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									Request for Proposal – New Website Development & Design for Local Career Exploration Client: Suncoast Workforce Board 1750 17th Street, J-2 Sarasota, Florida 34234 Mission: The Suncoast Workforce Board is a non-profit organization established by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. Our primary mission is to provide leadership to create effective and efficient strategies and systems in Manatee and Sarasota counties that help residents enter, remain in and advance in the workplace, becoming more highly skilled and successful, thereby benefiting residents and businesses, and to assist in improving the region’s business climate. Among the work we do, there are two standing committees, Career Pathways and Career Options, that are in need of a new interactive web based tool. The goal of the Career Pathways team is to increase and improve the direct interaction between educators, students and their families and the business community. The goal of Career Options is to align education, training and career preparation with Suncoast’s major economic clusters. Project: Develop a free career exploration website that enables web visitors to learn about careers in one of the 16 Department of Labor Career Clusters, participate in an exploration of exactly what that career involves, the education it requires, where in the two-county area one might pursue the required education, learn about the salary levels, workplace requirements, and potential career paths to which the career choice might lead. Funding: This project will be funded by private sector donations and through private, corporate and community foundation grants. Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals with reasonable costs for services. Customers: Youth, parents, K-12 teachers and guidance staff, young adults, incumbent workers looking to explore career changes, business community, representatives of higher education. We want to develop age and interest appropriate pages that engage and entice visitors to explore career options and pathways within our website and beyond. Website Purpose: We envision having separate pages for K-6, 6-12, parents, teaching staff, businesses, adults with the intent of being able to explore career options and pathways. The website will be a database of information on careers, as well as a central point to link users to related websites. The website would primarily be an information site, but the opportunity to advertise might be a way to sustain the website and maintain the data and it would be an opportunity for businesses and higher ed. to market to their target audiences. Website Name: We have not checked to see what URL’s are available, but some of the potential names might include: suncoastcareers; manasotacareers; we are open for suggestions but would like to target a meaningful title if possible.

Website Goals: 1) To become a tool for young people to explore career opportunities. We have been utilizing an interactive Career Pathways CD in various guidance departments at area high schools for approximately 2 years. The students who have interacted with the Version 1.0 & 2.0 cds tell us they want “cool music, greater interactivity, more depth of information, conversations with established professionals and people in careers, virtual tours of businesses with scenes of employees in action and ability to visit additional links to gain more information.” 2) Offer lesson plans, activities and resources for educators relating to career exploration. 3) Offer a dedicated parent area with guidelines for parental support in career exploration. 4) Database of local higher education resources, documenting what fields of study and certificate/degree programs are available at each institution with linkages to their websites for potential applicants to explore requirements. 5) Area for businesses to advertise jobs, internships, job shadowing opportunities and for them to directly input key company information. 6) Develop a central resource for the Suncoast area dedicated to career exploration Website Inputs: Visitors would be asked to share some basic demographic information to determine age, category of user, whether they are new users or returning visitors and possibly select an identifier login, but we want to maintain confidentiality. We would like this information to be able to understand more about our web visitors and their backgrounds and interests. We may also want a brief feedback survey as they exit to measure satisfaction for quality improvement. We would like to have businesses input key information directly to website, and have higher education institutions do the same. We still need to determine precise format and data to collect from all. Links to websites would provide more detailed information Colleges/universities would be treated the same. Data Collection: Negotiate whether we would collect and provide all of the career resource data, or if that would be included in the building of the website. Website Processes: Contact email mechanism for each business, higher education institution, and the workforce board for inquiries. User would progress through pages, from a hierarchy of pages, beginning with career clusters, careers listed within, descriptions within, documenting key responsibilities, where positions are found, skills, education and experiences required, salary ranges, opportunities for advancement.. Users could search universities and/or colleges by location, by links from careers, and through links to their websites. Businesses would be tied to careers in the same way.

Website Outputs: Website would have screen print capabilities. Website would also include videos, interviewing incumbents in positions, offering virtual tours, etc. We’d be interested in monitoring number of visits to the website, number of return visits, number of each category of users, etc. Users would be able to link directly with websites of businesses, potentially to explore job openings and more information about the company. Users would be able to explore high level information about degree programs and continuing education opportunities. More detailed info on class schedules, financial aid, etc. would still reside on college website. Special Pages: Would like to have a page to list special events relating to career exploration, possibly a calendar page, a section for breaking news, banners, spots for advertisers. Keyword Research : We will need assistance in search engine optimization to ensure reaching our target audiences. Words like Suncoast, Sarasota, Manatee, Bradenton, Florida, careers, career exploration, job search, higher education, career guidance will all be important in directing potential users to our site. Design Objectives: Based on an initial pilot project, using a CD and a touch screen monitor, it is important for us to have background music that is age appropriate; eyecatching graphics and pages that are aesthetically pleasing, both visual and text for information, fast loading pages, colorful pages, interactive whenever possible, virtual tours and interviews available as well as links that transition the user smoothly Success Metrics: # of hits per category of user (K-6, 6-12, teacher, business owner, higher education representatives, parent, adult career changer); feedback from brief survey questions, comments section for feedback and a contact us email functionality. Additionally, a website that will readily attract corporate underwriting and participation will be a measure of success for the project. Anticipated Links: School District Websites to include academy and small learning community information; higher education websites that will detail certificates and degrees offered; Florida Department of Education’s Choices model ( to enable students to explore interests and skills and develop education plans; business websites that would detail key company information. Security: We would want to control the input of business data, college data, anyone making changes to the website. Perhaps a unique login and password is assigned to prevent unauthorized changes. Similar Website Models:

Deadline for Completing Project: September 2008 Proposal Deadline: Monday, September 20, 2007 at noon. Contact: Barb Bainbridge 941.361-6090 ext. 128

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