Armstrong Atlantic State University Approval to Submit Proposal for by lundentown


									                                        Armstrong Atlantic State University
                                  Approval to Submit Proposal for External Funding
Submit this form to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) with a final draft of the proposal (including budget pages) and agency guidelines at
least four (4) working days before the grant must be mailed . Note: OSP will pay postage for 1st class, certified mail. Payment for express mail
is the responsibility of the project director, unless prior approval has been secured.

Project Director                                            Phone:                          Department:

Co-Project Directors (if

Funding Source:
(Give complete mailing address if OSP is to mail for you)

Deadlines: Project must be             Postmarked by                                 Received by
Type of Proposal:            New        Renewal/Continuation

Project Period (inclusive dates): From                                       To

Project Title:

Brief layperson's description of this project:

               Budget                  Request from                     AASU                     Other                    Total
                                      Funding Source                 Contributions              Sources

      Salaries and Wages

      Fringe Benefits
      (academic year = 30% of
      salary and wages; summer
      = 18.87%; student = 10%)

      Other Direct Costs

      Matching Contributions**

      In-Kind Contributions**
      Indirect Costs
      (41% of salaries & wages
      Total Project Costs:

      Matching/In-Kind Commitment: The source of matching and in-kind funds must be identified and approved.
      Department                             Approved
      Department                             Approved
      Department                             Approved
Armstrong Atlantic State University's Commitment
Yes   No     (Please mark appropriate column and items, providing details as necessary)
                 Does AASU have any expressed or implied responsibility after the sponsor terminates support for this grant or contract? If
                 yes, explain:

                 In addition to what is provided from the proposal, does the project require additional:    personnel
                     space        equipment     replacement instructors     consultants       subcontractors
                 If yes, explain:                                                             ?

                 Is     partial or     full salary support requested for current AASU employees?
                 Does the proposal provide for             equipment maintenance or               computer network time?
                 Does the proposal involve             human subjects           research animals          drugs or controlled substances
                      radiation research         potential biohazard            significant computer use             intellectual property
                      potential conflict of interest            If yes, attach required clearance forms.

  I agree to abide by current university policies on conflicts of interest, misconduct in science, the use
  of human subjects and vertebrate animals in research, intellectual property and other AASU research policies as
  appropriate. I certify that the required actions regarding compliance have been taken, and that my associates on this
  project will be informed of the requirements of these policies.

  Project Director: __________________________________________                                    Date: _____________________

       Approval (must be obtained before the proposal is mailed):

  Department Head ____________________________________________                                    Date: _____________________

  College Dean          ____________________________________________                                Date: _____________________

  Director of Sponsored Programs________________________________                                    Date: ______________________

  Vice President/Dean of Faculty _________________________________                                Date: _____________________

  Vice President for Business and Finance _________________________                                 Date: ______________________

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