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Heritage Ranch Chorale - Fairview -- Welcome to Fairview_ Texas


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									                                    Town Hall News                                   Official Publication of
                                       Keeping It Country                            The Town of Fairview
                               Celebrating Fifty Years, 1958-2008                         April 2010
                                 500 S. State Highway 5, Fairview, TX 75069   Official Website: www.fairviewtexas.org
                                             Phone: 972 562-0522                        Fax: 972 548-0268

               Message from the Mayor                        Kasian were all elected since 2006, so Henry
                        Sim Israeloff                        Lessner will make the fourth new face on the
                                                             council in five years. In my view the steady
           Welcome to the New Faces on the                   progression of council members we have seen is
           Town Council                                      both healthy and helps ensure that we have new
                                                             ideas and a diversity of views and that the
                Councilman Michael Pezzulli                  council continues to reflect the views of our
            decided not to run for reelection this           residents. Thanks to everyone who gives their
            year. Michael has been a strong asset            time to serve our town either on the council or on
and advocate on our town council particularly in             our town boards and commissions.
the areas of planning for preparedness, public
safety, fiscal discipline, education and environ-
mental stewardship. He helped found our newest                           Heritage Ranch Chorale
town board, the Environmental Committee, and
has been active both on and off the council.                      Highly energetic and entertaining music
Please join me in thanking Michael for nearly                from nearly a century of songwriting will be
eight years of service to our community.                     featured in the annual spring concert set for May
    Henry Lessner has stepped up and, by not                 6-7 at Heritage Ranch by its versatile 80-voice
drawing an opponent, Henry will become the                   Chorale. “We’re going to be performing high-
newest new face on our council starting in June.             lights from more than sixty very popular songs in
By day Henry is a certified financial planner with           this fast-paced concert,” said Jesse Young, in his
Fortune Financial Services and is active in many             fifth year as Chorale director.
local organizations such as the Arts of Collin                    Toes will be tapping in the audience as the
County, Sunrise Rotary, Allen Community                      Chorale performs “Applause,” (the music of
Outreach, the Allen-Fairview Chamber of                      Charles Strouse), “Let Me Entertain You,” (Jule
Commerce, Allen Philharmonic Symphony and                    Styne) and “Made in the USA,” a celebration of
Chorus, and others. He has served as an                      American music arranged by Mac Huff.
associate board member for Friends of Fairview,                   Ken Foley, Chorale president, said the revue
a nonprofit group that provides community                    features something for everyone to enjoy.
awareness for the needs of the Fairview Fire                 “There’s lots of nostalgia in this celebration of
Department, and is a longtime supporter of our               some of the greatest music of all time, including
town. Please help us welcome Henry as he gets                New Orleans jazz, rock and roll, country,
ready to take his seat on the town council.                  Broadway themes and a gala tribute to America
    Along with Henry, incumbent council                      finale.”
members Mary Price and Jim Cunningham                             The concert is the major annual fundraiser
agreed to run for reelection this year and were              for the Chorale, proceeds from which help
unopposed. Both are strong members of the                    support improvements to the ballroom. Tickets
council and will continue to bring their                     are $8 at the door, or call Ken Foley, 972-886-
experience and judgment to our town. Thanks to               0412 for more info.
both for their continuing service.
    This is the third year in a row that all
candidates for town council ran unopposed. This                         Annual Spring Trash Off
saves the town money on elections, but does not
mean the council has not had turnover and new                   Fairview’s annual “Trash-Off” is Saturday,
members. Mary Price, Anton Mattli, and Ron                   April 10, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at town
hall. We will accept most household garbage            usually equipped with a backup battery. If your
and vegetation, and again this we will also be         smoke alarm is powered by battery, the battery
able to accept many household hazardous wastes.        needs to be replaced annually unless it is a long-
We still cannot accept tires, road flares, sharps,     life battery (check the owner’s manual). All
ammunition, fireworks, smoke detectors, medical        batteries should be maintained and replaced in
waste, radioactive items, large appliances, or         accordance with manufacturer’s guidance.
waste from commercial enterprises. Participants             Choose an annual date, such as the time
must bring proof of residency. A water bill            change, when you will remember to maintain
works best.                                            your smoke alarm in tip top condition. Check
                                                       the manufacturer’s expiration date on the label,
                                                       replace the batteries if needed, and clean dust
                 Easter Brunch                         away from the slots so that smoke can enter
                                                       freely. All smoke alarms, hard-wired and
    Come out to Heritage Ranch Golf and                battery-powered, should be replaced every
Country Club for Easter Brunch on Sunday,              ten years. These simple steps will help
April 4. The brunch will run from 11:00 a.m. to        ensure that you and your family will have the
3:00 p.m. The price of the buffet is $25.95 for
                                                       best chance of surviving if fire should strike.
adults and $12.95 for children 10 and under. The
buffet features full breakfast, a carving station, a       USFA has a fire safety campaign called
fish entrée and a chicken entrée, a dessert table,     Install. Inspect. Protect. that provides infor-
and much more. To make your reservation,               mation about home smoke alarms and fire
please contact Christian Johnson, Director of          sprinklers. Please visit their website at
Food and Beverage, at 972-886-4700 ext. 102 or         www.usfa.dhs.gov/campaigns/smokealarms/.
e-mail at cjohnson@heritageranchgolf.com.
They can accommodate parties of all sizes. Tell
them you saw the ad in the Fairview Newsletter!         40th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration

                                                            This April marks the 40th anniversary of
    Time to Check Your Smoke Alarms                    Earth Day, and to celebrate the landmark
                                                       occasion, the Heard Natural Science Museum
   On March 13 and 14, we all set our clocks to        and Wildlife Sanctuary, the City of McKinney,
Daylight Saving Time. That time change is a            and Collin College are teaming up to host an
good reminder to check your smoke alarms.              Earth Day event.
According to the National Fire Protection                   The festivities kick off Friday, April 23, with
Association, more than 66 percent of home              guest speaker Fabien Cousteau, grandson of
fire deaths that occurred between 2003-2006            famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. His
were in homes without a working smoke alarm.           free presentation, “One Water One People,”
A working smoke alarm significantly increases          starts at 7:30 p.m. at Boyd High School. To
your chances of surviving a deadly home fire.          reserve your free tickets, please visit
    A properly installed and maintained smoke          www.mckinneyperformingartscenter.org.
alarm is the only thing in your home that can               Then on Saturday, April 24, the 4th Annual
alert you and your family to a fire 24 hours a         Green Living Family Festival will be held from
day, seven days a week. Whether you’re awake           9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Heard Natural
or asleep, a working smoke alarm is constantly         Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary. The
on alert, scanning the air for fire and smoke. But     event includes “green” vendors, presentations,
smoke alarms must be maintained! A smoke               children’s area and live entertainment. In
alarm with a dead or missing battery is the same       addition, guests will enjoy the Heard’s hiking
as having no smoke alarm at all, so test your          trails, the “Live Animals of the World” exhibit
smoke alarm monthly by pushing the “test”              and the last chance to see the indoor “Treasures
button if it has one.                                  from The Earth: Diamonds, Gold and Dinos”
    Smoke alarms are powered by either a               before it leaves. AT&T will be giving away
battery or are hardwired into your home’s              recycled event bags to all guests.
electrical system. Hardwired smoke alarms are               “The Green Living Family Festival is the
celebration of our very own 43 year-old mission        venient, but because we are dealing with a
statement of Bringing Nature and People                person’s private property, state law is very strict
Together. The festival and the entire Earth Day        on our procedures. We have to know, and
weekend highlights and encourages us to become         potentially be able to prove, that notice was sent
aware of why we should take care of the most           and received.
precious gift we are given, namely the earth, and          The notice of violation letter informs the
to preserve it for the next generation,” said Sy       property owner what the violation is and
Shahid, Director of the Heard Natural Science          provides ten days to correct the problem. If the
Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary.                         issue is not resolved within those ten days, or a
     If you have a green product or service and        longer period of time has not been negotiated
would like to participate as a vendor at this          with the town due to special circumstances, the
event, please visit the Heard’s website at             town has two options, depending on the type and
www.heardmuseum.org for exhibitor infor-               severity of the violation. First, the town can
mation and registration.                               perform the required work itself and bill the
                                                       property owner for that work, plus an
                                                       administrative fee. If the property owner does
             Theater at the Ranch                      not pay this charge, a lien will be filed on the
                                                       property. A second option is to issue a citation,
    The Heritage Ranch Theatre Guild will              or ticket. Code violations are class C misde-
present Plaza Suite, the hilarious Broadway hit        meanors, and if a citation is issued, the process
by Neil Simon. This three-act comedy will be           works just like a traffic ticket – you can either
directed by Hank Harris, a Heritage Ranch              pay the fine or appear in court. Either way, the
resident, and will feature the following Heritage      violation must be cleared up.
Ranch performers: Karen Head, Al McGee,
Joanne Vinocur, Stone Rinehart, Jo An Witt, Bill
Frankeburger, Shirley Harris, and Robert Nelson.                Town Hall Closed
Performances will be at the Heritage Ranch
Clubhouse Ballroom on April 22, 23, and 24 at              Fairview Town Hall will be
7:00 p.m.                                              closed Friday, April 2, for Easter.
    Tickets can be purchased at the front desk or
by calling Jo An Witt at 972-886-0101 or Phil
Steiman at 972-886-0057, or on the website:                              Ask Oncor
uild/.                                                     On Thursday, April 1, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
                                                       Oncor will host an open house in the
                                                       Cottonwood Ballroom of the Marriott Courtyard
              Code Enforcement                         Hotel in the Village at Allen. In addition to free
                                                       food and refreshments and a chance to win a
    Code enforcement is a necessary job that the       $200 gift card, visitors can learn how saving
town must undertake to ensure that properties          energy can save them money, how to use
and neighborhoods are kept to certain minimum          powertochoose.org, how the new advanced meter
standards. Common violations include trash and         benefits them, how Oncor contributes to their
debris, high grass or weeds, performing certain        communities, and how Oncor is working for a
kinds of work without a permit, placing illegal        better environment. Children can learn from
signs or banners, tree limbs that impede fire          interactive exhibits and get safety tips from a
engines and school buses, and septic violations.       real-life super hero.
    In rare cases, a first-time violator is notified
by a phone call or an e-mail. However, it is not
practical for us to notify everyone in this manner,                  Texas SmartScape
so a letter is typically sent. In order to ensure
that proper legal notice is made, for most types           Texas SmartScape utilizes xeriscape
of violations, we send the letter through certified    principles but goes beyond the basics by
mail. This costs a bit more and can be incon-          providing design, care, and plant research tools
that are smart for North Central Texas. Texas        at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 8, at Town Hall,
SmartScaping can help home and business              500 S. State Highway 5, to consider the
owners save money on water and chemicals,            following:
while maintaining a lush, attractive landscape.
To learn more, visit www.txsmartscape.com.              A Revised Site Plan for the Village at
                                                         Fairview development, consisting of
                                                         proposed temporary uses for a community
     Annual Spring Native Plant Sale                     garden and outdoor volleyball facilities.

    Each year for the past twenty years, veteran        A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for an
and novice gardeners alike have anticipated this         accessory building located at 91 Seattle
rare opportunity to purchase plants from a huge          Slew; lot consisting of 3.535± acres.
selection of hard-to-find herbs, native, and well-
adapted plants. This collection of plants will
provide some of the best plants for north central                  New Fire Station
Texas gardens and an opportunity to obtain many
rare plants. Visit www.heardmuseum.org for a             After several construction delays, we will
plant list and more details. This year’s sale will   move into the new Fire Station #2 on East Stacy
be April 9-11.                                       Road any day. This station will be home to a fire
                                                     engine, the town’s contract ambulance, and other
                                                     equipment, providing much quicker response
    Notice of Public Hearings & Public               times to the east side of town. Watch for an
                 Meetings                            announcement of a station open house, probably
                                                     in May, to show off your new facility, and the
    Notice is hereby given that the Fairview         new community room in the west wing.
Planning and Zoning Commission will convene
Town of Fairview
500 S. State Highway 5
Fairview, Texas 75069

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