(Submit completed form to Room 300 no later than February 1 of 10th Grade year)

1. Briefly describe the topic of your research. (3-4 sentences)

2. What is your essential question?

3. Have you had any previous experience(s) related to this topic? If so, to what degree and of
   what nature?

4. What benefits do you hope will result from your research investigation?

5. Describe the product you plan to create in order to demonstrate your topic.

          PRINT below the names of the appropriate people.
 (No signatures required at this point. You are just indicating your plans on this form.)


Graduation Project Advisor______________________________

Community Mentor_____________________________________
                                      SAMPLE LETTER OF INTENT
                         Change the address and information to develop your own letter.
             (Submit to your Graduation Project Coordinator in Room 300 by April 1 of your 10th Grade year.
             Attach completed TOPIC APPROVAL and MENTOR VERIFICATION AND APPROVAL forms.)

125 Elm Street
Cary, North Carolina 27515
February 15, 2008

Dr. James E. Hedrick, Principal
Green Hope High School
2500 Carpenter-Upchurch Road
Cary, North Carolina 27519

Dear Dr. Hedrick:

I have chosen the topic of computer animation for my Graduation Project. I have enjoyed and
excelled in art all of my life, and last year I became interested in computer animation through Mr.
Doe’s art class. I wish to learn more about this field through my project which I am hopeful will help
me decide if computer animation is the major I would like to pursue in college.

Through my Graduation Project, I plan to answer the question: “How has animation in general
impacted the popular field of computer animation of today?” I expect that most of my research will be
conducted via the Internet, but I will also rely on my mentor, Andy James, for any extra assistance I
will need. Mr. James is an expert in this field, and I am confident he will offer me excellent guidance
and advice. My Graduation Project Advisor, Mr. John Doe, will also assist me with my Graduation

I have attached the appropriate forms to this letter. It is my hope that my proposal meets your


John A. Adams

                                  TOPIC APPROVAL FORM
                       (Attach completed form to Graduation Project Letter of Intent.
         Submit to your Graduation Project Coordinator in Room 300 by April 1 of 10th Grade Year.)

Student Name (please print legibly)________________________________________
I have discussed this project topic with my son/daughter and find it acceptable. I am
aware that the Graduation Project requires a research paper, a product, a portfolio, and
a presentation. All of the components must be satisfactorily met before a student is
eligible for high school graduation. I know that further information is available to me
in the Graduation Project Handbook located at the Green Hope High School Media
Center or online at

Parent/Guardian Signature___________________________ Date_______________

I have discussed this project topic with ___________________ and find it acceptable.
I pledge to work with him/her and meet the requirements outlined on the mentor form.

Mentor Signature__________________________________ Date_______________

I have discussed this project topic with ___________________ and find it acceptable.
I pledge to work with him/her to meet the requirements of the Graduation Project.

Advisor Signature__________________________________ Date_______________

I have received this student’s Letter of Intent and find it acceptable. I look forward to
the student’s completion of this important graduation requirement.

Principal/Designee Signature___________________________Date_______________
                               MENTOR VERIFICATION AND APPROVAL
                       (Submit completed form along with Letter of Intent and Topic Approval Form to
                         the Graduation Project Coordinator in Room 300 by April 1 of 10th Grade.)

You will choose a mentor from the community to assist you in the development of your Graduation Project. Your mentor
will help you in a variety of ways such as working with you to refine your essential question if necessary, researching your
topic, creating your product, and providing information and insight about your area of interest. You must select a mentor
who has the following qualifications.
     1. The mentor must be at least 25 years of age.
     2. The mentor cannot be a member of your family, immediate or extended (not related by blood or by marriage).
     3. The mentor must have documented knowledge and experience in your area of interest. This may include a
         college degree, business ownership or involvement, or employment or self-employment in the area.
     4. The mentor must agree to consult with you at least three times about your project. These consultations may
         include a meeting, an interview, a job shadowing, a site visit, or a phone/email conversation. All consultations
         must be documented on the Mentor Log.
     5. Your parent/guardian must approve of your choice of mentor.
     6. Mentors who meet with you in person must go to any Wake County school to complete an online application for
         volunteers which includes a background check. Mentors who work with you online only do not have to complete
         the application process.
     7. Email correspondence may be substituted for Mentor signatures on forms.
     8. Your principal or his designee must approve of your choice of mentor.


I understand the qualifications required of mentors and request approval of the following mentor to
assist me with my Graduation Project.

Student’s Name(printed legibly)__________________________________________________

Mentor’s Name (printed legibly)__________________________________________________

Mentor’s Title/Position_________________________________________________________

Mentor’s Contact Information (phone number, e-mail, mailing address___________________


Description of Mentor’s Expertise as related to the Graduation Project___________________



Student__________________________________________ Date____________________

Mentor*___________________________________________ Date____________________
*Email correspondence may be attached to substitute for Mentor signature.

Parent/Guardian____________________________________ Date____________________

Principal or Designee_______________________________ Date____________________
                 (Completed log should be included in the student’s Graduation Project Portfolio.)

STUDENT NAME (printed legibly)________________________________________________
I certify that I worked with my Graduation Project Advisor the times specified below. I am aware that
GHHS requires a minimum of 1 meeting in 10th grade year, 2 meetings in 11th grade year, and 2
meetings in 12th grade year.

Student Signature and Date_____________________________________________________

DATE OF      TIME SPENT             DESCRIPTION OF EFFORT OR TASK                              ADVISOR
MEETING                                    ACCOMPLISHED.                                       INITIALS
                                      BE SPECIFIC AND ACCURATE

ADVISOR SIGNATURE__________________________________ DATE_______________
Choose one:
_____ After choosing Topic, Advisor, Mentor (end of 10th grade)
_____ After writing paper component (11th grade)
_____ After completing product but before oral presentation (12th grade)
_____ Optional Reflection

Directions: Answer these questions thoughtfully and in complete sentences. If you prefer you may
submit a written essay. The committee evaluating your oral presentation will use your Reflections to
assess your Graduation Project. Be sure to discuss the Reflection with your advisor and complete the

   1. How do you evaluate your progress on the Graduation Project so far?

   2. What successes and challenges have you experienced during the process?

   3. How have you collaborated with your Mentor?

   4. What academic and/or personal growth have you realized?

Student printed name ______________________________________________________________________
Graduation Project Advisor printed name_____________________________________________________

_________________________________________         ____________________________
            Advisor Signature                                Date
                  PORTFOLIO COMPONENTS
The forms listed below must be bound into a cover or notebook. They must be in the order listed below.

      Graduation Project Proposal Form
      Topic Approval Form
      Mentor Verification and Approval Form
      Letter of Intent
      Graduation Project Advisor Contact Log
      Mentor Contact Log
      Product Log
      Copy of Research Paper with Outline, Rough Draft, Documentation of Sources
      Copy of Plagiarism Detector Report
      Assessment of Research Paper Form Completed by Graduation Project Advisor
      Reflection Forms (Minimum of 3: end of 10th grade year, following completion of paper, prior to
       oral presentation)

Each student must also bring to the oral presentation two letters. There must be a personal thank you
letter for the student’s mentor along with a stamped, addressed envelope. The second letter must be to
the Graduation Project Advisor. It must be in an envelope ready for placement in the school mailbox.

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