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No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy_14

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									               WEALTH           MAGNET             14

            Wealth Magnet 14

T        his is even Biblical. Ask and ye shall receive.
              And everybody knows it. You don’t ask, you don’t
          get. Yet a whole lot of people who know it don’t actual-
ly practice it much. They go through life wanting all sorts of
things they never seem to work up the courage to ask for. So
they’re unhappy in their business because they don’t ask their
clients, vendors and employees. They’re unhappy in their mar-
riage because they don’t ask their spouse. By ‘ask’, I mean a com-
posite of things. Clearly enunciating your desires, expectations
and, when appropriate, demands. Asking people to do things as
you want them done. Seeking co-operation and support.
    Even fewer people ask “outsiders.”
    I’ve found that it’s perfectly okay to ask for a lot from a lot of
people. I ask people for information, advice, ideas, contacts and

118             NO B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy

                                   “I Want It All.
                                 And I Want It Delivered.”

                                   —MAGNET ON MY REFRIGERATOR

      introductions, and all sorts of assistance, pretty much with
      impunity. I am also generous with reciprocity and reward. But I ask.
          Just for example, I have had more than 250 different people
      involved in the initial promotion for the book you are reading
      and the other books in the No B.S. series. I got this publisher to
      do things they have not done for any other author (which they’d
      prefer I didn’t mention). I got famous and not-so-famous authors
      and speakers to send e-mails to their lists, “plug” the books in
      their speeches and newsletters, put information about the books
      up on their websites. I received more than 2.5 million (!) e-mails
      at zero cost. I got people to pay to host promotional events and
      tele-seminars. On and on and on. Mostly because I asked. Did I
      get everybody I asked to participate? No. But I got a whole lot
      more people to participate than if I hadn’t asked anybody. Did I
      get everybody to do everything I wanted them to do? No. But I
      got a lot more than if I hadn’t asked.
          I know a few other authors who are great askers. My friend,
      Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the publishing phenomenon,
      the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, is a phenomenal asker. If he
      meets a celebrity, king, president, athlete, CEO, anybody and
      everybody, he asks them for something, to somehow help him
      promote himself or his books or his causes, to introduce him to
      somebody else he wants to meet. You might think such asking,
      asking, asking would repel people and wind up with you stand-
      ing alone as if you had body odor, but the opposite occurs. The
      asking is magnetic. Actually people, especially successful people,
      like being asked for their ideas, opinions, and advice, like being

                NO B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy                  119

asked for their help and influence. Often, you even get more than
you ask for! There’s another author who called up Trump’s office
“cold” and asked to have The Donald look at his book manuscript
and give him a quote. Trump gave him a quote and an entire extra
chapter to add to the book, a lot of marketing muscle for the book.
    With that in mind, I’d like to ask YOU to promote this book.
Go to and click on “viral.” There, you’ll
find some ready-to-use e-mails you can forward, free articles you
can copy and send, all sorts of nifty goodies you can give to your
entrepreneur friends. And if you happen to be an association exec-
utive or corporate big dog or somebody else with a big list of busi-
nesspeople who know you and respect you, I’d be happy to hear
from you personally, and we can figure out something—maybe a
special free tele-seminar you gift to everybody, for example. I’m
game. Send me a fax with some details at 602-269-3113. (Please be
patient. It might be two to three weeks before I can respond.)
    See, I asked.
    Of course, it helps to be able to give to get, sometimes in
advance of the asking, or least reciprocate to get, and to offer
reciprocation. It’s not essential, but it is helpful. If you’re really,
really perceptive you’ll realize how I’ve used this book, done
things within this book, to support my asking for assistance pro-
moting the book. If you figure it out, it’s a secret not limited to
authors and books. Any business owner could use the same strat-
egy. Every business owner has media: customer newsletter, bags
and box lids, in-store signage, window displays, and more. Every
business owner has basis for co-operating with others.
    Wealth is more readily attracted through co-operation than
independent action. Strategic alliances are the new world order in
The New Economy. As costs of acquisition—of leads, of customers,
of information, of resources—have risen, sharing of those assets
and resources has grown evermore important. Timidity about pro-
posing such alliances imposes severe handicap. I have improved
my bank balance a great deal, often, with conversations I initiate,
beginning with “You know, we should do something together.”

                                                       WEALTH MAGNET 14   /   ASK

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