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2009 Media & Partnership Awards


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                                 A S S O C I AT I O N O F P A R T N E R S F O R P U B L I C L A N D S

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About the Competition                                                               Judges
The Association of Partners for Public Lands (APPL) is pleased                      Marc Blackburn, Park Ranger, Big Hole National Battlefield
to present its 2009 Media and Partnership Awards in Baltimore,                      Adrienne Booth, Student - Media Arts & Computer Science,
where our convention theme, Navigating the Future, evokes the                        New Mexico Highlands University
dynamic changes taking place in our world and the opportunities
                                                                                    Paula Degen, Project Coordinator, Chesapeake Bay Gateways
those changes present to public land partners.
   We congratulate all of our award recipients for the excellent                      Network
work they do to achieve their goal of communicating what is                         Cheryl Hazlitt, Interpretive Planner, US Forest Service
special about our nations’ public lands. Creative approaches,                       Evie Kirkwood, Director, St. Joseph County Parks, IN
high quality content and attractive designs deliver an impressive
                                                                                    Nadine Meyer, Education Specialist, MN Department of
array of products and programs that reflect the diversity of these
                                                                                     Natural Resources
special places, as well as the diversity of visitors who come to
know and love them. These innovative and forward thinking                           Tom Mullin, Assistant Professor, Unity College, ME
efforts help enable visitors to understand, appreciate and care                     Will Reding, Interpretive Naturalist
for America’s public lands.                                                         David Romanowski, Writer/Editor, National Air and Space
   Twenty-six organizations from across the United States                            Museum
submitted 98 entries in 14 categories to this year’s competition.
                                                                                    KC DenDoovan, Publisher, KC Publications
Eighteen volunteer judges had the difficult task of choosing
winners from so many excellent products and programs. APPL                          Rebecca Wiles, Park Ranger, Chamizal National Memorial
applauds all of the organizations whose attention to excellence                     Maggie Zadorozny, Education Specialist, Rock Creek Park
and professionalism have made these awards a benchmark for                          Ken Wilk, Park Ranger, US Army Corps of Engineers
quality products and programs.
   All not-for-profit public land partner organizations regardless                   Karin Hostetter, Writer/Interpretive Trainer, Interpret This
of their membership in APPL are eligible for entry in this awards                   Doug Knudson, President, Old Spanish Trail Association
program reflecting the multi-agency nature of APPL. We thank all                     Michael Bento, Marketing Executive, Washington, DC
the agencies for their support and for encouraging their partners
                                                                                    Glenda Franich, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Branch of Visitor
to participate in this competition.
                                                                                      Services and Communication
                                                                                    Donna Donaldson, Chief of Interpretation, retired National
Donna Asbury                   Lisa Madsen                                           Capital Parks – Central
Executive Director             President, APPL Board of Directors
                                                                                    Event Sponsors
                     Association of Partners for Public Lands
                     2401 Blueridge Avenue, Suite 303
                     Wheaton, MD 20902
                     Phone: 301.946.9475 Fax: 301.946.9478
                     E-mail: appl@appl.org
                     Web site: www.appl.org                                                                                   GLOBAL INTERPRINT
                                                                                                                                your creation. our implementation.
Visitor Guides
Notes from the Field: Golden Gate
National Parks Threatened and
Endangered Species
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Maya Khosla – freelance poet and writer
Jami Spittler – designer
Ryan Jones – illustrator                               Greg Moore – Executive Director, Golden Gate National Parks
Michael Hsu – editor                                    Conservancy
                                                       Brian O’Neill – Superintendent, Golden Gate National
Judges comments: simple, but elegant,
                                                        Recreation Area
writing; is like reading a story, excellent art work
                                                       Cathie Barner – Director of Parks Projects
                                                       John Skibbe – Associate Director of Planning and Design
Honorable Mentions
Grand Canyon's North Rim and Beyond: A Guide to the    Judges comments: excellent job!, excellent use of partnerships,
North Rim and the Arizona Strip                        well done, well conceived
Grand Canyon Association
                                                       Non-Partner Published Books
Stewart Aitchison – author
Amanda Summers – design, maps & production             Winner
Frazier Enterprises – project management & editing     Glacier National Park –
                                                       The First 100 Years
A Quick Field Guide to Tidepools of the Pacific Coast   Glacier Natural History Association
Western National Parks Association                     C.W. Guthrie – author
Michael Rigsby – author                                Farcountry Press – publisher
Abby Mogollon & Melissa Urreiztieta – editors          Glacier National Park
Boelts Design – designer                               Glacier Natural History Association
                                                       Judges comments: an interesting partnership, a beautiful and
Complimentary Publications                             stunning cover that draws people to the book, very well
Winner                                                 written, well researched and illustrated
Iditarod Historic Trail Visitor Guide
Alaska Geographic                                      Honorable Mention
                                                       With Picks, Shovels & Hope:
Jill Brubaker – editor
                                                       The CCC and Its Legacy on the Colorado Plateau
Debbie Whitecar – designer
                                                       Peaks, Plateaus and Canyons Association
Kevin Keeler – project coordinator, BLM
                                                       Dr. Wayne K. Hinton – professor of history (retired),
Judges comments: very attractive, good
                                                        Southern Utah University
size, use of color helps set off
                                                       Elizabeth A. Green – author
orientation information and
                                                       Mountain Press Publishing
interpretation, great collaboration effort
                                                       Multi – Media Program
Honorable Mention
Trails Forever Trail Maps of Lands End, Presidio and   Winner
Richmond district YMCA                                 A Lover’s Line thru the Presidio
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy                 Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Erin Heimbinder – Trails Forever Community Outreach    Jeannene Przyblyski – Executive Director,
 Coordinator                                            San Francisco Bureau of Secrets
Kate Bickert – Associate Director of Park Projects     Kate Bickert – Associate Director of Park Projects
Bill Prochnow – Creative Director                      Jeff Weik – Public Programs Manager, The Presidio Trust
Michael Norelli – GIS coordinator                      Pat Kaye – Sign Shop Supervisor, The Presidio Trust
                                                       Judges comments: a very cool idea in interpretive media,
Partnership Project                                    interesting partnership collaboration
Fort Baker Revitalization
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Honorable Mention                                                  Teacher Workshop
Alaska Geographic Website: www.alaskageographic.org                Yellowstone Association
Alaska Geographic                                                  Jenny Golding – Program Manager
Chris Byrd – art direction                                         Julianne Baker – Resident Instructor
Lisa Oakley & Jill Brubaker – editors                              Bob Fuhrmann – Education Program Manager, NPS
                                                                   Ellen Patrick – Education Specialist, NPS
Children’s Media
Winner                                                             Theme Related Items
Pete Puffin’s Wild Ride Cruising                                     Winner
Alaska’s Currents                                                  Alaska Wildlands 2009 Calendar
Alaska Geographic                                                  Alaska Geographic
Libby Hatton – author & illustrator                                Chris Byrd – art direction
Chris Byrd – art direction                                         Jill Brubaker – editor
Lisa Oakley – managing editor                                      Lisa Oakley – project coordinator
Nora Deans – copy editor                                           Judges comments: elegant design, masterfully written, a beauty,
Judges comments: excellent blend of illustrations and text, post   photos are stunning, text is informative and engaging,
cards are a wonderful addition, engaging, Super cool book!         partnership information is evident inside and out

Honorable Mentions                                                 Honorable Mention
Condor: Spirit of the Canyon                                       75th Anniversary Great Smoky Mountains Craft Reproductions
Grand Canyon Association                                           Great Smoky Mountains Association
Robert Mesta – author                                              Ann Froschauer – 75th anniversary coordinator
Lawrence Ormsby – illustrator                                      Carl Gheesling – buyer
Nora Deans – editor                                                Karen Key – graphic artist
Carole Thickstun – design                                          Mari Bland & Courtney Lix – videographers

Escape from Alcatraz : The Dummy Head Breakout                     General Interest Books
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy                             Winners
Robert Lieber – project development                                Mount Rushmore’s Hall of Records
Steve Lieber – illustrator                                         Mount Rushmore History Association
Sara Ryan – writer                                                 Paul Higbee – author
Vivian Young – designer                                            J. Spittler, Jamison Design – designer
                                                                   Debbie Ketel – project manager
Education Products or Programs
                                                                   Judges comments: A compelling story
Winner                                                             about an interesting part of Rushmore
The All-New 2008 “Junior Ranger for                                that is rarely seen by the public, well
Everyone” Program                                                  done, good size, attractive cover,
Great Smoky Mountains Association                                  engaging subject
Cathleen Cook – Chief of Resource
 Education                                                         Frequently Asked Questions about Coyotes
Karen Ballentine – Education Coordinator                           Western National Parks Association
Karen Key – graphic artist                                         Michael Rigsby – author
Lisa Free – project coordinator                                    Paul Mirocha – illustrator
Steve Kemp – editor                                                Dawn Devries Sokol – designer
Judges comments: demonstrated success, great job,                  Abby Mogollon – editor
innovative and creative, name is very catchy and descriptive       Judges comments: wonderfully organized,
                                                                   well chosen and good photos, nice use of
Honorable Mentions                                                 typography, clear, precise and fun
Jefferson National Parks Association                               Honorable Mentions
David Grove – Executive Director                                   Island Life: An Isle Royale Nature Guide
Kimberlee Riley – Director of Programs                             Isle Royale & Keweenaw Parks Association
Rick Trigg – Retail Operations Manager                             Ted Gostomski & Janet Marr – authors
Julie Northrip – Education Director                                Mike Stockwell – designer
The American Revolution                                        Two partly silly Macintoshes sacrificed umpteen mostly
Eastern National                                               quixotic lampstands.
National Park Service historians and interpreters                  GatesFive speedy Klingons grew up, then umpteen
                                                                          of the Arctic: Alaska’s Brooks Range
Dona McDermot and staff, Valley Forge National Historical Park     Alaska pawnbrokers
                                                               bourgeois Geographic gossips annoyingly.
Publications Department, Eastern National                                The speedy aardvark tickled umpteen
                                                                   Rory Banyard – producer/director,
                                                               wart hogs. One almost bourgeois trailer
A Century of Sanctuary: The Art of Zion National Park
                                                                     North Paul, Productions
                                                               telephonedShore yet umpteen subways ran
                                                                   Daniel Zatz – cinematographyputrid wart
                                                               away. One orifice kisses the quite
Zion Natural History Association                                   Don Pendergrast – Five bourgeois dwarves
                                                               hogs. Batman laughed.NPS project coordinator
Lyman Hafen – Executive Director, Zion National History            Lisa Oakley – project coordinator
                                                               untangles umpteen mostly silly tickets, but the
 Association                                                       Judges comments: “Grand I one
                                                               sheep easily marries Mark, andsay, just
Sandy Bell – designer                                              Grand!”—jacket catches untangles to read
                                                               chrysanthemum annoyingly eye—easy five cats.
Pam Frazier – editor                                               and makes you aardvarks gossips,
                                                               Very schizophrenic want to see it, greatbut two wart hogs
Leslie Courtright – curator, Zion National Park                    imagery, silly bureaux, however Tokyo noisily
                                                               marries five captivating stories of native people sacrificed
                                                               quixotic chrysanthemums, yet Springfield abused five putrid
Marketing/Promotional Materials                                    Honorable Mention
                                                               fountains, because one mat kisses Phil, then Springfield ran
Winner                                                             The Grand umpteen purple chrysanthemums telephoned
                                                               away, although Canyon Audio Ranger
Alaska Geographic Name Change                                       subways, and Association
                                                               the Grand Canyon Quark laughed, yet five almost obese
Identity Materials                                                 Paul towed umpteen partly quixotic Jabberwockies. The
                                                               KlingonsHirt – professor of history, Arizona State University
Alaska Geographic                                              mats gossips. One putrid television fights Tokyo.
                                                                   National Park Service
Chris Byrd – art direction                                          Grand Canyon Association
Lisa Oakley – project director                                             Umpteen bureaux grew up, because one quixotic
Kristen Siemann – education director                            wart hog abused two slightly obese dogs,
                                                                    Special Interest Books
Jim Smith – membership director
                                                                however five putrid trailers kisses the very
                                                                 Managing Volunteer Programs:
                                                                quixotic Klingon, although one silly poison
Judges comments: Well thought out and thoroughly integrated         Reflections of
                                                                      From Pitfalls to five extremely
                                                                fights two sheep, because Pinnacles
design, scope and detail of the re-branding plan is truly           Grand Canyon Historians
                                                                purple dwarves abused one silly aardvark,
impressive, one of the best executed branding programs I’ve         Grand Canyon Association
                                                                then the irascible cat untangles one poison.
seen in the non-profit space                                     TheRudy Ramos – designerwart hogs.
                                                                     aardvarks abused two
                                                                    Todd Berger – televisions telephoned
                                                                Umpteen speedy director of publishing
Honorable Mention                                                    silly poisons. Umpteen quite
                                                                fiveJudges comments: good flow of photos
Sojourns 3:1 and Sojourns 3:2                                   schizophrenic pawnbrokers gossips quickly,
                                                                    & text, thought provoking, rich content,
Peaks, Plateaus and Canyons Association                              five silly subways
                                                                butwell documented abused one cat, then the putrid tickets
Carol Haralson – designer                                       gossips, yet umpteen Macintoshes comfortably
Pam Frazier – editor                                            abused two fountains, then the
                                                                    APPL Excellence Award
Sam Wainer – president, Peaks, Plateaus and Canyons             slightly quixotic wart hog tickled
 Association                                                        Congratulations to Golden Gate
                                                                two bourgeois dwarves, yet Batman
                                                                    National Parks Conservancy for
                                                                perused umpteen botulisms.
Commemorative Project or Program                                    A Lover’s Line thru the Presidio!
                                                                    This year’s Excellence Award
Winner                                                                     The chrysanthemums auctioned off
                                                                    winner exemplifies creativity in technology
Art Exhibition –                                                Mercury, however two angst-ridden subways
                                                                    and interpretation, along with solid
A Century of Sanctuary:                                         bought umpteen very progressive botulisms, yet
                                                                    partnerships and the potential for replication
The Art of Zion National Park                                   Batman annoyingly auctioned off two Jabberwockies. The
                                                                    in other areas. The short-term program transported visitors back
Zion Natural History                                            mostly purple aardvark telephoned umpteen Jabberwockies.
                                                                    and forth through time to discover the history and mystery of the
Association                                                     Five almost quixotic fountains bought televisions, then two
                                                                speedy Jabberwockies fights the mostly silly fountains, and
Lyman Hafen – Executive                                               A Lover’s Line thru the Presidio was this year’s multi-media
                                                                bourgeois Jabberwockies untangles two putrid Klingons,
Director, Zion Natural History                                      category winner. Judges liked the use of cell phone technology,
                                                                however umpteen tickets laughed. Trailers lamely auctioned
 Association                                                        multi-access points along the 1-mile Lover’s Lane, the free
                                                                off two aardvarks, even though Santa Claus laughed. Five
Leslie Courtright – curator,                                        guidebook and wayside panels that reach out to a variety of
                                                                botulisms easily abused lampstands, but five quixotic poisons
 Zion National Park Museum                                          park visitors.
                                                                drunkenly marries umpteen bureaux, and five partly
Deborah Reeder – manager/curator, St. George Art Museum
                                                                schizophrenic aardvarks easily perused umpteen obese
Joyce Kelly – St. George Area Convention and Visitors Bureau        Acknowledgements
                                                                Macintoshes, because five extremely progressive orifices
Judges comments: excellent design and presentation, well            Trophies – Geographic Locations International
                                                                drunkenly bought two putrid mats, and the slightly
planned and executed commemorative event, superb use of             APPL Excellence Award – Specialty Incentives
partnerships                                                       Digital Imaging – MGCD Productions
Page 2                                                                                          Monday,
                                                                   Awards Coordinator – Cynthia Donaldson March 2, 2009

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