The Value of Value Chains by rlb27893


									                                                                                    IDS Bulletin Vol 32 No 3 July 2001
                                                                         The Value of Value Chains
                                                              Edited by Gary Gereffi and Raphael Kaplinsky

                                                                                              £11.95 ISSN: 0265 5012

Globalisation, Value Chains and Development
Gary Gereffi, John Humphrey, Raphael Kaplinsky and Timothy J. Sturgeon

How Do We Define Value Chains and Production Networks?
Timothy J. Sturgeon

Governance in Global Value Chains
John Humphrey and Hubert Schmitz

Beyond the Producer-driven/Buyer-driven Dichotomy:The Evolution of Global Value Chains in the Internet Era
Gary Gereffi

Value chains: An Economist’s Perspective
Adrian Wood

Value Chains and Trade Policy: The Case of Agriculture
Chris Stevens

Agro-Commodity Chains: An Introduction
Peter Gibbon

Who Gains from Product Rents as the Coffee Market Becomes More Differentiated? A Value-chain Analysis
Robert Fitter and Raphael Kaplinsky

Gender, Flexibility and Global Value Chains
Stephanie Barrientos

From What We Wear to What We Eat: Upgrading in Global Value
Catherine S. Dolan and Meenu Tewari

Value Chains and the Business System: Applying a Simplified Model to Kenya’s Garment Industry
Dorothy McCormick

Alternatives for Industrial Upgrading in Global Value Chains: The Case of the Plastics Industry in Brazil
Afonso Fleury and Maria Tereza Fleury

Creating Value-chain Cooperation
Mike Morris

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