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									                                 THE DELEGATION

CAMBODIA                                     PHILIPPINES
Dr. Alfredo C. Panizales                     Secretary Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua III
Advisor                                      Chairman
Telecom Cambodia                             Commission on Information and
                                             Communications Technology (CICT)

INDONESIA                                    Mr. Angelo Timoteo Diaz de Rivera
Ms. Sri Cahaya Khoironi                      Commissioner for e-Government
Directorate of e-Government, Directorate     Development, e-Government Development
General for ICT Application, Department of   Group, Commission on Information and
Communication and Information                Communications Technology

Mr. Aries Kusdaryono                         VIETNAM
Assistant Head of e-Government Basic         Ms. Le Hai Hong
Application, Sub-Directorate Department of   Deputy Director General, General
Communication and Information                Department of Tax
                                             Ms. Duong Thi Hai Truong
Mr. Luky Priyanto                            Director, Information Technology
Head of Jayapura Tax Audit and               Application Department, General
Investigation Office, Papua,                 Department of Tax
Director General of Taxes,
Ministry of Finance                          Ms. Dao Thi Nguyen
                                             Deputy Director General
                                             Ministry of Information & Communications
Mr. Zamani bin Zakariah                      Mr. Tu Pham Quong
General Manager, Technical Division          Deputy Director, Project Implementation
Communications & Multimedia                  Unit of the ICT Unit of Vietnam
Commission (MCMC) Malaysia                   Ministry of Information & Communications

Dr. Alfredo C. Panizales
Telecom Cambodia

Dr. Alfredo C. Panizales is presently the Advisor of Telecom Cambodia. He is currently involved
with ADB, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and China Ex-Im Bank funded
nationwide fiber optic transmission network projects in Cambodia. Concurrently, Dr. Panizales
is the Dean of the Graduate School of Management and a Professor of Strategic Management at
the Pannasastra University of Cambodia.

Dr. Panizales is formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Domestic Satellite Phils., Inc. (DOMSAT)
prior to his position as the Chief Operating Officer of Destiny Satellite Corporation and Chief
Executive Officer of Solar Entertainment Corporation. He was the Strategic Development
Advisor for Cable & Wireless Group of companies in the Philippines (Eastern Telecoms, Oceanic
Wireless & DIGITEL) after serving ETPI as management executive for 15 years.

Dr. Panizales is a key figure in the ambitious program of the Philippine Government to launch its
own satellite, the Agila Satellite Program. He is the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the
Philippine Agila Satellite Consortium. In cooperation with the Washington-based Consultant
Latham and Watkins, he is responsible in the formulation of technical plans and preparing
regular reports to the government. He is the official representative of the government in all
intersystem coordination with various governments worldwide. He also served as the Project
team coordinator with French-based Aerospatiale for the preparation of technical standards and
completion reports; and was a member of the DOTC/DOMSAT/National Science Program Office
plan to launch an experimental satellite.

Dr. Panizales is a Certified Professional Marketer (CPM)- Asia Pacific and a Certified Cost
Engineer from the American Association of Cost Engineers (USA). He obtained a degree in
Applied Mathematics at the University of the Philippines, an MBA graduate of Ateneo de Manila
and a Doctor of Business Administration from the Professional School of Business, De La Salle

He has represented the Philippine government in several telecommunications forum/conventions
organized by ITU/CCITT-CCIR, World Bank, Asia Pacific Telecommunity and APEC Economies.
Dr. Panizales has done consultancy jobs for the Department of Transportation and
Communications, Canadian Government (CIDA Project), Nauru Government, USAID/Price
Waterhouse Project GE Information Services, SMART Communications, EASYCALL, ISLACOM,
DOMSAT, DOTC/ Bureau Yves Houssin (NTP 1-2 Telephone Program) and KPMG (Malaysia)
performance valuation study.
Mr. Luky Priyanto
Head of Jayapura Tax Audit and Investigation Office, Papua,
Director General of Taxes
Ministry of Finance

Mr. Priyanto currently serves as Chief of District Tax Office, Directorate General of Tax within
the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia. His interest is primarily on ICT that has been performed
and developed in the Directorate General of Tax in Indonesia. Through the USTDA Orientation
Visit, he hopes to gain knowledge that can be applied to his organization, especially in relation to
the execution of tax liabilities. Mr. Priyanto received a Bachelor of Arts in Economy and a Master
of Science in Administration and Policy of Taxation from Indonesia University, Jakarta.

Mr. Zamani bin Zakariah
Senior Director, MyICMS
Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Malaysia

Zamani bin Zakariah is presently Senior Director of the MyICMS, Technology and Standards
Division at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), responsible
for the MyICMS 886 Directorate’s coordination of the planning, implementation and monitoring
of the national information, communications and multimedia services strategy, the MyICMS 886
(a blueprint for the delivery of advance information, communications and multimedia services in
Malaysia for the period 2006 through 2010). His functions within the division also cover
responsibility for technology and standards development for the communications and
multimedia services industry in Malaysia. Mr. Zakariah had, since joining MCMC in January
2002 undertaken responsibilities in spectrum and numbering planning and management.

Mr. Zakariah has held top and senior positions during his 28 years of working experience with
cellular (Mobikom Sdn Bhd) and fiber optic (Time Telekom Sdn Bhd) communications
operators/service providers, telecommunications equipment vendor (Ericsson Malaysia) and had
also been an academic with a prime university (Universiti Malaya) in the country in the early
years of his career.

During his years in the private sector, Mr. Zakariah had held top and senior positions in regional
and international organizations which comprised membership of international
telecommunications operators and manufacturers. While in MCMC, he had led several
Malaysian delegations on behalf of the government to world conferences and assemblies for
radiocommunications and standardization, as well as leading delegations to regional

Mr. Zakariah holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of
Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, England.
Secretary Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua
Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT)

Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua III joined the Philippine government in October 2007 as the Chairman
of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT), a cabinet-ranked
position. The CICT is the primary policy planning, coordinating, implementing, regulating, and
administrative entity of the executive branch of the Philippine government tasked to promote,
develop, and regulate integrated and strategic ICT systems and reliable and cost-efficient
communication facilities and services.

Prior to his appointment, Secretary Roxas-Chua worked in the private sector as President of
ARCYA Glass Corporation, a glass manufacturing company, and Vice President and Assistant
General Manager of Pacific Land and Building Corporation, a property development and
management company.

Prior to moving back to the Philippines in 2005, Secretary Roxas-Chua was Vice President of the
Technology Investment Banking unit of Citigroup Inc. in Palo Alto, California, where he focused
on equity and debt underwriting, mergers and acquisitions advisory, and bank loan syndication
for technology companies, particularly in the communications equipment, electronic
manufacturing services and semiconductor sectors.

Secretary Roxas-Chua graduated at the top of his high school class at Xavier School in San Juan,
Philippines, and pursued his college education at the University of Pennsylvania, where he
graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School
and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science from the School of Engineering and
Applied Science.

Mr. Angelo Timoteo Diaz de Rivera
Commissioner for e-Government Development, e-Government Development Group,
Commission on Information and Communications Technology

Angelo Diaz de Rivera is currently the Commissioner for e-Government Development as well as
for Human Capital Development of the Commission on Information and Communications
Technology (CICT). Recently, from June 2007 up to September 2007, he also served as the
Officer-In-Charge (OIC) - Chairman of the CICT in view of the resignation of the previous CICT
Chairman, Secretary Ramon P. Sales, in May 2007 and the assumption of office of the new CICT
Chairman, Secretary Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua, in October 2007. Mr. Diaz de Rivera has held
various appointments in the Philippine Government with several public sector organizations
starting in June 2001 as the Presidential Assistant for ICT. His stint at the Presidential
Management Staff from June 2002 to December 2004 in Malacanang Palace saw the introduction
of several innovative approaches to ICT adoption, many of which were Private Public
Partnerships (PPPs). In December 2003, he was appointed by President Gloria Macapagal-
Arroyo to head the National Computer Center (NCC) as its Director-General in a concurrent
Prior to joining the government sector in 2001, Mr. Diaz de Rivera worked for around 20 years in
management and sales positions for several local and multinational ICT companies, such as
General Electric, Unisys and NCR. He also spent three productive years managing the Internet-
related business interests of the Lopez Group, including executive postings at Bayan
Telecommunications, ABS-CBN Telecommunications, Sky Cable and Sky Internet.

In 1978, Mr. Diaz de Rivera completed the requirements for his Bachelor of Science degree in
Industrial Engineering from the University of the Philippines. In 1985, he completed the
academic requirements for his Masters degree in Business Administration at the same university.
Aside from the active roles he has played in professional and civic organizations such as Rotary
Club and various Philippine ICT NGOs, he has also attended an extensive number of non-formal
training courses in various disciplines over his impressive twenty-nine-year professional career.

Ms. Le Hong Hai
Deputy Director General
General Department of Tax

Le Hong Hai is the Deputy Director General of the General Department of Taxation (GDT) of
Vietnam. At her current position, Ms. Hai assists the Director General in the organization and
instruction of implementing the personal income tax collection at state level. She is also
responsible for the administration of the Reform Department, which requires her to make plans
and implement the strategies, programs and schedules of tax administration reform and
modernization. She is also responsible for researching and developing programs, procedures
and techniques for the new tax administration and taxpayer database. Moreover, she is also in
charge of the International Taxation Department, through which she helps the Director General
implement international tax cooperation; negotiating Tax Treaties; and instructing the
implementation of international treaties designated by the Ministry of Finance. She also assists in
supervising the IT application Division belonging to GDT, which establishes and develops
information technology applied in the modernization of tax administration.

Before being transferred to GDT, Ms. Hai served at the Bureau of Legal, Ministry of Finance. She
has a Master of Law from the University of Law, Hanoi.
Ms. Truong Thi Hai Duong
Director, Information Technology Application Department
General Department of Tax

Truong Thi Hai Duong is currently the Director of IT Application Division, General Department
of Taxation within Ministry of Finance of Vietnam. In this capacity, she is in charge of developing
and implementing the IT application and modernization the tax administration. She is also
responsible for making strategy in tax administration, managing and controlling the provincial
tax offices in IT application for tax administration. Ms. Duong received a Bachelor of Art at the
National Economic University in 1983.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Dao
Deputy Director General
Ministry of Information & Communications

Nguyen Thi Dao currently serves as Deputy Director General of the International Cooperation
Department within the Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam. In this capacity
she is in charge of the IT and External Economic sections in the Department where she facilitates
the process of building the Government Information Network, e-Gov efforts, and ICT
development. She also assists in drafting framework and seeking foreign assistance for IT,
telecommunications and postal law. Nguyen Thi Dao is also responsible for organizing high and
middle level exchange visits among ICT administrations with Vietnamese ICT authorities. Prior
to this role, she served as Head of the Bilateral Section of the International Cooperation
Department within Ministry of Posts and Telematics of Vietnam. From 1997 to 1998 she served
as Managing Director within International Cooperation Department of the Vietnam Youth Union.
Nguyen Thi Dao received a Bachelor of Arts in Pedagogical Foreign Languages from Hanoi
University in 1981, and a Masters of Arts in Communication Management from the University of
Technology, Sydney, Australia in 1996.

Mr. Pham Quong Tu
Deputy Director, Project Implementation Unit of the ICT Unit of Vietnam
Ministry of Information & Communications

Pham Quong Tu currently serves as Deputy Director of the Project Implementation Unit of the
“Vietnam ICT Development Project” within the Ministry of Information and Communication.
Pham Quong Tu is in charge of managing project implementation and developing the e-
Government Architecture. Prior to this role, he served as Head of the Division of Planning and
Science Research Management at the Research Institute of Post and Telecommunications. In this
capacity he prepared and organized the implementation of ICT researching activities. Mr. Tu also
managed and organized the implementation of the projects related to the application of new
telecommunication equipment within the telecommunication network. From 1984 to 1997, he
served as Researcher, Head of the Center at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science.
Pham Quang Tu is a graduate of the Institute of Technology of Post and Telecommunications of

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