The Future Is Mine Informational Interview Questions by cut16095


									   Q. What do you do? What are the
    duties/functions/responsibilities of your job?
   A. Teach the students. There to help the way students think.
   Q. What kinds of problems do you deal with?
   A. No real problems. If they do occur they come out of
   Q. What percentage of your time in spent doing what?
   A. A lot of the time is spent with the students. Small
    percentage of planning out the classes.
   Q. How does the time use vary? Are there busy and slow
    times or is the work activity fairly constant?
   A. The work is usually fairly constant.
   As an adult, didn’t decide that he wanted
    to teach until his 30’s thought that it would
    be a good thing for him and his family.
 He was informed that there was a job
  opening in the school.
 Went to two interviews. The second one
  was a classroom session.
 He was recommended.
 The school board decided to higher him.
 Politics, transfer of skills. He has a fair
  amount of knowledge.
 Work at a job with dealing with people.
 Have the knowledge.
 Have responsibilities.
   Satisfactions
    › Working with the students.
    › Senses clearly that the students get what they are
    › Likes the freedom to teach what he thinks is appropriate
      to teach.
    › To see a student improve makes him feel like he made a
   Dissatisfactions
    › Not a fan of the administrative work.
    › Does not like some of the very strict standards.
Mostly in Politics, or a consulting form.
 Which have been most helpful?
    › Politics
   What other jobs can you get with the
    same background?
    › For any company that involves
    › In the Public sector for the Government.
    › Or in the Writing Category.
   Go into the Administrative field.
 Because they were the first opportunity.
 He stayed because likes where its at,
  likes the students and the people.
 The close knit opportunity
 Likes to be able to develop stronger
  relationships with the students.
   Exciting, because it is different every
 It is much smaller
 Given more freedom.
   Not applicable
 Not worried so much about the school’s
 Yes, he is worried about his future with
 Getting an education.
 Going to college and getting a masters
 Hard work
 Passion
 Vision
 To continue to grow and improve in
 Keep what you are doing fresh.
 Communication
 Management
 Problem Solving
 Organized
 Communication
 Being able to manage a classroom
  effectively in a calm and respectful way.
 Have to be able to know what you are
 Likes the environment that he works in.
 Works with 3 different groups./Develops 3
  different relationships in his job.
    › 1. Students
    › 2. Teachers
    › 3. Administration
 Don’t know
 Possibly 2 directions
    › Loosing teachers within less than 5 years or
    › Other teachers spend a while doing what
      they do because they like what they do.
   The salary runs a wide range.
    › Low$15,000 a year -$100,000 a year or more.
    › Depends on whether you work at a public
      school or a private school.
    › Yes, there is a salary ceiling it depends on
      the district.

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