Rosetta and Brulant will consolidate under the Rosetta brand

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                        Petsky Prunier Co-Advises Rosetta on Acquisition of Brulant

August 18, 2008 (New York, NY) – Petsky Prunier is pleased to announce it has co-advised Rosetta LLC on its
acquisition of Brulant, Inc. to form one of the top 10 largest interactive agencies in the U.S. and one of the top
two largest independents. The combination brings strong vertical expertise in consumer packaged goods and
retail, among other areas, to Rosetta, which has long been recognized as a market leader in bringing
Personalized Marketing Solutions to healthcare and financial services companies, among other industries. The
                                                 combined company is headquartered in Princeton (NJ), with
                                                 offices in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, and New York.
                                                Rosetta and Brulant will consolidate under the Rosetta
                                                brand after a short transition period. Rosetta is a portfolio
                                                company of private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg.

                                                A team from Petsky Prunier, led by Christopher French served
                                                as co-advisor to Rosetta.

                                                “This is the second transaction in which Chris and his team has
                                                worked with us to prioritize opportunities and execute initiatives
                                                to further our company’s strategic goals. Their deep domain
                                                experience and understanding of our company’s growth plans
                                                has made them a trusted advisor during the time we have
                                                worked with them.”
                                                Chris Kuenne
                                                Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Rosetta LLC

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