Vancouver Lash Extensions Will Help Add Beauty To Your Eyes by SweetNail


									   Vancouver Lash Extensions Will Help
        Add Beauty To Your Eyes
Long thick eyelashes are what give a woman that additional class in her
appearance. For many years ladies are trying to attain that with mascara. Sweet
Nail has Vancouver lash extensions that give longer, thicker, sexier, fuller and
more vivid eyelashes for fabulous eyes. These extensions are semi-permanent and
make regularly touching up with mascara a thing of the past. They are painlessly
applied in less than 2 hours and appear pretty for six to eight weeks. At Sweet Nail
they concentrate on making you beautiful guaranteeing your satisfaction, health
and safety.

Vancouver lash extensions are not like conventional false eyelashes which come
on a strip and only last for a day. They're ultra-new technology and applied to
every eyelash one by one, not on the skin, with an paste non-toxic, waterproof
bonding agent that's free from irritants or fumes. They will last the natural life
cycle of your own eyelashes. These lash extensions cannot run, blotch or cluster
together, they simply always look good. No amount of make up will give you this
kind of confidence in the way you look. From the instant you wake up till late at
night you'll be able to focus on the look you're giving and not worry about the
way you look.

Celebrities know how to look their finest in public and many of them opt for
eyelash extensions including Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, Gwen Stefani, Liz
Hurley, Lucy Liu and many more. Vancouver lash extensions come in natural tones
or bright colors which you can modify for various times of the year. Natural
refined tones might be best for work or school however on vacations and for
holidays it would be fun to try something like blue, purple, green or other colors
that highlight your eyes and have a joyful look.
They are very simple to wear, perfectly light synthetic eyelashes you may not
remember they are there. Just wait 12 to 24 hours after application before
swimming or washing your eyes. This can be recommended for the bonding agent
to set correctly. If you wish to use mascara always use water-based mascara and
make-up remover and don't put on mascara to the root area.

Vancouver lash extensions are imported from Japan where they were born and
Sweet Nail always uses the most effective imported materials. They take pride in
providing the best possible service. It is sensible to stay away from unprofessional
individuals and unhygienic conditions as they will cause damage to your eyelashes
and eyes. Solely skilled experts from Japan apply the extensions at Sweet Nail and
they give scrupulous consideration to technique, knowledge and hygiene.

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