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									                                 OKIFAX 5650
   OKIFAX 5650
 Digital LED Plain Paper

Quality, speed and convenience
for today’s workplace
                 OKIFAX 5650
                     Digital LED Plain Paper

Designed for professional faxing with powerful features like a large
memory and fast modem, OKIFAX 5650 helps a busy office keep
productivity high and costs low. Clear, high-speed printing and
scanning, plus a high-speed G4 (ISDN) transmission option make
OKIFAX 5650 the perfect choice for departments or small
companies where people rely on getting business-quality results from
a fax that‘s ready when they need it.
                    There’s also plenty of flexibility to grow as needs change – OKIFAX 5650 can
                    be expanded with a Multi-Function Peripheral package, an Internet fax facility,
                    second paper tray and even larger memory.

Professional quality in
your hands                                                            3 page transmission using ITU No.1 Document

OKIFAX 5650 brings together the                                                                                  Call            Pre message
                                                                                                                 establishment   procedure
reliability and low running costs of Oki's
                                                      OKIFAX 5650                                                Data
unique Digital LED technology with the               with G4 option
                                                                                                                 Transmission    Call release

business quality you’d expect from laser
output – 300 dpi on both incoming and
                                                      OKIFAX 5650
outgoing faxes.
Users will find its fast transmission and
                                                     Fax with 14.4K
large memory saves precious time for
both large and small tasks, and they’ll
value the high quality it delivers for both
copying and printing. OKIFAX 5650 makes                                 Up to 5 times faster than 14.4K modem machine
it easy to produce clear text and graphics       Transmission speeds based on 14.4kbps modem, 33.6kbps modem and ISDN.
for professional-looking documents, with
64 levels of half-tone.
                                              Its 33.6K modem ensures rapid

                                              transmission at 3 seconds a page, and
True productivity                             with its powerful engine your OKIFAX
By handling work faster, your OKIFAX          5650 will scan at about 3 seconds a page
5650 frees up quickly for the next job and    and print and copy at a speedy 8 pages
helps minimise communication charges.         a minute.
                   Powerful features for productivity and quality

KIFAX 5650
 Flexibility for                                150 numbers for speed dialling. Another       time, while the stacking capacity of 100
                                                high-performance feature is the ability to    sheets holds incoming jobs safely.
 changing needs                                 create up to 20 groups from these 190
 No need to outgrow your OKIFAX 5650,           numbers for distributing communications       Environmentally
 because you can upgrade it to match your       to groups such as suppliers and               friendly
 growing business. A G4 (ISDN) option lets      customers.
 you take advantage of high-speed                                                             Environmental factors are a high priority
 communication – transmitting a page in         Even larger memory                            for Oki's designers, so the OKIFAX 5650
 200 x 200 dpi in 3 seconds or 200 x 100                                                      draws a tiny 0.5W in power save mode,
                                                The large (2.5Mb) memory offers flexible      and uses separate consumables to help
 dpi in 1.5 seconds. You can also benefit
                                                ways to work and helps safeguard              prevent waste. And like all Oki products,
 from communicating via the Internet by
                                                incoming and outgoing documents. It           its operation is virtually ozone-free.
 registering the Fax2Net option that lets
                                                holds around 200 A4 pages – so users
 you fax to email, have your ‘virtual email’
                                                can scan and store outgoing faxes to          Oki’s technology
 printed out, and retrieve a selection of
                                                send at off-peak times, to broadcast, or to
 web pages.
                                                save time while receiving an incoming fax.
                                                                                              working for you
 With a multi-interface kit your OKIFAX         Also, large incoming documents can be         At Oki, our aim is to provide you with
 5650 can become your printer delivering        held in memory if paper or consumables        innovative products that help you improve
                     near-600 dpi quality. It   run out, and there is a 20-hour memory        the quality of your communications and
                     can also become a PC-      back-up that holds documents securely in      make your work easier and more efficient.
                     fax, scanner and           memory if the power fails. For heavier duty   With the OKIFAX 5650, you'll enjoy the
                     convenience copier.        operation, a memory option lets you           best in professional plain-paper faxing -
                     And you can upgrade it     upgrade with a further 2Mb or 4Mb of          backed by all the support and resource of
                     to handle a heavy          memory to store a total of around 520         a major international company that was
                     workload with additional   A4 pages.                                     founded in 1881.
                     memory and a second
                     paper tray.                Smooth paper
 Designed to perform
                                                With its 250-page standard paper
 A new, larger operator panel makes it          capacity, the OKIFAX 5650 will only need
 even easier to use the high-performance,       refilling about once a week for many
 advanced dialling functions that help save     workgroup or small business needs, but
 time on every job and reduce the chance        for heavy-duty use it can be expanded to
 of misdialling. There are 40 dedicated         750 sheets. The 30-sheet automated
 buttons for one-touch dialling of frequently   document feeder makes it easy to handle
                                                                                                Digital LED Printing   Simply Smarter
 used numbers, and you can allocate up to       longer faxes automatically and in less

                    OKIFAX 5650 highlights
 •   8 pages per minute Digital LED printing
 •   33.6K modem for 3 seconds per page transmission
 •   G4 (ISDN) option for high speed communication
 •   40 One-Touch, 150 speed dials
 •   200 pages memory capacity (expandable to 520 pages)
 •   Scanning and transmission at 300 dpi resolution
 •   250-sheet standard paper capacity (expandable to 750 sheets)
 •   3 seconds per page scanning
 •   Multi-function upgradeability
                                         OKIFAX 5650

    OKIFAX 5650
                        TECHNICAL FEATURES

Major Applications
Part of the Oki family of superior Digital LED plain paper facsimiles, OKIFAX 5650 is equally suited to desktop or shared departmental use. It is designed for
individuals in a department or small business to walk up and use as a fax or copier – with excellent quality results. And with a Multi-Function Peripheral
upgrade it operates as an 8ppm printer, PC-fax, scanner and document manager.

Ease of Use                                                                                   Environmentally Friendly
•   Speed dials – total of 190 (40 One-Touch, 150 coded)                                      •      Virtually zero ozone emission
•   Group dials – 20 groups, up to 190 locations                                              •      Separate toner and drum – less waste
•   Automatic alternate dialling                                                              •      Power-save mode - <0.5W
•   Auto-redial                                                                               •      When idling – no fan noise
•   TAD interface – for plug-in answer-phone                                                  •      All major plastic parts marked for recycling
•   Large liquid crystal display (2 x 20 characters)                                          •      Energy Star compliant

Paper Handling                                                                                Ease of Use - Memory
•   Output:                                                                                   •      Dual access – scan documents into memory while the machine is
    - 250-sheet standard paper tray                                                                  receiving a fax
    - 500-sheet optional paper tray                                                           •      Instant dial – send fax during scanning
    - 100-sheet copy stacking capacity (using recommended paper)                              •      Standard memory 2.5Mbytes (approx 200 pages)
•   Input – 30-sheet ADF                                                                      •      Optional memory upgrade – 2 or 4 Mbytes (up to approx 520 pages)
•   Document size – A4                                                                        •      Quick scanning – 3 secs per page
•   Single-sheet manual feed (eg for transparencies)                                          •      Broadcast/delayed broadcast - up to 200 locations
                                                                                              •      Delayed send – 20 transmissions over 3 days
Image Quality                                                                                 •      Memory reception mode – receive all messages into memory
                                                                                              •      16 confidential mailboxes (ITU Sub Address)
•   Oki 8ppm Digital LED engine – quality, reliability and speed
                                                                                              •      Bulletin polling with 16 mailboxes (ITU Selective Polling)
•   Oki Smoothing Technology – for resolution enhancement
•   Up to 300 dpi copy and fax transmission
•   Half tones – 64 grey scales                                                               Speed, Power, Specification
•   Auto reduction – automatic vertical reduction from 100% to 75%                            •      Compatibility               - Group 3, optional Group 4
                                                                                              •      33.6K standard modem        - 3 secs/page transmission speed
Lower Running Costs                                                                           •      Coding scheme               - MH/MR/MMR
                                                                                              •      Telephone                   - PSTN/PBX (direct line/switchboard)
•   3 sec/page transmission speed – high-speed, low-cost faxing
                                                                                              •      Power                       - AC198-264V (nominal 230V); 50/60Hz
•   G4 ISDN option for even higher transmission speeds (1.5 sec/page)
                                                                                              •      Dimensions                  - 330 x 420 x 245mm (W x D x H)
•   Delayed send and broadcast – send faxes at cheap rate times
                                                                                              •      Weight                      - 13kg
•   Low cost per copy
                                                                                              •      Options:
•   Extended toner life – 2,500 A4 pages (based on 4% coverage)
                                                                                                     - G4/ISDN communication
•   Extended drum life – 20,000 A4 pages (continuous printing)
                                                                                                     - Multi-Function Peripheral
•   Ultra-low power consumption – <0.5W in power save mode
                                                                                                     - Fax2Net IP-Fax capability
•   Remote diagnosis
                                                                                                     - 2 or 4 Mbyte memory upgrade

European Head Office                                            All transmission speeds are based on ITU-T No.1 Document STD/MMR
Oki Europe Limited                                              transmission phase.
Central House                                                   TAD connectivity dependant on local supplier.
Balfour Road                                                    All specifications are subject to local Telecommunications Authority approval.
Hounslow                                                        Specifications subject to change without notice. All trademarks acknowledged.
Middlesex                                                       As an ENERGY STAR partner, Oki has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.

United Kingdom

Telephone +44 (0)20-8219 2190
Fax +44 (0)20-8219 2199
Web Site www.okieurope.com

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