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					                                   Global Village Scholarship
     This scholarship is only open to students that are working with Habitat for Humanity – Global Village!

Habitat for Humanity International and the Global Village Department announce the Jeffrey
Brian Gardner Scholarship fund and invite your application for assistance from the fund as noted

Background: Jeff was born on June 1, 1965 and was raised in Livingston, New Jersey. Although he received his
bachelor's degree in Food Science from Rutgers University in 1987, Jeff spent his professional career in the
insurance industry. Jeff's life tragically ended at the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001.

One of his most unique qualities was his ability to love, support and offer strength to others. His love was not
limited to those he cared about or knew; but rather, for some reason that only he knew, he was driven to spread his
compassion as far as his resources would permit. His work with Habitat for Humanity was widespread. He traveled
to Honduras with Global Village in 1989, to Brasil in 2001 and could be found on the build site in Newark on any
given weekend.

Someone once asked him why he became involved with Habitat for Humanity and he replied… “I have been so
fortunate in my life and I both cherish that, and at the same time never want to take it for granted…”

The scholarship was established by family and loved ones who wanted other “college aged”
participants to have Global Village opportunities – like Jeff had – in Central and South America.

Please answer the following questions in narrative form. Minimum one paragraph per section
...maximum two paragraphs. The selection team in Global Village will advise on awards within
4 weeks of submission. Thank you.

    1) You and your vision. Write a paragraph about who you are and why your vision for the
       world brings you to Habitat and Global Village.

    2) Actions. Write a paragraph about actions that you have taken, including your Habitat
       involvement, to implement this vision and how a Global Village trip is a next step in the

    3) Reconciliation. Jeff’s life represents an opportunity for people to be reconciled to one
       another. Tell us how you might use a Global Village experience for reconciliation. You
       may wish to think in terms of a gap between rich and poor, between ages or genders,
       between faiths and denominations, or between cultures.

    4) Your future. Give us a glimpse of where your future may lie in terms of service to
       others. How does a Global Village trip fit your plans?

One final question. How would you feel about telling the Gardner family about your
experience? What are some ways you would feel comfortable doing so?

Applications are due to the CSLEPS office by Dec. 1, 2003.