a 10 percent tuition discount to RPCVs     Education Research and Traineeships (IGERT)
 and AmeriCorps/VISTAs with proof of service.        programs equip Ph. D. scientists and engineers
 Trainees practice teaching, classroom observa-      with the technical, professional and personal      PROGRAM ASSOCIATE • Boston
 tions, and job placement assistance. No teaching    skills needed to meet the career demands of the    Position available with Generations Incorporat-
 experience required. For more information and       future. For more information and to apply, visit   ed (GI). Duties: creates a system to improve and
 to apply, contact Midwest Teacher Training Pro-; e-mail:;        simplify the AmeriCorps recruitment process;
 gram, 19 N. Pinckney Street, Madison, Wiscon-       phone: 866.593.9103.                               records best practices; maintains and updates
 sin 53703; phone: 800.765.8577; e-mail: info@                                                          the GI AmeriCorps website information to make; website:                                                                       it more appealing to future applicants; develops,
                                                            Americorps/VISTA                            implements, and evaluates strategies to improve
 MASTERS DEGREE • Fort Collins, CO                                                                      family and parent outreach; tracks and develops
 Colorado State University offers an MA in           VISTA LEADER • St. Louis, MO                       reports on family outreach activities through
 global social and sustainable enterprise (GSSE).    Position available with South Grand Senior         database; assists site coordinators in planning
 Scholarships are available for highly competi-      Ministry. Duties: supervises VISTA volunteers;     and implementing events. Qualifications: BA
 tive MS in business administration. This 18-        manages necessary VISTA documents; plans           required; computer skills in PCs, MS Office:
 month program focuses on building enterprises       and coordinates VISTA meetings and activities;     Access, and advanced Excel; interest in system
 that create positive change in the world. The       assists executive director. Qualifications: BA     development; strong commitment to service and
 GSSE gives the ability to take an enterprise to     in related field; one year’s experience; former    to the power of intergenerational relationships
 a higher level of environmental, social, and fi-    VISTA or Peace Corps volunteer; strong orga-       as solutions to community problems; ability to
 nancial sustainability. For more information and    nizational skills; responsible; self-motivated;    use critical thinking skills to evaluate situations
 to apply, phone 970.491.6937; website: www.         able to handle multiple ongoing projects; need     and projects effectively; ability to work well                                        for minimal supervision. Send cover letter         with a diverse group of stakeholders; strong
                                                     and résumé to Holly Staley, 4911 Sutherland,       organizational and time-management skills
 ECHOING GREEN FELLOWSHIP •                          St. Louis, MO 63109; phone: 314.353.9700;          with attention to detail. Salary: $921/month
 Various locations                                   e-mail:                with $200/month housing assistance. Deadline:
 Echoing Green provides a fellowship up to                                                              12/01/2007. For more information and to apply,
 $90K to support the launch of new projects. For     DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE • Boston                     phone 617.399.4666; e-mail: mhurt@genera-
 more information, visit       Position available with Generations Incorpo-; website:
 shouldyouapply.                                     rated (GI). Duties: performs grant research,
                                                     planning, and organizing; researches new pros-     AMERICORPS MEMBER • Jersey City, NJ
 GRADUATE SCHOOL FUNDING                             pects; leads research regarding community          Positions available with International Institute
 OPPORTUNITY • Fort Collins, CO                      needs; updates statistics and quotes for grants;   of New Jersey. Qualifications: fluent in Spanish
 The Center for Fair and Alternative Trade Stud-     assists with data management, including updat-     or French. For more information and to apply,
 ies offers a research assistantship to one excep-   ing grant timelines and tracking conversations     phone 201.653.3888, ext. 114; e-mail: jcast-
 tional graduate student interested in this topic.   and contacts; writes grants; Qualifications: BA;
 Candidates must apply to the center and gain        strong oral and written communication skills;
 acceptance into the graduate program. The de-       excellent people skills; must work well with
 partment offers teaching assistantships and all     a diverse group of community partners, vol-
 graduate applications received by 01/15/2008        unteers, and the GI staff; good organizational

To submit a mailing address change, visit You can also send address changes to
Disclaimer : When responding to a listing, please indicate with a cover letter that you are a returned Peace Corps Volunteer submitting your résumé
in response to a HOTLINE announcement. Questions concerning positions should be addressed to the advertiser, not to Returned Volunteer Services.
HOTLINE is published twice monthly for the use of RPCVs and should not be posted on bulletin boards or passed on to non-RPCVs. The Peace
Corps has no control over, nor responsibility for, HOTLINE advertisers, nor do we have personal knowledge relating to working conditions of
advertised opportunities. If you have any complaints about an advertiser, please write us.

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      Hotline                              For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

      Continued from page 1

      agenda or as an inquisitor. You can lead,                            small talk considerations (      Business cards are a “must get and give”
      but it is best to balance it out with your                                                  at networking opportunities. As you exit
      own contribution.                                                                                                   your conversation, remember to request a
                                                                           • LISTEN to what people say instead of         business card as you politely offer yours.
      In that regard, contribution encompasses                               planning your next line. They are telling    When receiving the card, take a moment
      some preparation. Be informed about the                                you what they want to talk about and         to acknowledge the act. Briefly scan the
      event host and the event theme (e.g., The                              you can take a hint and build MEANING        card for name, organization, and title, and
      Brookings Institution hosting, as it recently                          FUL conversation that is a duo-logue.        return your gaze to the individual’s face
      did, a public event focused on “Transform-                           • Start small; establish a connection and      before putting the card in your pocket …
      ing Foreign Aid for the 21st Century”). In                             you will organically build to the bigger     the one not containing your own business
      addition, staying abreast of current events                            topics.                                      cards! Nothing like handing over someone
      and even popular culture provides fodder                             • Share stories that relate to the interests   else’s business card to make that brilliant
      both for initial observations and ongoing                              of others because people connect with        impression!
      discussion. And, not the least, have your                              our stories; not the factoids, features or
      personal introduction practiced and ready                              sales pitches.                               Which leads to the exit—not from the
      when someone asks about you. At this stage,                          • Say something that relates to the com-       venue, but from the conversation. As you
      this is not necessarily your oral resume of                             mon moment, the venue or event: the         had an inventory of conversational lead-
      20–30 seconds. Rather, it is who you are,                               food, the theme, the parking or traffic,    ers, have an inventory of graceful conver-
      what you do, and why you are there. “Hi.                                the host.                                   sational exits. “Mary, I’m sure you have
      I’m Bob Michon. I recently moved back to                             • Remember, most people are nice and           others you need to chat with. Thanks so
      the U.S. after working in Lesotho for two                               would welcome your pleasant                 much for your time—it’s been a pleasure.
      years. I very much enjoyed the analysis of                              conversation.                               I look forward to chatting with you in the
      foreign aid as it is important both to the                                                                          future.”
      work I did in Lesotho and to what I hope                             Finally, four last things about the art of
      to continue working on here.” If someone                             small talk success. First, remembering         Finally, if you have reason to follow-up, or
      does not directly ask about you, if with a                           names. You know this, so I’ll just repeat      if you had indicated that you were going
      group, take your cue from the conversa-                              what you already know: Say your name           to follow-up in some fashion, then be sure
      tion and add to it, or, if with an individual,                       clearly and repeat other names as you          to do so. One thing you may want to do,
      comment on something obviously common                                converse—multiple times if possible—as         when you have a chance, is to write on the
      to both of you (but please no wry comment                            you look at respective faces.                  business card some factoid about the con-
      that can be perceived as negative—nega-                              Second, business cards. If you do not have     tact so that you can reference it later in an
      tivity is seldom well-received by someone                            business cards, order them! Even if neither    e-mail or telephone conversation. But do
      who does not know you). Later, perhaps,                              currently employed or employed in your         follow-up to both bolster and expand your
      you will be able to give your personal in-                           field of interest, create cards stating your   contact base. After all, it is these con-
      troduction or even, if the conversation                              profession/specialty, your higher level de-    tacts, or additional ones they beget, that
      gets more involved, your oral résumé.                                gree (if you have one), e.g., M.A. Cultural    can set you up for that excellent career
                                                                           Anthropology, and your contact informa-        to continue your service accomplishing the
      Susan RoAne, author of What Do I Say Next,                           tion (please get a personal email address      noteworthy in a world that most certainly
      offers on her website this list of additional                        and dispense with        welcomes it!

                                                                                                                          Go forward … and small talk!

Share Your Story                                                                                                                    Look for the informative Peace
                                                                                                                                  Corps Week 2008 brochure with
During Peace Corps Week                                                                                                           reply card in your mailbox soon!
February 25 - March 3, 2008                                                                                                     ONLINE REGISTRATION IS ESPECIALLY
When we relate our Volunteer
stories to other Americans, we are                                                                                            Go to
sharing something special. Join                                                                                              and click on “Register Now” to reserve
thousands of RPCVs in promoting                                                                                                   your presentation kit. The Peace
cultural understanding and global                                                                                                   Corps website features regular
awareness by sharing your story as                                                                                            updates on new ideas, suggestions,
part of Peace Corps’ 47th anniversary                                                                                          and resources to help you prepare
                                                 Photo credit: Ed Stiles

celebration, which kicks off during                                                                                           and present your Peace Corps Week
Peace Corps Week and runs through                                                                                                                           activity.
the end of the year.                                                                                                        RPCVs and Fellows/USA students Lisa Labita and Carrie
 Page 12                                                                                                                    Abdella present on their service in Nepal as part of Peace
                                                                                                                            Corps Week 2007 at the University of Arizona.
     Hotline                     For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

                         SIGI3 Career Assessment Software:
                                  Free for RPCVs!

     What is SIGI3?
     SIGI3 is a highly interactive career assessment tool that is designed to help you make informed
     decisions about your field of study and career. SIGI3 will help you examine key motivators and
     match work-related values, interests, and skills to educational and career pathways.

     How do I register for access to SIGI3?
     In order for you to register for a SIGI3 account, you must submit to RVS (rvsinfo@peacecorps.
     gov) an email request containing your full name, country and dates of Peace Corps service.

     SIGI3 software integrates self-assessment with in-depth and up-to-date career information that
     is easy to use and will provides you with a realistic view of the best educational and career
     options for your future success. This program is a useful tool and while SIGI3 will not tell you
     what to do with your life, it will generate options, provide information, and teach you how to
     make decisions. SIGI3 will help create a career plan that’s right for you!

          **SIGI 3 is licensed to the United States Peace Corps. Use of this license by individuals not
           officially and directly authorized by Peace Corps’ Office of Domestic Programs/Returned
                                        Volunteer Services is prohibited.**

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 Hotline                          For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

“The logic of the Peace Corps is that someday we are going to bring it home to America.”
                                           President John F. Kennedy, 1961
                              Go to
           to activate your FREE one-year membership in the National Peace Corps Association
                and any of its 130+ groups based on country of service, geographic region,
                          or interest. Also, explore jobs and graduate programs
                                    through their online Career Center.

   All RPCV groups are nonprofit organizations of returned Peace Corps Volunteers, former staff, and friends, and are not part of
       Peace Corps. This posting is for informational purposes only and should not be considered either as an endorsement or

                                              promotion of any particular organization.

    Returned Volunteer Services offers RPCVs free online passwords to six job bulletins:

     • International Career Employment Weekly • Environmental Career Opportunities
           • Public Health Jobs Worldwide • Alliance for Conflict Transformation
                                • Ethical Jobs • InterAction

   To receive free online passwords, e-mail Please specify
   which job bulletin(s) you would like to receive. Include your name, country of service,
   and dates of service in your request.

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