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					                                                                        COURSE CURRICULUM

                              Internet Marketing
               Small Businesses and Professional Services
                                     Wayne Huang, PhD

1. Course Description:
The goal of this course is to focus on the practical aspects of online marketing, rather than the
principles or strategies of major branding marketing. The students will learn how to effectively
design a marketing oriented web site with simplicity and visibility to attract traffic and convert to
leads/sales, and how to promote the websites via various methods, such as search engine
optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email campaign, affiliate program etc. Local online
marketing will also be covered to teach the students how to help brick and mortar businesses to
increase their revenue via online channels. Real case studies will be presented and live online
marketing campaigns will be demonstrated. Online marketing technologies are dynamically
evolving with the web; the focus on this course will be on the state-of-art web marketing methods
and tools. The skills learned in this course will enable the entrepreneur-minded to start their own
online business or promote any existing online or offline businesses.

2. Text:
“Low-Budget Online Marketing for Small Business” Holly Berkley, First Edition, Self-Counsel
Press, 2003.

3. Full Seminar Class Curriculum (2-3 hours per session):

     Session                        Title                                   Topics
   eMarketing 01      Internet Marketing Primer –          1. The 7 Truths About Internet
                      The Absolute Beginner Guide             Marketing
                                                           2. Internet Marketing Basics
                                                           3. Internet Marketing Online vs Offline
                                                           4. Direct Marketing Online
                                                           5. Online Marketing Live Demo

   eMarketing 02      Niche Marketing – The Step-          1. Niche Marketing Demo - A simplest
                      by-Step Guide to Create a              eCommerce site
                      Profitable Niche Site                2. Top-10 eMarketing Buzzwords - The
                                                             jargons that matter
                                                           3. Niche Marketing 101 - The what and
                                                             the why and the Nicheology Principles
                                                           4. Niche Marketing System Formula -
                                                             Roadmap to your online success

   eMarketing 03      Business Web Design – How            1. Web Design 101 - The Marketer’s
                      to Design a Site for Effective          Guide to Create a Business Site
                      Marketing                            2. Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid - These
                                                              flaws could cost you big time
                                                           3. Website Marketability - Is your site
                                                              ready for marketing?

   eMarketing 04      Online Campaign – The 7-Step         1. How to Plan on a Campaign
                      Rollout Plan                         2. 7-Step Formula
                                                           3. Tracking and Testing
eMarketing 05   Search Engine Marketing – All     1. Search Engine Basics – How It
                About Search Engine: The No. 1       Works
                Sources for Target Traffic        2. Search Engine Optimization – Free
                                                    Traffic Naturally
                                                  3. Search Engine Advertising - Buying
                                                    Your Way to the Top

eMarketing 06   Email Marketing – How to Build    1. Email Marketing Basics
                a List of Prospects               2. Email Marketing Crash Course
                                                  3. Autoresponder 101

eMarketing 07   Local Marketing – Grow your       1.   Real World Success Stories
                Brick and Mortar Business         2.   Local Internet Marketing 101
                Locally                           3.   Email Marketing Is the King
                                                  4.   Local Searches for Precision
                                                  5.   Website for Locals
                                                  6.   Offline Marketing Works

eMakreting 08   Marketing to Businesses –         1.   What is B2B?
                Reach Out the Target              2.   B2B vs B2C
                Businesses via Online             3.   Starting a Web Business
                                                  4.   Marketing a Web Business

eMarketing 09   Affiliate Program – Expand        1. What is Affiliate Marketing
                Your Business with Partnership    2. How to Select an Affiliate Tracking
                                                  3. Guide to Set Up an Affiliate Program
                                                  4. Program Announcement and
                                                  5. Finding Super Affiliates
                                                  6. Working with Your Affiliates

eMarketing 10   Web Analytics – The Guide to      1. Web Analytics 101
                Track your Campaign Effectively   2. 5-Point Metrics
                                                  3. How to Select a Tracking Solution
                                                  4. Setting Up the Tracking
                                                  5. Monitor, Control and Optimize the
                                                     Direct Response.
4. Student Testimonials
These review comments, in their entirety, come from the actual students with real names and real
companies, who have attended at least one or more eMarketing lectures by Dr. Wayne Huang.

 “I felt Dr. Huang really knew about the Internet marketing space. I’ve taken an Internet
 marketing course where the professor went over the different technologies but didn’t really
 know the details. Dr. Huang does. In addition to having an Internet marketing expertise his
 passion shines through with every sentence he utters! Dr. Huang gets so excited that
 sometimes he goes off on tangents but I’ve learned more depth from some of those
 tangents. He does a great job of walking people through technologies in an easy to
 understand way. He’s very genuine and he’s dedicated a great deal of his time to our class
 and I am very thankful for it.”

 “I’ve used the knowledge Dr. Huang has taught us in our meetings with Pepe’s building their
 website. I’ve also used knowledge and search tools multiple times at work to improve the website. Today our boss sent an email to the CEO to tell him what a great
 job our small web team has done. Some of this was directly related to what Dr. Huang has
 taught me. I’ve very grateful and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be one of
 his students. Thank you very much Dr. Huang!”

 Danny Crouch
 Broadcom Corporation
 Irvine, California

 “Dr Huang's expertise reaches much deeper than just setting up CPC campaigns, optimizing
 keywords and submitting sites to search engines.”

 “Dr. Huang is the ideal Internet Marketing Guru; he's both a mathematician and a savvy
 marketer. His marketing abilities range from identifying a product that people want to get
 them to pay for it. His mathematical and analytical abilities allow him to track the success
 of campaigns, to test and re-test different marketing components, and to automate many of
 the processes. In addition, it is very clear that Dr.Huang stays on top of the latest news and
 trends in the field of internet marketing.”

 “I feel very fortunate to have been able to have learned from one of the greats.”

 Michael Newcomb
 Marketing Manager, REED LLC
 Chino, CA

 “Dr. Huang,thank you so much for being a guest professor in our class. I have been able to
 put some of the principles you have taught us to use in my firm. We had previously done
 some work on websites for our client, but now I have a much better perspective on helping
 our clients to have a site that sells, not just gives information. In addition, we are now
 working with a partner of ours in order to put together an email retention program for some
 of our existing Clients! I really think this will help both my position in the firm and my firm
 in general. Your expertise is truly appreciated!”

 Krista Majamaki
 Manager, 3G Marketing Group
 Fountain Valley, CA

 “Professor Wayne Huang has provided our Marketing 596 class (Internet Marketing class) with
 an extremely positive experience and supplied expert knowledge that I will utilize in my
 professional life. His lectures have been beneficial to our classroom learning and have
 provided a clear insight into the world of internet marketing. Professor Huang is definitely a
 professional and has demonstrated his vast knowledge of internet marketing in a variety of
“Professor Huang has not only taken time away from his busy schedule to teach us the
importance of internet marketing but has also shared his extremely valuable Power Point
slides which include the most up to date internet marketing information. His knowledge is
cutting edge and has enabled our class to better understand internet marketing.”

“Additionally, Professor Huang has been dedicated to our learning, making sure our class
fully understands the material. Altogether, any corporation, student, or individual looking
to gain the latest information on internet marketing should definitely seek the advice of
Professor Huang. ”

“In return, having Professor Wayne Huang as our guest professor is such a valuable
experience and his generosity is beyond belief. The experience and knowledge he offers will
be extremely beneficial to anyone he works for or collaborates with.”

Trent Binley
Chino Valley Unified School District
Chino, CA

“My name is Ester Rocha and I want to thank you for such a wonderful job you did.”

“I really learned a lot with your lectures. Especially because I had zero background
experience on e-commerce and your lectures gave me a better understanding of it. Now,
every website I see, I have a different approach. I analyze them to see if they have some of
the basic marketing tools we learned in class. Good job!”

Ester Rocha
Kerr Corporation
Orange, CA

“Dr. Huang: What a privilege it has been to be your student! Several weeks ago, I
walked into this class oblivious to the wealth of knowledge I was about to receive. Thanks
to your teachings, I now have an absolutely different perception of what the Internet offers
to those with an entrepreneurial spirit like myself. You have certainly generated in me a
newly found interest for the field. But most importantly, you have achieved conversion as
I’m now a true believer and advocate of e-marketing strategies. Thank you!”

Nina Perez
MBA Program
California State University
Fullerton, CA

”Dr. Huang appeared to be a very resourceful and interesting person. His lecture was not
boring at all. It was not only infuses questions from students but also curiosity. It answered
questions I did not understand, Also provided information that I did not have experience
before. It was an excellent learning experience for me.”

Cathy Liang
AmerisourceBergen Corporation
Orange, CA

“I would like to thank Dr. Wayne Huang for his tremendous insights into the Internet. I use
the Internet to gain information relating to my position as an Analyst in the Automobile
industry, as a father of a young boy, and to pay many of my bills, but I did not understand
how the Internet works.”

“I did not know the difference between free and paid sights on google searches, nor how
they are ranked. His teachings have provided great insights into email marketing and how to
do this. He has given me extensive knowledge into website design, traffic generation,
traffic conversion, and reconversion. I had never contemplated creating an Internet based
business, but now because of his lessons, I think I could create a business and with some
business, but now because of his lessons, I think I could create a business and with some
experience be successful.”

Steven Montes
Business Analyst
American Honda Motor Co.
Torrance, CA

“Dr. Huang’s lectures have always been concise, interesting and informative. He has widely
opened my eyes in Internet Marketing, because I understand the concept more and how to
take the chances. Dr. Huang and Dr. Atwong are always available when I need help, and
always give their best efforts in educating us. “

“I really appreciate Dr. Huang being our guest professor. It’s an honor as well!”

Karen Lou
Marketing 596 Student
California State University
Fullerton, CA

“Dr. Huang, thank you so much for all of the time that you have put in to teaching us such
valuable tools used in internet marketing. Your expertise on the subject has truly been an
immense help in our class. I have learned so many great techniques on how to market well
on the internet that I will surely use in my later profession.”

“I hope that you will continue to lend your great knowledge to other students because it is
so much easier to learn from people like you who have been in the real business world and
have experienced real business. I thank you again.”

Kelly Glover
Home Depot
Anaheim, CA

“I had the privilege of attending two of Dr. Huang’s lectures. Dr. Huang truly believes in
what he is lecturing. His lectures show his depth of experience and enthusiasm in the topic
of eMarketing. His facilitating techniques add to creating a unique classroom learning

Hema Panicker
AmerisourceBergen Corporation
Orange, CA

“Dear Dr. Huang, thank you so much for coming into our class each week to share your
expertise about internet marketing. We have benefited so much from your knowledge and
all of the experience you bring. ”

“I have been interested in internet marketing for about a year now when I became more
familiar about the subject in my professional selling class. You have given me a lot of the
tools that I will need to be able to use this type of marketing at my place of employment or
if I start my own business. You have shown us the huge benefits of running your own online
business. For a long time I have wanted to learn how to build a website and through your
help, I was able to create one. Besides creating the website, you taught us how to make the
website successful through all of your tricks. This will be very helpful if I choose to create
my own website for a business. ”

Kristy Glover
Home Depot
Anaheim, CA
“I have had the opportunity to participate in several workshops conducted by Dr. Wayne
Huang. I really appreciate the practical knowledge I have gained from Dr. Huang on how to
effectively market products and services on the Internet. Especially, the tools I have
learned on Search Engine Optimization and email campaign strategies. Most likely I will be
working for a small to medium size company in the future. Given than majority of the small
and medium size companies do not have a good web presence, will give me a chance to
bring what I have learned to correct this oversight. This will increase benefit the company
and at the same time increase the value I can bring to my employer. In addition, I have also
gained the confidence to pursue my own online business in the future. ”

Jigna Patel
CatState Fullerton MBA Program

“You learn from textbooks your entire school life. You would expect the Graduate Program
would be different. So far, though, it hasn’t. We learn about ‘real life’ situations from a
textbook. Dr. Huang actually changed that. We learned about ‘real life’ situations through
real life! I never thought that concept would be utilized by professors in the classroom. I
was great to actually learn about concepts that are being applied today in the business
world, rather than through a textbook that has had pretty much the same information as if
did in 1995. Thank you Dr. Huang!”

Kimberly Skorupinski
Ketchum Directory Advertising
Redondo Beach, CA
5. Snapshots from the Past eMarketing Lectures

     MBA eMarketing Class, 11/2004               Hands-On eMarketing Lecture, 10/2004

    Interactive Q & A Session, 10/2004           Moderator for Expert Forum, 11/2004

For more information, please contact:
Wayne Huang