Vehicle Registration System by sir17308


									                                      Vehicle Registration System
                                                          County Business Management Software
           Vision for the Future!

                         Enterprise Edition
                           The Vehicle Registration System is an easy                                     Module Highlights
                           to use, comprehensive and feature rich                                    •     Designed to meet
                                                                                                           county requirements
  Tax Assessments
                           software package that was designed
                           specifically for Counties in Wyoming.                                     •     Table driven and user
                                                                                                           maintained (without
                                                                                                           the use of a
    Tax Billings
                                                                                                     •     Automatic sales and
                                                                                                           county fee calculations.
                                                                                                     •     Retains unlimited
   Cash Receipting
                                                                                                     •     Built-in inquiries for
                                                                                                           on-line lookup during
                                                                                                           data input.
                                                                                                     •     Posting routines for
Treasurers Accounting
                                                                                                           easy registration
                                                                                                           modifications and
                                                                                                     •     Veteran exemptions.
  Vehicle Registration
                                      All Data is Just One Click Away                                •     Reminder cards.
                           The Vehicle Registration system tracks multiple vehicle type •                  Vehicle expiration
                           registrations (i.e. trailers, flatbeds, boats, light vehicles, etc.). This      reports.
                           system is designed to allow for both staggered and non-staggered
                           license expiration types, allowing for ease of input for all types of •         User defined
                           registrations. User defined tables allow for customization for each             transaction codes.
                           individual county.                                                         •    Body, make and color
                                                                                                           are all table driven.
                           The Vehicle Registration system automatically interfaces with
      Web Tax
                           CSA’s Vehicle Titles , Vehicle Sales Tax and On-Line Cash Re- •                 Law enforcement
                           ceipting modules. Information is entered once, and shared across all            inquiries.
                           four modules. The required state transmittals are standard, and in-
                           clude the ability to electronically transmit this data to the State’s
                           FTP site.

           CSA, Inc. * 17 N 26th Street * Billings, MT 59101 * 1-800-247-1161 *

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