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Monogram Cake Topper


									Monogram Cake Topper

A monogram cake topper is a truly unique and increasingly popular way to
adorn a cake. Of course the first thought is to use the topper for a
wedding cake, but there are many more possibilities.

Baby showers are a really great way to use a monogram cake topper. Of
course knowing the baby's name beforehand is a must! Some online
retailers of the cake toppers offer a design as more of a 3-D type look.
Imagine a cookie cutter, but without the ends meeting. This type of
monogram cake topper can be used as a decoration well after the baby is
born and would be a beautiful keepsake in any nursery.

A monogram cake topper could also be used for an anniversary cake. The
cake toppers are available with numbers instead of letters, so if it is
so desired to have a year denotation instead of the couples initials. If
a decision between the two styles cannot be made, one design on the cake
and one on the table as an adornment would be very elegant.

The monogram cake topper is not limited to just letters as mentioned
above. There are many other designs available besides initials. A
Quinceanera is a special time in a Latina girl's life and many of the
aspects of her party border wedding-ish features, including a large
wedding cake. A single letter for the birthday girl's first name is very
elegant, as is the number 15 for her birthday. Many retailers offer
designs other than numbers and letters. Flowers, sparkly tiaras, and
Swarovski crystal embellished designs are also very popular for

Most manufacturers of a monogram cake topper offer a wide variety of
styles and fonts. One online site visited offered over 1700 font choices
and dozens of colors. The toppers are also available in a variety of
sizes ranging from 2 inches to 8 inces. For the larger pieces an extra
fee will be added to the monogram cake topper. The prices for a monogram
cake topper vary from the $25.00 single letter design to an elaborate
$300.00 crystal laden masterpiece. It is not recommended to wait until
the last minute as with most wedding items because the monogram cake
toppers take up to 7 weeks to deliver. Most sites do offer a rush order,
for an additional fee.

After the event if the cake topper is not able to stand on its own in a
display, it could be taken to a stationary retailer who will copy the
design into custom stationary. This is something which also could be done
before the wedding for the wedding invitations.

The monogram cake topper is something unique and that no one will have
exactly the same of. The possibilities of design are truly endless and
the imagination can go completely wild! It is something which will last a
lifetime and will be talked about for years to come. It is one of the
best reminders of your special day everyday for years to come.

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