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									Proposal for a UBC Department of Emergency Medicine

Number of University Departments of Emergency Medicine



Four universities have created Departments of Emergency Medicine Two other universities have made formal announcements of their intention to create Departments of Emergency Medicine
69 universities have created Departments of Emergency Medicine


United States:

Process Completed
Sept 03 - Academic Working Group formed to: - promote Academic Emergency Medicine - plan for the creation of UBC Department of EM
Sept 06 - Faculty Executive Committee recommend External Review of proposal April 07 - External Review recommended formation of a Department of Emergency Medicine at UBC Oct 07 - Faculty Executive Committee recommend proposal be sent to Full Faculty meeting

The External Review Team

University Chair

Dr. Martin Schechter, Professor & Head, Department of Health Care and Epidemiology, UBC Dr. Brian Holroyd, Professor & Acting Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Alberta Dr. David Walker, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen’s University


External Reviewers


Interviewed a wide range of representatives
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Dr. Gavin Stuart, Dean, Faculty of Medicine Dr. Roy Purssell, Head, Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Surgery Ms. Susan Wannamaker, Senior Operating Officer, Vancouver Acute Dr. Tex Kissoon, Senior Medical Director, Acute & Critical Care, BC Children’s Hospital; Dr. Ran Goldman, Medical Director, Paediatric Emergency Dept., BC Children’s Hospital Dr. Kamal Rungta & Dr. Kristin Sivertz, Co-Associate Deans, Postgraduate Medical Education Research: Dr. Bernard Bressler, VP Research VCH, Exec. Director VCHRI & Asst. Dean Research UGC, Dr. Alison Buchan, Senior Associate Dean, Research UBC Dr. Graydon Meneilly, Head, Department of Medicine Dr. Robert Armstrong, Head, Department of Paediatrics Dr. Chris Reilly, Head, Department of Orthopaedics, Children’s & Women’s Hospital Dr. Ash Singhal, Medical Director, Trauma Program, Children’s & Women’s Hospital Dr. Katherine Paton, Special Advisor, Clinical Faculty Affairs Dr. Grant Innes, Head, Division of Emergency Medicine, St. Paul’s Hospital Dr. John Hepburn, Vice President Research, UBC Dr. Ross Brown, Critical Care Emergency & Trauma Family Practice group: Dr. Diana Chang, Emergency Medicine Director, St. Paul’s Hospital, Dr. Jill Kernahan, Postgraduate Program Director, Dept. of Family Practice, Dr. Julian Marsden, Acting Division Head for Emergency Medicine, Dept. of Family Practice Dr. George Mackie, Vice President Provost and Academic pro tem Surgery group: Dr. Nick Carr, Head, Division of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Richard Finley, Head, Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Eric Webber, Postgraduate Program Director, Dept. of Surgery, Dr. Barrie Woodhurst, Undergraduate Program Director, Dept. of Surgery Dr. Stephen Chung, Acting Head, Department of Surgery Dr. Bruce Fleming, Associate Dean, MD UG Program, Student Affairs Dr. Doug Cochrane, VP Medical Affairs, Quality, Safety & Risk Management

“The Committee reviewed the inventory of scholarly activity produced by Emergency Medicine faculty and felt that the research output of the current Division of Emergency Medicine at UBC is impressive.”




In the past 7 years UBC EM principle investigators have secured more than $ 13.1 million in research funding. EM researchers have collaborated with other investigators to bring in an additional $ 10.3 million in funding. UBC EM Faculty have published:  226 articles in peer-reviewed journals  309 abstracts  9 books  78 book chapters


EM faculty members provide over 80,000 hours of teaching while providing clinical care annually.
The students rated the experience in Emergency highly in the Self Study Report for the upcoming accreditation survey.


“There was significant and consistent acknowledgement of the potential benefits and support for the proposed Department of Emergency Medicine at UBC amongst all of the individuals interviewed.”

“The availability of recurring academic funding from the Ministry of Health provides an excellent resource for the establishment of a formal professoriate to facilitate and enhance academic development in the field of EM.”

“The Committee strongly supports the Division of Emergency Medicine becoming a full academic Department at UBC as did virtually all of the respondents we interviewed.”

And their final recommendation…

“We recommend that the proposal to create a Department of Emergency Medicine be approved.”

External Review Summary
In summary, we believe there exists:
    

A critical mass of faculty to support the academic mission. A sufficient and distinctive body of knowledge. Active undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional programs in EM. Research success and national recognition. Broadly based support for the initiative to create a Department of Emergency Medicine at UBC.

In Conclusion
 

The Faculty Executive Committee has approved the proposal to create a UBC Dept of Emergency Medicine There is strong support from the Heads of the Departments most affected:
  

Family Practice Pediatrics Surgery

 


We have an enthusiastic and committed EM Faculty We now have an important “Window of Opportunity” We respectfully request to be put forward for Departmental status

Thank you.

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