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									   Monaco every winter.

Monte Carlo every summer.

Menvier Security every time.

                                 Nice life, the Scott’s lead. But who's          The flush kit comes in a choice of white,

                               looking after the house while they're away?     chrome and of course brass, so it blends

                                 Observe the Menvier Security remote           perfectly with all types of décor.

                               keypad flush kit so neatly and unobtrusively      And it's the ideal solution for both residential

                               recessed into the wall. Yes, that's it, right   and commercial properties.

                               next to the portrait of Great Uncle Alfred.       'C'est parfait' as they say on the continent.

                                 It houses the keypad that controls              For further details on the Menvier Security

                               the Menvier Security Networker range of         Networker Range and the remote

                               alarm control equipment at the touch of         keypad flush kit, contact Menvier

                               a few buttons.                                  Security on 01594 545444

                                                                   Menvier Security
                                                                   Remote Keypad Flush Kit
                                                                   Menvier Security is a leading                                     include the Arming Station, LED,

                                                                   manufacturer of security systems                                  Starburst LCD and 32 character

                                                                   suitable for domestic to large                                    LCD, providing you with a versatile,

                                                                   commercial and industrial premises.                               yet simple to use security system.

                                                                   Menvier Security has developed                                    The       Networker          Range          offers

                                                                   the Networker Range of intruder                                   the installer a choice of wiring

                                                                   alarm systems to provide an                                       techniques, enabling them to

                                                                   effective solution for all your                                   minimise the amount of cabling

                                                                   security needs.                                                   normally         associated            with         an

                                                                                                                                     intruder alarm system.

                                                                   The control panels range from

                                                                   2 to 1040 zones meeting the                                       All of the Networker Range provide

                                                                   requirements of even the most                                     the facility to connect a variety

                                                                   complex and demanding building                                    of remote signalling equipment,
                                                                   configurations. The main electronics                              including Digital Communicators

                                                                   are housed in a metal cabinet,                                    (DC54 & DC58) and BT RedCARE.

                                                                   which is mounted in a discreet                                    Modem facilities are also available

                                                                   area within the premises.                                         on selected models, which allows

                                                                                                                                     the installer to remotely access

                                                                   The remote keypad flush kit is                                    the system to program and assist

                                                                   compatible              with          all   of      the           with diagnosing faults (DC58M+

                                                                   Networker Range keypads. These                                    & DC6 Digimodem).

                                                                   Model                           TS690R       TS690(M)††      TS690ID(M)††      TS700      TS790      TS900      TS2500
Chrome                                                             On Board Keypad                 •
                                                                   Zones                           2-38         8-14            2-38              10-16      10-16      10-56      2-1040
                                                                   Number of Keypads               4            4               4                 4          4          4          512
                                                                   Event Log                       150          700             700               200        700-       700-       4000
                                                                                                                                                             1800**     1800**
                                                                   User Codes                      10           15              15                7+5        31         31         199
                                                                   Wards                           n/a          1†              1†                3          4          4          16
                                                                   Alarm Abort                     •            •               •                 •          •          •          •
                                                                   Sequential Alarm Verification   •            •               •                 •           •         •          •
                                                                   Downloading                                  •§              •§                           •§         •§         •§
                                                                   Extended Format Reporting                    •               •                            •          •          •
                                                                   Power Supply                    750mA        1.5A            1.5A              1A         1.5A       1.5A       1.5A
                                                                   Printer Facility                •            •               •                 •          •          •
   Cooper Security Limited, Security House, Xerox Business Park,
                                                                   Flush Kit Option                •            •               •                 •          •          •          •
   Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, GL17 OSZ England.
   Tel: +44 (0) 1594 545400 Fax:+44 (0) 1594 545401
                                                                   *Has integral speech dialler **Optional memory upgrade †Shunt Group only ††(M)Variants with integral DC6 digi-modem
   Visit our website at            §Using Lineload software

                                                                            Registered Office: Southam Road, Banbury, Oxon OX16 7RX England.
                                                                            Registered in England No.1396471. A member of Cooper Menvier

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