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									Form LTA/VP-BP Application For Proposal And Plans For Provision Of Parking Places And Parking Spaces
INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This form is to be completed and signed by the applicant/developer/owner. 2. It may take you 5 to 10 minutes to fill in. You may need the following information to fill in the form: Gross floor area details of proposed development. Computation of parking requirement for the proposed development. The number of parking spaces provided. Payment details for Processing Fee 3. Please read ”Submission Requirements and Explanatory Notes” attached.

Deputy Director Development & Building Control Land Transport Authority 251 North Bridge Road Singapore 179102

Date : ______________________

Description of proposed development: Proposed Sub-division of land or building /Change of Use/ Regularisation of parking provision/ Proposed addition & alteration of existing parking spaces involving;

________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ On Lot/s___________________________________________________________TS/MK _________ At _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Postal Code ____________
1 In respect of the proposal, I/we submit the following: 1.1 1.2 Location, Site plan & Proposal Plans Processing fee $ __________________ (Cash/Cheque no. _________________ ) Gross floor area involved is ____________________________ sq.m.
please tick

( /)


Approval/Written Permission/Provisional Permission has been obtained from Competent Authority (URA) on_______________________ and a copy is attached. The enclosed plans and information given in this application are similar to that submitted to URA (for Change of Use applications). Particulars of Applicant/Developer/Owner Name: ____________________________________________________ Tel.: __________________ Name of Company & Address: _______________________________________________________ Particulars of Agent/Consultant (if any) Name: ____________________________________________________ Tel.: __________________ Name of Company & Address: _______________________________________________________ 6 I/We certify that the particulars in this submission are true and correct.



________________________ Name and Designation

_ _____________________________ Signature Of Applicant/Developer/Owner


Form LTA/VP-BP ….page 2 7. Details of floor area usage and Computation of Parking Requirement of Proposals (For Change of Use Proposal)
(To attach paper if space is insufficient) Details of floor area usage and computation of parking requirement for Change of Use proposals:Present use Parking Standard

Present Use and Gross floor area

No. of Parking Spaces Required (a)

Proposed Use and Gross floor area

Proposed use Parking Standard

No. of Parking Spaces Required (b)

Additional No. of Parking Spaces Required (b) - (a)

For Official Use:

Total Additional Requirement


Number of parking spaces provided: Car a. Existing number of parking spaces: (before deletion, if any) b. Total number of parking spaces provided: (Existing and Proposed) Lorry Coach ( _______ _______ _______ _______ ________ ______ _ Others ) ________ ________

(*) Please refer to the Handbook on Vehicle Parking Provision in Development Proposals.


Form LTA/VP-BP….page 3

Floor Area Breakdown By Usage (For Change of Use Proposals)
Block / Storey Gross Floor Area (sq.m.) Gross Floor By Usage (in sq.m.) Residential Shops Offices Hotel Restaurant /Canteen Factory ( Others ) ( Others ) ( Other )

Note: 1. 2.

Gross floor area details given should be same as that given to URA. Parking requirement computation to be shown on page 2.


Submission Requirements & Explanatory Notes 1) This form is to be used for Proposed Sub-division of land or building, Change of Use proposal, Regularisation of parking provision and Proposed addition/alteration of existing parking spaces only. 2) Application for proposal and plans for provision of parking places and parking spaces submitted by qualified person must be made according to CORENET’s procedures. 3) The parking places and spaces provided shall comply with full requirements of with the Parking Places (Provision of the parking Places and Parking Spaces) Rules. If the development is unable to comply with full requirements of the rules, please consult or ask the department for waiver /modification on the provision prior to formal application. 4) For sub-division of land/building, please submit Form LTA/VP-BP with a certification/ undertaking that the parking place and spaces have been/will be completed at TOP stage. Where strata parking spaces are involved, please submit Form LTA/VP-BP together with a plan of the parking provision. The required parking spaces must be marked on the plan to differentiate them from the surplus parking spaces. 5) Application may be submitted through the mail or at the Development and Building Control Division at 251 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179102. 6) All items of the form must be completed. Please indicate “NA’ where not applicable. Please do not use correcting fluids for amendments. Amendments must be endorsed by the Applicant/Developer/Owner making the submission. 7) Processing Fees: For submission on Form LTA/VP-BP, processing fee must be computed and accompanied in application. For Change of Use proposals, the fee payable is $10 per 100 sq m of the gross floor area involved in the proposal. The processing fee shall be rounded off to 2 decimal points and is subject to a minimum of $120. Examples of the rounding off are: (a) If the processing fee amounts to $342.448, the processing fee payable would be $342.45. (b) If the processing fee amounts to $342.443, the processing fee payable would be $342.44. (c) If the processing fee amounts to $342.445, the processing fee payable would be $342.45. For Regularisation of Parking Provision and Subdivision of land/building proposal, the rate is $70 per application. For Proposed addition & alteration to existing parking provision where no floor area is increased, the fee payable is $120. 8) Payment by cheque shall be crossed and addressed to “Land Transport Authority”. GST is not applicable. Only CTS cheque is acceptable. 9) All plans enclosed in the application must be endorsed by the applicant/developer/Owner. 10) For enquiries, please call Tel: 6332 8245/9 and 6332 8273/8.


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