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									How To Choose the Right Mechanic for Your Sports Car

Sports car owners understand that regular maintenance and proper repair is necessary to
keep their vehicle in superior running order. Although many sports car enthusiasts are
avid amateur mechanics, many are not as well versed in auto repair and will need to rely
heavily upon their mechanics. Even more expert owners may need a professional
mechanic’s assistance for some tasks.

Choosing the right mechanic, therefore, becomes are very important agenda item for
sports car owners. There is no surefire method of developing an ideal relationship with a
mechanic, but there are things you can do to improve the likelihood of finding a great
partner in keeping your car in top shape.

Ask for References

Employers ask for references from potential employees for a reason—discussions with
those who have worked with another in the past can be a great predictor of how things
will go in the future. Explain to potential mechanics that you are hoping to strike up a
long-range relationship with an expert who can help you maintain your sports car, and
toward that end, you’d like a few people you can talk to about the quality of his work.

Don’t be shy. A quality mechanic will be more than happy to let you know of others who
are satisfied with his work and who find him reliable. Asking for a reference or two will
not be perceived as rude.

Follow up with the names the mechanic gives you. Find out what others have to say
about his work, ability to meet estimates and deadlines, and customer service. Good
mechanics develop good relationships with customers, and references should offer
glowing reports.

Ask about Certification

Specific certification is not necessarily a requirement to be a top-notch mechanic, but it
does demonstrate an interest in staying abreast of industry changes and a commitment to
mastering one’s craft. Ask potential mechanics about their training and certification.
They should be happy to share with you how they have developed their expertise.

Training and formal certification levels are not the end-all in terms of mechanic selection.
There are mechanics with little or no formal training who can outperform some of the
most schooled technicians. Nonetheless, training and certification can be an indicator of
how a mechanic approaches his craft.

Ask Other Sports Car Owners

If you were looking for your city’s top Porsche mechanic, for instance, you would be
foolish not to canvass other Porsche owners in hopes of finding a mechanic you can trust.
You may want to seek recommendations from a sports car club, or even ask dealers of
your sports car type for their input regarding the area’s best mechanics.

Remember, a good mechanic can be immensely valuable. Using a poor mechanic can
result in disaster. You undoubtedly care about your sports car and want to make sure it is
treated properly and maintained optimally.

Don’t leave your choice in mechanics to chance. Picking the first alphabetical listing in
the telephone directory is probably not the best way to approach developing a
relationship with a top-tier mechanic. Follow the three simple steps outlined above,
however, and you may be able to find the perfect person to help you with your sports car.

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