Congratulations on being named a 2007 BNSF Railway Employee - Download as PDF by sir17308


									2007 Employees of the Year

Congratulations on being named a 2007 BNSF Railway Employee of the Year.
We honor your achievements and your hard work, creativity and focus on efficiency. Without your drive
and energy, BNSF could not have met many of its corporate measures last year. You are the reason why
I believe BNSF will continue to be a growth company.

Last year was a challenging year for BNSF by many standards, including safety. This year we will learn
from these challenges and build on our successes. As we strive for continuous improvement, your
contributions make a difference in the workplace and in the communities we serve.

In 2007, nearly 400 BNSF Achievement Awards were presented to members of Team BNSF. Of those,
we have selected 24 outstanding individual and team achievements, representing 105 employees, as
best reflecting BNSF’s Vision and Values and strategic initiatives during 2007.

We will also be honoring six Safety Employees of the Year, each representing a different segment of

Additionally, we honor 26 work groups as Best of the Best in safety last year.

Thank you for making BNSF a better, more efficient and safer place to work. Your leaders and your
co-workers respect and value your talent and achievements.


                        MATT ROSE
                        BNSF Chairman, President and CEO

                        April 7, 2008

Wind Tower Moves
           A Fort Worth senior analyst in Customer         Beverly Stephens     Senior Analyst, Customer Support         Marketing             Fort Worth
           Support worked with Marketing to secure
           the Vestas Wind Tower moves, including
           developing a safe route for the moves. She
           spent countless hours at work and on her own
           time to ensure safe arrival and even looked at
           alternative routes. Because of her work, the
           West Coast is open for this long-haul business.
           The potential revenue for this business over
           the next two years is $15 million.


BNSF/CSXT Haulage Agreement
           A 21-member cross-functional team            TEAM

           implemented the BNSF/CSXT haulage            Waleed Alattas          Sr. Systems Developer II                 Technology Services   Fort Worth
           agreement. This created a high-volume rail
                                                        Linda Auge              Director, Cost & Profitability Systems   Finance               Fort Worth
           corridor to enable BNSF’s Southeast region
           to better penetrate Eastern intermodal       Sarah Bailiff*          Senior General Attorney II               Law                   Fort Worth
           markets. It was a challenging assignment     Fletcher Bornschlegl    Sr. Systems Developer II                 Technology Services   Fort Worth
           with many obstacles, based on a very
                                                        Chuck Burriss           Regional Director                        Marketing             Kansas City, Kan.
           aggressive timeline.
                                                        Dave Cinotto            Sr. Manager, Service Design              Marketing             Fort Worth
                                                        Darrell Coffey*         Manager, Product Plan and Development    Marketing             Fort Worth
                                                        Aaron Cook*             Manager II                               Technology Services   Topeka, Kan.
                                                        Don Foltz               Manager, Equipment Utilization           Marketing             Fort Worth
                                                        Doug Gruben*            Manager, Intermodal Systems              Marketing             Fort Worth
                                                        Bob Hart*               Manager II                               Technology Services   Fort Worth
                                                        Richard Kolnberger      Manager, Revenue Management              Finance               St. Paul, Minn.
                                                        Rhianna Lydick          Analyst, Car Accounting                  Finance               Topeka, Kan.
                                                        Robert Moore*           Manager, Hub Operations II               Marketing             Atlanta, Ga.
                                                        Karen Rekieta           Director, Product Plan and Development   Marketing             Fort Worth
                                                        Carlos Reyes*           Senior Systems Developer II              Technology Services   Fort Worth
                                                        Dan Rigdon*             Terminal Manager                         Transportation        Birmingham, Ala.
                                                        Kyle Ross*              Director                                 Technology Services   Fort Worth
                                                        Steve Salzman*          Director, Network Strategy               Network Development   Fort Worth
                                                        Dan Sanders             Senior Manager, Car Accounting           Finance               Topeka, Kan.
                                                        Mary Schroll            Manager, Haulage Management              Network Development   Fort Worth
                                                        * TEAM REPRESENTATIVE

International Intermodal in China
              Liu has received recognition for dedication
                                                                Chengdong (Michelle) Liu Director, International Services          Marketing                      Shanghai, China
              and commitment to further BNSF’s inter-
              national intermodal business and global
              network. She strengthened partnerships
              with key stakeholders in the global supply
              chain, raised awareness of BNSF’s business
              strengths and total capabilities both here and
              abroad, and established relationships with the
              Chinese government.


Military Recruitment
              Seven individuals positioned BNSF as a top        TEAM

              military-friendly employer by actively seeking    Mary Burney                 Administrative Assistant III           Human Resources               Fort Worth
              qualified potential employees through military
                                                                Larry Martin                Manager                                Human Resources               Fort Worth
              career fairs, visiting military bases and
              formalizing BNSF’s policies around support        Connie McLendon             Director, Staffing                     Human Resources               Fort Worth
              of the military. As a result, BNSF has received   John Shook                  Director, Transportation Development   Human Resources               Fort Worth
              many awards including being named a Five
                                                                Joyia Simmons               Analyst, Real Estate                   Finance                       Fort Worth
              Star Employer by the Employer Support of
              the Guard and Reserve and a Military Friendly     Patricia Torres             Manager                                Human Resources               San Bernardino, Calif.
              Employer by G.I. Jobs.                            Carmen Turner               Manager                                Human Resources               San Bernardino, Calif.


Vehicle Replacement Process
              A cross-functional team of Engineering and        TEAM

              Strategic Sourcing members developed              Greg Dunaway                Division Engineer                      Engineering                    Fargo, N.D.
              and implemented an improved method
                                                                Steve Fluck                 Roadmaster (retired)                   Engineering                    Carlton, Minn.
              for selecting vehicles for replacement. The
              old method was based on vehicle age and           Ed Herrera                  Project Manager                        Strategic Sourcing & Supply    Fort Worth
              mileage and was manually compiled. The            Scott Maddox                Senior Implementation Leader           Engineering                    Fort Worth
              new method, Vehicle Replacement Analysis
                                                                Tom Neeser                  Roadmaster                             Engineering                    Sioux Falls, S.D.
              Model (VRAM) evaluates vehicles based on
              age, mileage, maintenance cost, vehicle idle      Doug Perry                  Division Engineer                      Engineering                    Minneapolis, Minn.
              time and repair downtime. Analysis now takes      Ron Radika                  Roadmaster (retired)                   Engineering                    St. Cloud, Minn.
              about one week compared with three months.
              When benchmarking selected vehicles under         Brenda Thowe                Project Manager                        Strategic Sourcing & Supply    Fort Worth
              the old model, the former method had
              $2.1 million more annual maintenance
              cost and 40 percent more repair events.

Crew Transportation
             A cross-functional team standardized and          TEAM

             automated the crew transportation process.        June Arnold*            Systems Engineer                        Technology Services           Fort Worth
             The previous process was done via phone
                                                               Wendy Banister          Manager, Crew Processes                 Crew Support                  Fort Worth
             and fragmented. The new system is
             automated with the partnership of Outsource       Ed Blass                Corridor Superintendent                 Transportation                Fort Worth
             Administrators Inc., resulting in less workload   Tim Byram               Manager, Dispatcher Practices & Rules   Safety & Technical Training   Fort Worth
             on Crew Support, eliminating 15 percent of
                                                               Jennifer Corum          Manager                                 Crew Support                  Fort Worth
             trips, and realizing an annual savings of
             $5 million.                                       Don Davis*              Manager                                 Network Control Systems       Fort Worth
                                                               Gaurav Dua*             Systems Developer                       Technology Services           Fort Worth
                                                               Lynn Frazier*           Director                                Strategic Sourcing & Supply   Fort Worth
                                                               Reginald Fultz*         Systems Developer                       Technology Services           Fort Worth
                                                               Chad Gutierrez          Manager, Dispatcher Practices & Rules   Safety & Technical Training   Fort Worth
                                                               Kelly Henry-Luedtke*    Manager                                 Strategic Sourcing & Supply   Fort Worth
                                                               Dick Kopp*              Assistant Chief Dispatcher              Transportation                Fort Worth
                                                               Larry Kurz*             Assistant Chief Dispatcher              Transportation                Fort Worth
                                                               John Marshall           Manager, Dispatcher Practices & Rules   Safety & Technical Training   Fort Worth
                                                               Julie McMahan           Manager II                              Technology Services           Fort Worth
                                                               Jenny Moore*            Assistant Chief Dispatcher              Transportation                Fort Worth
                                                               Bob Newlun*             Senior Manager, Dispatcher Training     Safety & Technical Training   Fort Worth
                                                               Melissa Stadler         Manager, Corridor Operations            Transportation                Fort Worth
                                                               Lance Wolf              Chief Dispatcher                        Transportation                Fort Worth
                                                               * TEAM REPRESENTATIVE


DSO and Freight Receivables
             A Topeka-based five-member team lowered           TEAM

             BNSF’s Day Sales Outstanding numbers and          Gladys Boeth            Supervisor, Account Receivables         Finance                       Topeka, Kan.
             cleaned up freight receivables past credit
             terms, reducing the amount of receivables         Stan Mead               Account Representative                  Finance                       Topeka, Kan.
             greater than 90 days by $2.5 million.             William Neary           Account Representative                  Finance                       Topeka, Kan.
                                                               Esther Roush            Account Representative                  Finance                       Topeka, Kan.
                                                               Mark Vose               Account Representative                  Finance                       Topeka, Kan.

New St. Paul Portal Channels
             Three St. Paul Revenue Management              TEAM

             employees implemented new portal channels      Flo Clark               Account Representative                     Revenue Management   St. Paul, Minn.
             to the “My Job” page including “Alerts” for
                                                            David Fevold            Assistant Manager                          Revenue Management   St. Paul, Minn.
             employees on application changes; issues;
             outages; LOGS pending implementation;          Pam Larson              Account Representative                     Revenue Management   St. Paul, Minn.
             training links; report links; calendar; and
             department-related reports and metrics.


State of Delaware Audit
             A 15-member team from Law and Finance          TEAM

             responded to a State of Delaware audit of      Leslie Curry            Senior Analyst, Disbursement Management Finance                  Fort Worth
             BNSF’s escheatment records and processes
                                                            Jeanne Exford           Claim Analyst                              Law                   Fort Worth
             dating back to 1981. It was estimated that a
             company the size of BNSF could receive an      Angi Ganaway            Director                                   Finance               Fort Worth
             assessment in the $10 million range. In        Marilyn Hardy*          Director, Disbursement Management          Finance               Fort Worth
             October 2007, BNSF was notified by the
                                                            Nicole Hightower        Paralegal III                              Law                   Fort Worth
             auditors that Delaware had agreed to issue
             a “zero finding audit,” with no assessment.    Mike Lawrence*          General Director,                          Finance               Topeka, Kan.
             This was the first “zero finding audit” by                             Payroll & Non-Op Timekeeping
             Delaware.                                      Kelly Morgan            Senior Manager,                            Finance               Fort Worth
                                                                                    Disbursement Management
                                                            Jim Obermiller*         Director, Corporate Support & Compliance   Law                   Fort Worth
                                                            Melanie Pippin          Manager, Accounting                        Finance               Fort Worth
                                                            Jason Simecka*          Manager, ERP Payroll                       Finance               Topeka, Kan.
                                                            Sharon Stevens          Assistant Manager, Special Projects        Law                   Fort Worth
                                                            Shawn Uphaus*           Director, Cost & Profit Analysis           Finance               Fort Worth
                                                            Gregg Watkins*          Senior Manager, ERP Payroll                Finance               Topeka, Kan.
                                                            Beth Westhafer          Director, Special Projects                 Finance               Fort Worth
                                                            Don Wind*               Director, Claim Services                   Law                   Fort Worth
                                                            * TEAM REPRESENTATIVE

Bearing Change-out on EMD Locomotives
             Five Mechanical employees developed a            TEAM

             process for the AR-10 bearing change-out         Oren Burckhardt    Machinist            Mechanical    Minneapolis, Minn.
             on EMD locomotives, including developing
             a crane lifting device to eliminate manual       Robert Johnson     Machinist            Mechanical    Minneapolis, Minn.
             removal of the bearing. The process increased    Ronald Kleinkopf   General Foreman II   Mechanical    Minneapolis, Minn.
             the throughput from one change per shift to
                                                              Stephen Lee        Machinist            Mechanical    Minneapolis, Minn.
             two changes per shift.
                                                              Daniel Ryan        Machinist            Mechanical    Minneapolis, Minn.


Machine Guard Development
             A Topeka Mechanical foreman developed           Darryl Cummings     Mechanical Foreman   Mechanical   Topeka, Kan.
             machine guards to protect operators of the
             120 machines at the Topeka System Main-
             tenance Terminal (SMT.) He designed and
             participated in the fabrication and application
             of these guards to meet OSHA standards and
             regulations. He also assisted locomotive shops
             in Kansas City in the design, fabrication and
             application of the guards. The result is the
             guards are now being used across the system.


Havre Carman Reports Angle Bar Defect
             A Havre carman, while performing an inbound      Brian Berreth      Carman               Mechanical    Havre, Mont.
             1,000-mile inspection in the yard, reported an
             angle bar that was completely separated on
             the main line track.

Scenic Subdivision Maintenance Blitz
             A cross-functional 29-member team on the           TEAM

             Northwest Division successfully planned and        Gary Adams*             Assistant Foreman                         Engineering          Seattle, Wash.
             executed a maintenance blitz on the Scenic
                                                                Duane Befort*           Division Engineer                         Engineering          Seattle, Wash.
             Subdivision that involved a relay of all rail in
             the Cascade Tunnel and the complete upgrade        Dennis Bullock*         Manager, Industrial Hygiene               Human Resources      Seattle, Wash.
             of high-voltage and fiber optic cable systems.     Roger Dunn*             Foreman                                   Engineering          Seattle, Wash.
             Project scope included 26.8 miles of rail relay,
                                                                Terry During            Work Equipment Supervisor                 Engineering          Auburn, Wash.
             359 thermite welds, 16 miles of surface
             correction, 2.8 miles of concrete abrasion         Paul Farley Jr.*        Assistant Roadmaster                      Engineering          Seattle, Wash.
             repair, and renewal of two bridge tubs on          Gary Filcher            Trainmaster                               Transportation       Wenatchee, Wash.
             the Miller River bridge.
                                                                Kevin Fitzpatrick*      Telecommunications Manager                Telecommunications   Spokane, Wash.
                                                                Alex Franco Jr.         Roadmaster                                Engineering          Bellingham, Wash.
                                                                Stu Gordon              Assistant Terminal Superintendent         Transportation       Seattle, Wash.
                                                                Brian Hipol             Manager, Maintenance Planning             Engineering          Seattle, Wash.
                                                                Dennis Kautzmann        Road Foreman                              Transportation       Seattle, Wash.
                                                                Steve Martin*           Rail Gang Foreman                         Engineering          Burlington, Wash.
                                                                Richard Mason           Road Foreman                              Transportation       Seattle, Wash.
                                                                Gordon McElroy          Signal Supervisor                         Engineering          Wenatchee, Wash.
                                                                Harvey Moore            Welding Supervisor                        Engineering          Spokane, Wash.
                                                                James Motes-Conners     Road Foreman                              Transportation       Wenatchee, Wash.
                                                                Terry Nies*             Trainmaster                               Transportation       Seattle, Wash.
                                                                Robert Owen*            Assistant Roadmaster                      Engineering          Spokane, Wash.
                                                                Randy Perdue            Assistant Director, Maintenance Production Engineering         Spokane, Wash.
                                                                Bruce Polnicky          Structures Manager                        Engineering          Seattle, Wash.
                                                                James Potestio          Assistant Roadmaster                      Engineering          Spokane, Wash.
                                                                Darrel Ries             Maintenance Manager                       Telecommunications   Fort Worth
                                                                John Solomou            Terminal Manager                          Transportation       Wenatchee, Wash.
                                                                Bob Stafford            Trainmaster                               Transportation       Wenatchee, Wash.
                                                                Bob Stender             Corridor Superintendent                   Transportation       Fort Worth
                                                                Jeff Strop*             Roadmaster                                Engineering          Everett, Wash.
                                                                Robert Sutton           Supervisor, Maintenance Planning          Engineering          Seattle, Wash.
                                                                John Wiener             Supervisor of Facilities                  Engineering          Spokane, Wash.
                                                                * TEAM REPRESENTATIVE

Reporting of Broken Rail
             Three Forsyth, Mont., employees traveling        TEAM

             on a frontage road noticed a broken main line    John Plucinski   Foreman                    Engineering      Forsyth, Mont.
             rail. They reported it to the dispatcher, who    Joel Reagor      Truck Driver               Engineering      Forsyth, Mont.
             stopped all traffic. This prevented a possible
             serious derailment.                              Tom Yantzer      Laborer                    Engineering      Forsyth, Mont.


Broken Wheel Reporting
             A Stanley, N.D., flagman on the Glasgow          Walter Dunham    Flagman                    Engineering      Stanley, N.D.
             Subdivision reported a broken wheel while
             inspecting a passing train and assisted the
             crew to set out the car, avoiding a possible


Resolving Water Damage to Tunnel
             Two Essex, Mont., foremen drilled a hole in      TEAM

             Tunnel 3.8 to remove damaging water from         Anthony David    Foreman                    Engineering      Essex, Mont.
             the tunnel. The action benefited BNSF by         Brett Petersen   Foreman                    Engineering      Essex, Mont.
             allowing a $300,000 panel replacement
             project to be deferred.


Passenger AED Response
             A commuter train conductor, Tacoma,              Ken Sears        Commuter Train Conductor   Transportation   Tacoma, Wash.
             Wash., was notified that a passenger had
             collapsed and was lying on the floor. The
             employee grabbed a nearby Automated
             External Defibrillator (AED) device
             and communicated with the engineer to call
             911. He administered CPR and then applied
             the AED paddles and delivered one shock.
             Within several minutes, the passenger began
             to breathe. The passenger was taken to a
             nearby hospital and later released.

Highway Accident Response
             A foreman and division engineer in Peach         TEAM

             Springs, Ariz., responded to a highway           Randy Hale       Maintenance Foreman         Engineering      Peach Springs, Ariz.
             vehicle accident where a four-year-old boy
                                                              Steve Heidzig    Division Engineer           Engineering      Flagstaff, Ariz.
             was partially pinned underneath an SUV. The
             men applied first aid to the boy and mother.


Report of Sun Kink
             Two employees from Gillette, Wyo., notified      TEAM

             the Orin dispatcher of a sun kink (thermal       Mark Smith       Locomotive Engineer         Transportation   Gillette, Wyo.
             misalignment) inside the lead to the South
                                                              Richard Weber    Conductor                   Transportation   Gillette, Wyo.
             Black Thunder Mine. The inspection revealed
             a serious misalignment located in a curve
             where trains going into or out of the mine
             would not have seen it in advance.


Division Reporting Tool
             Amarillo, Texas terminal superintendent I and    TEAM

             Newton, Kan., trainmaster developed a tool       Ronnie Johnson   Terminal Superintendent I   Transportation   Amarillo, Texas
             to provide senior leaders and front-line         Jeremiah Rooks   Trainmaster                 Transportation   Newton, Kan.
             supervisors with critical testing data
             and activity reports. A simple Microsoft Excel
             application was expanded to include macros,
             buttons, and embedded calls to Data
             Warehouse. They accomplished this
             while working full-time as supervisors.

Warm Bearing Team
             Seven Fort Worth and Kansas City employees      TEAM

             developed technology to monitor and archive     James Brackett      Manager, Equipment Operations            Mechanical            Kansas City, Kan.
             wheel bearing temperatures, improving safety.
                                                             Myron Cheeney       Manager, Equipment Operations            Transportation        Fort Worth
             As a result, the team helped reduce burned
             off journal derailments by 82 percent; reduce   Byron Dickey        Director, Reliability Engineering        Mechanical            Fort Worth
             burned off journal derailments per million      Ryan Hightower      Senior Systems Developer II              Technology Services   Fort Worth
             gross ton miles by 83 percent; and reduce
             the expense of burned off derailments from      Jack Kahler         Director, Equipment (retired)            Transportation        Fort Worth
             $7.5 million to $750,000.                       Aron Kamperman      Consulting Systems Developer I           Technology Services   Fort Worth
                                                             Fred Meeks          Engineering Systems Detectors            Engineering           Kansas City, Kan.
                                                             Kristopher Shuman   Manager,                                 Mechanical            Fort Worth
                                                                                 Mechanical Condition-based Maintenance


Responding to Brakeman in Distress
             A Glendive, Mont., locomotive engineer and      TEAM

             Fort Worth dispatcher respond to a remotely     Perry Lutz          Train Dispatcher                         Transportation        Fort Worth
             located brakeman in distress. The two called    Barry Green         Locomotive Engineer                      Transportation        Glendive, Mont.
             for help and tried to keep the brakeman calm
             and comfortable.


Coming to Aid Co-Worker
             The brakeman and conductor in Haslet,           TEAM

             Texas, assisted a co-worker aboard a            Glen Douglas        Brakeman                                 Transportation        Haslet, Texas
             locomotive having a heart attack. The
                                                             John Gibbons        Conductor                                Transportation        Haslet, Texas
             employees stopped the train, called 911,
             assisted in describing the location, and
             tried to assist the victim until medical
             help arrived.

Standardized Work Rules
            A 10-member Topeka team from Technology         TEAM

            Services, Labor Relations, and Crew Support     Wendy Banister     Manager, Crew Processes and Budgets   Transportation        Topeka, Kan.
            partnered with the Brotherhood of Locomotive    Brenda Combes      Clerical Analyst, Crew Support        Transportation        Topeka, Kan.
            Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) to standardize
            work rules for engineers and to improve work/   Sonja Fortney      Crew Support Specialist               Transportation        Topeka, Kan.
            life balance, resulting in consistent bidding   Jon Hass           Consulting Systems Developer I        Technology Services   Topeka, Kan.
            and bumping agreement for engineers.            Jennifer Martin    Crew Support Specialist               Transportation        Topeka, Kan.
                                                            Julie McMahan      Manager II                            Technology Services   Topeka, Kan.
                                                            Manas Pattnaik     Programmer Analyst                    Technology Services   Topeka, Kan.
                                                            Bobby Pechal Jr.   Director, Crew Support                Transportation        Topeka, Kan.
                                                            Sandra Raney       Crew Support Specialist               Transportation        Topeka, Kan.
                                                            Kappi Scheibe      Manager, Inbound Operations           Transportation        Topeka, Kan.

Transportation                                                                                 Engineering
             Each work group had a frequency ratio of less than 0.8 and at least 150,000                     Signals and Telecom had a frequency ratio of 0.0. Other Engineering teams
             man-hours                                                                                       recognized had a frequency ratio less than 0.75 with no man-hour requirement.
             Mark Athey                 Term. Supt.                Lincoln, Neb.                             Susan Borsellino            Telecom-Central           Fort Worth Region
             Richard Dennison           Supt. Oprns.               Watson, Calif.                            Bill Dorcey                 Signal                    Albuquerque, N.M.
             Tyronne Fitzgerald         Supt. Oprns.               Gallup, N.M.                              Michael Edwards             Terminal Engineer         Kansas City, Kan.
             Addie Husbands             Supt. Suburban Services Chicago, Ill.                                Jeff Jarman                 Signal                    Denver, Colo.
             Alden Jenkins              Supt. Oprns.               Springfield West, Mo.                     Clay McDonald               Signal                    Fresno, Calif.
             Dennis Mustoe              Supt. Oprns.               Amarillo, Texas                           Doug Proffitt               Signal                    Seattle, Wash.
             Danny Ray                  Term. Supt.                Kansas City, Kan.                         Mark Sprattler              Roadway Equipment         Billings, Mont.
             Ryan Shoener               Term. Supt.                Memphis, Tenn.                            John Stanford               Montana Division Engineer Glendive, Mont.
             Brad Welte                 Supt. Oprns.               Bakersfield, Calif.
Mechanical                                                                                                   Best frequency ratio per 50,000 lifts
             Each work group had a frequency ratio of 0.0 and at least 140,000 man-hours                     Paul Duncan                 Intermodal Hub Operations Seattle, Wash.
             Michael Colesby            General Foreman            Cicero/Corwith, Ill.
             Michael Hale               General Foreman            Superior, Wisc.
             Paul (Amos) Lorenzen General Foreman                  Springfield Car/Loco, Mo.
             Dennis Luft                General Foreman            Tulsa, Okla.
             Aron Marshall              General Foreman            Houston, Texas
             Dave Moreno                Shop Superintendent        Seattle, Wash.
             Vern Peterson              General Foreman            Vancouver Car/Loco
             David Renteria             General Foreman            Belen, N.M.

James “Mike” Adamson, carman, Denver, Colo.                                                 Gerald “Gerry” Urfer, signal safety assistant, Billings, Mont.
            Mike Adamson has worked for BNSF since 1971 without any reportable                            Gerry Urfer is a true safety leader who demonstrates genuine concern for
            injuries or operations test failures. His remarkable safety record speaks for                 others’ well-being. In 1993, a co-worker of Gerry’s was fatally injured in a
            itself: Mike is an active participant in safety, combining his knowledge of                   train incident. Following this event, Gerry has become a visible, effective
            safety processes with his natural ability to translate that knowledge into                    leader in safety.
            safe behavior.
                                                                                                          Employed at BNSF for 29 years, Gerry has worked on various projects
            Heavily involved in safety committee work, from the local level to the                        throughout his career that have had a positive impact on safety. Notable
            system level, he co-chairs the site safety committee for both the locomotive                  BNSF successes he has been instrumental in completing are signal-
            and car shops. Additionally, Mike is a member of the Terminal Site Safety                     specific lockout/tagout, aerial lift acquisitions, and the creation of ladder
            Committee and has served on the division’s site safety committee for the                      bracket support, working surface improvements, implementing new
            past two years. Additionally, he conducts all safety training for new-hire                    highway flagging processes, and improvements in personal protective
            carmen and locomotive personnel at the Denver car shop and the                                equipment (PPE).
            locomotive shop, respectively.
                                                                                                          He has helped research better PPE for the Signal team. Working with the
            Through his own initiative, Mike saw a need to develop a site Mechanical                      System Safety team, he has secured new equipment to help our Signal team
            Safety Committee, which is a committee he chairs. The committee is                            improve safety. Two notable examples are high-visibility workwear and fog-
            composed of all crafts representing the Denver Mechanical Team, helping                       resistant goggles. The increased standards for high-visibility workwear will
            facilitate safety communication between the groups.                                           heighten employees’ visibility on the railroad right-of-way and at rail grade
                                                                                                          crossings. This improved visibility will help train crews, as well as highway
            Mike approaches safety in an analytical and methodical manner. He is
                                                                                                          motorists, quickly spot our employees. The fog-resistant goggles will help
            especially thorough in safety training and believes that being well grounded
                                                                                                          our employees better see the work at hand, especially during adverse
            in safety processes is necessary to ensure a safe working environment.
                                                                                                          weather conditions.
            As such, he developed a spreadsheet that tracks each individual’s safety
            training progress, including areas where an individual might need further                     Gerry is creative and persistent in developing safety solutions including
            assistance or has successfully completed training. This spreadsheet allows                    working with the Montana Department of Transportation and Federal
            supervisors to determine, at a glance, whether an individual is “current” on                  Railroad Administration to develop BNSF highway flagging processes to
            training and other important safety information.                                              protect employees and motorists at rail grade crossings which are being
                                                                                                          utilized across the system, and the creation of the new ladder bracket
            Through Mike’s efforts and encouragement, employees have accepted the
                                                                                                          supports for signals. To accomplish this, he worked with field personnel,
            work practice observation (WPO) program. Through 2007, employee
                                                                                                          System Safety and the manufacturer to develop working models of the
            participation in WPOs increased by more than 50 percent.
                                                                                                          ladder bracket supports, which are being installed across BNSF’s system.
            Mike is genuinely devoted to helping those around him work safely. He is a
                                                                                                          In his off-time, Gerry contributes to his community by working with county,
            valuable and dedicated employee who consistently puts forth extra effort to
                                                                                                          state and federal entities to research, coordinate and facilitate training to
            help keep BNSF safe.
                                                                                                          qualify the Molt Fire Department as Wildlands Firefighters.
                                                                                                          Gerry’s talent for communication and coordination are outstanding, but these
                                                                                                          talents are overshadowed by his dedication to safety and his genuine concern
                                                                                                          for the well-being of others.

James “J.J.” McGovern, locomotive engineer, Galesburg, Ill.                                    George Rocha, safety assistant, Kansas City, Mo.
             As a locomotive engineer, J.J. has been instrumental in promoting safety by                    BNSF is fortunate to have a leader who is innovative, proactive and solution-
             addressing issues and helping implement safety solutions during his 13-year                    oriented. That leader is George Rocha, a 17-year BNSF machinist who was
             tenure at BNSF.                                                                                recently promoted to the position of manager, Locomotive Training, in
                                                                                                            Overland Park, Kan.
             He co-chairs the Galesburg site safety team and has been instrumental in
             identifying safety problems. To facilitate the safety process, J.J. reviews the                As a safety assistant at Murray Yard, George worked as a member of the
             Safety Issue Resolution Process (SIRP) log each month. He ensures that                         local site safety committee and the Argentine/Murray Tier One Safety
             issues are assigned to the proper people and that these individuals update                     Committee. While on these committees, George worked to improve
             the logs as items progress. He also checks that the employee who submitted                     interdepartmental communications. As a direct result of his involvement,
             the item is updated on the disposition of the issue.                                           George was asked to serve as chairman of the Argentine/Murray Training
                                                                                                            Committee, which evaluated and made recommendations for improvements
             Additionally, J.J. co-chairs the Transportation Solutions Subcommittee.
                                                                                                            in shop training and education.
             This committee addresses a wide range of issues that are directly related
             to the Transportation crafts. Through the subcommittee’s audit work,                           And because of his reputation for honest, straightforward assessments,
             improvements were made in walking conditions, and the team has                                 George has been asked to work on other committees. He was asked to
             assisted with workplace organization, such as printer and paperwork                            personally evaluate the effectiveness of shop safety efforts at the
             locations.                                                                                     Argentine Locomotive Maintenance and Inspection Terminal through
                                                                                                            personal interviews and facility audits.
             J.J.’s willingness to volunteer extends to his leadership role on the
             Van Service Task Force. By establishing a van hotline, this group helped                       George is also responsible for the Kansas City Diesel Shop’s Safety Issue
             resolve more than 350 van service issues, which directly affected crew rest                    Resolution Process and has been instrumental in ensuring that the Closed
             periods. J.J. also discussed van safety issues during weekly calls. Due to                     Loop Safety Process is successfully executed. He is a contributor to the
             J.J.’s leadership and analysis, van on-time performance improved by                            shop’s Safety Action Plan, offering ideas and proposal to keep programs
             30 percent last year. J.J. has taken a lead in identifying each crew route                     energized and effective.
             drop-off point, for the entire division, creating a division-wide van safety
                                                                                                            George’s work has had a profound impact on the Kansas City Diesel Shop
                                                                                                            as demonstrated by his efforts to improve safety and ergonomics through
             Last year, Galesburg and the Chicago Division experienced a significant                        either the development or purchase of new hand tools and storage systems;
             increase in authority violations. J.J. assumed responsibility for staunching                   development of machine guards for the shop’s 50-ton hydraulic press to
             these violations by spearheading a safety poster campaign. He helped in                        remove bearing in traction motor assemblies; and observation for different
             designing six posters, warning employees about the various causes of                           eye protection and lighting to protect workers who needed to work
             these violations to help raise awareness of them.                                              underneath the locomotives.
             In his spare time, he helps his wife who co-chairs a community board that                      He participates in the community of Sugar Creek, Mo., through the
             deals with domestic violence issues.                                                           Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The CERT program
                                                                                                            educates team members about disaster preparedness, specifically
             Both at work and within the community, J.J. has been a driving force
                                                                                                            addressing hazards that may impact a particular area and training them
             for safety.
                                                                                                            in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue.
                                                                                                            George has a special gift to see potential hazards but equally impressive
                                                                                                            is his desire and persistence in presenting alternative solutions, which
                                                                                                            improves safety for BNSF.

Preston Connell, senior patrolman, Resource Protection Solutions Team,                       Brian Cattle, technical analyst, Fort Worth, Texas
Memphis, Tenn., and currently serving in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia.
                                                                                                           A five-year technical analyst at BNSF’s Technology Office Building (TOB),
             One outstanding principle emerges in Preston Connell’s work ethic:                            Brian exhibits a professional commitment to safety that has engendered
             commitment. Although Preston has only been an employee since                                  the respect of his peers and his supervisors.
             February 2005, already he exemplifies the attributes of a safety leader.
                                                                                                           At the TOB, Brian is the floor warden coordinator, a position he has held
             A member of the Resource Protection Solutions Team (RPST) for the                             for the past three years. He is responsible for all safety issues in the building
             Memphis, Tenn., terminal, Preston has volunteered and currently serves in                     along with coordinating the efforts of the floor wardens in the TOB.
             the RPST Safety Leader Program, the RPST Collision Prevention Committee,
                                                                                                           Brian is also a member of the Campus Safety Committee and has chaired
             the Southeast Corridor Safety Committee and the Memphis Terminal Safety
                                                                                                           that committee for the past two years. Last year, after the committee
                                                                                                           implemented a new severe weather warning system on campus, Brian
             Additionally, because of his obvious commitment to promoting a safe work                      worked with Facilities to ensure that all safety equipment, including first
             environment, Preston has been asked to serve as a resource on the Pac Rail                    aid kits, automated external defibrillator units and evacuation chairs worked
             Safety Committee. This committee is comprised of Memphis hub facilities                       properly and adequately met the needs of the TOB building. The Campus
             contractors who provide intermodal services for the Memphis hub where he                      Safety Committee was also responsible for updating the severe weather
             provides input into unsafe work practices.                                                    evacuation plan. Under Brian’s leadership, the committee established
                                                                                                           several new severe weather assembly sites for those employees located
             A recent example of Preston’s keen eye for safety conditions and concern
                                                                                                           too far from existing assembly areas.
             for fellow employees occurred when he identified a location where trash
             was being dumped, which created an unsafe work environment for                                Because of the capacity of the TOB, the building has its own floor warden
             employees. The dump site was attracting rodents and snakes, as well as                        response hotline. Brian, along with the other floor wardens, monitors a
             creating a walking hazard. Preston not only identified the hazard and                         “6060” hotline. This hotline is installed on each floor warden’s phone, and
             reported the dangers that would result if the site was left in its present                    TOB occupants are instructed to call 6060 in the event of an emergency.
             state, but he also followed through with Engineering to ensure the area
                                                                                                           Brian’s peers respect his knowledge and interest in safety. They understand
             was properly cleared of all debris. He then posted “No Trespassing” signs
                                                                                                           that Brian has their best interests in mind and will fittingly take care of safety
             and worked trespass abatement in the area to prevent future occurrences.
                                                                                                           needs. This was illustrated last year when an employee at the TOB thought
             Another example of Preston’s conscientious regard for safety occurred when                    he was experiencing a heart attack. The employee did not want to bother
             he recently identified a safety bus hazard in Arkansas. A school bus driver                   anyone nor did he want anyone to know his condition. However, the
             was loading and unloading elementary school children between the “Y”                          employee felt comfortable in contacting Brian to facilitate emergency aid.
             that separates the River Subdivision from the Thayer Subdivision. The point                   Brian was able call for emergency personnel, administer oxygen and keep
             of the loading activity required the students to cross two busy main lines.                   the employee comfortable without drawing undue attention from fellow
             Furthermore, students were waiting to load and unload close to the tracks,                    employees.
             creating an unsafe condition. Preston identified a safer location for the bus
                                                                                                           Additionally, Brian is involved with BNSF-hosted Technology Awareness
             to load and unload students, then worked with the school district to change
                                                                                                           Day. About 300 at-risk students from the Fort Worth area annually visit the
             this unsafe condition. In addition, he monitored the situation for two weeks
                                                                                                           campus so they may see technology in action.
             to ensure that the new policy was being followed.
                                                                                                           BNSF is fortunate to have an employee like Brian who addresses corporate
             Whether at work or in the community, Preston considers safety to be
                                                                                                           safety in such a thorough, uncompromising manner.
             a top priority and is constantly scanning his environment to ensure safe

Top row, L to R:
June Arnold, systems engineer
Brian Berreth, carman
Ed Herrera, project manager
Terry Nies, trainmaster

Middle row, L to R:
Brett Petersen, foreman
John Plucinski, foreman
Joel Reagor, truck driver

Bottom row, L to R:
Carlos Reyes, senior systems developer II
George Rocha, safety assistant
Ken Sears, commuter train conductor
Gerald Urfer, signal safety assistant

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