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					                        Worship Leadership Interview Form

Thank you for expressing interest in one of our worship leadership teams
here at FBC, Magnolia! The following form has been designed to help the
Worship Ministry staff get to know you better and offer you the opportunity
to share your heart and passions with us. After completing this form, please
return it to the Worship Ministries office. Once the form has been received
in our office, you will be contacted to inform you of the next step of the


City                                                         Zip
Phone (H)                                              (W)
Email (H)                                        (W)
Birth Date         /    /

I am interested in serving in the following way (s):

Vocal Team         Soloist   Band        Other

If other explain

Voice Part                          Instrument(s)

How many years have you sung/played

Have you ever sung/played in a worship leadership team in the past? Yes   No

If yes, where?
Please describe any experiences you have had in the past that you believe would be
beneficial to you as a member of the worship team here at FBCM.

Please list the reasons that you feel led to be a part of the Worship Leadership Team:

Describe your understanding of the term “worship” and what it means to “lead in worship”:

Please use the area below to briefly describe how and when you became a Christ follow:

Describe the things you do on a regular basis to grow in your relationship with Christ: