RACV Finance Limited - Loan Application by osq14347


RACV Finance Limited - Loan Application
R.A.C.V. Finance Limited ABN 82 004 292 291

Membership No.                                               Amount of Loan $                             Period of Loan                           months

Purpose of Loan:                                             Vehicle Make/Model:                              Business use                     Personal use

Surname:                                                               Given Names:

Date of Birth:                          Marital Status:       Single       Defacto       Married           Separated           Divorced           Widow/er


Years of Residence:                         Boarding         Buying        Renting        Own

Home Telephone:                         Driver’s Licence No:                               No. of Children (if applicable):

Name of Employer:                                                                          Position:

Work Address:

Work Telephone:                                             Years Employed:                               Casual            Full time             Part time

Name:                                                       Date of Birth:                              Driver’s Licence No:

Name of Employer:                                                                          Position:

Work Address:

Work Telephone:                                             Years Employed:                               Casual            Full time             Part time

Net Monthly Pay: $                                Other Income: $                              Details:

Net Monthly Pay: $                                Other Income: $                              Details:

STATEMENT OF ASSETS & COMMITMENTS (including partner if applicable)
Assets                              Value           Commitments                  Company/Details                Limit         Repayment           Balance
House property                      $               1 Mortgage                                                  $             $           /m      $
Other real estate                   $               Personal Loan                                               $             $           /m      $
Motor vehicles                      $               Rent/Board                                                  $             $           /m      $
1. yr: make:                        $               Credit Card 1                                               $             $           /m      $
2. yr: make:                        $               Credit Card 2                                               $             $           /m      $
Furniture/Contents                  $               Other Loan/Cards                                            $             $           /m      $
Savings                             $               Guarantees                                                  $             $           /m      $
Other                               $               Maintenance/Child support                                   $             $           /m      $
Other                               $               Other                                                       $             $           /m      $

I/We have read and understood the particulars which have been completed in this form and state that those particulars are true, complete and
correct and have been made to RACV Finance to enable it to determine whether or not to offer me/us the loan facility applied for. I/We hereby make
a formal application. Have you ever been Bankrupt or had your estate assigned for the benefit of creditors?       Yes       No
I/We have read and understood the particulars relating to the Privacy Act and National Privacy Principals on this application and RACV Finance is
given the authorisations stated.

Signature:                                        Date:                          Signature:                                       Date:
                       Applicant                                                              Partner/Co-Applicant (if applicable)

Please fax this application form to R.A.C.V. Finance Limited (03) 9790 2971, or send to R.A.C.V. Finance Limited,
550 Princes Highway, Noble Park North, Victoria 3174. Alternatively, call 13 15 60 for assistance.
TO R.A.C.V. FINANCE LIMITED (A.B.N. 82 004 292 291): I/We the undersigned Applicants understand that the following is a
multipurpose acknowledgement and authority which contains disclosures and consents in relation to the giving and receiving
of information and reports (including personal information and credit reports) by R.A.C.V. Finance Ltd (RACV Finance) under the
Privacy Act 1988 and the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

I/We acknowledge that RACV Finance can do any of the following:

1. Commercial Credit Information: Obtain and use commercial credit information about me/us to assess an application for
   consumer credit and/or commercial credit.

2. Consumer Credit Information: Obtain and use consumer credit information about me/us to assess an application for commercial
   credit or consumer credit.

3. Collections of Overdue Payments: Obtain and use a credit report about me/us divulged by a credit reporting agency to collect
   overdue payments from me/us.

4. Exchange of Information between Credit Providers: Obtain from and use or give to another credit provider (including without
   limitation any other credit provider named in this credit application and credit providers that may be in a credit report issued by
   a credit reporting agency) any information about my/our credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history or credit capacity. In
   particular RACV Finance may obtain a bank opinion of me/us.

5. Information Use & Disclosure: Unless we tell RACV Finance otherwise (by contacting 13 15 60), RACV Finance and its related
   bodies corporate may use my/our personal information to tell me/us about useful products, discounts, special offers,
   competitions and invitations to special events. I/We understand that RACV Finance will also use & disclose my/our personal
   information in verifying information with current or past employers and rental agencies as well as obtain from and use or give to
   accountants, lawyers, mercantile or collections agencies or any other adviser acting in connection with any financing provided or
   proposed to be provided to me/us, any consumer or commercial credit information.

6. Provide Information to Credit Reporting Agencies: Give to a credit reporting agency credit information about me/us. The
   information may include identity particulars; the fact that credit has been applied for and the amount; the fact that RACV
   Finance is a current credit provider to me/us; details of payments which have become overdue more than 60 days and for
   which action is commenced; advice that payments are no longer overdue; advice that cheques drawn by me/us have been
   dishonoured more than once; in specific circumstances that in the opinion of RACV Finance I/we have committed a serious
   credit infringement; and the credit provided to me/us by Credit Provider has been paid or otherwise discharged.

7. Provide Information to Guarantors: Provide information to any person or entity who/which proposes to guarantee or has
   guaranteed the repayment of any credit provided to me/us.

8. Information Collection: Collect personal information, via my/our loan application that is necessary to assess and administer
   our loan through to finalisation, including sending us correspondence relating to our loan and identifying me/us for any future
   queries I/we may have. I/We understand that if this personal information is not provided by me/us then RACV Finance will be
   unable to assess my loan application and it will not proceed.

9. Information: Access & Disclosure: My personal information held by RACV Finance must be released to me at my request, except
   in some instances where, for example the access request is frivolous or vexatious, or the information is in relation to existing
   or anticipated legal proceedings between myself and RACV Finance, or where it may prejudice any negotiations between myself
   and RACV Finance. Not withstanding this, RACV Finance will consider the use of an intermediatory to allow information access
   agreeable to both parties. Where it has been established that my/our personal information is not correct, then RACV Finance, at
   my request, must take steps to correct the information and see that it is accurate and up to date. If access is denied or a dispute
   over information correction should arise, I/we understand that RACV Finance will provide reasons for their denial of my request,
   but I/we can always ask RACV Finance to associate with my information held a statement from me that my personal information
   is not correct.

10. Copy of Privacy Policy: I/we acknowledge that I/we can receive a copy of the RACV Finance Privacy Charter by contacting RACV
    Finance on 13 15 60, or writing to R.A.C.V. Finance Ltd at 550 Princes Highway, Noble Park North, 3174.

620345 05/04 Allanby

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