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									      Come in                               ACKNOWLEDGMENT

      “ The satisfaction Euphoria that accompany the successful completion of any
      work would be incomplete unless we mention the name of the person, who made
      it possible, who constant guidance and encouragement served as a beckon of
      light and crowned our efforts with success.” I consider it a privilege to express
      through the pages of this report, a few words of gratitude and respect to those
      who guided and inspired in the completion of this project.”
              I am deeply indebted to Mr. Vineet Bhandawat (Branch Manager) for
      giving me the opportunity to undergo my project in their esteemed organization
      and the their timely suggestions & Valuable guidance. I also want togive thanks
      to Mr. Hemant Arora (Sr. Sales Manager) Mr.Manish Gandhi (Sr.
      Relationship Manager) and Mr. Sanjay Panwar (Business Development
      Manager). They constantly encouraged me and showed the right path from day
      first till the completion of my project.
             I had visited almost all markets of Jodhpur and collected information of the
      project. I have also done promotional activities under the constant guidance of
      my project guide.
             In the last but not the least, my grateful appreciation is also extended to
      Mr. Mukesh Mandan (Administrative Head), Mr. Vishal M. Thomas (Placement
      Officer) and Mr. Sidharth Jain (Faculty-Financial Management) my thanks to all
      my faculties members, Parents and friends.
             However, I accept the sole responsibility for any possible errors of
      omission and would be extremely grateful to the readers of this project report if
      they bring such mistakes to my notice.


Indiabulls                                       1                     FMS-IRM

      The PGDBM curriculum is so designed that student get enough practical
      knowledge of business world which helps them to explore their skills in the
      corporate world in future.

                    The PGDBM training helps the students to understand and gain
      knowledge about the industry and market environment. It develops skills of
      analyzing and interpreting problems through application of concepts and
      techniques of management.
                    Trainee did a project for Indiabulls in Jodhpur City. The study
      consists of the following chapters.

         Introduction of Indiabulls
         Study of products of Indiabulls
         Analysis of client Satisfaction
         Conclusion

Indiabulls                                    2                   FMS-IRM

              I, Mr. CHANDER PRKASH , a student of FMS- Institute of Rural
      Management, Jodhpur, here by declare that this project is the record of
      authentic work carried out by me during the academic year 2005-2007 and has
      not been submitted to any other university or Institute towards the award of any
             An attempt has been made by me to provide all relevant and important
      details regarding the topic to support the theoretical edifice with concrete
      research evidence. This will be helpful to clean the fog surrounding the various
      aspect of the topic.

      I hope that this project will be beneficial for the Organization.

      Place: Jodhpur                                           (TARUN KULSHRESTHA)
      Date: June                                                FMS- IRM, Jodhpur

Indiabulls                                     3                          FMS-IRM
Indiabulls   4   FMS-IRM
Indiabulls   5   FMS-IRM
Indiabulls   6   FMS-IRM
                                      PROJECT PROFILE

      Project Profile: -
                            “ Marketing Strategies Of Indiabulls”

      Objectives Of study: -

                            To Understand and analyse the marketing strategies of

                            To understand and analyse online trading at indiabulls.

                            To improv the format of DSR (Daily Sales Report)

      Methodology Adopted: -

                    The methodology adopted for the present study was focus
      discussion, interview and close observation through in-house study. Since the
      project is based on action research it was necessary to build rapport to collect
      maximum information from the Client. Hence the research spent considerable
      time with the people who reside in nearby encompassing city. The main focus
      was to do with the assessing the satisfaction level of investors and explore the
      possibility of more sound arrangement of disseminating outlook information

Indiabulls                                     7                      FMS-IRM
      Marketing Research: -

                           WHAT IS MARKETING RESEARCH ?

             Marketing research is the function which likes the consumers,
      customers & public t the marketer through information which is used to identify
      & define marketing opportunities & problems, generate, refine & evaluate
      marketing action; monitor marketing performances & improve understanding of
      marketing as a process.

             On the basis of fundamental objectives of the research, marketing
      research projects are classified into two branches:
              Exploratory Research
              Conclusive Research

                                  It   seeks   to   discover   new   relationships.   All
      marketing research projects start with it. This is a preliminary phase & is
      absolutely essential in order to obtain a proper definition of problems at hand.
      The major emphasis is on the discovery of ideas & insight.
      Exploratory research looks for hypothesis in well-established fields of study.
      Hypothesis usually comes from ideas developed in previous researches or are
      delivered from theory. Hypothesis is tentative answer to the question that serves
      as guide for most of the research projects.


Indiabulls                                     8                       FMS-IRM
      Conclusive research provides information that helps the executive so that he can
      make a rational decision. This study has done well while attempting to arrive at a
      more clear description of an apparent problem.

                                      Data Collection

      Primary data: -     which is collected by new research called primary data.

                                   Personal Interview
                                   Close observation
                                   Survey conduction
                                   Group Discussion

      Secondary data: - already existing data is called secondary data. I collected
                          them by following method –
                                    Internet
                                    Books

Indiabulls                                      9                    FMS-IRM
Indiabulls   10   FMS-IRM

      Indiabulls Financial Services Limited was incorporated on January 10,
      2000 as M/s Orbis Infotech       Private Limited at New Delhi under the
      Companies Act, 1956 with Registration No. 55 - 103183. The name of
      Company was changed to M/s. Indiabulls Financial Services Private
      Limited on March 16, 2001 due to change in the main objects of the
      Company from Infotech business to Investment & Financial Services
      business. It became a Public Limited Company on February 27, 2004 and
      the name of Company was changed to M/s. Indiabulls Financial Services
      Limited.      And Now this company has achieved milestone by voted as
      The Youngest Company of the year in ET500

      Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd is a public company and listed on the
      National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, Luxembourg Stock
      Exchange and London Stock Exchange. The market capitalization of
      Indiabulls is approx US $ 800 million, and the consolidated net worth of
      the company is approx US $ 400 million. Indiabulls and its group
      companies have attracted US $ 300 million of equity capital in Foreign
      Direct Investment (FDI) since March 2000.

      Indiabulls ranks at 82nd position in the list of most valuable companies
      in India. Indiabulls is promoted by three engineers from the Indian Institute
      of Technology (IIT) Delhi. Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) and foreign
      funds hold over 60 percent shareholding of Indiabulls. Some of the large
      shareholders of Indiabulls are the largest financial institutions of the world

Indiabulls                                 11                     FMS-IRM
      such as Fidelity Funds, Capital International, Goldman Sachs, Merrill
      Lynch, Lloyd George and Farallon Capital. There are approximately over
      40,000             shareholders               of           the           company.
      Indiabulls Financial Services is a retail financial services company
      providing a diverse array of financial products and services, through its
      nationwide network of over 300 Indiabulls offices, and services over
      2,50,000 clients spread across 110 cities in India. Indiabulls, along with
      its subsidiary companies, offer consumer loans, brokerage and depository
      services, personal loans, home loans and other financial products and
      services to the retail markets.

      Indiabulls, which has a workforce of over 10,000 full time employees, reported
      US $ 60 million in Profit Before Tax and US $ 45 million in Net Profit for the first
      nine months of the current financial year.

      Philosophy: -

      Indiabulls has created a unique organization that is designed for you – the Smart
      Investor –. it passionately believe in the Smart Investor who wants to make his
      own educated investment choices and demands world class access to a full
      range of services and products ranging from Equities to Insurance, combined
      with the highest level of integrity, service and professionalism.

      Indiabulls is a full service investment firm offering clients access to a tremendous
      range of financial services from 135 locations across 95 cities. We have a strong
      team of over 1000 Client Relationship Managers focussed on serving customers
      unique needs. Our world class infrastructure, built with tens of crores of
      investment, provides our clients with real-time service, multi-channel & 24/7
      access to all information and products. As we've expanded and developed to
      serve the needs of all kinds of investors, we've been guided by one underlying
      philosophy: You come first.

Indiabulls                                     12                         FMS-IRM
      We are proud to introduce to you Indiabulls Professional NetworkTM that offers
      real-time prices, equity analysis, detailed data and news, intelligent analytics, and
      electronic trading capabilities, right at your finger-tips. This powerful technology is
      complemented by our knowledgeable and customer focussed Relationship
      Managers who are available to help with your financial planning and investment

      About Founders: -

                         The fast paced growth, diversification and consolidation of
      the Group has been possible due to the vision and leadership of the co-
      founders of Indiabulls.

      Sameer Gehlaut is the Chairman, CEO and Whole Time Director of
      Indiabulls. Sameer is an engineer from IIT, Delhi (1995) and has worked
      internationally with Halliburton in its international services business in
      1995. He has utilized his experience with the international best practices
      and professional work culture at Halliburton to lead Indiabulls successfully.

      Rajiv Rattan is the President, CFO and Whole Time Director of Indiabulls.
      Rajiv is an engineer from IIT, Delhi (1994) and has rich experience in the
      oil industry, having worked extensively across the globe in highly
      responsible assignments with Schlumberger. Rajiv has managed remote
      exploration projects providing evaluation services for different clients in
      India as well as abroad.

      Saurabh Mittal is a Director at Indiabulls. Declared the best graduating
      student in IIT, Delhi in (1995), Saurabh was also one of the engineers

Indiabulls                                     13                        FMS-IRM
      selected by Schlumberger to work for its international services business
      in 1995 and gained experience of working in various global locations. He
      graduated as a Baker Scholar with an MBA from the Harvard Business
      School. He has also developed in-depth understanding of international
      financial markets.


                                                           Personal Loan


                                                                        Home Loan
Real Estate

                                      Resources Ltd.

Indiabulls                              14                    FMS-IRM
      Insurance: -
      “When    you hear the word Insurance, the words boring and mundane

      probably enter your mind.”
      When it comes to business, you are right up there. Taking all those split second
      decisions, avoiding pitfalls and making sure your money works hard for you.
      But don't you think the business of life requires just as much attention and
      probably even more. That's we are proud to bring to you an offer exclusively for
      you. As a part of our endeavor to provide you with world-class products and
      services, Indiabulls gives you the opportunity to avail of the whole range of Birla
      Sunlife Insurance Products through the Indiabulls network of 1000 Relationship
      Managers over 135 locations nationwide. Which means you can take care of life,
      while              taking                care            of              business.
      As always, we put your needs first.

      Loans: -
        Personal Loan: -
                                  “ No   questions. Only Loans.”
      No matter where you work, or how much you earn, we offer you the shortest
      route to a loan with minimum paperwork and procedures. With Indiabulls Fast
      Loans, you can avail of easy loans for a minimum of Rs.10,000 to a maximum
      amount of Rs.1,00,000.

Indiabulls                                      15                    FMS-IRM
               Flexible loan tenor of up to 4 years (i.e. 1 month to 48 months).
               Loans available from a minimum of Rs.10, 000 up to a maximum of
               Easy monthly repayment through equated monthly installments (EMI).

                Easy documentation and quick disbursal

          Home Loan: -
                                  Indiabulls has commenced lending of Mortgage Loans to
      prospective customers under the flagship of Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.
      Here we enable home-seekers to access finance to buy, build, rent or improve
      their homes. We also provide plot loans, Loan against Residential, Commercial
      and Rental Property, thereby enabling the borrower to leverage the property
      owned to fund any legitimate needs be it Business Expansion, Child's Education,
      Child's            Marriage              or        for        holiday         abroad.

      Real Estate: -

      Through its group companies, Indiabulls is also engaged in real estate
      development. The group companies recently made winning bids for the Jupiter
      and Elphinstone Mills in Mumbai in an auction carried out by the National Textiles
      Corporation (NTC), a Government of India undertaking. The company will now
      develop modern commercial complexes in the heart of Mumbai - the financial
      capital of India. Indiabulls' foreign partner, Farallon Capital made the first real
      estate related FDI investment in Indiabulls Properties Pvt. Ltd to buy Jupiter Mills
      immediately after the new FDI guidelines were introduced by the Government of
      India        for     real       estate        development    in      March     2005.

Indiabulls                                          16                    FMS-IRM
      Indiabulls Resources Ltd: -

      Indiabulls Resources Ltd, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Indiabulls Financial
      Services Ltd., has been established with the objective of evolving as an
      independent oil company over time. Our immediate short-term goal is to partner
      with oil companies who are willing to come to India and bid in the current NELP-6
      round. We are ready to invest along with such companies for exploration blocks
      of mutual interest.

      Indiabulls has grown its business by over 100% CAGR since inception. The
      growth of Indiabulls in a highly competitive market is a testimony of its
      quality services.

      Highlights of Financial Condition of Indiabulls
      Indiabulls reports fiscal 2006 revenues of Rs. 613.15 crores, YoY growth of
      and profits of Rs 253.36 crores, YoY growth of 347%
      New Delhi, India - April 24, 2006
      Consolidated results for the quarter ended March 31, 2006
      • Income was Rs. 195.5 crore for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2006; YoY
      growth was
      • Net profit after tax was Rs. 80.38 crore for the fourth quarter ended March 31,
      2006; YoY
      growth was 236%

Indiabulls                                  17                       FMS-IRM
                                                  NET PROFIT (In Crores)

                     90                                            80.38
                     70                                    56.71

                     20           4.06     5.10
                     10    0.01
                          2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

      • Earnings per share increased to Rs. 4.63 from Rs. 2.02 for the corresponding
      quarter in the
      previous year; YoY growth was 129%
      Consolidated results for the year ended March 31, 2006
      • Income was Rs. 613.15 crore for the year ended March 31, 2006; YoY growth
      was 264%
      • Net profit after tax was Rs. 253.36 crore for the year ended March 31, 2006;
      YoY growth
      was 347%
      • Earnings per share increased to Rs. 15.61 from Rs. 5.10 in the previous year;
      YoY growth
      was 206%

Indiabulls                                 18                      FMS-IRM
      • Total customers in the Securities Business increased to over 236,000
      • 10,069 employees spread over 306 offices in 113 cities as on March 31, 2006
      for Indiabulls
      Financial Services Limited and its group companies
      • On behalf of Mr. L N Mittal, LNMIIVL paid Rs 89.16 crores to buy 8.2% stake
      of Indiabulls
      Credit Services Limited valuing the business at over Rs. 1,100 crores.

      Board Of Directors: -

                       S.No   Name                    Designation
                         1    Mr.Sameer Gehlaut       Chairman & Wholetime Director
                         2    Mr.Shamsher Singh       Director
                         3    Mr.Aishwarya Katoch     Director
                         4    Mr.Kartar Singh Gulia   Director
                         5    Mr.Gagan Banga          Director
                         6    Mr.Saurabh K Mittal     Director
                         7    Mr.Karan Singh          Director
                         8    Mr.Rajiv Rattan         Whole Time Director

Indiabulls                                       19                     FMS-IRM
Indiabulls   20   FMS-IRM
                               History of Capital Market
      The capital Market consists of two market.
         1. Primary Market
         2. Secondary Market

      Primary market: -
      Primary market deals with the issue if new instrument by the corporate sector
      such as equity share, preference share and debt instrument. Central and State
      govts. , Various public industrial units (PSUs), statutory and authority such as
      state electricity boards and port trusts also issue bonds/debt instruments. Offer
      for subscription to securities is made to investing community.
                  There are several majors players in primary market. These include
      the merchant bankers, mutual funds, financial institutions, foreign institutional
      investors (FIIs) and individual investors.

      Secondary market: -
      The secondary market or stock exchange is a market for trading and settlement
      of securities that have already been issued. The investors is holding securities
      sell securities through registered brokers/sub brokers of the stock exchange.
      Investors who are desirous of buying securities purchase securities through
      registered brokers/sub brokers of the exchange . It may have a physical location
      like a stock exchange or a trading floor. Since 1995, trading in securities is
      screen based and Internet based trading has also made an appearance in India.
                            In secondary market there are the stock exchanges, stock
      brokers (who are members of the stock exchanges) , the mutual funds , financial
      institutions, foreign institutional investors (FIIs), and individual Investors

      Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI): -

Indiabulls                                      21                         FMS-IRM
      With the objective of improving market efficiency, enhancing transparency,
      checking unfair trade practice and bringing the Indian market up to international
      slandered, a package of reforms consisting of measures to liberalise, regulate
      and develop the securities market was introduced during the 1990s. This has
      changed corporate securities market beyond recognition in this decade. The
      practice of allocation of resources among different competing entities as well as
      its terms by a central authority was discontinued. The secondary market
      overcome the geographical barriers by moving to screen based trading

      National Stock Exchange (NSE): -
      The National Stock Exchange commenced its operational in 1994 as a first step
      in reforming the securities market through improve technology and introduction of
      best practices in management. It started with the concept of an independent
      governing body without any broker representation thus ensuring that the
      operators’ interests were not allowed to dominate the governance of the

      Depository System: -
      Before the NSE was setup, securities (Shares) were in physical form. The
      transfer was by physical movement of papers. There had to be a physical
      delivery of securities a process fraught with delays and resultant risk. The second
      aspect of the settlement relates to transfer of shares in favour of the purchaser
      by the company. The system of transfer of ownership was grossly inefficient as
      every transfer involves physical movement of paper securities to the issuer for
      registration, with the change of ownership being evidenced by an endorsement
      on the security certificate in many cases the process of transfer would much
      longer than the two months stipulated in the Company Act, and a significance
      proportion of transaction would end up as bad delivery due to faulty compliance
      of paper work, Theft, forgery, mutilation of certificates of a security. All this added
      to cost and delays in settlement, restricted liquidity and made investors grievance
      redressal time consuming and, at time, intractable.

Indiabulls                                     22                        FMS-IRM
      To obviate these problems, the Depositories Act, 1996 was passed. It provide
      for the establishment of depositories in securities with the objective of ensuring
      free transferability of securities with speed, accuracy and security. It does so by
         1. Making securities of public limited companies freely transferable, subject
             to certain exception.
         2. Dematerialising the securities in the depository mode.
         3. Providing for maintenance of ownership records in a book entry form.
      Two depositories, viz., NSDL and CDSL, have come up to provide instantaneous
      electronic transfer of securities.
      The NSE introduce screen based trading system (SBTS) where a member can
      punch in to the computer the quantities of shares and the prices at which he
      wants to transact. The transaction execute as soon as quote punched by a
      trading member finds a matching sale or buys quote from counter party. SBTS
      electronically matches the buyer and seller in an order driven system or finds the
      customer the best price available in a quote driven system, and hence cuts down
      on time , cost and risk of errors as well as on the chances of fraud.

      Trade Transaction: -
      An Investor can get in two types of trade transaction i.e.
         1. Intraday Trade
         2. Delivery Trade

      Intraday trade: - In this type of trading an investor can buy any share during the
      trading session but he has to sell this share before 3 P.M. otherwise the software
      of Indiabulls will sell it automatically.

      Delivery Trade: - In delivery Trade Investor buy any share during the trading
      session but he is no more bound sell it on same day. It is basically for investment
      purpose he can sell his share whenever he wants.

Indiabulls                                        23                    FMS-IRM
Indiabulls   24   FMS-IRM
                                 Indiabulls IN JODHPUR
      HDFC Bank started with its services on 1st July. It provides best banking and
      financial services to the people.
             The Branch manager of the bank Mr. Vineet Bhandavet along with his
      hard working staff has brought HDFC Bank at the heights, in Jodhpur.


                                          Branch Manager

                                      Senior Manager Sales

                                          Manager Sales

      Senior Relationship Manager                          Business Development Manager
                         (SRM)                                 (BDM)

      Relationship Manager                                 Business Development Executive
                      (RM)                                       (BDE)

      Associate Relationship Manager

Indiabulls                                     25                      FMS-IRM
                     Branch in Jodhpur

      Area:       Jodhpur
      Address:    K.P. Tower, Opp. Kohinoor Cinema,
                  4th Chopasani Road,
                  Jodhpur (Raj.) 342008
      Tel.:       (0291) 5102929, 5101188,
                  (0291) 5101500
      BSE         Yes
      NSE         Yes

      Weekday:    Monday to Friday: 9.00 – 06.30
      Weekend:    Saturday:        9.30 – 06 .30
      Week Off:   Sunday

Indiabulls                    26                      FMS-IRM
Indiabulls   27   FMS-IRM

      Indiabulls offers two products: -   “Get More At Indiabulls.”
                                          1. NIB - Normal Indiabulls
                                          2. PIB - Power Indiabulls

      NIB – Normal Indiabulls: -

      “A multitude of ways to access your account either through priority access
      to Relationship Manager over phone OR online access to your Account &
      Research Tools.”
      Enjoy priority telephone access that gives you direct access to your Relationship

      Stay on the top of your investments with a snapshot of your Account Statements.
      Get access to Portfolio statement and access to digital contract notes.

      PIB – Power Indiabulls: -

                                   “Trading just got faster”

      It is advance trading software which great deals of versatility even at low band
      width assuring speed and total functionality ensuring speed and total functioning
      of a broker’s terminal. An active trader market execute traders and get
      confirmation of the some computers terminal need to be 128 Bits Encrypted
      (Supported by explorer version 5 and above)
                  Regardless of how the market is performing or which way the
      economic winds are blowing as traders, are researching, charting, crafting a

Indiabulls                                    28                       FMS-IRM
      strategy, buying and selling. Investors are getting in, getting out and moving on to
      the next trade. Choose from a comprehensive offering of accounts, platform and
      product. Customize technology and services to support the way of work.
             Choose from a broad spectrum of sophisticated trading tools using a fast
      desktop Trading Software. - Trading just got faster.

      Features of PIB:

            Live Streaming Quotes
            Fast Order Entry
            Tic by Tic Live Charts
            Technical Analysis
            Live News and Alerts

      Extensive Reports for Real-time Accounting

Indiabulls                                    29                       FMS-IRM
      Indiabulls: “ A Cut Above The Rest”
      Service Industry is base on differentiation of the product and service Indiabulls is
      different from its competitors because of following reason –

          Internal Marketing: -
             is to train and motivate employees to serve customers. The selection,
             training and motivation of the employees will make a huge difference in
             customer satisfaction.
                       In Indiabulls the employees are well trained and motivated to
             work and they work dedicatly. Because Indiabulls know that employee’s
             attitude will promote stronger customer loyalty. Indiabulls designed a sound
             training programme and support and rewards for good performance. They
             can use Internet, internal newsletters, daily remainders, and employee
             roundtables to reinforce customer-centered attitude.

          External Marketing: -
             Describe the normal work to prepare, price, distribute and promote the
             service to customers. Its is mainly for customers to provide better service for
             this purpose Indiabulls is providing following unique services to his
             customers: -

                1. Relationship Managers who are dedicated to supporting customers
                    trading and investing needs. They always keep in touch with client
                    and they give various tips to client by which he can invest in good
                2. Dealers everyday give confirmations of the client’s whole day trading
                    in the evening after signing out from the Market.

Indiabulls                                    30                        FMS-IRM

                                    Internal                      External
                              Marketing                            Marketing


      Employees                                Interactive Marketing                 Customers

          Indiabulls is providing Funding for trading to its client on nominal rates of
             interest i.e. on 18% limit of funding is as follow
                     Delivery- for delivery trading Indiabulls providing 2 times funding
                     Intraday- for this type of trading Indiabulls is proving 8 times
             funding without charging any interest.

          Indiabulls Equity Analysis Indiabulls provide an analysis of more than
             540 companies it include current and future planning of various companies
             but this service is optional for client.
                              Building and maintaining customer’s            ideal portfolio
             demands objective, dependable information. Indiabulls Equity Analysis
             helps satisfy that need by rating stocks based on carefully selected, fact-
             based measures. And because we're not focused on investment banking,
             Indiabulls don't have the same conflicts of interest as traditional brokerage
             firms. This objectivity is an important difference in our ratings.

Indiabulls                                       31                      FMS-IRM
                      The Indiabulls Equity Analysis model attempts to gauge investor
             expectations, since stock prices tend to move in the same direction as
             changes in investor expectations.

            Stocks with low and potentially improving investor expectations tend to
             receive A or B ratings
            Stocks with high and potentially falling investor expectations tend to
             receive D or E ratings

             Over the next 12 months, A-rated stocks have a return outlook of strongly
             outperforming the market while E-rated stocks have a return outlook of
             strongly under performing the market. Find out more about using
             Indiabulls Equity Analysis

          In today’s scenario when all services are going to be online or in
             electronic form Indiabulls is creating awareness of online trading that
             client can trade from anywhere from the World.

          Risk management team of Indiabulls taking care of client portfolio and
             whenever the value of his portfolio will go decrease by 30% client always
             informed by his Relationship Manager.

          Indiabulls is providing a software called “Power Indiabulls” as describe
             above if a client have his own PC and Internet then he can trade from his
             home or office.

          In Indiabulls possibility of auction is very less because of large client
             base, so he can sell shares anytime.

          Depository Services: -
             “Whatever your individual goals, we can help.”

Indiabulls                                  32                      FMS-IRM
             Indiabulls is a depository participant with the National Securities
             Depository Limited and Central Depository Services (India) Limited for
             trading and settlement of dematerialised shares. Indiabulls performs
             clearing services for all securities transactions through its accounts.
             Company offer depository services to create a seamless transaction
             platform – execute trades through Indiabulls Securities and settle these
             transactions through the Indiabulls Depository Services. Indiabulls
             Depository Services is part of our value added services for its clients that
             create multiple interfaces with the client and provide for a solution that
             takes care of all client needs

          NRI Account
                   You can now enjoy the convenience of hassle-free and fast way of
             trading in the Indian Equity Markets through Indiabulls NRI Investor
             Services Our unique integrated service creates one window for all your
             trading, depository and banking needs. You can buy and sell on your
             computer using our NRI Trading Account Services, which have been
             seamlessly integrated with your Indiabulls Depository Account and with
             the           HDFC               NRE/NRO             Bank         Account.

             We provide full access to the following services to help you trade

            Indiabulls NRI Trading Account - Provides access to comprehensive
             trading tools for independent NRI investors
            Indiabulls Depository Services - Integrated services for seamless
            HDFC Bank Account - NRE/NRO Accounts with built in tax management
             solutions and facility to source all regulatory approvals
            Indiabulls Equity Analysis - Premium Research on 540+ companies
             updated daily

Indiabulls                                     33                        FMS-IRM
      How can Indiabulls manage its service: -

              Word of mouth             Personal           Past Experience
              communication             needs


                          GAP 5

                                      Perceived Service

                                  Service Delivery GAP 4
                                                  M        External
               GAP 1              (including pre E
                                  and post        R
                                  contacts)                to customer

                              GAP 3

                                  perception into
                                  service quality

                              GAP 2

                                  perception  of

Indiabulls                                   34               FMS-IRM
         1. Gap between customer expectation and management perception:
             Management does not always correctly perceive what customer want. For
             intense in Inidabulls a customer is expecting that he can buy share after
             deposited require check but he has to wait for 3 days and same happen
             with demand draft.

         2. Gap between management perception and service quality: Management
             might correctly perceive customer’s want but not set a performance
             standard. Like a form of an account should passed away from the all
             stages of processing but it mostly takes time of 10 days.

         3. Gap between service quality specification and service quality: Personnel
             might be poorly trained, or incapable or unwilling to meet the standard or
             they may be held to conflicting standards, such as taking time to listen to
             customer and serving them fast. That is happen in indiabulls.

         4. Gap between service delivery and external communication: customers’
             expectations are affected by statement made by company representative
             and ads.

         5. Gap between perceived service and expected service: This gap occurs
             when the customer misperceives the service quality. A client may be
             perceived wrongly like in infrastructure of Inidabulls but this will solved in
             new office of Indiabulls.

Indiabulls                                     35                         FMS-IRM
      Promotion: -

      Indiabulls is turning to marketing public relations to directly support corporate and
      product promotion and image making. Because public is any group that has an
      actual or potential interest in or impact on a company’s ability to achieve its
      objective. Indiabulls has its team relationship manager that monitors the attitudes
      of organization’s publics and distributes information and communications to built
      goodwill. They are performing following five functions:

         1. Press Relations: - They present news about the organization in the most
             positive light.
         2. Product Publicity: - All Relationship managers are sponsoring efforts to
             publicize product offerings by Indiabulls i.e. NIB and PIB.
         3. Corporate Communication: - They promoting understanding of the
             organization through internal and external communications.
         4. Counseling: - All RMs advise management about public issues and
             company positions and image during good and crises.

      Indiabulls is promoting its product by advertising by following medium:

                   Electronic media: - By advertise its product via Television
                   Print media: - By various Pam plates, brochures, etc.
                   Canopy: - Indiabulls is now promoting its product by canopies. By
                    Canopies company can know the potential area of the cities and
                    segment of population to whom it should target. We also had
                    canopies in Jodhpur city in following areas
                              Basani Mandi
                              Mandor Mandi
                              Mehta Market
                              Pal Road
                              Basani Industrial Area
                              Kazri

Indiabulls                                     36                       FMS-IRM
                            Lic Office
                            Hosing Board Office
                            Paota

      From above campaign we had good result we have come to know that public is
      interested to know about Indiabulls and shares trading.

      Infrastructure: - Indiabulls also try to demonstrate its service quality through
      Physical Evidence and presentation. Because if we talk about online security
      trading then we have to say that physical evidence will important for the company
      in Indiabulls office all client come everyday and they trade but with the time
      passing Indiabulls is growing and number of client increasing day by day so
      space of office is not sufficient for both staff members and clients also. To
      overcome this problem Indiabulls will shift in new office with and of July.

      Summary: -

      What a customer expect from the company:

         1. Wide range of services under one roof
         2. 24 hours support and ease to access
         3. Personalized attention

      What company offers to its customers:

         1. Extensive product range.
         2. Enhance customer experience.
         3. Personalize service through Relationship Managers.
         4. Under stand local market dynamics.
         5. Expanding geographical and online presence.

Indiabulls                                    37                        FMS-IRM
         6. Provide a wide array of services such as brokerage, depositary services,
             mutual fund and equity distribution, commodities trading and consumer
         7. Offer innovative products such as Power Indiabulls and Indiabulls
             Signature Client Account.
         8. Improve customer education through in-house equity research.

         9. Improve customer interface and customer experience through technology.
         10. Continually invest in upgrading of systems.
         1. Improve speed and quality of services.
         12. Enhance data mining to improve risk management processes.

Indiabulls                                   38                     FMS-IRM
Indiabulls   39   FMS-IRM
Indiabulls   40   FMS-IRM
      I have been assigned a work to improve format of daily sales report (DSR) which
      used by Business Development Executive (BDE). So I had made some changes
      in it to see new format please double click on following format

       Indiabulls                                Indiabulls securities Limited , K.P. Tower , Opp. Kohinoor Cenema, Jodh
        S.No.    Prospect's name & address Contact no. Occupation                   Source
                                                                            Cold     Reference

                                                 Total Calls
                Cumulative For Month
             Competitors' ActivitiesActivities                            Remarks

      Some new columns introduced by me in that format these are as following:
         1. Occupation: By this column we can know to which segment our BDE is
              targeting whether he is using his energy in the right direction or he is
              wasting his energy.

         2. Existing A/C if any: If prospect have already an account in other
              company then we can find out status of competitor.

         3. View / suggestions: By this column BDE can ask from prospect / client
              his view or suggestions regarding service of Indiabulls it may complains of
              any present client of company.

Indiabulls                                            41                        FMS-IRM
         4. Competitor’s Activity: BDE can write the activity of competitor’s like any
             company may opening account without charging any fee and because of
             this our BDE is unable to get his target

         Next day contact: Here BDE can mention follow up which will done by him
         next day so that he cant bluff and make fool of any one or any of his senior
         can do cross checking of his call.

Indiabulls                                    42                      FMS-IRM
                                  Internship Report

         “ Study Of Marketing Strategy Of Indiabulls”

                                    (1 May - 30 June)

             For the Partial Fulfillment of Second Session of Post Graduate Diploma in
                                         Business Management


                          Faculty Of Management Studies
                    Institute of Rural Management, Jodhpur
                                    (IIRM Jaipur Network)

      Submitted By                                                   Submitted

      PGDBM -2nd Semester
      FMS –IRM

Indiabulls                                   43                      FMS-IRM
Indiabulls   44   FMS-IRM

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