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									                                            The Schöneicher-Rüdersdorfer Strassenbahn (SRS)
                                            The Green Tramline in Berlin

Straßenbahn GmbH
Dorfstraße 15
D -15566 Schöneiche bei Berlin
Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 / 65 48 68 - 33
Fax: + 49 (0) 30 / 65 48 68 - 44
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Timetable and tariff information via VBB:
+49 (0) 30 / 25 41 41 41
Who we are

For almost 100 years, the Schöneiche-Rüdersdorf Tramline (SRS) has provided
a link between the garden village of Schöneiche, the industrial town of
Rüdersdorf, and the suburb of Berlin-Friedrichshagen, where it offers
connections to the Berlin S-Bahn system and the vast tramline network
of Berlin. Today, the SRS is one of the few remaining genuine rural tramlines
in Germany. It boasts a length of 14 km and an average daily passenger
load of more than 3000. With the line number “Tram 88”, it is fully
integrated into the Berlin-Brandenburg joint public transport system (VBB).

                                                                                What it costs
When we are at your service
                                                                                The Tram 88 is fully integrated into the VBB Berlin-Brandenburg joint tariff area
The Tram 88 operates a service every twenty minutes Monday to Friday;           – so you may make your journey from Rüdersdorf right through to Berlin on
between 21.00 hours and well after midnight, an hourly service is provided.     one ticket. To those passengers who travel only on Tram 88, SRS offers special
The weekend timetable offers a half-hourly service during the day, with an      company fares, valid only on Tram 88. Tickets are available in the tramcars;
hourly service during the small hours and in the evening. For night owls,       they are sold by the drivers as well as at ticket machines. Tickets also may be
there are additional night services. All services are scheduled to provide      purchased in advance - various shops in Schöneiche and Rüdersdorf stock
fast connections to and from Berlin city centre.                                them for our local customers.

                                                                                Rolling stock

                                                                                SRS only operates the sturdy, tried and tested tramcar designs of Tatra KT4D
                                                                                and Düwag GT6. All cars are maintained in the SRS workshops at the
                                                                                Schöneiche depot. They are of marked reliability and boast a spacious interior.

Where we come from                                                                                                                           What we are planning for the future
At the beginning of the twentieth century, more and more people moved out
of bustling Berlin to the prosperous garden village of Schöneiche. Demand
grew for a fast mass transport facility to establish a link with the suburban rail
network. After a short construction period in summer 1910, the 5.6 km line
between Berlin-Friedrichshagen and Schöneiche was opened. The line was
run by the municipality of Schöneiche, strongly supported by the residents.
Right from the beginning, the need to economize was pre-eminent. So the
line was constructed to metre gauge standard, and at first it was operated with
benzene engines and tramline carriages, thus avoiding the cost of electrification.
In 1912, the line was extended into the neighbouring industrial community of
Kalkberge, today named Rüdersdorf. In spring of 1914, however, the line was
electrified and it has been operated electrically ever since.

                                                                                                                                              Beginning in 2006, the eastern section of the line in Rüdersdorf is earmarked
                                                                                                                                              for near-complete rebuilding; we intend to realign the tramline completely so
                                                                                                                                              as to run on a private right-of-way.

                                                                                                                                              At Friedrichshagen, the terminus will be rebuilt directly in front of the S-Bahn
                                                                                                                                              station entrance, thus avoiding the dangerous pedestrian access across
Between 1945 and the end of the nineties, the SRS frequently faced the threat                                                                 Dahlwitzer Landstrasse currently necessary for all commuters. Besides this,
of imminent closure. It was only through the high commitment of its workforce                                                                 the interchange time between tram and S-Bahn will be reduced considerably.
that the hopelessly outdated rolling stock and trackage was kept in working
                                                                                                                                              Further tramstops will be equipped with real-time passenger information
                                                                                                                                              displays, indicating the time remaining until the departure of the next tram.
                                                                                       Historical pictures: Archiv SRS and Heinz Glodschei
In 2001, the Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn AG, today a subsidiary of Veolia Transport,
took over 70 percent of the shares of SRS. 15 percent were retained by the
villages of Schöneiche and Rüdersdorf respectively. A long-term transport contract
will ensure a stable operating basis for the SRS in the years to come. This contract
includes a considerable sum earmarked for investment in the infrastructure, and
the result is already noticeable: Today, SRS boasts an average commercial speed
of 28 km/h (31 km/h in the small hours – including all intermediate stops!) and
thus is one of the fastest conventional tramlines in Germany.

What there is to see along the SRS line                                                 Facts and figures
Tramline enthusiasts around the world hold the view that the charming “retro”             28 employees
atmosphere of the SRS is a sight in itself. Well, perhaps they are right - but the        8 tramcars for commercial service: 3 Tatra KT4D cars and 5 Düwag GT6 cars (2006)
tramline will let you see much more in Schöneiche and Rüdersdorf than just a              KT 4D: 4 axles, capacity 42 seated, motors 4 x 40 kW, maximum speed 60 km/h
time-honoured transportation system.                                                      GT 6: 6 axles, capacity 42 seated, motors 2 x 120 kW, maximum speed 60 km/h
                                                                                          annual passenger load: 1 million passengers, daily weekday passenger load:
The main attraction is certainly the Museum Park at Rüdersdorf, which presents
                                                                                          approx. 3500
the continuous 750-year history of Rüdersdorf limestone mining in an entertaining
                                                                                          14 km line length, with 20 tramstops and 19 switches
yet educational manner. The interactive exhibition and the quarry itself are excel-
                                                                                          Gauge: 1000 mm
lently suited to the demands of families. Besides, you will find Rüdersdorf limestone
                                                                                          Traction current supply: 600 Volts AC
all over Berlin - did you know that the Brandenburg Gate is made of it?
                                                                                          Single-track sections are controlled with block signals.
Back in Schöneiche, you are invited to pay a visit to the historic buildings, inclu-
ding the Haystack (a huge half-timbered barn dating from the time of Frederick          We are happy to offer guided tours around our depot – and we are delighted
the Great), the Local Heritage Museum and the baroque Castle Chapel.                    to fix special photo opportunities with our heritage cars, especially for tramline
(The castle itself, however, was pulled down during the socialist GDR period            enthusiasts. We also provide private tours for school classes and office outings –
due to the anti-feudal resentment of the then government.)                              feel free to contact us!

Nature lovers will feel enchanted by the „Little Spreewald Park“, a biotope criss-      Information for tramline enthusiasts:
crossed by watercourses. During the summertime, a genuine Spreewald gondola is          The SRS line offers the photographer various eye-catching viewpoints. But in
ready to take visitors on a punting tour with a small-scale Spreewald atmosphere.       order to fully enjoy your stay until the last moment, please always keep well
The 3 km hiking trail between Rüdersdorf and Woltersdorf is also very rewarding.        clear of the track and beware of the trams!
Following the edge of the Kalksee, it leads to the Woltersdorf lock, where several      Photographers are recommended to pay a visit to the so-called S-curve: Alight
pubs are ready to serve the weary walker. The Woltersdorf lock is also the              at Waldstraße stop and walk 200 m along the tracks into the Berlin forest.
eastern terminus of Tram 87, another charming tramline in the Berlin vicinity.          Under any weather conditions, this is by far the best place to capture the SRS
This line provides a further connection to the Berlin S-Bahn system. And during         and its special atmosphere. Apart from this, there are the urban sections at
the summer period, a steamer service is run to Berlin-Treptow.                          Rüdersdorf-Busbahnhof (best in the afternoon, with the limestone church in
                                                                                        the background) and Schöneiche, as well as the rural stretch between Berghof
                                                                                        and Berghof-Weiche. The best time for taking pictures at the Schöneiche Depot
                                                                                        is late afternoon. Visitors are always welcome – please contact the dispatcher
                                                                                        at the entrance of the yard.
                                                                                        Our Customer Centre at the depot offers the entire range of SRS and VBB
                                                                                        tickets. We are happy provide groups visiting the Berlin-Brandenburg area with
                                                                                        all the travel information they require, including the choice of the best tariff.
                                                                                        We shall be delighted to supply visitors in advance with all tickets required –
                                                                                        please allow 2 weeks for booking and postal delivery. For further information
                                                                                        and enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail!


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