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A Collectible Certificate from THE PRUSSIAN STATE Issued October 1, 1926 This is 1000 Goldmark Bearer Bond !!! These Certificates were virtually the same as cash because they could be redeemed by anyone who happened to possess them - IN GOLD: hence the term "Bearer Bond". This Gold Bearer Bond was issued by the State of Prussia. A German Bigfoot? Yup, that's right. Ever since the Middle Ages, a figure known in English as a "Woodwose" (Man of the Woods or Wild Man) has adorned the Prussian Coat of Arms. The creature himself is ancient, going all the way back Thousands of Years to the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and beyond. Known around the world by a variety of names and appearance, the North American version is Sasquatch or Bigfoot!!! This bond was part of an effort to pay off the Reparations due from World War I. The Allies had saddled Germany with a debt to cover the costs of the Entire War for All Participants!!! Thousands of Marks were supposed to leave Germany every Day. In order to work around this the German Financiers started to De-valuate the Currency simply by ... Printing More Money!!! If this sounds familiar that's because this is EXACTLY how our Government is trying to Finance its Huge Stimulus Programs and Deficit The result was RUNAWAY INFLATION. People had to carry Wheelbarrows of Cash just to buy their groceries. Shortly, the Government of the Weimar Republic introduced a currency reform and things had started to stabilize by 1925, but the debt remained in place and Had To Be Paid. The Vignettes are multiple and display a variety of details. In addition to the back of the bond - which describes the conditions of this bond - we see the Prussian Coat of Arms - reproduced as a white Embossed Seal at the bottom left. The version here centers on the Prussian Black Eagle. The Great Coat of Arms contains so many smaller coats of arms (shields) because Prussia started gobbling up small principalities left behind by Napoleon's Dissoluti

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