Infomosaic SecureXML Digital Signature Encryption Toolkit Solution

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					Infomosaic SecureXML Digital Signature & Encryption Toolkit
Solution for a Secure, Efficient & Paperless Enterprise

                                                          YOUR BUSINESS SOFTWARE
DoD PKI Compliant. Your application is guaranteed to pass APPLICATIONS
JITC PKI Compliance testing as long as you set
DoDCompliance = 1 in your application.                        Your organization is handling more electronic business
                                                              processes and transactions than ever before. So why are
ACES PKI Compliant. Allows your application to be US          you still authorizing transactions the old fashioned way,
government ready.                                             with handwritten signatures on paper documents? While
                                                              automated business processes save time and money,
Fully meets HIPAA requirements for healthcare and             their efficiency diminishes when their outcome depends
pharmaceutical markets.                                       on signed paper documents.
Fully complies with the latest W3C & IETF XML Digital         It's time to rethink your electronic business processes. It's
Signature Standard.                                           time for SecureXML. SecureXML Digital Signature
                                                              software enables you to digitally sign any document
Digitally signs any document, enabling online business        created in either a desktop application or web based
communications and transactions to be certified,              application, helping you to keep your electronic
authenticated, and rendered legally enforceable.              processes efficient, secure, and paperless.
Signs HTML, XML, WORD, PDF or just about any other          With SecureXML, your organization can handle all
digital content.                                            business processes and transactions completely
                                                            electronically, from inception through signature and
Allows Web forms and pages to be digitally signed,          archiving. By adding digital signatures to you business
enabling online business communications and transactions processes you eliminate the manual data entry required
to be certified, authenticated, and rendered legally valid. to capture the transaction in electronic form after is has
                                                            been signed. You can also get a fully automated way to
Time stamping based on NIST time server, local system time access all your signed documents eliminating paper
or user provided time stamp server.                         document archival, storage and access.
Easy integration with both .NET and Java based tools and
                                                              ADD THE CONVENIENCE OF DIGITAL
Both server side and client side signing supported.           SIGNATURES TO WEB TRANSACTIONS

Supports multiple languages including C, C++, Java, VB,       Combined with the speed and reach of the internet,
VB.NET, C#, JavaScript, VBScript, Cold Fusion, ASP and JSP.   there's no faster way to sign, send, and verify high-value
                                                              communications that require a legally enforceable
Both Internet Explorer(Version 5.5 or later) and Netscape     signature. With SecureXML your organization can
(Version 7.1 or later) Supported                              increase its efficiency, improve overall security, and save
                                                              money by moving traditionally paper-intensive
Guarantees the signed document content against                transactions and processes to the Web.
tampering and prevents a transaction from being denied or
challenged.                                               SecureXML provides more than just digital signatures; it
                                                          allows you to encrypt signed documents if they need to
Complies with government and industry regulations on      be kept confidential.
digital signing and paperless processes.

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Infomosaic SecureXML Digital Signature & Encryption Toolkit
Solution for a Secure, Efficient & Paperless Enterprise

IMPLEMENT CONSISTENT DOCUMENT                                   AUDIT TRAIL
                                                               Allows maintaining of audit trail that shows when the
In addition to applying digital signatures to documents, document was signed, and by whom.
SecureXML when deployed on a server, helps you
centrally control related security operations, such as
verification, and digital certificate validation. This ensures SECURITY FRAMEWORKS
that these security operations are carried out
consistently, and in accordance with organizational            MS-Crypto API.

COMPLY WITH INDUSTRY AND                                        TIMESTAMPING
                                                                Allows for time stamping of documents as they are
SecureXML enables you to comply with rules and                  signed, a key feature for contract enforcement and
regulations that either directly or indirectly pertain to the   auditing.
use of digital signatures, including the Department of
Defense (DoD) JITC standard, the Government Paperwork
Elimination Act (GPEA), the Health Insurance Portability        PKI INDEPENDENCE
and Accountability Act (HIPAA), 21 CFR Part 11 (a
regulation governing the use of electronic signatures           Works with industry-accepted public key infrastructures
within the pharmaceutical industry), and other laws that        and seamlessly supports any X.509 digital certificate,
affect the management of electronic information.                including those issued by Digital Signature Trust, Entrust,
                                                                RSA Security, VeriSign, and others.

                                                                CERTIFICATION VALIDATION
W3C & IETF XML Digital Signature Standard and offers a
broad array of functionality:                                   Provides online, real-time certification validation using
                                                                CRL access (HTTP/LDAP), Certificate Arbitrator Module
                                                                (CAM) Server and OCSP.

Manages multiple signatures and binds handwritten               AUTHENTICATION METHODS
signatures to digital signatures for ease of recognition.
                                                                Supports smart cards and USB token devices for
                                                                increased user security.

2118 Walsh Ave. Suite 200 • Santa Clara, CA 95050 • Phone: (408) 988-4337 • Fax: (408) 516-9427 •