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									    “The Lebanese ICT Strategy and
A Proposal for Regional ICT Cooperation”

                        ALECSO Regional Meeting
                      November 2-5, 2002, Cairo, Egypt

                                 Dr. Raymond Khoury
                         Technical Cooperation Unit Director
    Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR), Lebanon
                Presentation Outline
   National ICT Policy and Strategy
   Major Indicators
   Analysis of survey and list of Government applications
   Best achievements
   The Lebanese E-Government Strategy
   Priority projects
   Regional Framework for ICT Development

                                                             2   Nov 2002
     National ICT Policy and Strategy
Background     MITC established in May 24th, 1997
               Lebanese ICT Policy and Strategy document
               published in 1998 and revised in 2001

Objectives     A Strategy for ICT
               Defining national Goals
               Raising national awareness
               Emphasizing the Importance of Government
               Ensuring Private sector Support
               Ensuring alignment with International standards
               A Reference framework for international
               Investors and Donors                          ALECSO
                                                         3   Nov 2002
                 Vision for Lebanon
   Industry
   Learning and Education
   Government as a major user of ICT
   Government as Facilitator
   Government as a Regulator
   Communications
   Cultural Considerations
   Sector Information Services

                                        4   Nov 2002
       Required National ICT Resources

                       ICT Development

                          Government Support
                            and Incentives
      Hard                                                     Soft
  Infrastructure            National ICT policy           Infrastructure
                         ICT laws and regulations
Telecommunications                                        Human resources
                            Relaxed procedures
Systems/Applications                                   Capacity building plans
                          Tax and labor incentives
 Facilities for tech                                   Entrepreneurship progs
   parks / zones        Investment / capital markets
                                                         Local ICT industry
                                                                         5   Nov 2002
                   Major Indicators
Mobile phone use in the Arab Countries (2000)

       Country                        Percent

   United Arab Emirates                 33.3

          Qatar                         25.6

        Lebanon                         16.0

         Kuwait                         12.7

         Bahrain                        11.2

          Oman                          5.7

                                                6   Nov 2002
                   Major Indicators
Number of ISP in Arab Countries (2000)

       Country                        Number

           Egypt                        34

        Saudi Arabia                    25

         Lebanon                        16

          Jordan                        6

         Morocco                        6

          Kuwait                        5

           Tunis                        3

    United Arab Emirates                1

           Oman                         1

           Syria                        1

                                               7   Nov 2002
        Internet Use Statistics in the Arab
                 Countries (2000)
                           Number of        Number of         Number of                            Subscribers
                             Subscribers       Subscribers          Users   Number of Users per   Arab countries   Users Arab countries
Rank    Country         (December 1998)    (March 2000)      (March 2000)       account             (Percent)            (Percent)

  1          UAE            61,200           160,000           400,000              2.5                29                  21

  2      Saudi Arabia       18,700           100,000           300,000              3                  18                  16

  3        Bahrain          11,700            15,000            37,500              2.5                 3                   2

  4         Libya              -              1,500             7,500               5                   0                   0

  5         Sudan              -              2,000             10,000              5                   0                   1

  6         Qatar            8,500            18,000            45,000              2.5                 3                   2

  7         Oman            12,700            20,000            50,000              2.5                 4                   3

  8         Kuwait          22,000            40,000           100,000              2.5                 7                   5

  9         Egypt           36,400            55,000           440,000              8                  10                  23

 10         Yemen            2,200            3,000             12,000              4                   1                   1

 11        Lebanon          30,700            65,000           227,500              3.5                12                  12

 12          Syria          30,700            4,000             20,000              5                   1                   1

 13         Jordan          16,600            25,000            87,500              3.5                 5                   5

 14        Morocco          11,200            15,000            52,500              3.5                 3                   3

 15         Tunisia          4,700            22,000           110,000              5                   4                   6

Total                       236,000          545,500          1,899,500            3.5 *               100                 100

                                                                                                                                8    Nov 2002
Internet Host Count Statistics (2001)
                                                  All        Duplicate     Level 2    Level 3
Rank       Country       Domain     Hosts        Hosts        Names       Domains     Domains

 1          Japan          jp     3,413,281     3,532,502     119,221       111        84,829

 2       United States     us     2,251,445     2,363,832     112,387        89         3,727

 3      United Kingdom     uk     2,080,906     2,435,877     354,971        58        62,279

 4         Germany         de     1,916,512     2,008,300     91,788      136,281      689,453

 5        US Military     mil     1,916,026     2,075,247     159,221        77        194,999

 6          Canada         ca     1,814,505     2,305,743     491,238       7545       460,970

 7           Italy         it     1,574,380     1,606,158     31,778       30,586      342,821

 8         Australia       au     1,311,492     1,411,849     100,357        62        43,633

 9       Organizations    org     1,087,665     1,234,438     146,773     150,644      857,032

 10      Netherlands       nl     1,082,089     1,110,974     28,885       39,517      419,137

         United Arab       ae
 53           Emirates             26,764        26,966         202          8           596

 74         Egypt          eg       5,422        39,280       33,858         7           269

 75        Lebanon         lb       5,147        5,195          48           7           280

 76         Kuwait        kw        4,594        4,673          79           7          1,509

 77         Tonga          to       4,553        4,762          209        2,577        3,226

 78       Kazakhstan       kz       4,199         4465          266         265         2,428

 79        Namibia         na       3,439        3,486          47           11          141

 80       Mauritius       mu        3,286        3,288           2           6          3,265

 81        Bermuda        bm        3,167        3,177          10          133         2,740

 82      Saudi Arabia      sa       3,167        3,424          257          9           166

total                             93,047,785   103,432,319   10,384,534   2,454,681   26,500,025       ALECSO
                                                                                                   9   Nov 2002
List of Customized Applications in the
         Public Administration

Archiving                            ‫وزارة األشغبل العبمت و الىقل‬


Sports Club & Federation                 ‫وزارة الشببة والريبضت‬

Records                                  ‫وزارح انشجبة وانريبضخ‬

Data Base Centralization                            ‫وزارة الثقبفت‬

Arab Summit Forms                                   ‫وزارح انثمبفخ‬

French Summit                                       ‫وزارح انثمبفخ‬
Hotel Reservation                                   ‫وزارح انثمبفخ‬

Accounting / Auditing                               ‫وزارح انثمبفخ‬

Accounting / Auditing                             ‫وزارة الصىبعت‬

Accounting / Auditing                       ‫وزارة الطبقت والميبي‬

Payroll                                      ‫وزارح انطبلخ وانميبي‬

                                                   10         Nov 2002
‫‪List of Customized Applications in the‬‬
    ‫)‪Public Administration (cont’d‬‬
‫‪Payroll‬‬                                            ‫وزارة المهجريه‬

‫‪Personnel‬‬                                          ‫وزارح انمهجريه‬

                            ‫تطجيك اإلستثمبراد‬      ‫وزارح انمهجريه‬

                               ‫مىازوخ انىزارح‬      ‫وزارح انمهجريه‬

‫‪Commercial Register‬‬                                    ‫وزارة العذل‬

‫‪Personal Judges File‬‬                                   ‫وزارح انعذل‬

‫‪Employees‬‬                                              ‫وزارح انعذل‬

‫‪Judicial Inspection‬‬                                    ‫وزارح انعذل‬

                                   ‫كتبة انعذل‬          ‫وزارح انعذل‬

                                ‫مجهس انشىري‬            ‫وزارح انعذل‬

‫‪Monitoring for Industries‬‬                              ‫وزارة البيئت‬

‫‪Environmental Database‬‬                                 ‫وزارح انجيئخ‬

                             ‫ثروبمج اإلستشفبء‬   ‫وزارة الصحت العبمت‬

                                                     ‫11‬         ‫2002 ‪Nov‬‬
List of Customized Applications in the
    Public Administration (cont’d)
Rights Access Information System                ‫وزارة الشؤون اإلجتمبعيت‬

Stock Control                                       ‫وزارة الطبقت والميبي‬

Attendance                                             ‫وزارح انطبلخ وانميبي‬

Intellectual Property Protection Registration    ‫وزارة اإلقتصبد والتجبرة‬

Insurance and Licensing Control system             ‫وزارح اإللتصبد وانتجبرح‬

Product Price Tracking                             ‫وزارح اإللتصبد وانتجبرح‬

Cabinet Organization                               ‫وزارح اإللتصبد وانتجبرح‬

Consumer Protection                                ‫وزارح اإللتصبد وانتجبرح‬

Trade Companies                                    ‫وزارح اإللتصبد وانتجبرح‬

                                                              12         Nov 2002
‫‪List of Customized Applications in the‬‬
    ‫)‪Public Administration (cont’d‬‬
                     ‫وظبو تحذيذ رسىو انمطبر وتحصيههب‬         ‫وزارة األشغبل العبمت و الىقل‬
                                   ‫وظبو انطبئراد انعبثرح‬       ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
                                         ‫وظبو اإليجبراد‬        ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
                                        ‫وظبو انتعىيضبد‬         ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
                                          ‫وظبو اإلجبزاد‬        ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
                                         ‫وظبو عمىد انىفمخ‬      ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
                                 ‫وظبو تىزيع انمحرولبد‬          ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
                        ‫وظبو إدارح األنيبد انعبئذح نإلدارح‬     ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
            ‫وظبو إدارح انسيبراد انعبمهخ ضمه حرو انمطبر‬         ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
                            ‫وظبو إصذار فىاتير انجرليبد‬         ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
                                  ‫وظبو صبنىوبد انشرف‬           ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
                                    ‫وظبو سيبراد انتكسي‬         ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬
                                        ‫وظبو اإلحصبءاد‬         ‫وزارح األشغبل انعبمخ و انىمم‬

       ‫‪Personnel‬‬                                                   ‫مجلس الخذمت المذويت‬

                                                                                              ‫31‬   ‫2002 ‪Nov‬‬
‫‪List of Customized Applications in the‬‬
    ‫)‪Public Administration (cont’d‬‬
        ‫نتصذير ( ‪Central Fund for the Displaced‬‬
        ‫)انجذاول‬                                           ‫الصىذوق المركسي للمهجريه‬
        ‫نتصذير ( ‪Central Fund for the Displaced‬‬
        ‫)انشيكبد‬                                             ‫انصىذوق انمركسي نهمهجريه‬

        ‫‪Archiving‬‬                                                          ‫‪OGERO‬‬
        ‫‪Financial system‬‬                                                     ‫‪OGERO‬‬
        ‫‪Customer care‬‬                                                        ‫‪OGERO‬‬
        ‫‪Billing‬‬                                                              ‫‪OGERO‬‬
        ‫‪Payroll‬‬                                                              ‫‪OGERO‬‬
        ‫‪Fixed Assets‬‬                                                         ‫‪OGERO‬‬

        ‫‪Human Resources‬‬                                    ‫المؤسست الىطىيت لإلستخذام‬
                                   ‫دراسخ ومبثخ انمهىذسيه‬       ‫انمؤسسخ انىطىيخ نإلستخذاو‬
                           ‫دراسخ انمىي انعبمهخ في انجىىة‬       ‫انمؤسسخ انىطىيخ نإلستخذاو‬
                                    ‫تذريت انمهه انمعجم‬         ‫انمؤسسخ انىطىيخ نإلستخذاو‬
                                              ‫أمبوخ انسر‬       ‫انمؤسسخ انىطىيخ نإلستخذاو‬        ‫‪ALECSO‬‬
                                                                                           ‫41‬   ‫2002 ‪Nov‬‬
List of Customized Applications in the
    Public Administration (cont’d)

       ARC / INFO (GIS Application)        ‫مؤسست كهرببء لبىبن‬
       Oracle 8 (GIS , Stock)                ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬
       Object Cobol (BT Billing System)      ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬
       Object Cobol (Payroll System)         ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬
       Object Cobol (Stock System)           ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬
       Object Cobol (General Accounting)     ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬
       MS SQL 7.0 : MT Billing System        ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬
       Unpaid Bills                          ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬
       Statistics on Collection              ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬
       Archiving Applications                ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬
       Oracle : Stock System                 ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬
       Fox Pro : Archiving Application       ‫مؤسسخ كهرثبء نجىبن‬

                                                                  15   Nov 2002
                 Best Achievements
   Thousands of Government Forms Available online and in a
    unified/coded format from a Single Access Point

Customer Profile
 Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) is
   responsible for leading the Lebanese post-war public administration
   into the 21st century. The agency coordinates international donor
   contributions, carries out public procurement and provides ICT
   expertise and training for the Lebanese public sector.
Business Situation
 Many citizens did not know which official form they required in their
   dealings with government, or where and how to get it.
 Citizens often had to make repeated visits to a government office,
   wasting their time and that of officials in the process.
 The Informs portal provides a single resource for all government
   forms, with advice and instructions for completing them.
 Greater convenience for citizens
 Increased transparency for a more accountable public sector           ALECSO
 Time savings and more efficient back-office processes              16 Nov 2002
           What has been achieved …
Hard Infrastructure
System Applications   A number of vertical applications have been deployed
                      (MoF tax system, NAJM customs system. Cadastre land
                      registration system, Port of Beirut DMS, National
                      Archives indexing and optical storage system, Legal
                      Decisions DMS, .. etc.)
                      NAJM 2 customs system expansion to cover all ports
                      of entry (5 locations); Port tracker system application
                      to address cargo manifest for port of Beirut.
                      Other vertical applications recently completed include
                      COOP medical benefits and compensation system,
                      NSSF systems, Commercial Registration system, and
                      Insurance Control Commission system.
                      Some horizontal (cross agency) applications have
                      been developed (Information offices, Budget System,
                      ..etc.). Others in the works include HR database for
                      the civil service, personnel and financial systems for
                      agencies, ..etc.
                      Multitude of General Security applications       17 Nov
                                                                   developed 2002
            What has been achieved …
Policies and Procedures
Institutionalizing needed   Removal of outdated technical controls and updating
reforms                     commercial code system
                            Work on simplification of all government procedures
                            Modernization of national tax system
                            Work on new organizational structure of ministries
                            and autonomous agencies
                            New public sector tendering law drafted along with
                            implementation decrees

ICT laws and regulations    IPR and online banking laws passed in 1999
                            Digital Signature law under review by special parliament
                            committee and near enactment.
                            Work underway for drafting certificate authentication,
                            privacy protection and other ICT laws by MoET.
                                                                           18    Nov 2002
           What has been achieved …
Policies and Procedures
ICT Policy and Standards Policy and strategy document prepared in 1999
                          Ministerial ICT committee appointed by Prime
                          Minister in early 2001 to handle national ICT matters
                          with private-public sector partnerships
                          Standards guidelines for ICT projects in the public
                          sector under preparation
                          E-government strategy document completed and
                          presented to Council of Ministers for approval.

Soft Infrastructure
Human resources           Good number of civil servants trained on ICT products
                          (OMSAR has trained in access of 2500)
                          A sizeable number of civil servants have been trained
                          on administration of ICT solutions (some 150+ through
                          OMSAR projects)
                                                                          19    Nov 2002
               What has been achieved …
Soft Infrastructure
Human resources           Assessments of ICT staff requirements for a number of
                          ministries and agencies have been made.
                          Draft of new ICT cadre and salary scale for government
                          at large currently under review.

Capacity building plans   With the support of the local industry continuous or in-
                          service training plans are being achieved.
                          ICT events are also being attended on a constant basis
                          by key government staff to stay current with global
                          ICT developments.
                          The new Institute for Public Administration to play a
                          key role in in-service capacity building.

An E-Society              ICT awareness campaigns by the government are being
                          prepared as well as Multi-purpose community telecenters.
                          Private sector ICT awareness through PCA PiPOP
                          initiative and media and organizing successful          ALECSO
                          conference and exhibitions such as Termium.    20       Nov 2002
                    The road ahead …
1.   Current ICT achievements are mainly the result of grants and loans from
     international funding organizations (IFOs) i.e. fixed programs with pre-
     defined project components. Some government funds provided in-kind. A
     number of ICT projects fully funded by government.
2.   A “situation” map on all e-government related achievements in the
     government is being formulated (The National Government Map)
3.   All government services forms and their procedures involving ministries
     and agencies (1600) have been consolidated and documented – the
     foundations of the „digital nervous system‟ for the Lebanese E-
     government. A „One-stop-shop‟ point of information portal for these
     forms and procedures has been developed – informs.gov.lb.
4.   With 2 & 3, a Government of Lebanon E-government Strategy and
     implementation plan has been formulated and presented to senior officials.
     Strategy and plan cover local, national and international e-government
     requirements. Sent to Council of Ministers for endorsement.
                                                                     21   Nov 2002
                    The road ahead …
5.   Initial implementation focus will be on revenue generating / cost
     reducing applications such as bill collections, tourism services and e-
     procurement applications. Percentage of increased revenues requested
     to be earmarked for an e-government fund.
6.   Cooperation with and technology transfer from international ICT
     conglomerates and consulting firms will be key throughout the
     implementation process.
7.   Work is to continue on gradually building the optimal ICT cadre in the
     government to be able to handle ICT usage and administration
8.   The general public, academia and business community will be involved
     in the e-government implementation plan so as to reach an E-society
     status in a timely manner. Expertise from Lebanese expatriates will
     also be solicited.
9.   Sharing knowledge and expertise with regional countries will also be
     key.                                                             22 Nov 2002
Evolution of Lebanese E-Government Projects

 2002+      Citizen-Oriented Projects

1998-04   Beneficiary-Oriented Projects

1994-00      Donor-Guided Projects        Base
                                          23   Nov 2002
     The Lebanese E-Government Strategy
Strategic Objectives:
1.    Dissemination of all public sector information that a citizen is entitled to
      through various communication channels – the Internet, via hotlines, through
      government service centers, etc.
2.    Fulfillment of all public sector services for citizens online through any
      government office or through the Internet regardless of the geographical
      location of this office or the residence of the citizen.
3.    Reduction to a minimum the information and supporting documents required
      of a citizen to fill out a public sector formality. No re-entry of the same
      information is to be required.
4.    Provision of a single point of notification for a citizen to use in informing the
      government of any change in personal or business information.
5.    Realization of all government procurement processes online based on a
      harmonized commercial coding schema to become a lead example for
      electronic commerce on the national level.
6.    Attainment of all intra-government information exchanges and communiqués
                                                                      24 Nov 2002
     The Lebanese E-Government Strategy
Underlying Principles:
1.    Assure timely enactment of the required institutional, regulatory and legal
      frameworks for the administration at large.
2.    Realize a comprehensive network and systems infrastructure throughout
      the administration and adopt a secure means of data entry for all system
      applications through the use of smart card technology and biometrics.
3.    Give civil servants and citizens alike the opportunity to be part of the
      electronic or networked society notwithstanding their financial, social or
      educational conditions.
4.    Work in partnership with the private sector, academia and non-government
      organizations (NGOs) on the proliferation of ICT literacy.
5.    Take a leading-by-example role in the development of e-commerce through
      an e-procurement initiative.
6.    Actively involve the local ICT industry in the various e-government related
      projects and constantly work on promoting this industry for it to be a
      national resource in support of the national Information Society.        ALECSO
                                                                            25     Nov 2002
                                The Lebanese E-Government Strategy

                                •   KEY PLAYERS IN THE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTORS
                                      - Central Government Bodies
                                      - Ministries and Autonomous Agencies
                                      - Mouhafazats and Municipalities
                                      - Embassies, consulates and missions abroad
Module 1: Situation Analysis:

                                      - Banking and Financial Services Sector
                                      - National ICT Sector
                                      - Non-Government Organizations

                                •   E-GOVERNMENT-ENABLING ACHIEVEMENTS
                                       - Assessments and Studies
                                       - Infrastructure
                                       - Systems and Applications
                                       - Training and Capacity Building
                                       - Legislative Work
                                       - National Awareness
                                                                                    26   Nov 2002
                                   The Lebanese E-Government Strategy
Module 2: E-Government Framework

                                                                   27   Nov 2002
                                    The Lebanese E-Government Strategy
                                                  •   Legalizing Electronic Information and
Module 2: E-Government Framework:

                                                  •   Protection of Electronic Information

                                                  •   Security of Electronic Services

Legal Framework

                                                              Integrity of Information

                                                                                         28   Nov 2002
                                    The Lebanese E-Government Strategy
Module 2: E-Government Framework:

                                                                                                         Input                      Output

                                               TRAINING / AWARENESS

                                                                      STANDRADS and BRANDING
                                                                                                 NATIONAL ID OR                 DELIVERY AND
                                                                                               E-GOV SMART CARD               ACCESS CHANNELS

Technical Framework

                                                                                               INFORMATION         SERVICES           ENABLING
                                                                                                 PORTALS           PORTALS          APPLICATIONS

                                                                                                                     PK I
                                                                                               NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE        GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE
                                                                                                   FOR GOVERNMENT            FOR EMBASSIES, CONSULATES
                                                                                                     OPERATIONS                    AND MISSIONS

                                                                                                                 DATA CENTERS

                                                                                                                                              29    Nov 2002
                                    The Lebanese E-Government Strategy
                                            •   ENABLING APPLICATIONS:
                                                • Government Email and Directory Services
Module 2: E-Government Framework:

                                                • Workflow, Document Management and Archiving
                                                • Information and Decision Support

                                            •   INFORMATION PORTALS:
                                                • Government Forms and Supporting Documents
                                                • Sector Specific portals – Tourism and Business
Services Framework

                                            •   SERVICES PORTALS:
                                                • Government to Citizen (G2C and C2G)
                                                • Government to Business (G2B and B2G)
                                                • Government to Employee (G2E and E2G)
                                                • Government to Government (G2G)

                                                                                         30   Nov 2002
Capacity Building/Promotion/Operations Framework   The Lebanese E-Government Strategy
                                                                   •    BUILDING NATIONAL CAPACITY:
                                                                        • Promoting Internet utilization by C and B
                                                                        • Developing and offering high quality and
                                                                           affordable Internet services
Module 2: E-Government Framework:

                                                                        • Supporting national ICT industry and
                                                                           promoting investments
                                                                        • Enhancing ICT curriculum at all education
                                                                        • Setting up ICT training centers or academies
                                                    •   INTERNAL GOVERNMENT TRAINING AND CAPACITY
                                                        • Promoting ICT knowledge for civil servants
                                                        • Setting up ICT training centers in government institutes

                                                        •   E-GOVERNMENT O & M STRUCTURE:
                                                        •   Government-wide central O & M unit
                                                        •   Ministry and agency specific O & M units
                                                        •   Establishing ICT cadre and salary scale in government 31   ALECSO
                                                                                                                       Nov 2002
                                        The Lebanese E-Gov Strategy:
                                        Priority Projects (1 to 2 years)
                                    •   Legal Framework:
                                        • Drafting and enactment of ICT-related legislation and regulation
                                            along with implementation decrees.
Module 3: Implementation Planning

                                    •   Technical Framework:
                                        • Interconnecting through a secure network information
                                            infrastructure central government bodies, a number of key
                                            ministries and several international offices.
                                    •   Services Framework:
                                        • Utilities subscription and billing services
                                        • Civil and criminal records
                                        • Completion of the online customs system
                                        • Residence and work permits for foreigners
                                        • Passport and visa petitions and issuances
                                        • Vehicle registration and excise tax payments
                                    •   Capacity-building / Promotions / Operations Framework:
                                        • ICT cadre and salary scale; ICT training; training centers;
                                            promote e-gov strategy; completing O & M structure and ALECSO
                                            staffing O&M central unit and a few field units.      32 Nov 2002
   Joining the Global K-Based Society

Global                            Global

Regional                          Regional

National                          National
                                     33   Nov 2002
Regional Framework for ICT Development
   Why?
       To address and preserve certain cultural aspects, mainly related to the
        Arabic language - multimedia content, localized ICT systems (Internet,
        E-commerce, ..)
       To share experiences and best practices on various ICT building blocks
        or resources for faster national ICT development
       To establish common standards or principles for ICT-enabled
        interactions or transactions between regional countries
       To collectively reduce regional tariffs between countries (telecom, online
        trade, ..) to globally competitive levels
       To help one another and succeed in joining the global KB society as a
        percentage of a sizeable population (nearing 200 million)
                                                                        34   Nov 2002
Scenarios for realizing this Framework
   Scenario 1: Scope and implement a regional program that addresses all ICT
    resources for all regional countries starting with in-country assessments and
    ending after several iterations / workshops with a regional framework
   Scenario 2: Form a number of so called „Communities of Practice‟ between
    regional countries so that all pertinent knowledge is shared amongst the
    right peers at the right time to achieve the right regional outcomes.
    Examples of such Communities can include:
        „ICT Awareness / Training‟ Community of Practice
        „ICT Hard Infrastructure / Security‟ Community of Practice
        „Technology Parks / Zones‟ Community of Practice
        „ICT Legislation and Standards‟ Community of Practice
        „Entrepreneurship / Investment Funding‟ Community of Practice        ALECSO
                                                                         35   Nov 2002
    Scenarios for realizing this Framework
   Scenario 2 (continued): these „Communities of Practice‟ can function in
    parallel leading to common subject area understandings and agreements in
    the shortest time possible. These subject area agreements can then be
    grouped to form a regional framework document.
   Scenario 2 is the most appropriate (even used in developed countries)!
   Mode of Operation?
        Hold inaugural and periodic community meetings as frequent as need be
        Set up mail lists for each identified Community of Practice
        Frequently share information online with each community member (community
         web site or portal)
        Involve subject area international organizations when need be (mentors) and
         establish ties with similar subject area „Communities of Practice‟ from other
         regions of the globe.                                                  36   Nov 2002
    Scenarios for realizing this Framework
   Mode of Operation (continued)?
        Formulate some consensus before each meeting so that certain agreements could
         be announced at each meeting
        Publicize the work of each community to draw in additional regional and
         international support and cooperation
        Hold regional conferences / seminars for all identified communities to attend
         and cross-share various knowledge and results so that an overall regional KB
         society framework can be reached as quickly as possible.

                                                                                37   Nov 2002
Regional partners for this Framework
    Government-supported
         Arab League and related organizations
         GCC
         National Funds
         Regional Funds
         Development Banks

    Universities
         From each member country

    Regional Organizations
    Regional Policy Centers
    Regional Offices of International ICT Companies
    All UN Agencies!                                       ALECSO
                                                       38   Nov 2002
39   Nov 2002
Multi-purpose Community Telecenter
                                                       Floor Plan
                                                                        10 000

                                               3 500                    3 000                      3 500

                                                                                                                      2 500

                                                            Community Function Hall

                5 000

                        5 000

                                                                                                                              5 000
                                Bath Room

                                                                                                                      2 500
                                Bath Room
                        1 200

                                                                                                                      2 500

       15 000

                                                                                                                                      15 000
                5 000

                                                                                                                              5 000
                        3 800

                                                                                                                      2 500
                                                           Training Room
                        2 500

                                                                                                           Server /
                5 000

                                                                                                                              5 000
                        2 500

                                     2 200                     3 600

                                                               8 000
                                                                                      2 200

                                                                                                           2 000
                                                                        10 000                                                                 40   Nov 2002
Multi-purpose Community Telecenter
           3D Perspective

                               41   Nov 2002
The National                                                                   SPECIAL PURPOSE

Government                                                      Council of                                            The Higher
                                                                                          Central                    Commission
                                                                                           Bank                           for
                                     Central Fund of               and
                                      the Displaced           Reconstruction                                            Relief
                                                                                                                                     Agency for the
                                         People                                                                                     Organization of
                                                                                          National Council                            South-West

                                                                                           for Scientific                           Suburb of Beirut
                                                                     Archiving               Research
                                               Public Agency          Agency                                       Council of the        City
                                                     for                                                              South            (Elissar)
                                                Encouraging                                                                                             PUBLIC
                    MUNICIPALITIES               Investment
                                                                                     CIVIL SERVICE                                                     AGENCIES
                                                          Ministry of Foreign                                         of                        Water
                                                              Affairs and              Ministry of Economy                                    Authorities
                                                             Immigrants                     and Trade
                                                                                                                                Ministry of
                                                 Ministry of                               Ministry of          Ministry of
                                                                                                                 Ministry      Information
                                                                       Ministry of
                                                  Finance +                                Tourism               National
                                                                       Displaced                                Of National                                    Agricultural
                                               National Lottery                                                  Defense
                                                                                                                 Defense        Ministry of                     Scientific
                                                                                       CENTRAL                                   Interior                   Research Authority
                                                                                        BODIES                                     and
                                                                                            of the                                    Ministry of
                                                                      Parliament                              Presidency of
                                           Ministry of                                     Republic                                  Public Works
                                                                                                              the Council of
                                          Public Health                                                                                  and
                     National                                    Central                                                                                              National
                                                                                     Service      Central
                    Employmen                                  Inspection                                                                                           Institute for
                                                                                      Board     Disciplinary
                     t Agency       Ministry                  Commission                                            Court of
                                                                                                   Board                                                           Bank Deposit
                                    of Labor                                                                        Accounts

        National                                Ministry of               OMSAR
                                               Agricultrure                                            Constitutional
         Music                                                                         Religious        Assembly
        Institute                                                                      Judiciary

                                                  Ministry of Youth
                                                     and Sports                                                            Ministry of
                                                                                                     Ministry of           Energy and
                                                                                                      Industry               Water
                                                                  Ministry of National
                                   OGERO                                  and
                                                                   Higher Education            Ministry of
                          Exhibition of                                                                                                           Social
                           President                                                                                                             Security
                            Rachid                                                                                                                Fund
                                                                            Public                  Port of
                                                                          Agency of                 Beirut
                                                                                                                   Cooperative of
                                                              Oil Refineries                                        Government
                                                              at Tripoli and                                        Employees
                                                                                           Central Fund
                                                                 Zahrani                    for Social
                                                                                                                                                                                    42   Nov 2002
  The Internet…      The Hotline…
www.informs.gov.lb      1700
Geographic Distribution of Ministries and Agencies

                                             44   Nov 2002
Information Flow between Ministries and Agencies

                   Data Center

                                  Digital Nerve System

     Data Center                               45   Nov 2002
Principle Pillars of the Lebanese e-government…

                                National ID Smart Cards

                                   Digital Nerve System

          Data                  Data
         Center                Center
                                          Data Centers
                    Center                     46   Nov 2002
   National Smart Card with PKI and/or Biometrics

 Principle application: National ID card with MRF
containing the following information
  • Civil records
  • Medical information
  • Social security and/or insurance
  • Tax information
  • Driver‟s license
  • Election card
  • Others

                                                    47   Nov 2002

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