Construction of the reasons for delay in construction duration and Countermeasures

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					Construction of the reasons for delay in construction duration and

 construction schedule delays because
 Abstract: This paper analyzes the reasons for construction delays and
damage period, the problems for the proposed can be taken.
 Keywords: construction schedule delays and Countermeasures
 present, delaying construction enterprises has become a restricted
period of development of the outstanding problems of rural construction.
The danger lies in the following areas:
 lower reputation. Construction enterprise tender sentiments, said the
construction should be strictly in accordance with the schedule, once in
the standard, the slow meticulous dry, "working slowly and deliberately."
Or the weather as an excuse, or complex process as the reason, will drag
on for a duration of two months, some even longer. Delay duration on the
surface, is the unit responsible for building construction enterprises,
but in fact not the case, project contracting hand, it difficult to
ensure that management is chaotic, period can not control, directly
reduce the credit rating of construction enterprises; on external
influences is a local construction Labor Exchange is not a business on
time, and affected the overall image, decrease the market
 damaging the interests of the owners. Construction delays in
construction schedules directly damage the interests of owners, a sheep
farming enterprise under 2,000 square meters of research and office
building planned for completion in May, but has not completed after 6
months, business plans for new science building in the embryo
transplantation have to work in substandard temporary operating room to
reduce the success rate of embryo transfer, directly affect the
production and operations.
 increased the project cost. Family wings of a unit, originally planned
for Completion in January, after 10 months have not been completed.
Timber prices during the Qiayu, spending a thousand dollars the
engineering, construction supervision and other personnel expenses
increased by 1 million yuan correspondingly.
 reduced the quality of the project. As some of the projects working on
and off, before and after the process can not keep up, jobs with no
close, resulting in wall cracks and other quality problems can not cure,
quality can not be guaranteed.
 undermine the market economic order. As the timely completion of the
construction companies can not always lead to the construction unit shall
pay during construction of wrangling and form a number of outstanding
payments, but also lead to decreased effectiveness of the construction
business, a vicious circle. Some even took to the court, therefore,
 condition caused by such reasons:
 lack of funds the construction unit, construction companies unable to
Advanced Payment construction. Some of the construction unit of the
contract works companies eager to make unreasonable demands Loaning
construction. Construction enterprises in order to win the project, often
the first promised in the tender Advancer, weakness in the actual
construction work, Advancer, which led to construction into stagnation.
 weak construction technology enterprise, can not afford, construction
tasks. Some companies eager to contract projects, regardless of whether
the technology can achieve, and regardless of whether the scheduled Labor
Exchange, as the same sites, but also to embrace to occupy the building,
and then a little bit slowly dried to ensure their own interests,
completely regardless of the interests of the construction unit.

 bidding system is not fully implemented. In order to reduce the disputes
surrounding the masses, often with a local construction company to
resolve the disputes still one of the conditions for the tender,
disguised biddings set phenomenon, or when bidding to shut out foreign
companies, resulting in the construction defects.
 lack of supervision, punishment is not in place. For construction
supervision of construction work is currently limited to the quality and
construction safety, there is no depth to the performance of the contract
of supervision. Construction unit as the reason for this schedule can not
be stressed that the Labor Exchange. Regulatory delay in the construction
market on the duration of the lack of penalties, resulting in delays in
construction schedule intensified.
 for the above problem, measures to be taken:
 present, the western development strategy in the implementation of the
context of China's accession to WTO in the new situation, rural
construction companies facing foreign construction enterprises and the
eastern coastal Area construction companies double the pressure of
competition, to improve the construction of rural market competitiveness
of enterprises in the development of its western development, we must
first enhance the credit awareness, awareness of the contract, the
construction delays in administering the duration of the problem.
 to break the geographical constraints, the introduction of foreign
enterprises to participate in bidding. Market is open, engaging
geographical restrictions, protection can only be backward, so that their
competitiveness will be weaker. Only open the door to the construction
market to foreign as well as foreign enterprises to enter, to bid, so the
local construction enterprises increased sense of crisis, it may be
obtained in the development of competition.
 resolutely put an end to the practice of illegal construction Loaning.
Project construction units to be launched, it must implement the
construction funds, there is no corresponding funds do not allow bidding
firm is not allowed under construction, from the source to eliminate
"beard Project" appears.
 strict penalties. Construction units and construction enterprises should
set a strict construction contracts, clear penalties for construction
delays. In particular, the duration should be arranged reasonably strict
schedule required by the Division works with every stage of examination
to fulfill.
 to strengthen supervision and management. Construction regulatory
authorities in addition to strengthening the quality and safety
production supervision, the duration of supervision should also be as
important. Any delay in the duration of the project site can not be as
civilized, to delay the project duration of construction enterprises
accounted for more than half of normal intelligence can not be in place
to deal with demotion until free up the market. By management, so that a
reasonable construction schedule, quality improved steadily, building a
good market order, the construction industry to develop healthily. This
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