Love its deadly why ? by dedysukses


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									As a past victim of abuse myself, this is not an easy subject to elaborate on. However, it’s not one that
should be ignored. Domestic violence is known as “deadly love”. It secretly selects its victims. Many of who
are vulnerable and inexperienced when it comes to dating and selection. Abusers look for the type of
victims that they can manipulate and control to their ability.
   They are often able to detect their victims right away. They are pros when it comes to identifying their
victims. Women of strength are too challenging, instead they prefer weaker woman, who they know that they
can be powerful over. They desire women that they can stand up against. Weaker women are often targets
and are looking to be baited in. Many women who fall in this category become innocent victims of domestic
violence, because they often ignore the warning signs or are often unaware of them. An abuser will give you
warning signs very early into the relationship.
  A negative vibe about something in the relationship should never be ignored. Many times dealing with an
individual that is abusive like this could have been prevented had the victim here adhered to the warning
signs. But unfortunately, that’s hardly ever the case. In many situations where abuse takes place, it goes
from ignoring those simple warning signs to a serious matter of life and death. I remember my own
experience of it, which led to me making a 911 call that clearly saved my life. I became an innocent victim of
abuse repeatedly by this individual, and at one time felt like there was no way out of this situation.
  It’s scary not knowing if you’re going to make it out alive or end up dead like so many innocent
victims. It’s really sad, because fear keeps you in it, when you know you should search for a way out. Many
times fear, along with the abuser keeping you in seclusion keeps you from getting help. The last thing the
abuser wants is for you to get strength enough to leave or get help from others in making a decision to leave
the relationship.
  An abuser promise of change is just an excuse to keep you where he has you so know one will ever know.
Despite what it may seem, there is always a way out no matter how bad the situation may appear. If you
remain in a situation like this, the abuse will continue to get worse, along with the controlling behavior that an
abuser often shows.
  Remember getting out of a situation like this is your best bet, or it can end up really bad for you. That’s
why it’s best to pay close attention to everything about an individual from the beginning of when you first
start dating them. Following the necessary steps that I mentioned can save you from a disastrous
relationship that can ruin your life forever. If you date someone that show signs of extreme control, jealousy,
or try to keep you secluded from friends and family, then you better watch out!
 If you’re not careful, you might very well find yourself in an abusive relationship that could have been
prevented. Lastly, if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, don’t hesitate when it comes to making a
decision to leave. Just get out!

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