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					                                Call for Proposals
        The purpose of the SINGG pilot projects is to translate Green Growth into
tangible real world results. Building on the conceptual frameworks developed by the
Seoul Initiative at previous policy forums, funds are now available for governments in the
region to translate the Green Growth concepts into action. Through the implementation of
the pilot projects, best practices, tailor-made for the region can be pursued to benefit both
the economy and the environment. The outcomes of the projects will be disseminated to
member countries through the Seoul Initiative network, as well as at the MCED in 2010.

        Every country in the Asia and Pacific region is eligible for support by either
UNESCAP or the SINGG in implementing the pilot projects. UNESCAP has the budget
allocation to support between 4-6 pilot projects across the region. The estimated project
timeframe is for the duration of 1 year, starting in January 2009.

        During phase 3 Sustainable Consumption and Production and Climate Change
related topics will have higher priority, however any project promoting the Green Growth
concepts will be considered. Surveys, investigations, studies and advocacy activities
promoting Green Growth in the region are suitable themes for SINGG pilot projects. It
has been suggested that a budget of $20,000 - $40,000 is a suitable allocation for each
project. Some examples for projects could be:

      Preparations for eco-labeling
      Carbon labeling systems
      Green product systems
      Green procurement systems
      Demand side management of energy and drinking water
      Policies to enhance the national environmental performance
      Preparation of the guidelines for packaging materials

Last year UNESCAP funded three pilot projects which were successfully implemented
with the support from the SINGG Secretariat. They were;

   1. The development of guidelines to manage plastic wastes conforming to the Green
      Growth concept (Cambodia).
   2. An evaluation of needs of an electronic waste manifest system in Viet Nam.
   3. Policy measures to reduce the use of plastic bags in Ho Chi Minh City aiming at a
      sustainable consumption society (Viet Nam).
Proposal format

    1.  Please describe an appropriate title for your proposed pilot project.
    2.  Enter the name of the Ministry or Agency under which it will be executed.
    3.  Name and contact details of the person responsible.
    4.  Name and contact details of the person who will mange the project.
    5.  Please describe the current situation in the country and reasons for choosing this
        particular topic.
    6. Outline the objectives of the project, what you hope to have achieved at the end.
    7. Describe measurable tangible outputs which can be used to judge the success of a
    8. Please explain exactly what will be done during the project, type of research,
        methodology, etc.
    9. Please describe what will be included in the budget and then fill in the table.
    10. Please specify the duration of the project, start and finish dates and fill in the work
        plan describing the timeframe for activities of the project to be completed.

        Please note that selected countries will be required to host a national workshop at
         the end of the project to discuss outcomes and to disseminate material to relevant

               Please send an electronic version of the proposal to Mr. Dae-Young Ju
         < > and Mr. Ian Barnes <>, preferably no later than
         23 November, 2008.
                    PILOT PROJECT PROPOSAL

1. Project Title:

2. Implementing Agency:

3. Contact Person and Contact Address:


4. Task Manager
          Name and position title:


5. Background
6. Project Objectives
The proposed project objectives are:

7. Expected Outputs

8. Project Activities
   a. < Research contents >

   b. < Methods of research and approaches to the matter >

9. Proposed Budget
   Please describe;
                      Proposed Budget for Project Implementation
         No.          Items                           Implementing Cost in US$
               1                                                      US $
               2                                                      US $
               3                                                      US $
               4                                                      US $
               5                                                      US $

                          TOTAL                                       US $

     10. Project Workplan
        Duration, dates, etc:

        Table below indicates the proposed project work plan including timeframe for
respective activities (please shade).

No. Implementing activities                      Timeframe (in months)

                                Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.