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                     ROADMAP TO RENEWABLE
                     ENERGY FUNDING
                     PROGRAMS AND CONTACTS
March 2010

                                                ROADMAP OVERVIEW

             This roadmap provides a comprehensive but concise overview of funding programs and
             government contacts for use by the low emissions technology industry. The information
             is provided in three sections:

                 Federal Funding Initiatives
                 State Funding Initiatives
                 Government Contacts

             The Department of Commerce does not administer any of the funding programs below
             and cannot provide information about the application process or future funding rounds.
             Links are provided to external websites for further information.

             Federal Funding Initiatives

             Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

             Commercialisation Australia
             A merit-based competitive assistance program for researchers and companies in the
             pre-commercial phase, offering grants to build skills and knowledge, proof-of-concept
             grants of up to $200 000 and early stage commercialisation repayable grants of up to $2
             Currently open for applications.

             Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research – AusIndustry

             Enterprise Connect Clean Energy Innovation Centre
             Delivers Enterprise Connect services, including business reviews, advisory services and
             placement of researchers into businesses, to clean energy companies that have an ACN
             and have turnover or expenditure of between $1.5 million and $100 million in the current
             or previous financial year.

March 2010

             Ethanol Production Grants
             Paid to ethanol producers at a rate of 38.143 cents per litre for ethanol produced entirely
             in Australia from biomass feedstock. Available until 30 June 2011.

             Green Building Fund
             Provides grants from $50 000 up to $500 000 for 50% of project costs to owners of
             commercial office buildings to reduce energy consumption. Also offers grants of up to
             $200 000 for 50% of project costs to industry associations for the development of those
             involved in the operation of commercial buildings, to reduce emissions. Current round
             closes 27 April 2010.

             Green Car Innovation Fund
             Provides grants (from $5 million for Motor Vehicle Providers and from $100 000 for
             companies that are not MVPs) for projects that enhance the research and development
             and commercialisation of Australian technologies that significantly reduce fuel
             consumption and/or greenhouse gas emissions of passenger motor vehicles.

             LPG Vehicle Scheme
             Provides grants of up to $2000 for LPG conversions or purchase of new LPG vehicles.
             The current program expires on 30 June 2014 and customers are only eligible for one
             grant every three years.

             R & D Tax Credit
             An incentive package available to companies undertaking eligible research and
             development, comprising a 45 per cent refundable tax credit for companies with a
             turnover of less than $20 million per annum and a 40 per cent standard tax credit.

March 2010

             Re-Tooling for Climate Change
             Provides grants of between $10,000 and $500,000, up to a maximum of half of the cost of
             each project, to help small and medium sized Australian manufacturers reduce their
             environmental footprint, through projects that improve the energy and/or water
             efficiency of their production processes.

             Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

             Carbon Capture and Storage Flagships Program
             A competitive program for the funding of two to four large scale carbon capture and
             storage plants, providing one dollar to match every two dollars of State government or
             private investment. Applications have been closed and are currently being assessed for
             the funds that have currently been committed.

             Solar Flagships Program
             A competitive program for the funding of two to four large scale solar power plants,
             providing one dollar to match every two dollars of State government or private
             investment. Applications for Round One have been closed and are currently being
             assessed for the funds that have currently been committed.

March 2010

             State Funding Initiatives

             Department of Environment and Conservation

             Low Emissions Energy Development Fund
             A competitive grant program to support new technologies with the potential to reduce
             energy sector greenhouse gas emissions in WA. Grants are for a minimum of $250 000
             with an upper limit of the funds available in a given year (in 2009 this was $12.5 million),
             and each dollar must be matched by three dollars of funding from other sources.

             Office of Energy

             Solar Water Heater Subsidy
             Provides rebates of $500 for natural gas-boosted solar water heaters and $700 for
             bottled LP gas-boosted solar water heaters used in areas without reticulated gas.

             WA Solar Schools Program
             Provides rebates of up to $12,500 (ex GST) for metropolitan schools and up to $13,000
             (ex GST) for regional schools for solar power systems with an installed generating
             capacity of at least 950W.

             Regional Energy Efficiency Program
             Provides incentives for people outside of Western Australia’s grid to reduce their energy
             usage, including rebates for fridges, freezers, air-conditioners, and insulation.

March 2010

             Government Contacts

             AusIndustry administers the various programs related to renewable energy and clean
             technology, including Re-tooling for Climate Change, Green Building Fund, Green Car
             Innovation Fund, LPG Vehicle Scheme and Ethanol Production Grants. AusIndustry also
             offers general access programs, including R&D Tax Concession/Credits and
             Commercialisation Australia, under which renewable energy and clean technology
             companies may be eligible to receive funding.

             Contact:      Dianne May
                           9287 3526

             Austrade is the Australian Government's trade and investment agency. Over the coming
             three years Austrade is implementing a Clean Energy Trade and Investment Strategy.
             The strategy is aimed at attracting productive foreign investment into Australia's clean
             energy sector to fill capability gaps, to help commercialize technologies and to help
             Australia meet its 20 per cent renewable energy target by 2020. The strategy will also
             place emphasis on assisting Australian clean energy and environment companies to
             access international markets through exports and outward investment. The strategy will
             include: renewable energy; carbon, capture and storage; carbon market services and
             Clean Development Mechanism projects; and other clean technologies and services
             such as water, green buildings, environmental services and energy efficiency.

             Contact:      Eric Gordon
                           9261 7909

March 2010

             Enterprise Connect
             Enterprise Connect is an Australian Government initiative that provides comprehensive
             support to eligible Australian small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).Our core
             services include business reviews at no cost to firms for eligible businesses and grant
             assistance to implement recommendations flowing from the business reviews.
             Enterprise Connect oversees a number of Innovation Centres nationally, including the
             Clean Energy Innovation Centre.

             Contact:      Greg Redden
                           6254 8901

             TradeStart is a national network of export assistance offices, partnerships between
             Austrade and a range of local private and public sector organisations throughout
             Australia. This TradeStart partnership is with the Western Australian Department of
             Commerce. Its prime objective is to assist small and medium sized enterprises, in
             industries that have high growth potential (resource equipment and services, clean
             energy and clean technologies) to commence exporting and to convert irregular
             exporters to sustainable export activity. TradeStart also provides assistance to
             established exporters to expand their markets.

             Contact:      Christine Schulz
                           9263 8019

             Western Australian Department of Commerce
             The Department of Commerce's Science, Innovation and Business Division undertakes
             industry development in the renewable energy and clean technology sector through a
             range of facilitation services, including directing industry towards potential sources of
             funding; managing relevant Centre of Excellence funding programs; and mapping
             industry- and university-based R&D in the sector. The division also brokers contact
             between industry and other organisations including Federal government agencies such
             as AusIndustry and Enterprise Connect, the Innovation Centre WA and university
             departments; and provides industry-focused input to policy.

             Contact:      Simon McGarvie
                           9263 8010

March 2010

             Western Australian Department of State Development
             The Department of State Development’s Western Australia Global Network (WAGN)
             works with industry, the peak industry association (WA SEA) and other relevant
             stakeholders to assist companies with interests internationally.

             WAGN has identified the ‘Clean Energy’ industry as a priority sector and is currently
             collaborating with WASEA to pursue an international strategy that includes trade and
             investment attraction, technology transfer, industry benchmarking, R & D partnerships
             and attracting/staging international conferences and events.

             The Department is dedicated to state interests with a focus on major projects that will
             require innovative ‘power’ sources.

             Contact:      Narrell Lethorn
                           9222 0941

             Western Australian Office of Energy
             The Office of Energy leads and drives the development and delivery of policies and
             programs to achieve reliable, sustainable and competitively priced energy services for
             all Western Australians. The Office of Energy assists in achieving these
             objectives through a particular focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency and
             provides advice to the Government on the opportunities for and barriers facing the
             renewable energy industry. It works with all stakeholders to ensure market, network
             and regulatory arrangements support the efficient development of the State’s renewable
             energy resources.

             Contact:      Julian Fairhall
                           9420 5649

March 2010

             Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association
             The WA Sustainable Energy Association - WA SEA - is an enterprise level industry body
             and supported by a growing membership of now more than 260 industry members that
             includes the majority of the key energy players in Western Australia, (a full list of our
             enterprise members can be found on-line). WA SEA is the only industry body advocating
             substantive action on sustainable energy in WA, and is now Australia’s largest state
             based body in the sector. WA SEA continues to grow its advocacy, as well as its depth of
             business networks as we grow and frequency and diversity of business events to match
             the diversity of members’ interests. WA SEA’s office has four professional full-time staff
             working on advocacy and education on a broad range of energy efficiency and
             sustainable energy issues.

             Contact:       Ray Wills
                            9481 3169