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					December 2009
                                     Season’s Greetings from SOBIN
      Inside this
                              From the Staff and Board of the Southwestern Ontario
                              Bioproducts Innovation Network we would like to take
•   RES Canada Provides                this opportunity to wish everyone:
    Support to CARES

•   Successful R2R Biomass
    Event Held Nov. 24th
                                  A Safe and Happy Holiday and
•   Terra International and
    Envirofresh Produce
                                   Very Prosperous New Year
    Team up on

•   ‘Green’ Car Part to
    Debut in 2010

•   Entrepreneurial
    Development Course
    Being Offered

•   Upcoming Events

•   New Job Opportunity
Bio-Innovator Dec. 2009                                                                        Page 2

Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc. Supports Ridgetown
            Campus Green Energy Initiatives

                 Sharing a joint interest in developing green energy in agriculture, Renewable Energy
                 Systems Canada Inc. (RES) is pleased to announce its commitment to the Centre for
                 Agricultural Renewable Energy and Sustainability (CARES) at the Ridgetown Campus
                 of the University of Guelph.

                 RES Canada is dedicated to supporting the local community in which its projects are
                 located, and the CARES program specifically targets the integration of environmen-
                 tally responsible renewable energy into agriculture in Ontario and across Canada.
                 RES Canada is the promoter of the Talbot Windfarm project which will be located
                 just south of Ridgetown.

                 RES has made a commitment to
                 provide financial support to CA-
                 RES by contributing $175,000 to
                 the Ridgetown program, with the
                 possibility of additional contribu-
                 tions in future years. This invest-
                 ment will allow the University to
                 carry out its mandate to explore
                 and support several renewable en-
                 ergy options, including wind, as
                 they are ushered into rural On-

                 CARES and Ridgetown Campus support exploring the impacts and benefits of green
                 energy in the rural sector, and look forward to a strong working relationship with
                 the RES organization. The Ontario Green Energy Act supports the development of
                 wind energy as a key component of its mandate. “We’re very encouraged that a po-
                 tential local provider of wind technology approached our campus to support the CA-
                 RES program. Technology partners are critical to the on-going development of CA-
                 RES,” said Campus Director, Dr. Art Schaafsma. “This is a natural partnership, as
                 RES will be located in our Ridgetown farm community, and the generous funding will
                 enable the CARES program to enhance its activities.”

                 “I am encouraged by the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus’ support and enthu-
                 siasm for renewable energy in general, and its keen desire to make advancements in
                 education, research and extension.” said RES vice-president Peter Clibbon. “We look
                 forward to seeing the CARES program and Talbot Windfarm cooperating in the fu-
Bio-Innovator Dec. 2009                                                                                                                               Page 3

Research to Receptor 2009: Biomass for Energy Event Held

                                  On November 24, 2009 at the Ridgetown Campus if the University of Guelph - SOBIN
                                  hosted close to 60 participants at a Southwestern Ontario version of the RESEARCH
                                  TO RECEPTOR 2009 Forum—an elite gathering of researchers, academics and execu-
                                  tives who are involved in biomass and agriculture research and innovation in the region.
                                  The program included plenary sessions with key guest speakers and a thought-provoking
                                  panel discussion focused on the use of biomass for energy production. The event
                                  proved to be a great opportunity to network and interact with key leaders within this in-
                                  dustry and hear first hand about some of the important innovations and initiatives moving
                                  forward in this area.
                                  Copies of some the presentations from this event can be viewed by going to the
                                  ’Resources’ page of the SOBIN website: http://www.sobin.ca/links.php

                                         Dr. Jim Todd from OMAFRA explains the On-                  Dr. David Sparling from the Ivey School of
                                         tario Government’s Role in Developing the Bio-             Business provides participants with an overview
                                         mass and Bioenergy Sectors                                 and wrap-up to the event.

                                                                                          Key Sponsors

The Research to Receptor
      2009 Forum was
coordinated through the joint
     efforts of the Golden 
    Horseshoe BioSciences 
                                                                    Gold Sponsors                                              Silver Sponsor
  Network, the Eastern Lake 
 Ontario Regional Innovation 
    Network (ELORIN), the 
Southwest Ontario Bioproducts 
 Innovation Network (SOBIN), 
    Guelph Partnership for 
Innovation and Erie Innovation 
    and Commercialization.
Bio-Innovator Dec. 2009                                                                                Page 4

        Energy Inventory at Terra International for the
                Envirofresh Produce Greenhouse

                       Phase 1 construction is underway of approximately 120 acres of greenhouse on the
                       land adjacent to the Terra International (Canada) Inc. nitrogen products manufac-
                       turing facility. The greenhouse will be operated by Envirofresh Produce Inc., and
                       constructed in 5 phases over 5 years. The greenhouse will be dedicated to the pro-
                       duction of bell peppers with a secondary focus on tomatoes and cucumbers.
                       Terra is an environmentally conscious operation interested in developing ideas to
                       minimize the environmental impact of the plant. With a successful tomato green-
                       house at a Terra manufacturing facility in England, a similar project was identified
                       to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing facility in Courtright.
                       A heat inventory was conducted at Terra in June 2008 by The Research Park,
                       Sarnia-Lambton Campus, to determine the amount of heat available from the plant
                       that may be used by Envirofresh as thermal energy in their greenhouse operation.
                       The use of energy from Terra will reduce the amount of energy purchased by the
                       greenhouse, as well as reducing the amount of steam released by Terra. A carbon
                       dioxide stream from Terra will provide atmosphere for the greenhouse.
Dr. Katherine Albion
                       The Research Park was involved in this project through the completion of an energy
                       inventory of the Terra manufacturing plant, specifically of their ammonia production
Commercialization      facility. This work was conducted by Dr. Katherine Albion, Commercialization and
  and Research         Research Engineer at The Research Park with the assistance of Mario Morales, a
 Engineer at The       summer engineering co-op student from the Department of Mechanical and Materi-
                       als Engineering at the University of Western Ontario. This inventory included time
   Bioindustrial       spent on-site examining Terra drawings as well as working with Terra engineers and
Innovation Centre,     operators.
The Research Park      The innovative project and
                       collaboration between
                       Terra International and
                       Envirofresh Produce al-
                       lows both companies to be
                       environmentally conscien-
                       tious. The Terra – Envi-
                       rofresh project will bene-
                       fit Terra, Envirofresh and
                       the environment by allow-
                       ing industry and agricul-
                       ture to work together to
                       develop an environmentally
                       sustainable project to re-
                       duce the impact of indus-
                       try on the environment.
Bio-Innovator Dec. 2009                                                                                       Page 5

                         ‘Green’ Car part to Debut in 2010

                              The world's first car to have interior parts made from wheat straw-reinforced
                              plastic - created via technology that has roots at the University of Guelph - is set
                              to roll off the assembly lines in the new year.

                              The Ford Motor Company announced today that its 2010 Ford Flex will include stor-
                              age bins made from this bio-based material. The wheat straw-reinforced plastic was
                              created by Leonardo Simon, a University of Waterloo engineering professor, who is
                              part of the Ontario BioCar Initiative. This multi-university project involves scien-
                              tists at U of G and the universities of Toronto, Waterloo and Windsor.

                              “It’s an amazing achievement,” said plant agriculture professor Larry Erickson, one
                              of BioCar’s lead researchers.

                              The BioCar Initiative, supported by the Ontario Research Fund's Research Excel-
                              lence Program, was started in 2007. The universities agreed to combine their re-
                              search strengths and efforts for four years in order to improve the development
For More Information          and delivery capacity of biomaterials for the automotive industry.
                              “We hoped that by the end of it all, we’d have at least one car part in Ontario that
                              came from an agricultural source,” Erickson said. “But today’s announcement means
www.bioproductsatguelph.ca/   that we’re already there, and we are only two years into the project, so we are way
biocar/                       ahead of schedule. We’re quite happy about that.”

                              The wheat straw-reinforced plastic that will be used in the Ford Flex originated
                              from an earlier Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs project in-
                              volving Erickson and Simon. “That work set in motion the experiments we did that
                              led to where we are today," he said.

                              Erickson was also involved in the initial discussions with Ford. The automaker was
                              looking for green tech-
                              nology to use in its ve-
                              hicles that was low-
                              cost and readily avail-
                              able around the world,
                              Erickson said. “Plus
                              wheat has positive as-
                              sociations for people;
                              when people think of it,
                              they think of food:
                              bread, pasta, the staff
                              of life.”
Bio-Innovator Dec. 2009                                                                         Page 6

    Entrepreneurial Development Program Being Offered

                 Delivered through the Thames Campus of St. Clair College in Chatham, Ontario
                 in partnership with the Southwestern Ontario Bioproducts Innovation Network
                 (SOBIN), this non-credit course is targeted at those who have an interest in cre-
                 ating a new company to commercialize new products or innovations.
                 This series of lectures assumes no prior knowledge of business and covers a
                 diverse range of topics including finding financing, defining markets, hiring teams
                 and protecting intellectual property.
                 The Entrepreneurial Development Program is 20 hours in length and is offered
                 through a series of five, weekly lectures. Friday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to
                 12:00 noon from Friday, February 5, 2010 to Friday March 5, 2010 inclusive.

                 The following is a general breakdown of the topics covered over the five week
                 Business Planning and Business Governance
                 •   Developing an Effective Business Plan
                 •   Examples of Business Governance Structures
                 •   Managing your Business Plan
                 Legal / Accounting
                 •   Basic legal aspects of establishing a business
                 •   Business Structures – Sole Proprietorship / Partnership / Incorporation
                 •   Contracts
                 •   Basic Accounting and Budgeting Principals
                 •   Intellectual Property Management
                 Marketing Strategy
                 •   Product, Pricing, Placing (Distribution), Promotion, People
                 •   Identifying your Target Market
                 Human Resources / Effective Leadership
                 •   Putting Together and Managing the Right Team
                 Raising Capital
                 •   Overview of the Basics - The Dos and Don’ts of Attracting Investment
                 •   Industry Panel Discussion

                 This series of seminars is being offered free of charge but you must call or
                 email ahead to register and secure your spot as seating is limited.
                 To reserve your seat please call or email Lezlie Graham at 519-354-9714 ext.
                 3245 or lgraham@stclaircollege.ca
Bio-Innovator Dec. 2009                                                                  Page 7

                       Upcoming Events
                 Upcoming Sustainability Seminar Series
                 Lambton College, Sarnia ON
                 Jan. 28, 2010        Energrow - Feed, Fuel and Freedom
                                      Jasmin Hofer, CEO of Energrow
                 Feb. 10, 2010        The House of Today - Net Zero
                                      David Lavender , B. Arch, OAA, LEED AP
                 Feb. 25, 2010        Energy Conservation - The Low Hanging Fruit
                                      Katherine Walker, Director of Marketing & Tech., IMAP
                                      Paul Desrochers, Director of Operations, IMAP
                 Apr. 8, 2010         Living Roofs
                                      Mathis Natvik, H.B. Sc., LEED AP
                 All of these Seminars are free of cost and will be held at Lambton College
                 Room N105 from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30p.m.

                 For further information and details please visit:

                 4th Annual Growing the Margins 2010
                 London, ON     March 8-12, 2010


                 11th International Conference on Biocomposites:
                 Transition to Green Materials
                 Marriot Toronto Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel May 2-4, 2010


                 Ontario Centres of Excellence’s Discovery ‘10
                 Metro Toronto Convention Centre May 17-18, 2010


                 7th Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology & Bioprocessing
                 Washington D.C., June 27 - 30, 2010

Bio-Innovator Dec. 2009                                                                       Page 8

                         New Job Opportunity

                          Economic Development Coordinator
                      Economic Development and Tourism Services

                 Working under the direction of the Deputy Director, Community and Cultural Ser-
                 vices, Economic Development and Tourism Services, this role will focus on es-
                 tablishing Elgin County as a centre for agriculture, agri-business and alternative
                 energy investment and innovation. This will include facilitating the development
                 of opportunities in agriculture, bio-energy and the environment, while supporting
                 collaborative activities to accelerate innovation and commercialization that will
                 diversify the economy.

                 Hours of Work:         Full time – 35 Hours per week

                 •   Post-secondary degree or diploma in business, agricultural sciences or a re-
                     lated course of study.
                 •   3-5 years of progressive experience in an organization undertaking the facili-
                     tation and development of initiatives within the agri-business industry and the
                 •   Firm scientific and practical understanding of agriculture, agri-food, innova-
                     tion, commercialization and the Bio-economy.
                 •   Background and experience in economic development practices, business
                     development and marketing. Familiarity with economic development within
                     the County of Elgin is preferred.
                 •   Demonstrated experience creating, building and working within a cooperative
                     team environment involving many diverse internal and external stakeholders.

                     To be considered, please submit your resume, including cover letter to the:
                                          Human Resources Coordinator

                                   450 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, ON N5R 5V1
                                               Fax: (519) 633-7785
                                         Email: jobs@elgin-county.on.ca

                                         We are an equal opportunity Employer.
                                                    Thanks to our FUNDING PARTNERS

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The mission of SOBIN is to strengthen the
economy of Southwestern Ontario by cultivating
new bioproducts, fostering energy conservation
and expanding alternative energy sources. We
envision progressive companies leading the world
in growing all facets of the bioproducts industry
in Southwestern Ontario leading to a innovative
regional economy.