Fair Grove High School Student Vehicle Registration Form 2008-2009 by sir17308


									                        Fair Grove High School
                   Student Vehicle Registration Form
                        2008-2009 School Year
                                 (Parking Permit Fee: $10.00)

Name: ___________________________________                       Grade
             (Please print legibly)

Drug Testing Consent Form Included ______

Drivers License # ________________                   __

                                      Vehicle Information

First Vehicle                                Second Vehicle
Registered Owner                             Registered Owner

Relation of Owner to student                 Relation of Owner to student

Year                                         Year

Make                                         Make

Model                                        Model

Color                                        Color

License plate #                              License plate #

The signatures below certify that the above information is accurate, the rules and
conditions of the FGHS Parking Contract have been read and understood, and there is
an agreement to abide by the conditions set forth in that contract.

Student Signature: _________________________________Date: _______________

Parent Signature: __________________________________Date: _______________
                      Fair Grove High School
                 Student Vehicle Registration Form
                      2008-2009 School Year

Name _______________________________ ID# ________________________

Drivers License # _____________________ License Plate(s) #_______________

  1. Students may request a parking permit after the consent form to random student
     drug testing has been completed and upon providing proof of a valid driver’s

  2. Students are required to obtain a parking permit before they are allowed to park
     their vehicles on school property. Students are permitted to park on school
     premises as a matter of privilege, not of right.

  3. Hours of parking permit enforcement are M-F from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (with
     the exception of handicapped parking, parking in fire lanes, and rules pertaining
     to safe driving practices, which are enforced at all times).

  4. Parking permits are not considered valid unless they are displayed from the rear
      view mirror of the vehicle.

  5. A student parking permit limits parking to any stall designated for student parking
     only. Parking in any location other than in a designated student parking stall is
     prohibited and placing you subject to disciplinary consequences.

  6. Parking at Fair Grove High School is a privilege and may be revoked by
     administration for safety, positive random drug test result, and/or disciplinary

  7. Violations of the FGHS Student Code of Conduct related to the use of your
     vehicle are in effect at all times. Such violations may result in a revocation of your
     parking permit as well as other disciplinary consequences.

  8. All Parking permits expire at 4:00 P.M. on the last day of instruction of a school

  Student Signature _______________________________Date_________________

  Parent Signature __________________                          Date_________________

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