Innovative Static Converters for Rolling Stock by oft14212


									Innovative Static Converters
for Rolling Stock

                       Innovation in Power Electronics
    Welcome to SMA Railway Technology GmbH

                                         The Foyer at SMA Railway Technology GmbH       Mechanics Assembly Staff

Dirk Wimmer                                   SMA Railway Technology GmbH               to complete auxiliary power supplies
                                              has been your dependable partner,         for railway coaches and multiple
Birgit Wilde
                                              providing innovative and high energy      units. The latest innovative technology
Andreas Berger                                solutions for railway vehicles, for       and outstanding durability ensure the
                                              more than 0 years.                       systems’ high reliability.
SMA Railway Technology GmbH
Board of Directors, from Left to Right
                                              Behind the SMA Railway Technology         Local and long distance rail-based
                                              GmbH is a highly motivated team           transport systems are equipped with
                                              with many years' of extensive expe-       our technologically outstanding power
                                              rience in the field of railway technol-   electronic components and systems.
                                              ogy; developing high tech products        Whether you think of the Venice Sim-
                                              with a high degree of innovation that     plon-Orient-Express, the TGV or the
                                              meet your specific demands - quickly      São Paulo metro. Today more than
                                              and reliably.                             4,000 railway vehicles in operation
                                                                                        worldwide use systems from SMA.
                                              The product portfolio ranges from
                                              individual devices such as battery
                                              chargers or climate control inverters

Module Manufacturing at SMA Railway      Test Center for Static Converters            Final Container Assembly

Do you want high quality custom-         SMA Railway Technology GmbH              SMA is particularly proud of its many
ized solutions - and this all from one   grew out of the Railway Technology       national and international awards for
single source? With our modular prod-    Division of SMA Solar Technology         outstanding corporate management.
uct platform and an experienced re-      AG, and it has been operating as a       The high level of employee satisfac-
search and development team, we          wholly owned subsidiary since June       tion is reflected in the extraordinary
are happy to take up the challenge.      008. The parent company, with           quality of SMA products – both in the
With the aid of modern tools, we can     eight international branch offices on    field of solar technology, as well as
plan the power supply of railway car-    four continents, develops and distrib-   railway technology!
riages and whole trains virtually and    utes solar inverters and currently em-
then configure customized innovative     ploys more than ,500 people.
solutions. Naturally enough, close co-
ordination and communication with
our customers are an integral part of
our partner projects.

    Everything From One Single Source

                               SMA Railway Technology GmbH not             or as a whole – no matter whether
                               only has a highly qualified R&D de-         this involves the implementation of an
                               partment, it also has its own produc-       individual solution or the commission-
                               tion facility with a testing laboratory     ing of a standard product.
Birgit Wilde                   and test field. From circuit board
General Manager                assembly to final assembly and testing,     We serve the international market
+49 561 5064 600             we provide everything from one single       with our products, which are “Made
                               source. This is the only way we can         in Germany”. With branches and
                               provide you with excellent quality          representatives all around the world,
                               and high flexibility at the same time.      we guarantee you reliable and un-
                                                                           complicated on-site service.
                               Our experienced staff guarantee you
                               professional project planning for the
                               deployment of our static converters.
                               If required, we will also handle the in-
                               stallation, commissioning and mainte-
                               nance of our devices in your vehicle.
                               Make use of our wide-ranging exper-
                               tise and decide in which processes
                               you wish to involve us: from the con-
                               cept phase to commissioning in the
                               vehicle. If required, we would be hap-
                               py to handle the project for you, in part
                        Kaohsiung Metro trains, equipped with MEE-NTSD static converters from SMA

                                                    Extremely lightweight MEE-NTSD
                                                    auxiliary power supplies for up-
                                                    dating Netherlands Railway’s
                                                    ICM trainsets. The underfloor
                                                    mounted systems weigh only
                                                    around 850 kg. They are de-
                                                    signed for an input voltage of
                                                    1,500 V DC with a rated power
                                                    of 155 kVA.

Source: Leen Dortwegt


    Research & Development

                                 Power Electronics                        Test Engineering
                                 SMA has been developing auxiliary        Besides virtual testing, we also have
                                 power supplies for railway applica-      a substantial test field where almost
                                 tions for more than 0 years. From       all relevant input voltages can be
Andreas Berger                   the very beginning we have consid-       simulated; from 4 V to 15 kV, from
General Manager                  ered ourselves as technology leader.     DC to 16.7 Hz through to 400 Hz,
+49 561 5064 600               We break new ground with our so-         from a few hundred watts to several
                                 lutions in order to provide attractive   hundred kW.
                                 and future-proof products. Our prod-
                                 ucts range from battery converters to    Mechanics
                                 train-wide power supply systems.         Our mechanics department devel-
                                                                          ops and manufactures containers for
                                 Simulation and Design                    power supply systems in lightweight
                                 With state-of-the-art tools, our engi-   constructions for roof and underfloor
                                 neers meet your requiremens, reliably    mounting. Powerful design tools reduce
                                 and quickly, thus ensuring low error     project runtimes and simplify custom-
                                 margin and short development times.      er-specific adjustments.
                                 In the concept phase, models are cre-
                                 ated and virtually tested with comput-
                                 er programs. In this way, customer-
                                 specific modifications and extensions
                                 can be planned and tested at an early
                                 stage of the development process.
                           Lightweight and compact
                           MEE-NTLD battery chargers de-
                           signed for use in TGV traction
                           units. The reliable battery char-
                           gers with a nominal power of
                           9 kW are designed for natural
                           cooling. Additional easy-to-
                           replace exterior fans ensure the
                           functioning of the charger even
                           under extreme ambient tempe-

Source: Philip Scherer

Battery Chargers for TGV

    MEE-NT Technology Platform

                              Technologies not only for                  • The electric separation in the
                              Long-Distance Traffic                        input converter with HF trans-
                              SMA has a modern and proven plat-            formers permits a compact and
                              form for long-distance rail traffic ap-      lightweight design of the auxiliary
Dirk Wimmer                   plications in the MEE-NT multi-voltage       energy supply.
General Manager               auxiliary power supply. This existing      • Resonant power units reduce
+49 561 5064 6010            modular system was consistently              losses in electronics and allow
                              enhanced and adjusted to the specific        partial load capability without
                              requirements of regional and long-           forced ventilation.
                              distance rail traffic. Thus, the techno-   • Three-phase inverters with a
                              logical advantages of the MEE-NT             neutral conductor ensure grid-
                              are now available for other applica-         quality output voltages with a
                              tions as well.                               load-tolerant neutral conductor
                                                                           without an additional transformer.
                                                                         • A digital control unit increases
                                                                           the power factor, minimizes grid
                                                                           interferences and optimizes the
                                                                           output voltage quality.
                                                                         • Our modern diagnosis system
                                                                           makes for simple maintenance,
                                                                           failure analysis and repair.

                              Extremely lightweight MEE-NTSD
                              auxiliary power supply for
                              the entire train with multi-
                              level, active redundancy for
                              the new Coradia Nordic
                              vehicles. Systems are mount-
                              ed in roof enclosures and fea-
                              ture two power modules, which
                              always run in parallel without a
                              synchronization line, increasing
                              vehicle availability.

Source: Alstom 005

MEE-NTSD for Coradia Nordic

     Long-Distance Rail Traffic Applications

                                Transborder Traffic                       System Modules
Jennifer Herr                   Railway coaches used for interna-         State-of-the-art technologies com-
Sales                           tional long-distance traffic have to be   bined with our long-standing expe-
+49 561 5064 616   specially equipped for this task. This    rience result in compact, lightweight
                                includes, among other things, an aux-     and reliable systems. The consistent
                                iliary power supply that automatically    design allows the modular system to
                                adjusts the various common Europe-        be easily and cost-effectively adjusted
                                an voltage systems to the electrical      to your requirements. The modularity
                                loads. The MEE-NTLD multi-voltage,        guarantees lowmaintenance service
                                modular auxiliary power supply is         costs during daily operation.
                                available as a modular system for this
                                application.                              More than 400 Systems Delivered
                                                                          Up until now, more than 400 coaches
                                                                          have been equipped with the
                                                                          MEE-NTLD and successfully deployed
                                                                          throughout Europe. And the number
                                                                          continues to grow ...

                                                                                                            Source: CNL AG
                    CityNightLine sleeper cars equipped with SMA MEE-NTLD multi-voltage static converters

                                                          Introduced in the winter of
                                                          005, the MEE-NTLD multi-
                                                          voltage auxiliary power supply
                                                          has made the famous Venice
                                                          Simplon - Orient - Express even
                                                          more comfortable. The power
                                                          supplies, which are each instal-
                                                          led in two separate compact
                                                          underfloor enclosures, are ex-
                                                          tremely reliable and quiet.


     Regional Rail Traffic Application

                                     Small, Lightweight, Cost-Effective       Whether you require a variable or
                                     Similar to our MEE-NTLD multi-voltage    fixed frequency inverter to power
                                     capable auxiliary power supply,          three-phase or AC loads or air condi-
                                     SMA Railway Technology GmbH              tioning compressors, or you require a
Joachim Bierschenk                   now also offers auxiliary power sup-     DC output to power vehicle batteries
Sales                                ply systems or static converters for     or special DC loads – we will imple-
+49 561 5064 614                   regional rail vehicles in standardized   ment the ideal solution for you from
                                     power classes. The systems always        a variety of existing components and
                                     consist of an input converter and        modules.
                                     virtually any number of various out-
                                     put converters. The input converter      Versatility
                                     ensures the adjustment and the elec-     The numerous variation options of
                                     tric separation of the input voltage,    the platform components enable their
                                     while the output converter performs      use in both subway trains and com-
                                     the adjustment to the loads.             muter rail networks as well as metro
                                                                              vehicles, classic regional vehicles and
                                                                              even in buses.

                                                                                                                      Source: Alstom 006/ picture: B. Rosenthal
                                         RegioCitadis for Kassel, equipped with MEE-NTSD static converters from SMA

                                                                     Lightweight auxiliary power
                                                                     supply for Alstom's Regio-
                                                                     Citadis platform. The systems
                                                                     are equipped with an exception-
                                                                     ally powerful DC output, oper-
                                                                     ate under partial load with
                                                                     convection cooling and can be
                                                                     switched to "silent mode" on

Source: Alstom

MEE-NTSD for RegioCitadis RandstadRail

     Individual Devices

                                Completed Product Portfolio                Tailored Solutions
Matthias Lenz                   In addition to complete auxiliary          Individual devices are available in
Sales                           power supplies, SMA also develops          various designs. Regardless of whether
+49 561 5064 617   and manufactures individual devices,       you require an open module for inte-
                                such as battery chargers, DC/DC            gration into a switch cabinet or equip-
                                converters or inverters. These inverters   ped with a high degree of protection
                                are used in air-conditioning systems       for underfloor or roof mounting, we
                                or air supply units for example.           have just the right solution for your
                                                                           project. Naturally we can also op-
                                Naturally these individual devices         timize any device to meet your re-
                                are also based on the proven prod-         quirements. A wide variety of inter-
                                uct platform and also exploit their        faces makes simple integration into
                                advantages in very specific applica-       any vehicle possible. It goes without
                                tions. An excellent level of reliability   saying that every individual device is
                                is achieved through the consistent use     also equipped with the well-known di-
                                of tried and tested hardware and soft-     agnostics tools of the auxiliary power
                                ware modules.                              supply systems.

                                                                                                                     Source: Siemens AG/ picture: Matthias Schluetter
                                           Combino Plus for Budapest, equipped with SMA air conditioning inverters

                                                                    The air conditioning converter
                                                                    for the refurbishment of the
                                                                    ET40 was designed based
                                                                    on customer requirements to
                                                                    be especially compact and
                                                                    lightweight for installation in air
                                                                    conditioning units. Through the
                                                                    use of the vehicle's traction coil
                                                                    and the omission of a separate
                                                                    container, an especially cost-
                                                                    efficient solution was found.

Source: DB AG 005

Air Conditioning Converter for ET420Plus

     Special Solutions

                              Special Solutions                         Therefore the challenges can cover
                              SMA Railway Technology GmbH               a very broad spectrum. We will pre-
                              is a technology-oriented company.         pare feasibility studies and compare
                              Nearly 0 % of our employees are          concepts for you. We will draft and
Uwe Rehwald                   engineers and technicians. Extensive      construct prototypes and test vehicles
Sales Department Manager      technological competence along with       for you. Naturally, we will also man-
+49 561 5064 615            high-level vertical integration predes-   ufacture these devices in series.
                              tines SMA to be your partner for spe-
                              cial purpose solutions.                   From Prototype to
                                                                        Series Production
                              Available Resources                       You can rely on SMA’s unique ser-
                              Take advantage of the resources           vice for prototypes, test racks and
                              available at SMA in power electron-       small series production. Allow us to
                              ics, project planning, hardware           support, maintain, repair and service
                              and software development and me-          these systems just like series products.
                              chanics. Our engineers and techni-
                              cians can draw upon many years
                              of experience and a vast range of

                                      Customer-tailored IGBT power
                                      assemblies replace older mo-
                                      dules of a traction converter
                                      in the VTA trains of AKN. The
                                      new power modules are com-
                                      patible in terms of form and
                                      function. All other components,
                                      such as housings, cooling sys-
                                      tems, filters, software and con-
                                      trol units remain unaffected.

Source: Heinz Treber

Customer-Tailored Power Electronics


                                             Your Satisfaction is our Success          Easy Replacement
                                             We have developed a comprehen-            All components of an SMA auxiliary
                                             sive service concept from our many        power supply are designed modu-
                                             years of experience in developing         larly and can be quickly and easily
Martin Schienbein-Schäfer                    and manufacturing auxiliary power         replaced. This reduces unnecessary
Service Department Manager                   supplies for rolling stock that ensures   delays and keeps the resulting costs
+49 561 5064 6600                           our customers are provided with a         to a minimum.
                                             fast and proven solution.
                                                                                       If your SMA auxiliary power supply
                                             Contact Always Welcome                    fails, we will solve the problem for
                                             Intensive cooperation with our custom-    you. SMA will provide you with a
                                             ers in a true partnership is the key      replacement system or carry out the
                                             to success. This allows you to incor-     necessary repairs within 4 hours.
                                             porate your ideas and specific needs
                                             into our products right from the very
                                             first development phase.

Assistance Assured
Our experienced development and
service team will happily provide
you with on-site advice and support
during the commissioning or mainte-
nance of your vehicles.

Naturally, we also offer a compre-
hensive training concept for our pow-
er supply systems that is especially
tailored to meet your requirements.

We offer:
• 4 hour service for exchange units
• Qualified training programs
• Consulting and support                        SERVICELINE
• On-site commissioning
                                        +49 561 50634 6600

Application examples

                                                                                                                           Source: BLS AG, CH-001 Bern
                                 Source: George Togias

        Metro Athens                                     Metro Kaohsiung                           BLS AG

                                                                                                                           Source: Leen Dortwegt
                                 Source: Alstom 005

                                                                            Source: Akos Varga
        Coradia Lirex                                    Combino Budapest                          ICM

                                                                                                                           Source: Philip Scherer
                                 Source: Alstom 004

        RegioCitadis Kassel                              MTRC Hong Kong                            TGV POS

                                                                                                                                                          Printed on chlorine-free paper. Subject to technical changes. We accept no liability for typographical and other errors.
                                                                            Source: Heinz Treber

                                                                                                                           Source: Bombardier

        Berlin-Warsaw-Express                            VTA of AKN                                Guangzhou Movia Metro

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