Rules Change Proposal Make Permanent the combining of Class by knowledgegod


									                          Rules Change Proposal
    Make Permanent the combining of Class G Coupe and Convertible Clases

Earlier this year, there was a question regarding the feasibility or necessity of combining
the coupe and convertible sections of Class G (1991–1996) Show and Shine into a
single group. The reasoning was that there are only a few cars in each body style that
enter Class G. Class F (1984-1990 cars were combined a few years ago for the same

Last year, there was only 1 Class G Seasonal Championship trophy awarded; there
were 5 coupes and 2 convertibles that entered that class and the award winner was the
only one that met the minimum requirements for an NWACC award. The other 6 entries
failed the 2 show entry requirement by only entering one show.

While the original question made sense, no specific action in the form of a rules change
proposal was taken. For the 2007 competition season, one club had set their event
classes up to combine Class G cars and had ordered trophies based on that. The other
club that is hosting a sanctioned Show and Shine was then asked if it would be possible
to combine Class G cars and order trophies for the combined cars. They replied that
they could do that with no problems.

The earlier Emergency Rule Change Proposal was adopted in July 2007 and there were
no problems encountered at the events. Approval of this change proposal makes the
earlier emergency change permanent.


Class G (1991-1996) Show and Shine has separate categories for coupes and


Class G (1991-1996) Show and Shine combines coupes and convertibles into a single

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