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									Hey there,
This has turned out to be longer than I thought but please read all of it. It is that
There are a few different types of rights given: Giveaway Rights, Resale Rights,
Master Resale Rights, Brandable Rights, Private Label Rights, and Public

                           Giveaway Ebook Resale Rights
As the name suggests, ebooks that have Giveaway Rights may be freely handed
out to whom ever you wish. At first glance it may seem that there is not much in
this aspect of the resale rights model for you as an Internet entrepreneur. Think
again though because products in this category can be well used as incentives
for email list building or commissioned sales. Usually ebooks with Giveaway
Rights do not allow editing or branding.

                            About Ebook Branding Rights
The term branding refers to the process of replacing certain portions of the resale
rights ebook with information that is unique to you. This usually means affiliate
These affiliate links have been embedded in the ebook by the author and will
earn him or her a commission if the reader buys the product after clicking on the
If the ebook is "brandable" you are allowed to replace these links with your own
affiliate links so that you earn the commission. Many ebook authors make this
very easy to do by including rebranding software with the resale rights ebook.
Some authors allow you to rebrand only some of the links in the ebook while
other links remain as set by the author. You usually do not have the right to edit
this type of ebook.

                            Basic Ebook Resale Rights
This type of resale right allows you to resell the ebook and keep the profit. The
main restriction here is that you cannot pass the resale rights to your customer.
In other words, only you have the right to sell the ebook. Your customer must be
an end user who will use the product personally. Typically you are not allowed to
edit or brand this type of ebook.

                            Master Ebook Resale Rights
These resale rights take the basic rights one step further. With Master Resale
Rights you can sell the ebook to an end user and keep the profit, but you can
also sell the resale rights.
You now have two classes of customer: the end user and the business customer
who will buy the ebook with the intention of reselling it to someone else.
These two classes are not always distinct however. Many Master Resale Rights
ebooks cannot be sold without also selling the resale rights. It is more profitable
for you if the product you are selling gives you a choice. This way you can sell
the ebook to the end user at one price and to the business customer, who stands
to profit directly from the transaction, at a higher price. Master Resale Rights
ebooks do not normally allow editing or branding.

                               Private Label Resale Rights
This level of ebook resale rights gives you complete control over the product’s
content and the method of sale. You can edit and brand the product. You can sell
the ebook to an end user or to a business customer. You can choose to sell the
right to resell the ebook, or not. There can be a problem with PLR if it has been
around for a long time. If it has then just about everybody (marketer) around has
it and is selling it. If you use PLR you will probably be best off if you use the
information and do a rewrite.

                                Public Domain Rights
This type is in regards to body of works that are usually older and out of copyright
law. Usually pre-1923 works are safe. But, that is not always true sometimes the
author will renew their copyright. Plus, different countries have different copyright
laws. Always check before you use any ‘public domain’ work. This kind of right
you can do anything with the information you wish. You can edit and brand the
product. You can sell the ebook and give rights to anyone your choose.
Watch For Restrictions
Ebook Resale Rights often include specific restrictions on what you are allowed
to do with the product. These restrictions are usually set out in an included file
called "license" or "rights" or another similar name.
These restrictions are mostly concerned with the price at which you are allowed
to resell the ebook. Many authors do not want their ebook to be given away or
sold very cheaply. In practice no one can tell you how much to sell a product for
but it is best to respect the wishes of the author. Many authors that do not allow
an ebook to be given away do allow the product to bundled with other products or
used as a bonus.
Well, that is all the basics on resell rights. For more information go to an article
directory or Wikipedia.
What do I sell? I sell a mix of products. Some I have created myself. Some I have
PLR. Some I have Master or regular resell rights.

                                  How To Get ebooks.
Create your own. The best thing to do is create your own products. One thing is
that it is free, that is always good. I mean, everyone knows something about
something; you just need to write or record it and you then have your own
product. The bad part is that it can take some time to complete. If you want to be
up and running quickly you will need to buy or get ebooks for free.
Buying ebooks. If you are going to buy ebooks make sure you try to buy
something you know has good value, is a popular topic and that hasn’t been
given away or sold very cheap. Chances are if that is the case the product is not
even worth $1. If you were to do a search on eBay, in the advance feature, place
.01 in the maximum price box. When you click Search, the results will be
hundreds of ‘ebooks’ for sale. It is the biggest devalue of information known.

Places to get ebooks. There are places where you can get some resell products
for free. Be careful how you use these as they many of them have been given
away to just about everyone.
One things I have is a lifetime Gold Membership at Surefire Wealth. It has been
invaluable for receiving great resell products. You can start out like I did with a
free membership. As you develop and grow you can upgrade to the Silver
membership or even go Gold like I did. Check it out here:
Sure Fire Wealth
Here are a few more I belong to that are free:
Resell Rights Mastery (Free membership)
Resellers Niche (Free membership)
Platinum Power Seller (Free membership)

I actually belong to many, perhaps dozens, of memberships with resell rights,
many I pay for. But these are the best around that are free.

                                Delivery of ebooks.
Next thing you need to know about is how to deliver your products.
For my eBay products I have a website where I store all my downloads and
images. This is the best way to sell ebooks. You are able to use the ‘digital
delivery’ feature. This way you can upload the ebook to your website and when
you create your listing on eBay you use digital delivery and the buy it now
options. When you fill out the listing there is a place for the download page. The
buyer only sees this after they have paid. I personally only use PayPal payments.
So, you will need a website and domain to hold your products and download
pages. This means you will need to edit those webpages. I like to use NVU. It is
a free WYSIWYG editor. You can download it here: It is very
easy to use. I have written an article about it here:
You will need to get a domain. There are many places out there to get them. I
know that GoDaddy is a very popular one. I use
Their pricing is pretty average $9.95 a year. Plus, I like there control panel to
manage my domains.
You will also need to host your domain. Once again there are many of them out
there. A very popular one is , both my brother and sister use
them, as well as many marketers. I use . I have
dozens of sites and they have a great deal. I pay them annually and it works out
to $5.95 a month or $71.40 a year. The best part on this plan is that I can host
unlimited domains. So, if you do plan on having more than one or two domains
this is a great deal. This plan also allows unlimited bandwidth. Which is important
if your site gets really popular or if you plan to use video and audio on your site.

                                The 30-Day Challenge.
This is what really started it all for me back in July. If you are truly interested in
becoming an Internet marketer and not just sell ebooks on eBay then you will
need to know more about marketing. This summer I found a wonderful site that
taught me some fantastic Internet marketing methods. It is the underachiever’s
30-Day Challenge site.
It is run by Ed Dale and Frank Kern (both are millionaires in internet marketing). It
is free. For 30-days each July they teach anyone who is willing to learn how to do
niche marketing. The site is still up and you can register for free and view all the
videos and listen to the podcasts and learn. The best part about this is how to
find a profitable niche. If you learn nothing else, learn that.

                             A Word About Forums
I am not real active on any of the forums but I do like to read in the forums, they
always have the most current information about what is working best in that
market. Here are a couple that are the best.
The best Internet marketing forum
The best niche-marketing forum
(You need to login to access it)

A really good eBay forum
(the owner of this one very nice and helps everyone that she can)

                                     Summing It All Up
Well, I think that is all I can tell you for free. It is actually more than most
marketers will reveal even if you paid them. I feel good when I can do this for
someone. I have learned from a couple of the best (Frank & Ed). They give and I
have learned to give too.
Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think could benefit from it.
Talk to you later,
The Creative Nerd

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