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					Proposal for a Training Archive Professor Harvey Goldstein The idea for an Archive goes back to the TRAMSS site that Fred Smith helped set up under ALCD (Analysis of Large and Complex Datasets) . Web site: It is our perception that some of the very best training resources are associated with planned excursions along paths that real researchers with real problems have trodden. We are ourselves planning to do this for multilevel modelling with materials arising from a wide variety of application fields. If ESRC were to sponsor a training archive, it would need to be managed very professionally and have an active promotion strategy, perhaps with ESRC offering incentives to researchers to use it and pushing for supported training courses to make use of it...given the shortage of particularly quantitative expertise, such materials might actually be essential in allowing some courses to meet minimum requirements. The materials would need to be carefully organised and strict protocols for formats would be needed. Careful editing would be required so that quality standards for ease of use etc. were met. Holders of research monies could be offered extra cash to undertake to produce materials (data + text + step by step software use). I would suggest a pilot that would work with some existing (or past) research grant holders to develop materials and work through the various structures required. If the RM programme could put up some money for such a pilot that would be great and we would be happy to contribute our own experience, although it might not be appropriate for us to take a lead on this. There are clearly some tricky issues to resolve. For example, what software is to be encouraged - should more than one software package always be associated? Who should organise this, should it be associated with the data archive (my instinct is to say no to that), how should it be supervised and by whom? It will cut across many of the ESRC Board structures - does that create a problem? Who would staff it? Since (I would think) it would concentrate on quantitative analysis, at least initially, to try to do qualitative as well from the outset is to ask too much. There should be a competent data analyst/ statistician and also a competent data management/ statistical software person + an administrator to ensure dissemination etc. Harvey Goldstein Bedford Group Institute of Education 20 Bedford Way London WC1H 0AL, UK Tel: +44(0)20 7612 6652 Fax: +44(0)20 7612 6686

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