Leadership Lessons from Successful Pirates

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					                                                                                                           April 2005
                                                                                                        Number 05-02

Leadership Lessons from Successful Pirates
By Bob Garrow, Ottawa, Ontario
     magine that ye be the captain of     Get on Board

I    a pirate ship. A dashing figure,
     an authority figure, someone to
be respected, even feared. Ye be far
                                          Commitment was not great at giving
                                          explanations. She would rather stuff
                                          herself with crackers than explain
out at sea, on a small wooden ship,       leadership to swabbies (or speakers).
living among and leading a gang of        Get on board means to first find a
cut-throat pirates who hate authority     common purpose that yer crew will
figures and who fear no one.              agree to and benefit from. With a
Arrrrgh, mates. Are ye a little worried   shared purpose agreed upon, ye
about living through yer term as          must develop a game plan to fulfill
pirate captain? Perhaps ye should be      yer purpose. The earliest pirate cap-
worried. A change in leadership           tains crafted a purpose of “stealing
aboard a pirate ship was nothing like     and sharing” and handed it down to
                                          following generations of pirates. Each     should have gone in the first place).
the leadership changeover in a CAPS
                                          crew then developed its own game           Ye choose to chase off after every sail
Chapter. Ex-pirate captains had a
                                          plan to fulfill that purpose.              ye see along the coast of the
long swim home!
                                                                                     American colonies. Sailing off in too
On the other hand, ye might have          Aye mates, with our game plan in           many directions means that ye never
become fabulously wealthy, the next       place, every pirate knows what busi-       get to where ye wanted to go and
Sir Francis Drake, another Captain        ness ye be in and what is expected of      never find yer greatest treasures.
Morgan. Ye might have a brand of          him, which makes for smooth sailing.
                                          Is it not the same for successful          Is it not the same for speakers?
rum named after ye.
                                          speakers? As captains of their own         Success requires ye to make an
But hackle me bones, leading pirates      businesses, speakers need to know          ongoing commitment to implement-
can be tricky! The key is to step live-   what business they are really in and       ing yer chosen business plan to
ly to build a commitment to a shared      why, and to be able to explain their       reach yer chosen destination.
purpose and maintain that commit-         purpose to others so as to generate
ment day to day. “And ye must share       an understanding of what they do           Share the Treasures
the treasures as ye sail”. My parrot      and why it is important.                   Every pirate dreams of gold a-jan-
(her name is Commitment) sum-                                                        gling in his purse. We invented prof-
marized these timeless leadership         Stay the Course                            it-sharing to share our booty among
principles as follows:                                                               our crew members. But shiver me
                                          Imagine it. Ye set sail from Halifax for
    • Get on board                                                                   timbers, we found that that was not
                                          the Grand Banks. Ye find the weath-
    • Stay the course                                                                enough! We had to share all our
                                          er a bit chilly, change yer mind and
    • Share the treasures                                                            treasures.
                                          head to the Caribbean (where ye
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Aye mates, we did it. We shared our     Update                                 create that reputation through
purpose and planning decisions.                                                mastering the different aspects of
                                        Avast mates, some scurvy dog in
The more we involved our followers                                             speaking, training and consulting,
                                        the 21 century named Joe Sherren,
in making decisions, the more com-                                             and creating unity among the vari-
                                        CSP, just crafted a new treasure
mitted they became to carrying out                                             ous partners in the speaking indus-
                                        map for CAPS speakers. He claims
our plans. We shared recognition,                                              try. Finally, he is saying that ye
                                        that success can be achieved by
praising each new pirate for his                                               must match up what ye have to
                                        pursuing Mastery Through Unity.
efforts and each experienced man                                               offer with yer customers' needs.
                                        Hackle me bones, he says that
for his successes. Finally, we shared
                                        Mastery means knowing yer stuff        Hackle me bones, Joe Sherren has
our know-how and skills to
                                        and having relevant experience to      got it! Get on board with Joe to
strengthen our crews and help our
                                        talk about. (No mystery there!)        build and share the treasures of
individual crew members to grow.
                                        Next he says ye must simplify yer      success in speaking by becoming
We learned that the more treasures
                                        message so that people can get it      great speakers and building a great
we shared, the more treasures we
                                        into their heads and take it home      CAPS brand!
                                        with them. (Of course.) Then he
Now hear me, me hearties, as a          says that ye must have the courage     ****************************
captain of yer own speaking busi-       to lead people to a new and higher
                                                                               Pirate Captain Bob Garrow brings
ness, ye need to share yer skills,      level of understanding. (Yes!)
                                                                               audiences timeless leadership prin-
knowledge and other treasures with      Finally, he says that ye must enter-
                                                                               ciples from unexpected sources.
yer clients, family members, staff      tain in delivering yer thought-pro-
                                                                               Captain Bob can be reached at
and advisors. The more ye share,        voking message. (Great stuff!)
the more successful ye will be.
                                        When he talks about Unity, Master      www.pirateleadership.com,
As members of CAPS, ye need to          Joe Sherren is saying that CAPS        through his Web site and at his
share yer treasures to help others      members need to build the CAPS’s       home port of Ottawa, Ontario.
to grow their speaking businesses       reputation as the source of top-
and build the CAPS brand.               notch speakers. He says that ye can