SARAH Tuxis Interview Guide

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					                 SARAH Tuxis Interview Guide
Thank you for your interest in employment with sarah tuxis. Please answer the
following questions and submit with your

Contact Numbers:
Job Applied For:
1.   What interests you in working for SARAH Tuxis?

2.   Have you ever done hands-on care before such as bathing, feeding or toileting? If so, in what capacity?

3.   Are you aware of our current payrate?

4.   Where are you working presently?

5.   What is your reason for job change?

6.   How would your supervisor describe you?

7.   What do you think your best qualities are?

8.   What qualities would you like to strengthen or improve?

9.   As per your job description, this job may or may not require you to lift, bend or squat to support a person. Do you have any
     physical limitations that would prevent you from fulfilling your job duties?

10. What specific hours & days are you available?

11. How far are you willing to travel? We have settings on the I-95 corridor from Milford to Old Lyme?

12. Do you have any current certifications?
        CPR      First Aid    Medication Certification         PMT

13. Do you have a valid, current driver’s license in the State of Connecticut?

14. Do you have auto insurance with your name on the card or declaration page?