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					Luminis 4.x Upgrade

 Checo Fall 2008 Meeting
    Sept 22-24, 2008
    Who is doing what?

• Mike Johnson – University of Denver
  – Upgraded from III.3.3.127 
• Mike Meens – Mesa State
  – No upgrade, started at Luminis 4
• Bill Waggoner – Aims
  – Upgraded from III  4
• Matt McGlamery – Fort Lewis
  – Non Luminis. Went with uPortal
                     About D.U.
• 20,000+ active people
  –   4,000 Undergrad students
  –   6,000 Graduate students
  –   10,000 Faculty and staff
  –   70,000+ courses in Luminis
  –   500,000+ people in Luminis

• Hardware
  –   Web/Portal/Calendar: 2x v890’s, (8)-1.3GhZ CPUs, 32Gb Memory (Clustered)
  –   Oracle/uPortal Tier: 2x v440’s, (4)-1.2GhZ CPUs, 16Gb Memory (Clustered)
  –   Mail (Ext. IMS) Tier: 2x v1280’s, (8)-900MhZ CPUs, 16Gb Memory (Clustered)
  –   Hitachi NSC55 Fiber disk
    Our upgrade concerns
• Authentication for other Apps
• Banner (7 & 8)
   – Integration (LMG/LMB)
   – Single Sign On (Channels)
• Blackboard (7.1 & 7.3)
   – Integration Building Block (SCT Gateway http client)
   – Single Sign On (General and Coursemap)
• Cost of Migration
   – SCT Recommends 850 hours of contracted services to prep and
     migrate. (!!!!)
• Migration Tools and Timeframe
   – We’ve been through migration before – tools sucked
   – We were hearing weeks of outages for this migration
              Problems we hit
• Immutable ID (Fix documented)
   –   We already used banner id’s. No need for immutable ID
   –   Generate Mappings list
   –   Configure LMG to use banner ID’s

• Migrator Memory Problems (FIXED)
   – Lots of memory problems and oracle problems that were finally
     addressed in migration jar file 2.8
• Targeted Announcements (Holy Cow)
   –   Uid=* caused mail not to work (FIXED)
   –   Creating announcements failed to render at all
   –   Can create but then can’t see
   –   Can’t use imported groups unless role admin
   –   Missed the boat with the boolean logic
   –   Created new roles to replace imported groups and screwed up boolean
                More problems
• Calendar & Messenger Express
   –   Messenger Express gone – we cheated
   –   Calendar Skin is sun’s skin unless you install com express
   –   Calendar Functionality degraded
   –   Address books now in calendar (due to com express)
• Icon Caching (FIXED)
   – Fixed in Platform III.3.3, removed for Platform IV, fixed (we complained) in
     IV.1.0.21, and finally fixed IV.1.0.27
• Blackboard Single Sign On (FIXED)
   – We pay for support contract for them to keep it maintained, then help them
     design the working product to sell to you guys…they have no dev
• Getting Roles from LDAP (Custom uPortal code)
   – cpicons functionality changed (documented)
• Originally planned upgrade 6/12/08
• Started testing late Jan/early Feb
   – Seemed like plenty of time…it wasn’t

• Still not a successful migration as of
   – Poor communication with Sungard Support, migration just taking too
     long to fix problem and repeat to hit next problem

• Migration postponed till mid August 2008
• Scheduled outage window was from
  12:01am Friday morning – 6am Monday
  morning. 80 hours was all we were able to
  squeeze out of the academic calendar.
How’d we do?

   • Great Success!!
     – Testing took 80+ hours
       (little V210’s)
     – Production took a little
       over 48 hours +
• Tune oracle (both instances)
   – Roll over logs
   – Archive mode

• Engineer on call for OH $@#! moments if you don’t
• Rummage support site (known issues doc)
• Take your problems to support and for
  faster resolution
My contact info

  Mike Johnson
 (303) 871-3722

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