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					                                            Online Help Document :: Proposal

For this project, we will create online help documentation regarding preparation for a
Technical Communication students’ co-op or internship. Students seeking co-op or intern
positions to fulfill University of Wisconsin-Stout requirements will be able to use this
guide at each class level, freshman through senior. Included in this online help guide will
be a list of steps for a student to follow at specific points in his/her college career, in
order to research companies, find open positions, interview with potential employers, and
complete the standard documentation for a co-op or intern position as required by
Placement and Co-op Services at UW-Stout. The following section will discuss the
specific steps that will be covered in the documentation.


1. Finding an Open Position
       a. Where to look
       b. What to look for
2. Interviewing Skills
       a. What to Wear
       b. What to Bring – Resume/Cover letter/Portfolio
       c. Question and Answer Tips
3. Employer Information and Company Research
       a. What you need to know about the company you’re planning to work for
       b. Company Resources
4. Placement and Co-op Services
       a. Taking advantage of the services offered by the University
       b. Using the Placement and Co-op Web site
5. Career Conference
       a. Signing up to work at the Career Conference
       b. What to bring and wear to the Career Conference
       c. What to ask; how to make potential employers commit you to memory or
           offer you a position
6. Required Documentation for University Credit
       a. Accepted by the Placement and Co-op Office as an official co-op or internship
       b. Accepted by the program director as an official co-op or internship

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                                           Online Help Document :: Proposal

Other Body Information

   •   Statement of the Problem(s): For the average UW-Stout Technical
       Communication student, taking the initiative to look for a co-op can be difficult
       and intimidating. Many students find the information and help currently offered
       by the university inadequate and confusing.
   •   Proposed Solution(s): Offering an online help guide with easy access and non-
       threatening steps will ease the process and persuade students to involve
       themselves early in the process of finding a co-op or intern position.
   •   Program of Implementation: Over the following two weeks, our group will be
       creating a helpful and adequate online document to solve the problems listed


Through the use of an online guide, Technical Communication students will have the
opportunity to begin learning co-op and internship skills as early as freshman year and
continue the process through completion of the required position. These skills will serve
them through their time at UW-Stout and into the working world.

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