Cincom targets the unmet needs of complex value chains

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Cincom targets the
unmet needs of complex
value chains                                                                                        Cincom Systems Inc.

             here are many critical success    ment process. The result is that manufac-            Founded 1968
             factors for manufacturers, but    turers are more agile and able to respond           Headquarters Cincinnati,
             some of the most signifi-         accurately and quickly to demands from              Ohio
             cant include collaborating on     customers for complex products.
                                                                                                    PRESIDENT &
             complex sales cycles, bridging       “CRM systems address transactional                CEO Thomas M. Nies
the gap between CRM and ERP systems            needs, but not the collaborative, expert-
through collaborative process and system       dependent processes of a complex sale,”
integration, fulfilling orders for off-the-    explains Thomas Nies, Cincom’s president            Cincom specializes in enterprise
shelf and configurable products, managing      and CEO. “Acquire lets our customers auto-          business management
fulfillment and measuring performance          mate processes like configuring products            applications for complex
through analytics.                             and services, project bidding and estimat-          manufacturers. The company
                                                                                                   builds its applications entirely
    Cincom AcquireTM is a Microsoft® Office    ing, and generating proposals through
                                                                                                   on Microsoft® technology,
Business Application (OBA) that enables        the Microsoft Office applications people
                                                                                                   from Windows Server® to
manufacturers to meet these challenges by      already know how to use.”
                                                                                                   Microsoft Office, to integrate
bridging the process and system integra-           The Cincom solution dramatically                line-of-business applications
tion gaps between CRM and ERP systems.         reduces sales cycles and eliminates the             across the enterprise. By
                                                                                                   solving technology problems
                                                                                                   via the Microsoft platform,

“Because we’re leveraging software the                                                             Cincom frees its research
                                                                                                   and development team
 customer already owns, most companies                                                             to focus on customers’

will have a very short deployment and                                                              specific business needs.

                                                                                                   Microsoft Partner
 learning curve, plus the confidence of                                                            Profile Microsoft

 knowing they’re working with Microsoft                                                            Gold Partner, Microsoft
                                                                                                   Managed ISV
 and all its thought leadership. Working
 closely with Microsoft allows us to
 provide our customers with a ‘people-
 ready’ front-office platform that makes
 complex sales easier and faster.”
               –Thomas Nies, president and CEO, Cincom

Designed as a series of composite appli-       potential for error. For example, a Siemens
cations built on Microsoft SharePoint®         energy and automation plant that makes
Server using .NET technology, Acquire’s        engineered DC motors has used Cincom to
applications can be selectively applied to     shrink the inquiry-to-order cycle from one
many of the most critical processes that       month to just one hour. Cincom’s tech-
link contracts, orders and requirements to a   nology has also enabled American Power
company’s ERP system’s order management,       Conversion, a global provider of network-
manufacturing execution systems, and           critical physical infrastructure, to turn the
fulfillment and service systems. Prepack-      five-day process of configuring its data
aged integration accelerators for enterprise   center power and cooling systems into a 15-       Thomas M. Nies, president and
                                                                                                   CEO, Cincom Systems Inc.
applications like SAP® simplify the deploy-    minute task done entirely via Web browser.