PUBLIC NOTICE


Notice is hereby given that all materials requested herein must be received by the New Orleans
Redevelopment Authority (NORA) at 1340 Poydras Street, 6th Floor, New Orleans, LA 70112 no
later than February 20, 2009, at 4:00 p.m. Copies of the Request for Proposals (RFP) may be
obtained from NORA at the above address or . NORA reserves the right to
accept or reject any and all proposals and/or any portions of proposals.


1. Project Overview

Project Overview: NORA, a public authority created under the laws of the State of Louisiana to
promote neighborhood revitalization and community redevelopment in the city of New Orleans,
is seeking proposals from organizations interested in commercial and mixed use redevelopment
along the Oretha Castle Haley Corridor (“the Corridor”). For the purpose of this document, the
Corridor includes properties zoned for commercial use that have frontage on Oretha Castle
Haley Boulevard, from Jackson Avenue to the Pontchartrain Expressway.

Funds Available: NORA is utilizing this RFP to identify suitable projects and has $2,000,000 in
total funds available to assist with acquisition, architecture and engineering and public facility
improvements for suitable projects. Funds will generally be provided in the form of a loan, bridge
equity or other similar investments. Projects that allow NORA to recover its funds quickly,
provide greater security to NORA’s funds, and offer the potential for NORA to realize a return on
its investment will be preferred. NORA will consider mechanisms in which its investment is
junior to other obligations. Projects should clearly indicate why these funds are needed to bridge
gaps that private capital cannot fill.

All funds are being provided through the Long Term Community Recovery program created in
the aftermath of Katrina and all projects will require approval by the State of Louisiana prior to
funds being transferred as well as satisfaction of any required regulatory and environmental
reviews. NORA will deliver funds to selected projects in the form of cash equity to be paid to the
project upon closing of construction financing.

History of the Corridor: Oretha Castle Haley corridor is located in Central City, New Orleans,
three blocks from the thriving Saint Charles Avenue and less than ½ mile from the (CBD)
Central Business District. Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard is Central City's commercial corridor,
(originally named Dryades Street) operated as a racially mixed thriving business district that
began in the 1830s and well into the 1940s and 1950s. It was once home to more than 200
commercial establishments. The Office of Recovery and Development Administration has
designated the Corridor one of 17 target zones for recovery.

NORA’s Development Goals and Objectives: Successful proposals must also demonstrate
clearly how the project meets NORA’s development goals and objectives for this RFP, as stated


    Restore the historic character of the Corridor’s commercial storefronts;
    Create opportunities for location and/or expansion of viable, sustainable and healthy
     commercial ventures on the Corridor; and
    Complement the intended outcomes of NORA’s previously issued RFPs for residential
     and commercial (re)development in Central City.
    Be ready for immediate redevelopment. All projects are expected to initiate construction
     within 6 months of NORA committing assistance.

2. How to Respond
All responses should include the information listed below.

    Respondent Contact Information and Background: Please indicate whether you are an
     individual, small entrepreneur/developer/contractor, or professional developer/ builder.
     Please indicate whether you or your organization is a minority or women-owned
     business enterprise or has other similar status (i.e. M/WBE). Please provide a brief
     overview of your organization and indicate any ties to Central City and/or the Corridor.

    Site Location and Description: Please provide municipal address and legal description of
     property or properties that comprise the project site. Please provide evidence of site
     control or a plan for acquiring site control.

    Project Description: Please provide a narrative description of the project, including
     proposed use, name and description of tenant(s), and explain how the proposed use will
     contribute to the neighborhood’s recovery goals and the revitalization of the commercial

    Requested Funding Amount: Please indicate the total amount of funding requested for
     the proposed project and why the funding is needed. Please note: These funds are only
     available for predevelopment activities. All projects must demonstrate that funding is
     necessary for completion of the project. NORA will consider making funds available to
     selected projects in the amount of $100,000 and up to $500,000.

    Qualifications: All responses should indicate how the proposed project will meet
     the 11 evaluation criteria described below. Proposals should include specific
     responses to each of the evaluation criteria in the order listed below. These criteria
     reflect NORA’s key development objectives for this RFP: to ensure that all funded
     projects are consistent with the community planning process, respect the unique
     character and history of the Corridor, and will be completed in a timely fashion.

All Respondents should also submit project specific materials including:

          Financial Projections: Respondents must include the following financial projections
           for their proposed projects: Development Budget, including acquisition, pre-
           development, hard and soft costs, and developer fee; Sources & Uses of
           Financing; and 15-year Pro Forma Operating Budget. Please indicate the year in
           which sale or refinancing is expected and the total proceeds anticipated from that
           transaction. Sources of Financing should include construction and permanent debt
           sources, tax credits, government subsidies, grants and other sources of equity or

             low-interest       financing       that          participants     have       secured.

             Financial Commitments: For any construction and permanent financing sources
             including tax credits, Respondents should include signed Letters of Commitment
             from lenders, equity investors, foundations or other grant-making entities on those
             organizations’ letterhead. Letters of Commitment should include the terms of
             financing. For every named source, please provide the following information:

             - Lender/Investor/Grantor (e.g., name of bank providing construction loan)
             - Contact Name and Title
             - Contact Phone Number (including area code)
             - Email Address
             - Contact Address

          Renderings, Proposed Designs and Conceptual Site Plan:

          Summary of Local Government Approvals That May Be Required: Respondents
           should provide NORA with a brief description of the development approvals,
           including rezoning, variances, waivers or other local government approvals that
           they anticipate may be required to complete the proposed project.

          Letters of Community Support

All inquiries concerning this RFP should be directed in to:

       Unisa Barrie - Project Manager
       New Orleans Redevelopment Authority
       1340 Poydras Street, 6th Floor
       New Orleans, LA 70112

3. Evaluation Criteria & Qualifications for Proposals

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following factors.            Evaluations will be made in
reference to the size of investment NORA is considering:

    Site Control or Acquisition Plan (up to 10 points): Respondents should provide evidence
     that they have site control for all properties that comprise the proposed redevelopment
     site or a means to acquire site control (i.e., Act of Sale, Option Agreement or Purchase
     Agreement). Please include a legal description of properties and site map, indicating
     location of properties and projected date and means of gaining site control if the Act of
     Sale has not yet been executed.

    Contribution to the Oretha Castle Commercial Corridor and consistency with Recovery
     Plan for the Corridor (up to 10 points): Respondents should demonstrate the role their
     site and redevelopment plan will play in revitalizing the corridor. They should also
     explain how their project meets the recovery goals for the area.

    Tenant Commitments (up to 10 points): Respondents should provide any commitments
     (ideally exhibited by signed leases) from tenants to lease space in the proposed
     redevelopment. Particular consideration will be provided for Tenants engaged in non-

   profit activities and tenants whose business is supported by the community.

 Prior Development Experience (up to 10 points): Respondents should demonstrate that
  they, and/or their managing principals, have successfully completed similar development
  in New Orleans Area or other similar urban communities. Respondents should also
  provide photographs and other documentation of completed projects. Particular
  consideration will be given to proposals that demonstrate prior development experience
  in and around the Corridor or Central City.

 Financial Model and Leveraging of Private Capital and other Incentives (up to 10 points):
  Financial Projection must be realistic and include sensible assumptions. Projects with
  strong reserves and reliable sources of capital will be preferred. Due to the limited
  availability of funds for this initiative, NORA will prioritize funding for projects that
  leverage NORA’s funding with other private and public financing, subsidies, grants, etc.
  The degree to which a given project uses NORA funds to leverage other funding sources
  will be a key criterion in NORA’s decision-making.

 Potential Financial Return to Agency (up to 10 points): Projects will be evaluated based
  on the likelihood that NORA investments will be repaid and any returns on NORA’s

 Organizational and Financial Capacity (up to 10 points): All Respondents must clearly
  indicate the method of financing for their proposed redevelopment initiatives, including
  construction and permanent financing. Ideally, respondents will present a Letter of
  Intent/Commitment from any proposed sources of funds including banks and equity
  investors. For financing sources other than recognized financial institutions, respondents
  should provide verification of that party’s financial ability. Potential respondents should
  also demonstrate significant loss and contingency reserves. Respondents must also
  demonstrate adequate staffing resources and the ability to complete the proposed

 Historic Preservation (up to 10 points): Given the historic character of the Corridor,
  NORA is interested in sensitive historic renovation and preservation efforts.
  Respondents should also demonstrate their expertise in historic preservation and
  rehabilitation. Proposals should indicate whether the project’s plans and specifications
  meet any applicable historic preservation requirements and the date that any required
  approvals were secured. If the property is not subject to any such regulatory review,
  respondents should provide evidence that selected building materials and finishes will be
  consistent with the historical character of the structure and the Corridor.

 Evidence of Community Support: (up to 5 points): It is vital that the proposed
  development nurtures and promotes the vision established by the community.
  Respondents should demonstrate their efforts to coordinate with community
  organizations (e.g., Oretha Castle Haley Merchants & Business Association, Oretha
  Castle Haley Main Street Initiative) and explain how the project contributes to the vision
  and goals of these organizations for the Corridor and Central City. Explain how your
  project supports ongoing economic revitalization efforts in the vicinity of the corridor.
  Letters of support from these organizations for the proposed project are strongly

    Design Prototype (up to 10 points): Respondents will need to produce a thoughtful
     urban design concept that creates a vibrant street frontage. Building designs must be
     consistent with the surrounding community, neighborhood history, and any historical
     districts. Buildings are expected to meet all code requirements and any required
     elevation standards. NORA will also prefer projects that utilize materials that are
     manufactured or sourced in New Orleans.

    Innovation, energy efficient and storm-resistant building materials (up to 5 points):
     NORA will evaluate projects based on the extent to which they use green building
     techniques and energy efficient materials and construction. Ideally all projects should
     meet at least the Crescent City Bronze Energy efficiency requirements and strong
     preference will be given for projects that exceed those standards. Materials and
     construction types that impede mold formation, prevent termites, resist projectile
     impacts, include high levels of insulation and promote energy efficiency will be preferred.
     Construction techniques that avoid waste and reduce impacts on neighbors will also be

4. Format of Submissions and Deadlines
Respondents should submit 5 copies of all materials, bound, and in 8-1/2 by 11 format. All
materials should be properly identified by name of respondent and marked with “Commercial
RFP – OC Haley Corridor.” Boilerplate, glossy and unnecessarily elaborate proposals are
neither expected nor desired. The emphasis of the proposal should be on responding to the
requirements set forth in this document. All proposals shall be typewritten. Submission of
proposals by email or facsimile is not acceptable. Proposals must be received by NORA
no later than 4:00 PM on February 20, 2009, at NORA, 1340 Poydras Street, Suite 600,
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70112. It is the sole responsibility of the respondent submitting the
proposal to assure it is delivered on time. Delays due to internal routing of misdirected
proposals or due to verbal directions given by NORA staff shall be the responsibility of the

5. Evaluation Process
All proposals submitted in response to this RFP will be reviewed for their relative strengths and
weaknesses. Selections will be based on the completeness and quality of responses to this
solicitation. Respondents must provide accurate contact information and attest to the veracity of
the information supplied. At its discretion, NORA staff may contact references and industry
sources, investigate previous projects and current commitments, interview some or all of the
proposed respondent development team members, and take any other information into account
in its evaluation of the responses. NORA reserves the right to request clarification or additional
information and to request that proposed respondents make presentations to the NORA Board
of Commissioners, community groups or others.

6. Award Agreement
Once the winning proposals are identified, NORA shall work with the respondent(s) to execute
necessary paperwork and closing documents. Among other matters, these documents shall
ensure that the respondents comply with the submission requirements contained in the RFP.

7. Publication and Promotion
This RFP shall be posted on the NORA website,, advertised in the Times-
Picayune, and available upon request. Successful respondents agree to participate in any
reasonable promotional activity and to prominently display NORA signage on the site of
redevelopment. Such signage must be at least as large as standard real estate “For Sale” sign

and shall be provided by NORA. All successful respondents also agree to participate in
community meetings scheduled by NORA and to make information about their plans available to
the community.

8. NORA Cooperation
To the extent feasible, NORA will support successful respondents in their effort to secure
additional funding, public and private incentives and permits, licenses, approvals or variances;
however, NORA expects that selected projects will already have all financing and entitlements
in place at the time proposals are submitted.

9. Future Endeavors
Respondent’s ability to complete the proposed projects pursuant to the conditions contained in
this document and consistent with statements made in proposals for NORA financing shall be
considered when evaluating applications for future initiatives. It is NORA’s intention that the
materials submitted herein shall allow a bidder to be deemed pre-qualified for future projects
conducted in a similar manner, subject to necessary updates regarding any financial aspects
and specific requirements contained in future projects.

10. Additional Requirements
NORA reserves the right to add any and all requirements that are needed to effectuate the
goals of this program or comply with legal requirements. NORA reserves the right to amend the
instructions, requirements, general and special conditions, scope of work, and specifications of
this RFP up to the time set for the award of funds. Copies of such amendments shall be
furnished to all prospective bidders who have submitted proposals and shall also be posted to
NORA’s website. Where such amendments require significant changes in the scope of the
program, the date set for proposals may be postponed by such number of days as in the opinion
of NORA shall enable prospective respondents to revise their proposals.

11. Conflict of Interest
All bidders agree to disclose any, direct or indirect, current or future, conflict of interest between
themselves and NORA, and the employees of said entity.


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