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					European Regional Development Fund
in the Northwest

ERDF Newsletter                        January 2010                          

  Programme performance update
    2009 ERDF expenditure                    JESSICA and VCLF                    Thank you to all
    target achieved                          approved                            our partners for your
                                                                                 cooperation and

  A key priority of the ERDF Programme in the Northwest has always been to generate sufficient project
  delivery activity in the first few years of the Programme to achieve expenditure targets in 2009 and 2010,
  thereby avoiding the decommitment of funds.

  In early December 2009 the expenditure target for 2009 was achieved, exceeding the Commission’s £136
  million target by over £90 million.

  This is a significant milestone that could not have been achieved without the commitment and cooperation
  of all our partners.

  In addition, our two key financial instruments, JESSICA and VCLF, have been approved.

  The £100 million JESSICA holding fund, the Northwest Urban Investment Fund, was announced in
  November 2009.

  The holding fund for the £180 million Venture Capital Loan Fund (VCLF) has now been established and the
  procurement process to appoint fund managers is underway.

  The cumulative expenditure target for 2010 is £236 million, and with a project pipeline of £150 million already
  we are confident of achieving this target well in advance of the December 2010 deadline.

  The focus of the Programme going forward will be on ensuring projects offer good value for money in delivering
  our output targets.
ERDF Newsletter                        January 2010                        


  £100m boost for urban regeneration
  in England’s Northwest
  The Northwest ERDF programme has announced £50 million of funding to help support urban development
  projects in England’s Northwest. This investment forms part of a £100 million package led by the Northwest
  Regional Development Agency (NWDA), in partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB).

  The funding is for the Northwest Urban Investment Fund − a Joint European Support for Sustainable
  Investment in City Areas (JESSICA) initiative. JESSICA is a new financial instrument created by the European
  Commission in conjunction with the European Investment Bank. The Northwest Urban Investment Fund is the
  first JESSICA initiative to be established in England, outside of London.

  The Northwest Urban Investment Fund will provide debt, equity and guarantee investment to support projects
  that will unlock sustainable development projects in the Northwest’s urban areas. These areas are defined in
  the Investment Frameworks for Action Area 3.2 and Action Area 4.3 of the Northwest Operational Programme
  for ERDF.

  Project investments will include the development of employment sites, creation of new commercial floor space,
  reclamation of derelict or contaminated land, and the provision of site servicing and infrastructure.

  The fund will prolong the benefit of European funding in the region by reinvesting the returns from investments
  in future projects, thereby creating a sustainable, revolving investment fund.

  Robert Hough, Chairman of the NWDA, said:

  “This initiative is an opportunity for the region to put a mechanism in place that will ensure we can
  prolong the benefit of our ERDF Programme. The Northwest Urban Investment Fund will allow us to
  invest in revolving funding, in addition to the normal single use grants.”

  The £100 million Holding Fund, which will be
  managed by EIB, will not directly invest in
  projects. This task will be undertaken by a small
  number of Urban Development Funds (UDFs)
  who will target investment in specific areas
  in line with the ERDF Northwest Operational
  Programme (NWOP).

  The UDFs will channel the funds from the
  Holding Fund and attract additional money
  and land assets from other public and private
  sources to invest in projects.

  The UDFs will be procured through a competitive
  tender process due to commence in March 2010.

  For further information on the Northwest Urban
  Investment Fund visit
ERDF Newsletter                       January 2010                        

  Business Support

 Eco-Innovation                                                               Northwest             £1.7m

 This project will support the continued emergence of the Northwest as an internationally competitive region for
 the development of sustainable products and services. The project will work across priority business sectors to
 improve their performance by better exploiting the specific market demand for mainstream (rather than niche/
 specialist) products and services, which have reduced/minimal environmental impact by virtue of their design, raw
 materials, manufacture, use, application, reuse and disposal.

 The total investment in this project from all funding partners is £3.4 million.

 Future MAS                                                                   Northwest             £8.5m

 This ambitious project builds on the achievements of the current North West Manufacturing Advisory Service. The
 project will increase the productivity and competitiveness of manufacturing firms in all sectors across the region
 through efficiency techniques, the introduction of lean manufacturing, investment in environmental measures
 and supply chain development. The project will increase wealth creation, create new job opportunities or sustain
 existing ones and improve the image of manufacturing for future generations.

 The total investment in this project from all funding partners is £17 million.

 NW Vision and Media Cluster Development Programme                            Northwest             £2.7m

 This project will focus on the immediate
 survival, sustainability and growth
 potential of digital and creative
 businesses during the current recession.
 Transport Vision and Media will provide a
 Business Collaboration Network to deliver
 specialist sector support to compliment
 existing activity currently available
 through Business Link Northwest.

 The funding will enable Northwest Vision
 and Media to respond more quickly and
 effectively to the urgent needs
 of individual businesses whose
 structural difficulties (lack of scale,
 working capital) may be exacerbated
 in the current recession.

 The total investment in this
 project from all funding partners
 is £5.4 million.
ERDF Newsletter                          January 2010                        


  Land and Property

 Baltic Triangle Creative Industries Quarter                                     Merseyside             £2.2m

 The purpose of this project is to develop the creative
 industries quarter in the Baltic Triangle area of
 Liverpool city centre, developing a cluster of creative
 activity that includes visual arts, gallery space, and
 live music and recording venues.

 The funding will enable Baltic Creative to purchase
 property assets on a long-term lease and manage
 the estate within the Baltic Triangle.

 Once the estate is acquired, units can be refitted to
 meet the needs of the creative and digital sector.

 The total investment in this project from all funding
 partners is £4.4 million.

  Science and Innovation

 North West Virtual Engineering Centre                                           Northwest              £2.5m

 Virtual Engineering methods are becoming essential to the survival of the aerospace sector and will increasingly
 be introduced across other high-value sectors.
 This project aims to create a world class Virtual Engineering Centre which will be staffed by highly experienced
 Virtual Engineering Engineers and will provide the Northwest and UK engineering value chain with Virtual
 Engineering capabilities for optimising cost-effective design, manufacturing and operational options.

 The total investment in this project from all funding partners is £5 million.

 SusDram                                                                         Northwest              £1m

 This project will focus on a number of areas in the context of Rapid Manufacturing (RM), including suitability for
 implementation in SMEs (particularly in the supply chains of Northwest industry sectors, such as aerospace,
 biomedical, nuclear, and energy and environmental technologies), design functionality for bespoke part manufacture,
 and part consolidation and optimisation in the RM process. Collaboration between the Lancaster Product Development
 Unit and identified private sector bodies and business support/cluster organisations will provide a sound platform for
 RM knowledge transfer, setting strategies for its future utilisation on a grander scale in the Northwest region.

 The total investment in this project from all funding partners is £2 million.
ERDF Newsletter                          January 2010                            


 Infolab’s Strategic Innovation Support Programme (ISIS)                           Northwest                £2m

 The project will seek to harness
 and create a direct mechanism
 for SMEs to access the
 knowledge, expertise and
 the significant resource
 available at InfoLab21 –
 Lancaster University’s ICT
 Centre of Excellence.

 The project will help 270
 businesses to improve their
 ICT investment or product
 development through direct
  ICT knowledge exchange
 support over a three-year
 period. The assistance will be
 identified and specified on a
 case-by-case basis resulting in
 intensive, bespoke support for
 each company.

 The total investment in this
 project from all funding partners
 is £4 million.


 Liverpool Biennial 2010 Festival                                                  Merseyside                  £600k

 Liverpool Biennial is a major national and international event, widely recognised as the UK’s leading international festival
 of contemporary art. It enhances the image of the region to the lucrative cultural tourist market on an international
 stage, and supports sustainable tourism.

 This project consists of two elements, The Canal Programme, a series of residencies, artworks and community
 engagement in North Liverpool, and the 6th Liverpool Biennial festival. This will showcase an international exhibition
 and an integrated marketing campaign.

 The total investment in this project from all funding partners is £1.2 million.
ERDF Newsletter                         January 2010                          

 Museum of Science and Industry Phase 1                                    Greater Manchester              £2m

 This project
 Transport involves the
 redevelopment of the main
 building at Manchester’s
 Museum of Science and Industry.
 The redevelopment will: create
 a new Gallery; a new entrance;
 a new visitor information space;
 expand the existing Xperiment
 gallery; remove ramps and
 replace them with public
 lifts; increase the provision
 of toilets and locker room
 facilities; and modify the top
 floor to accommodate separate
 conferencing and banqueting
 facilities for corporate clients,
 and a Learning Centre for
 school groups. These changes
 will improve the customer
 experience and boost visitors to
 the Museum.

 The total investment in this
 project from all funding
 partners is £7 million.

 Regional Marketing Culture and Heritage                                           Northwest          £2.4m

 The Regional Marketing Culture and Heritage project is a tourism marketing campaign aimed at increasing visitor
 spend and boosting tourism in the region.

 The project will increase visitor spending through focussed promotion of the region’s three key themes – Industrial
 Powerhouse, Lake District Outdoors and Garden’s of Distinction. Industrial Powerhouse and The Lake District
 Outdoors campaigns have been running since 2004 on a smaller scale. Garden’s of Distinction was launched within
 The Year of Gardens 2008.

 All three thematic campaigns aim to build on the success of previous work to achieve significant impact for the
 tourism industry from national and international markets.

 The total investment in this project from all funding partners is £4.4 million.
ERDF Newsletter                          January 2010                     

 Green Transport Plan                                                        Merseyside                £368k

 This project will develop and
 implement a Green Transport Plan
 for accessing natural and cultural
 heritage and visitor economy sites in
 Merseyside to promote sustainable
 tourism, improve access, discourage
 extension of private car use and
 reduce CO2 emissions and other
 transport-related air pollutants.

 The total investment in this
 project from all funding partners
 is £736,000.

Technical guidance for funding recipients

 OJEU Procurement Thresholds

 The OJEU thresholds for public procurement have changed from 1 January 2010.

 The new thresholds for all publicly-funded projects, including ERDF-funded projects are shown in the table below:

                                           SUPPLIES                SERVICES                 WORKS
                                           (e.g. stationary)       (e.g. consultancy)       (e.g. construction)

  Entities listed in schedule              £101,323                £101,323                 £3,927,260
                                           (€125,000)              (€125,000)               (€4,845,000)

  Other public sector                      £156,552                £156,552                 £3,927,260
  contracting authorities                  (€193,000)              (€193,000)               (€4,845,000)

  Indicative Notices                       £607,935                £607,935                 £3,927,260
                                           (€750,000)              (€750,000)               (€4,845,000)

  Small lots                               £64,846                 £64,846                  £810,580
                                           (€80,000)               (€80,000)                (€1,000,000)

 Figures are net of VAT

 This means that all expenditure above the relevant level must go through the full OJEU procurement process.

 Further information about the new thresholds, including the full procurement policy note from the Office of
 Government Commerce, can be found on the ERDF Northwest website at
ERDF Newsletter                        January 2010                           

 New £1.9 million centre open for business

 A new £1.9 million business centre in west Cumbria officially opened its doors on Wednesday 9 December 2009.

 Providing 30 units for a wide variety of small and medium-sized businesses at a convenient location on the
 A596 south of Maryport town centre, the site offers secure, managed, energy efficient accommodation for
 uses ranging from light industry to high-tech office and is entirely on ground level, with ample car parking and
 delivery space available.

 Councillor Tony Markley, Cumbria County Council’s cabinet member for economic development, said: “This
 new business centre is going to play a very important role in providing jobs and will be a boost not only to the
 economy of Maryport, but to West Cumbria as a whole.

 “It’s ideal for either new businesses or established companies looking to relocate and it’s in a great location.

 “Encouraging enterprise locally and providing businesses with the facilities they need to prosper is going to be
 key to negotiating Cumbria’s economy through the recession.”

 Maryport Business Centre received £950,000 in ERDF funding.

 ERDF Northwest website short-listed for EC RegioStars Award 2010

 We are delighted to announce that the ERDF Northwest website ( has been short listed for a
 prestigious RegioStars Award 2010. The RegioStars Awards recognise innovative projects funded by the European
 Commission. Representatives from the Northwest will make their final plea to the judges at a presentation in
 Brussels at the end of January. The winners will be announced at the RegioStars Awards ceremony in Brussels on
 20 May 2010.

  England’s Northwest in Europe – Who Does What?

 The NWDA, in partnership with 4NW – Regional Leaders Board, have published a document signposting
 opportunities for regional stakeholders to engage with Europe.

 The document, entitled England’s Northwest in Europe – Who Does What? is available to download at

 The European Programme Executive                            Tel: 01925 400 100
 Northwest Regional Development Agency                       Fax: 01925 400 400
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